MesAyah TV returns in september

MesAyah TV Woll return this fall

First off a big sincere thank you for all your support through the summer, og means more than you can imagine. It is still hard as hell to realize that he is gone, but he lives within us daily.

many of you know, I started my own YouTube channel this spring and managed to get out 5 episodes about topics I care about when it comes to life and music. Relations, lyrics, producing a message and so forth. Now I will return with new episodes in September and will attack new topics. You can also come with suggestions for the episodes as well. Hope you will ride with me.

For now you can enjoy the first episodes here, comment like crazy on YouTube and share it as well

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1 Response to MesAyah TV returns in september

  1. The video doesn’t exist for me when I click play or if I try to watch it through YouTube either??

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