Say Hello to Jenny Smith – My follower number 6000

It is with great pleasure I introduce Children’s book writer Jenny Smith

My sincere gratitude and love are being sent your way

snapshotJen Smith. Under the name J.L. Smith  writes ‘The Abominators’ series for age 7+ (published by Little Brown books for young readers and illustrated by the very talented Sam Hearn). She also write books for teenagers under the name Jenny Smith (‘Diary of a Parent Trainer’ and ‘My Big Fat Teen Crisis’ are published by Scholastic).

She very recently took part in a poetry slam, but  don’t know if this will go anywhere.  certainly enjoyed reading out a poem and getting a reaction, even if it was terrifying.

This blog is about writing about pants, and other stuff such as: what is the nature of the universe, why there are so many photos of dogs wearing sunglasses and how can I appear confident and stylish when I answer the door to the postman in my pyjamas with toothpaste on my nose?

If you read just one of her blog posts, please read (archived under April 2013, and under the category ‘inspiration’) ‘The Man Who Loved Stories’, which is all about her dad, the storyteller.

You can follow her on Twitter  @jlsmith333

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2 Responses to Say Hello to Jenny Smith – My follower number 6000

  1. kanika44 says:

    Nominated you for “The very inspiring bloggers award”.
    🙂 Cheers!!! Hugs!!!

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