Update: I am doing a little bit better

Good evening everyone

I am just in for a short update. I am doing a little bit better with everything and the lust for music is slowly coming back. But I am still grieving the loss of my friend and dealing with it every day. I am currently in Rapid City, south Dakota ,USA with my family trying to do normal stuff. But every evening I listen to his music look at his art and remembering the mark he made. A couple of months ago I wrote him this poem without even imagening what was going to happen

Dear friend

Best friend, Angel white, pure feathers on a naked skin.
Soft to touch in mind and spirit,
cleansed like a baby’s whim
you danced so well with the devil
evil brushed off like dust
sparkled the existence of your pure good
It Flowed in dear memories of a child kept calm
told to stay strong for the beautiful ugly
the light that shone through your talent
Kept dark minds aware of  the innocence they once bore
And the innocent child that you are had to  pay the price for that darkness

See you again soon

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8 Responses to Update: I am doing a little bit better

  1. mckarlie says:


    if you’ve suffered loss, damien rice is amazing music to help move through it. just a suggestion 🙂

  2. jcceleste says:

    Mesayah, thank you for sharing your poetry. My sincere condolences, and my apologies for not reaching out sooner. I was ill for a while and I’m just now catching up, and my heart goes out to you. I am lighting a candle to deliver comfort to where you are.

    I’ve written a lot of loss poetry too, when it feels like there is nothing left that can be said and the words fall dull on pages, incapable of capturing a grief that will not be made narrow by mere words, cliches of expression — but sometimes just writing, even if it feels like nonsense or empty, will eventually open up the expression that must be made manifest in the physical world, because to hold it in our spiritual one is too painful, too vast, and too lonely.

    We don’t know each other at all, except that we follow each other’s blog, but I am with you during this time, and I wish for your heart to find its rhythm again, in the wake of this terrible event.

    If there is anything in my limited capacity that I may offer to ease your burdens, please let me know. We are all here with you, even when we remain silent in the background.

    Joanna Celeste

  3. ugoagadauyah says:

    I go with Joanna Mesayah, we all feel for you in your hour of need. As my people will say – ndo.

  4. Have my sympathies on your recent losss

  5. bwcarey says:

    every tree has to wither each winter, break off and start again, growing has to be painful sometimes, it helps us to listen to the pain of others as they say

  6. roseshadows says:

    I would like to offer my condolences MesAyah, a beautiful poem that shows your love for your friend.

  7. Mike says:

    Beautiful and heartaching – you’re fortunate to be able to express your emotion in this way.

  8. Lindy Lee says:

    Yes, to see again but not too soon…

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