World poetry day! What is better than week 1-52 of 365 daily challenge

enjoy all the verse s from last year in one post

Since its time difference with Norway, it is world poetry day. Here are all365 verses from last year

Topic: Life

Divided into cycles, smaller, larger, then united
with a life lived and ignited with the mass provided
getting stronger, harder then divided
as you’re guided you get smarter and excited
if you stand still you depart from the matter and get shortsighted
and see life through a funnel and think its enlightment
that’s what life is, you pay the prize from how it’s lived
if you try to give life, life will thrive to give answer to the questions you die with
if you try to make a difference, life will appear different
and differ from the ignorance that lies in being ignorant
that’s common sense
but the defense system we put up, seems to win on our expense
So every cycle you seem to fight with
will always change to the better if you just fight it
The beauty of a lost soul finding the way back
by retracing his steps and fill it with what he lacked
and that’s what life is all about

Topic: People

The beauty of a person, the way that he´s urging
patterns in a certain way, often behind curtains
with the curtesy of the culture hidden behind those patterns
add some tradition and life really matters
watching from a distance, I see the glitches
and it inspire me in ways, and force me to think different
A park bench warmer of utter importance
so important to view the world in order to get the point of refference
To build those events into a story
Have seen so much glory on a monday morning
the beauty of a persons face made aware of memento mori
None of those mornings are close to being boring
I am exploring the fragmenst that i experience
the write them up and try to find the brilliance
with my spotlight on wisdom mixed with curious
something notorious comes out, then it turns glorious

Topic: Aesop Rock

The perfect struggle of a bar
multiplied by four as you picking it apart
Sticking the tip of your hand into a jar
and wiggle it around to find the meaning in the stars
hidden in the start of the imagery and art
found it by far, but didn’t got far
The metaphors are hitting you hard
that’s when an Aesop track Rocks you in the heart
and when you think his done, he’s extending his bars
perfectly matched to a drum line from Mars
He can build a brick wall and paint it red
then tear it down lyrically with the words that he spreads
shed so much knowledge that the fundament is sticking
Forcing the fiction of his facts to go rythmic
There is no hidden truth that some fractions are nonsense
but its overshadowed by fantastic rhyme schemes and the flow to match em

Topic: Drama and Theatre

When the curtain calls,
you can hear a needle fall
the tension through the theatre hall,
pin forced through the actors soul,
knowing that every move he makes
is followed close as he raise the stakes
on every little step he takes
the most naked form of art is now taking place inside this little space
The focus shift, images appear through the actors limbs
words float through the accoustics, in a beautiful hymn
the natural re-cap of a tear drop
like it was lifted from his chest and shouted to the roof top
before its detached from the sealing with all the history intact
and lands on his face as he perform the monologue of impact
followed by an abstract expression that attract
the full attention through the first act

Topic: David Lynch

Images and scenery, characters and mystery
the hidden messages, the freedom and liberty
to create what the mind tells you to commence
a dreamsequence perfectly balanced through the lense
vibrant sounds and characters so intense
that the audience are kept in suspense
from lost higway, to blue velvet or eraserhead
the cleverness that lies in following you mind istead,
of what may seem as common sense, with foootages spread
over the sheet so we actually have to seek and not be lead
towards a meaning that isn´t showed in the first place
I love the erasing of the space between reality and dream states
I never thought I would embrace Frank Booth
but the brilliance of a psycotic killer, and an abused youth
makes me wanna breathe through an oxygen mask too
and that is the kind of emotions brilliance force through

Topic: Sage Francis

Angry, bitter but wise to the tip of his tounge
So when he speaks with it, the heavy is hung
irreverent to the point where it gets clever
always grasps around the topic, like a personal letter
only better
a natural voice that force the drums to follow him wherever
an advocate of words, when he speak you listen
when he preach you feel he´s on a mission
but not in the position of a preaching a gospel
more of a street preacher, needing to get through to his people
And he takes that role and feed them with the intricate wordchains
so difficult that everyone understands the ambivalent word play
It is emotions packed into pictures
so real that you can smell the fresh paint from the speakers
words from a creature, made for leaders
Sage Francis makes music for the dreamers and the bleeders
and he reach us with it

