MesAyah – Alone now out on Itunes and Spotify

The tribute is out on all Internet Stores

MesAyah Alone coverMy tribute track to my late friend is now out on spotify, itunes and the rest of the internet stores you may use. You can also get it downloaded for free from my  soundcloud page here off course, this has nothing to do with financial value for me. People use different platforms for music, so I give them the variety of listening here and just show them this amazing person in lyrical form.

here is the link to spotify

Here is the link to the Itunes store:


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7 Responses to MesAyah – Alone now out on Itunes and Spotify

  1. You did it again
    I didn’t touch anything
    Was barely awake.

    Song started playing
    I said that’s mes ayah
    How did he do that.LOL

    (are you inside my computer? that was wonderful!)

  2. Wonderful tribute… –Curt

  3. reversenation says:

    Reblogged this on VEIN.

  4. Really liked this, era follow has been earned. MM 🍀

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