” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” new book out in December

The sequal to 365 daily Challenge in The making

It is with great pleasure to announce that I am releasing my second poetry book in December, it is still in the making, but I am laying the finishing touches to it within the next month or so.

The book itself will contain a line of poems connected with the story of a lifecycle in a utopian fantasy of human emotions, where I go through the stages from creation to the last breath and beyond. Different destinies and opportunities, all combined and attached together through the melodic and rhythmic writing style you already know.

Hope you look forward to it as much as I do, it will be sold on Amazon all over the world and my personal Createspace store.

Talk to you again soon


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4 Responses to ” A lifecycle in Nihighnigma” new book out in December

  1. Chess says:


  2. yakinamac says:

    Sounds brilliant – many congratulations.

  3. Terrific accomplishment. Look forward to reading more of your words!

  4. How cool that you are writing your second book! Bravo! Thank you so much for following my blog Gratitude Dance! I look forward to getting to know you through your blog and facebook page. :~)

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