MesAyah – Perfect World (Official music video) 2010

3 years ago ,on this day, since I made my first music video

I am still very proud of this music video, and track, mostly because of the topic that I was able to shine a light on.
I released this music video, for the track: Perfect World. In cooperation with SMI (support center against incest) this kickstarted the next phase of the Perfect World fundraiser, which where collecting money for this organization and funded  new schoolbooks that was putting the spotlight on the problem, with the goal of reducing the numbers of children being victims for the cruel actions regarding incest.

I still get thank you mails from former victims that share their story, and there is a lot of heartbreaking stories, that you just cant believe, any human being could do to their children. Hope you will enjoy this video to. and spread the word to you friends and family. this issue needs to be spoken about, out in the open

Directed by: Martin T.B Thomas and Harald Engan

Final Cut: Alexander Føsund

Photo: Joachim Nilsen

Produ.cer: Espen Stenersrød

Father: Ketil Blix Gaare

Daughter: Caroline Erika Sevland

Mother: Christina Alm Ungher

Lover: Trond Teigen

Peace, Love and Unity



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1 Response to MesAyah – Perfect World (Official music video) 2010

  1. Definitely something to be very proud of

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