I perform my latest poem On MesAyah tv

Performing the poem Innocence

If you read my last post, you know that I posted a new Episode on the MesAyah Tv and I perform the poem Innocence for the first Time, you can either watch the entire video or forward to 6:20

The poem I am talking about is this

Sunbeams strike down on my tender parts
Euphoria and endorphins battle in the blood veins
Stream to my heart
Beats in a 1, 2
Three to four seconds and it stops
Signals to the brain of an orgasm
Organs dance to the rhythms of a breakdown
my limbs numb down due to the overload
And I reattach myself again with joy
The flow of images
The reborn innocence
That always will haunt the existence of the innocent
Cause I never did mind
I just loved
Felt, and shared whatever poured out from it
And now Emotions take photos to stream from my conscience
Memories match with the previous photos I’ve shared
I feel loved
I feel cared about
At least until next dawn

Hope you enjoy it



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3 Responses to I perform my latest poem On MesAyah tv

  1. maximtylor says:

    I’ve been writing, at least, one poem a day for a few weeks now and it’s really helped me. I’m glad to see it has helped you too, and I’ll defiantly be looking out for your stuff.

    • MesAyah says:

      That’s wonderful, more people should be encouraged to do that, have you decided for how long you are going to write daily? It is amazing how you improve, we tend to forget what amazing things we did at school, learning, memorizing and writing everyday, if all of us just kept on doing that every day, doin what we love, this place would be awesome

      • maximtylor says:

        So far i’ve been doing it for about a month, but I plan to do it this whole year. I did miss one day though… but I made up for it the next day by doing two.

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