Watch MesAyah perform The Poem Dear Friend

my Dear Friend needed a recording

At the end of the new episode I perform a poem for my dear friend, who is all better now . You will find it aroun 9:43 if you want to skip to it.

Here is the poem in written form

Dear Friend

Best friend, Angel white, pure feathers on a naked skin.

Soft to touch in mind and spirit,

cleansed like a baby’s whim

you danced so well with the devil

evil brushed off like dust

sparkled the existence of your pure good

It Flowed in dear memories of a child kept calm

told to stay strong for the beautiful ugly

the light that shone through your talent

Kept dark minds aware of the innocence they once bore

And the innocent child that you are had to pay the price for that darkness

One love


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1 Response to Watch MesAyah perform The Poem Dear Friend

  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog and, by so doing, introducing me to yours. I particularly enjoyed your poem to a friend, and am glad to know she is better now. Totally relate to your comment that the words came to you while lying in bed…that’s when and where I do much of my “writing” — it’s sort of semi-conscious state that I guess allows you to reach deeper into your soul.

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