Messnical – Messnical EP official Release

Messnical is a Joint force of electromagnets, spoken words and hope

  479896_133005346872849_1650753324_nBonsaiety Records MesAyah and Decknolands Decknical has worked together on several Occasions and over the years built up a sound that fits both of the musical expressions. So this year they joined forces and created the new supergroup Messnical.
On this 4 track EP you will get a summary of the sound picture so far and the first step towards the pure electronic spoken word poetry genre. for those of you who have followed the music for a while would recognize some of the tracks and for the rest of you this is something brand new. this is an EP you have to hear more than once, this is music that grows on you, you have to get used to the sound picture because of all the different elements of it, but at the same time it will be relaxing catchy and soothing to your eardrum, a change from easy digested choruses, to no chorus to profound lyrics that makes you think. The single One Step forward I bet you all have heard before, but if you haven’t you will find it at the bottom.
get the EP here:

Messnical – Messnical EP

it is also available on spotify, 7digital,amazon and so on. Just search for Messnical and you can’t go wrong




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