A lifecycle in Nihighnigma out 6th of December


Espen Stenersrød, is the 6th of December 2013, ready for his second book release. The book itself will contain a line of poems connected with the story ofBook cover front a lifecycle in a utopian fantasy of human emotions, where I go through the stages from creation to the last breath and beyond. Different destinies and opportunities, all combined and attached together through the melodic and rhythmic writing style you already know. If you are looking for one reason to purchase this book, it is the Imagery in this book you would go for, every line has strong imagery, that brings your emotions to the surface. This poetry collection is for those who really want to feel life on their body, and connect with the human side within themselves.


For Norwegian citizens , you can order the book directly from me and I will send it to you. You can start your pre order now already.

For you guys living abroad, The book will be available on Amazon and on Createspace worldwide, so there is no excuse for not getting a copy.

The price will be 100,- NOK for norwegians
The price on Amazon will be $ 9.99

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