I am officially in love with Sarah Kay!!!

Beautiful Poem by a beautiful woman

I have watched the poem a lot over the last year, and I discovered it just a week before I myself was becoming a father for the first time, to a daughter. Now a year later, I feel the words she is saying even more, how she is able to describe the feeling and the bond between mother and daughter is so spot on. And very different from the bond between father and daughter. But we share the same essence.

So that is why she is being honored together with another great poet Survivor, in this weeks episode of MesAyah TV. Hope you fall in love with this beautiful Poet as well and her poem “if I have a daughter”


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4 Responses to I am officially in love with Sarah Kay!!!

  1. Tina Liu says:

    Sarah Kay spoke at my school last, and her poem is really inspiring. It’s like that bond became tangible through her words.

  2. basmacue says:

    I LOVE her poem “If I had a daughter.” I could listen to it every day, she is super inspiring. I am so glad my poetry teacher introduced me to her! Have you heard her TedTalks?

  3. Beautiful and Inspiring. I have three daughters

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