MesAyah – Alone (prod George Black) new track

Its been very good to have this track through the weekend. I still struggle of getting through the days, and this makes it a little bit easier. I miss this great man so much.

Hope you have a listen, and share and reblog this post, cause I want the world to know how great he was

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

This is the hardest and the most delightful track I have ever made. You who have followed me knows the story behind this.


Night faded with the lights out
Love raised me
and punched me with a right strike
Punched a hole in my heart
try to find the lost piece
can´t puzzle the picture with lost parts
well, there´s a hole in me
try to fill it with you energy
a metaphor for memories
melancholy remedies, beating in your melodies
all is a metaphor for everything
we´re all metaphors for life and living
life is just a metaphor for human being
but i much rather have you here


Conversations for a life time
debates and discussions
triggered life to out paradigm
saw your life as my life line
wrote your life on my mic stand
while i carried your wisdom
in my right hand
we wanted…

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7 Responses to MesAyah – Alone (prod George Black) new track

  1. samuellimata says:

    Reblogged this on Stuck on a Smile and commented:
    Some deepness.

  2. samuellimata says:

    Reblogged this on Stuck on a Smile and commented:
    Some deepness.

  3. Your blog looks interesting. I’m not going to read or listen to anything, though. Not until you’ve commented on my blog. Also, I intend to permanently ban anyone who “follows” my blog without commenting on it.

    • MesAyah says:

      That is understandable Doanld, we all want the followers to read, I am listening to the Neil Young album now. and that book of yours I am reading. Left some interesting comments for you as well:)

      • I saw that. 🙂 I started the new blog because the other one was getting frustrating, what with it having sixty-three “followers” who never come to it. I’ll leave the old one up and running, but I’ll be slowly migrating to the newer one.

        I just listened to the song, and I like it. My favorite music tends to be highly sophisticated stuff like The Doors, The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc. But how many bands can live up to those ridiculously high standards? I think you made a good solid and enjoyable pop song, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

      • MesAyah says:

        Yeah, I have around 6700 followers myself, and I am lucky to have at least around 1000 coming back at least once a month, but off course I want them all to be active just like you.

        Thank you, And yes competing with The Doors, beatles who and floyd is though:P hehe I am a huge Genesis fan myself, and the progressive rock era from the 70´s, trying to take that lyrical approach into my rap music together with the melodies:)

  4. Nice track, man. I didn’t know how much work went into this sort of thing till I lived with a guy who made songs. Complex stuff.

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