Damien – Older (Official Music Video)

Sometimes the music stage suprises you

It happens less and less, that you get a video sent to you, you open it, and after just 2 bars, you think : WOW, this is freaking awsome, why haven´t I heard about this dude before. But a couple of nights ago it happened again, a friend of mine posted this video of the Norwegian rapper Damien, with the line: “My man Damien doing his thing”, and that must have been the understatement of the  year, cause he basically killed it. With lyrics that hits, melody, emotion and feeling to his music, he has stepped up to one of the big suprises of 2013. I also knew in an instant that this is a guy I want to work with, I have been looking for a rapper like this for the last 8 years. So we will see what the future brings. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful piece of work: Older

Also check out his album Astronaut, from 2012




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3 Responses to Damien – Older (Official Music Video)

  1. carmenw503 says:

    Reblogged this on wordcarmen and commented:
    As always, excuse the expletives… give a listen.

  2. runjhunk says:

    loved the song older, thanks for the share

  3. This was a nice surprise for me too. I wanted to reblog it but wp didn’t work so I just posted the link. I really like all the music I’ve heard so far. Thank you.

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