In This Weeks episode of MesAyah TV: Topic is Lyricism

MesAyah TV episode 3 out now with the topic Lyricism!

Episode 3
In this episode I take upon the topic Lyricism and hail and trash the good and the bad and the really Ugly.

There is in fact a lot of poor lyrics out there and I have taken the time to find something that really shocked and awwed me, then putting it together with how to do it if you first choose the topic that you´ve chosen. Kept it with a sense of homour in here, so hope you are in for a laugh as well

And then some questions
What is it about lyricism that grasp you? Why is Lyrics important? Why is it that lyricism is the number one thing that has always stayed strong with us?
Comment down below
Nicki Minaj – Roman Holiday
Morten Abel – Bullet Me
Desrée – Life
Sage Francis – Best of Times
Kendrick Lamar – m.A.Ad City
Genesis – Selling England by the pound
The Cranberries – I just shot John Lennon
Messnical – Footsteps

Hope you will enjoy this



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2 Responses to In This Weeks episode of MesAyah TV: Topic is Lyricism

  1. archecotech says:

    Original, keep it up.

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