MesAyah – Bridge over beloved waters (Acoustic live from the Livingroom)

Acoustic version recorded from live from my home

Ever since I made this track I have had a dream of making an acoustic guitar version of it. unfortunaltely I did not know how to play the guitar, so I had to learn some basic stuff first. And now finally 2 years942050_10152761919845133_1636564248_n later I have made it. recorded this tonight here in my livingroom put up microphone and my video camera and everything was set.

So hope you all enjoy this version as well, its a bit different, more spoken word ish than the original one, and at the same time more melodic.


MesAyah – Bridge over beloved waters


MesAyah – Bridge over beloved waters




A strange thought is consuming me

We are just a memory on  the surface of an earth that breaths heavily

I pour some hell in me

It tastes heavinly

I feel devine the moment i can bare with my destiny

We know the truth bu ton the surface

Its impossible to know the truth behind closed curtains

I suppose thats what life is oppose to those who have their eyes open and those who keep em closed




Jus keep em open

Jus keep em open

Please respond to you inner thoughts


Jus keep em open

Its your own true god

So please respond to your inner thoughts




Its sickening how little do we know about ability

I built it with agility and lyrical obseenity

Afiliated with the visability of open mind

And realised what true abilities I have

So please sit down and listen

While i pour some more hell inn me

Im closer to anything heavenly than thos ultra fanatic heaven freaks



And anything you believe in

I progress past experience without belief systems





I´m awake now , whisper to my spoken words


Listen In

Then listen to what might occure

Life´s both the daylight

And the nightfall

Thats why need both the lightswitch

And the lightbulb

Or else you are left with an empty space

Thats when the devil has a tempting face

And you go blind or get lost

On a religious parade of different ways

Of saying:

Don´t worry child, we will keep you safe





I´m all dancing now, quickstepped through the life so far

Foxtrot through the rest of it, with doublesteps in the last 6 bars

Dreams on the right side, hope is on the left one

In the middle I find myself in the only place i can rest from

The quest that i felt that I was left on

When death struck my best ones

And left me with the strength of a question

And it was








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3 Responses to MesAyah – Bridge over beloved waters (Acoustic live from the Livingroom)

  1. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on MesAyah – Life through the mic and commented:

    150 views on a night is something I can fall in Love with, thank you to all of you!

  2. vishalbheeroo says:

    certainly, we will remain a memory one and lets’ be a beautiful one. amazing work::)

  3. MesAyah says:

    Just reached 1700 views in two days. Thank you everyone

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