Out in The woods again, Norwegian nature with Daughter part 2

10 minute walk from the apartment and this reveals itself

Last time I was out in the woods with my daughter I wrote that being out like that just triggers creativity and that night I wrote one of the darkest poems I have ever written, so after this wonderful trip today I am excited about what comes out creatively:)

But back to the main thing, spring has finally reached Norway, so I decided to take Ea for a roll in the stroller into the beautiful nature we have around here, and show her the lakes, off course she fell asleep after 5 minutes, but still, we managed to see a lot when she woke up again. And I do believe the ducks followed us to this spot.

Here are some pictures from the outing

Colors are coming back


Met a suicidal duck threatening to jump, but I told it to duck off


Found this aged three so beautiful


Stroller with a view


The colors that struck the bottom of the lake where to good to waste


Hope you enjoyed this little journey into Norwegian nature as much as we did



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13 Responses to Out in The woods again, Norwegian nature with Daughter part 2

  1. I am in love with that picture of the duck!

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you, it was to be honest a very nice duck, had his wife on tag a long and just sat there a few yards away from us chilling an entertaining my daughter

      • Had his wife on tag a long? Wife? Tag a long? I’m curious.

        Do ducks mate for life or are they just into ceremonies like [us]?

      • MesAyah says:

        Haha. Well the female duck followed this duck in the exact same patterns, but always a couple of inches behind, and had another couple living outside my garden all through spring and summer last year with the same patterns. Since I am not into duckology, I can not give an exact answer, but I do believe they mate for life, their ceremonies are often dull though, even though the wedding singers always deliver the goods

      • Into duckology lol! So at the least the female duck is completely infatuated with mr. male duck. Baby daddy maybe?

        ANYWAYS–inspired by your stuff! Lyrics, music, photography, accent, eyes?

        Keep it all up–see you sometime on MY blog 🙂

      • MesAyah says:

        Unfortunately yes, but I am singing songs of redemption and revelation to them everyday, so soon you will see female ducks walking with strength an attitude and wearing her feathers proudly 🙂

        Next time we will talk on your blog:)

  2. miche123 says:

    Lovely! Thanks for posting. It looks so clean and fresh out there.

    • MesAyah says:

      It is, looked down at Oslo city center from a viewpoint today and this polluted layer was just surrounding it, while I was up here, deep into the Forrest smelling the flowers, saw all these fresh colors, complete silence except from the birds that hummed together with the wind in the trees. Absolutely amazing

  3. Marso says:

    I phrase you wrote so simply, which I most liked, was simply “colors are coming back”.

  4. Awesome pic.s of nature! Norway is beautiful in Spring 🙂

  5. i type freehand says:

    wow, awesome photos. thank you 🙂

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