Topic: Peter Gabriel

A musical box on display
A lyrical master with the words that he spray
the images he creates, when he´s played
would leave me stumped for days
with his tracks on replay, to try to grasp the delay
of my freed brain, so I can understand the wordplay
He would make a unicorn change into a unifaun
and with his uniform on stage create the beauty of
a master of ceremony with all the images where beauty´s born
that would make old king cole hardly seem to matter anymore
He always just needed that one sentence
to make the proper entrace into the eardrums of the presented
he thaught me so much about creating the attention
with a first impression, so the listener would stick to whatever I presented
but most of all he taught me imagery
there ain´t a single fiber in me that doesn´t breathe it lyrically

Topic: Mother muse and baby goose

The inspirational source of a lost sorrow
The hope of a new born day tomorrow
written, sieving through my bone marrow
the emotional patterns of my lost cause is so hollow
but the old emotional patterns where replaced by a new shadow
a new arrow, that attached and gave insight of a new Fallow
soil that I hadn´t touched before
the open wounds that I once bore
and treated with words I swore to my overlord
where now eliminated by the smile of innocence that could not be ignored
Opened chambers in me,
a new channel of a smiling baby
vocabularies of a deluted darkness
that polluted the arches of my bones and grew larger
was spewed out to free up this new master
and my mother muse was reunited with the true answer

Topic: Recap

Its been a hella of a year, standing on the borderline
looking at the images that forced through my sorted mind
with this lyrical sword of mine I have fought off the giants
I am at the castle of my mania fighting the last riot
the flame of the fire, is still burning quiet
ain´t done quite yet, but the voices turn silent
been on topic all year, challenges thrown in my direction
answered them gladly, with the pen and pad residing in affection
I conquered galaxies, created characters
Given families a greater role in the concequences
Battle with my common senses
in order to find common sense in the darkest places
I have tasted the forbidden fruit
made love with all my hidden roots
I have paid my dues, and played deuce
with all the variatons of my funeral suit

Topic: Secrecy

Whispers in the hallway, star signs in the moonlight
coded for the listeners, that refuse to take the fight
information hidden for the sake of our rights
dehumanised in order to hide the upheaval and strikes
its the evil that speaks when the wisperer sleeps
and the messenger of reason speak in your dreams
the secrecy behind the war of machines
is only spoken by these that has no other means
than to hide behind the cruelty of other regimes
as evil that it seems, you have to read behind the story on screens
One man can not save the world from its secrets
one man can not save the world from its weakness
one man can not sit and puzzle the pieces
and believe that his visions would kill the devils rejects
cause the whispers will never fade and wear out
it is the secrecy that made the world go round in circles

Topic: To make a howler

He had the best intentions
but the invention of a faux pas was not his best friend
he only tried to ask and raise questions
but all he raised was eyebrows and the crowds attention
It was drawn out of propotions to another dimenson
the sentence that was hanging in the air was filled with tension
he tried to redeem himself, and twist and turn it
but the more bridges he tried to build,
the more wood was tossed on the fire to burn em with
He got thrown off his course and got nervous
He knew the topic was perplex and that he got a purpose
the wording was all wrong, and it was getting dangerous
in utter embarrasment, he tried to leave the scene, but the crowd was murderous
They yelled out: Haven´t you heard of us!
He shivered through his bone marrow, he had fired the burning arrow
And all he did was try to explain that mankind had a vision that was too narrow

Topic: The butterflys view on cause and effect

I flipped my wings in the sinners bin
With the flick of his fingers he sinned within
the frame of time, a changed the path of his evil twin
the course and cause started to spin
and it was clear that the path´s we store will begin
again and again, as soon as we change what could have been
If he didn´t flick me, the effect of his next move would be crucial
but his search for approval, turned the trace cold and not useful
Brutal will always be payed back with brutal
maybe not in the near future,
but prepare for it, and there is no time to be rueful
you have to accept it, cause the feeling is always mutual
The cause that follow the effect will always apply
Any opportunity wasted can never be denied
How this even would come as a suprise
even shock the reflection in the eyes of this dead butterfly

