First Single from Messnical EP – One Step Forward

One Step forward is the first single from Messnical EP

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479896_133005346872849_1650753324_nThe first single from the Messnical EP is called One Step forward.

Sneak Preview

reviews on this track states:

“Very exciting start lyricly ,the words have a commercial appeal about them.Wrapped up in an eerie urban sound the dramatic synth sweeps add a sence of surrealism to the mix,an enchanting and creative timbre.This has a lot of tranquil but enigmatic tones that could easily slot into a new romantic 80’s track.Original chillout style here with a very hypnotic way of rapping.”

“A pleasing ambient track, with a critically striking unique vocalist, offering the perfect harmony between beat and voice. I enjoyed the undertones that were absolutely paramount to making this a rating that it is, and in all honesty, would not make any changes to this aspect at all. In terms of lyric, the story is all there. It gives the listener clear instructions to enjoy the track in an idealistic way, maximizing potential enjoyment, and adding a third dimension that everyone will enjoy. I sense bags full of passion in the voice of the vocalist, something I detect has come after years of practice, and endless hours rehearsing. Needless to say, both artist and track are a hit for me, and should be for everyone else.

“oh my gosh yes, the instruments are so good. then I hear the artist sing and man this is a great track going to be huge and number one on the music charts. everything about this recording is great harmony, vocals, voice and Instruments. wonderful recording can’t wait to hear more.”

“This song takes a while to get into the swing of things but once it does it feels worth it.The singer is good but has unusual vocals.The catchy beat paired with the vocals is a nice sound.The lyrics add to how catchy this song really is.”

“Epic opening. The bass really resonates with me. The synth sounds like water droplets. Once the lyrics come in, in a hooky fashion, I dig the 1, 2 vibe of the beat. Very swingy which I like. The lyrics are are well thought out and flow easily with the music without any awkwardness. The track itself is very hypnotizing which is a good thing. Original!”

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6 Responses to First Single from Messnical EP – One Step Forward

  1. Josh The Younger says:

    Sounds amazing! The “unique” and “unusual” vocals fit perfectly with the chill and watery soundscape. The track isn’t loud or flashy, but it’s simultaneously hypnotic, enthralling and provocative nonetheless. The combination of the music and lyrics make you think, and that’s the kind of music that makes me come back for more even if it is a little outside of my usual genre. Keep up the good work!

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you so Much. That means so much to get a review like that. To hit someone like that just makes the day and all the effort worth it. So from the bottom of our heart thank you

  2. kanzensakura says:

    Good for you!!! happy to hear this news from you. Also happy to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can go to my website: to get the information. Keep the wonders coming our way. Thank you also for visiting me on occasion. You are always welcome.

  3. draliman says:

    Wow! I was pretty sure before hitting “play” this wouldn’t be “my kind of music” but I was totally blown away. I just lay back and let my mind construct some amazing images as I listened.
    Beautifully haunting.

    • MesAyah says:

      Thank you, and I am glad you enjoyed it instantly as well, people often tell me they have to get used to the sound and delivery first:)
      I am all about painting pictures:) glad I could surprise you

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