Poem – Everything is gonna be alright

New poem just poured out of me

Tomorrow when I wake up
I’m gonna have a revelation
I will wake up smiling
But in a good way
Cause its gonna be alright
When people rage over the change
And all the trouble it will make
I will stand there straight
Thinking to myself,
I’m glad I always kept my pocket change
I will look my daughter in her eyes
And smile
With pride and with a trusting smile
Whispering in her ear: It’s all gonna be alright
Cause daddy loves you
Daddy loves you so much
That he prepared us for this
Daddy heard, daddy saw
Then daddy thought and acted
Then he reenacted it
Just to make absolutely sure
That everything acted with the dreams he wore
This is the art of living, not an art of war
When they will claim our lives will change
Because of all the changes made
I will not fear a single day
Cause I know I’ve taught my daughter well
When the economy over powers us
I will have planted enough seeds of love and trust
That my daughter will love herself to much
To let herself fall over
something she can’t have the control over
She will have so much trust in her actions
And enough seeds in her hand
To feed from the land
And reach with her arms to touch hearts
When the stone cold walls of a school system
Fails to teach and educate
I know I have taught my daughter
How to evaluate and elevate
Evolve and make the thin red line thicker
I have taught her that it is understanding the road to an answer
That matters
That the gift of life lies in every word written
Phrase spoken
And that even though every thing grows around the middle
It always have a beginning and an end
And if you mistreat any of these,
You will miss out on all the great secrets that made you this way.
And at last when we are left there with nothing
We will know we already have everything
Cause we started out with love
We grew bigger when life asked for it
And we will end it all by building on
The trust we have in knowing this
I trust you my daughter
Everything is gonna be alright

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9 Responses to Poem – Everything is gonna be alright

  1. clawfish says:

    Loved the feeling that ran through this, wonderful

  2. It’s superbly brilliant and while reading it, all negative feelings are flushed. Blessed is ur daughter and people in your surroundings:)

  3. brownsugatou says:

    This piece is beautiful on so many levels. I like the fact that it is revolutionary without even trying.

  4. Brilliant piece! Enjoyed it thoroughly! 🙂

  5. bwcarey says:

    your words flow like a stream of fresh crisp water

  6. Lindy Lee says:

    Good Daddy– good fathers make good mothers, good human beings. This earth needs all the good it can get…

  7. Fantastic poem! So tenderhearted.

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