Topic: Instincts

I wore my sixth sense on the outside
in a sick pretense i pretended to be an allie
walk with small steps as I saw death
in the white eye but he can never fool my breath
I am to schooled I guess
or maybe all my memories are too opressed
or maybe im just too obsessed
with the thought of my insticts are dressed, to impress
I have taken every gut feeling and carried it
followed every path and burned the bridges i´ll be buried with
it is always a great encouragement
that the nourisments I gain from following the voice I vent
is so much stronger than my own comparisons
cause I would never let myself be turned to someone arrogant
I am born with em, so I am a natural follower
I know we here on borrowed time, ,
thats why my instincts refuse to let me move like a lawn mower

Topic: Reversed words

The diverse meaning of a wordchain
the frame of the words stains
the paper as i retrace the letters original surface
And shows itself in its true purpose
I sit and breath through evil now
the main focal point that grows, on me
as it reattach to the paper and breaths life
live it, feel it, live through reversed fights
and if you read it closely you might see the devil or heaven
hidden in the scenery and believe in the code of number seven
The reversed words that throws a spell on you
so you sit and spell, its the truth
over and over again, so you will soon belive nothing will despute
the truth itself, even though its hidden as the biggest lies
you will deny that fact until you die

Topic: Insight

in dead center of the limelight outroduction
A reduction of one specter in order to get eruption
of a sleeping giant, jumpstart the heart to get the brain to function
Reconstruction of insight and production
live the chapters of a novel,
breathe the words of Aristotle
take only lights sips from the bottle
cause too much can knock the sense out of you´re throttle
toogle between your tought patterns and prior knowledge
the word has it, that the worst habit is to scream acknowledge
that would be a pure savage, live light and think challenge
embrace average, cause thats the only way to spark conscience
and hail consiousness, without it you you will never rebuild the branches
never leave your ghosts in your closet or under the blankets
then the chances of you taking the advantages
of having an insightful mind advances past your own management

Topic: Rembrandt´s eyes

Self portraits, the self observant master with eyes coughin
cries often, with the smiles hidden in a sealed coffin
with nail slammed trough the hardboard
a cardboard boxed dream brushed off
by the wind as it sealed through the visions of greatness
like rembrandts europe and his mission and statements
we can all see the reflections in his iris
its like a sad environment
but through his eyes they are the finest
all the crisis are covered with thick layers of blinding diamonds
Through his eyes I understood the acts of Judith and Cyrus
It is like watching beauty while infected by a virus
You have to witness pure evil to appreciate the good samaritan
I mirrored myself in rembrandts eyes to to realise I was helpin em
The world through a painter always differ from your own
but if you look deep enough you will always see home

Topic: Prisoner of this road

Handcuffed to the scenery, still no one´s looking out for me
a war child in between enemy lines, modern day misery
the sidewalk´s been my only friend after the thievery
of my freedom and the killing of my innocent family
Chained to the ground is the ground shaking truth
a humanity dispute between the famine of a youth
and the sun that left my shadow when I cried for home
the trees that sorrounded me was bombed away ages ago
so there is no longer any wind passing through this lion
the dried up land heated by the faded horizon
the only sound I hear is from the uprising war sirens
that is the only real sound that can give me any guidance
Cuffed to the ground I just pray for the silence
and one day getting off this island
the road to nowhere has rid my thoughts of returning
the fire that is burning is just my hunger crying as my stomache´s turning

Topic: Dead hearts

Stone cold, with just the bone marrow to flow through it
every heart beat on the monitor play sonnets of a rusty kid
must we witness another busted life
as the madness strikes
or trust the thrust of killers knife
latched through the art of war, dead center
with arteries and bloodveins vented where the knife entered
stabbed by an artificial angel, the self proclaimed God sender
then censored by the presenter in a pretensed grief letter
telling the story of a lost love and dead veins
that had a vision of life an death just being the same
that their son had left because he could not take the blame
and carry the shame of a sinner in the heat of the game
On the last beat he wrote his will on his iris
his eyelids recorded a beautiful sighting
when the parents arrived, they could still read it is his eyes
there are no dead hearts or dead thoughts hidden inside

Topic: As you turn

My cheek is still faded from your last kiss
The last hit and miss that we did was tragic
a mystery gone bad as I miss the tings we had
I hard fist couldn´t wake me from the deep sleep of madness
With great sadness I see the red paint left on the matress
and the red paint on my face is a sign of taking chances
In a few stanzas, I had painted the canvas
covering the entire sidewalk with the heart of an artist
following the path of a left turn
as a sign of the flames you left to burn
inside an already burning heart as you kissed me goodbye
with the things that I, already knew happened, but couldn´t put on standby
At first I did not know wich feelings to apply to, so I decided by
a coin toss, so the turns you made would not affect my
decisions of poor judgement as I was clueless
No matter how I flipped that coin, the outcomes wass still ruthless

Topic: Smooth Criminal

Pick pockets, dollars in my pants as I Steam up your sockets
fill em up, the realest Criminal, a smooth talker, talking with rockets
As I reach for the sky with my mirrored reflections
a neglection of my faults as I steal your impressions
In sections, the bank vault is filled up with my vocal injections
Stealing the words from the immortal elections
of a true mind, work smoothly of the true lies
I am the true kind
that work together with the cruel intention of a waterline
that rise daily, Time wasted, waist high in criminal relations
A simple case of smooth talker walking on water
as my corelation with life, talk slowly with caution
The cause is always better than the relations
A smooth sensation, criminalized by cruel intentions
I work smoothly lubed in between the sheets of experience
Battling the bars tha fought the battle of commonm sense

Topic: Dare to live

A bubble of fear are sorrounded on the surface
hiding inside the safety walls and can´t forget he´s nerveous
Afraid to join the circus, afraid of closed circuits
afraid to find out that his life may not have a purpose
so he hides, instead of facing his serpent
serving wormfood to the battle between catharsisis versus courage
interpreted the signals towards a cold war
so what is the reason to fight for a life he would not die for
he is in quite poor shape as he latch for the soul he wore
almost like a holy force in a holy war is blinding the cause
and the pathway that he rode since the day he was formed
Never dared to take the step to live the life that he bore
No core values in the spine that he drained of
the life fluids he had, and traded it in for pained love
Doves painted on the back of his eyelids
so he could see signs peace at least when he sleeps in silence

Topic: If this is it

If this is it, I would be left on your doorstep
If this is it, I would regret that we never met
the doorbell that parted us from beeing related
there could be nothing greater
than the fate that broughts us together
But if this is it, then this verse is my last words
I would only appear in your life as a free bird
dotting every line with a full stop to be heard
I would prefer to be reffered to as a dreamer
If this is it, you will never state my name out
when you come out to meet me and leave no doubt
there will be no screaming or shouting
no disbelief or no trace of doubting
no scouting out for any easy outings
if this is is, I will never be the one counting
the days since we met for the first time

Topic: Social Media

I am too afraid to talk with my face on
my palms all sweaty when the social game´s drawn
my fingers much sharper than my split toungue
razorblades on keys as my words just tag along
a viral vagabon with no strings to latch upon
my babylon consists of world peace e-books on amazon
I usually hide behind an alias, but reveal my privacy on facebook
but on twitter or aol my display name is space crook
my rage is hooked on caps lock and my opinions are all shooked
I took the personality of a villain the moment I turned on my mac book
I always seems to conversate better when im texting
it gets more interesting and the awkward silence is not existing
I am suddenly all rich in words and can use em for my own twist in
the debates where i´m enlisting and chat rooms that are consisting
om fellow members with my views, with no need for any insisting
or anyone resisting the thins being said, we are that convincing
Social media invited my darkest views to be looked at
and ever since I found you I have never looked back

Topic: Titty Tuesday

Its titty tuesday for the twitter users
adnormal usage of the privacy of other viewers
hundreds of thousands use the day to increase their followers
hounds barking at the break of dawn, shallow and just swallow it
a sin city for the titty lickers
the city slickers debate over which tit is bigger
With armed triggers, they charge twitter
with comments of loaded ego´s and foul litter
The world is tormented by famine, war and death
and there we have millions of people, at home, watching breasts
Why are we so stupid that we follow with that much interest
on Adam and especially Eve´s dress
And not even the fig leaf is sacred any longer
How can any woman go that public with their private launder
And what about their future daughter
finding their mom online in a position where dogs usually are stronger
It is with a huge sigh, but also with laughter
That I shake my head in great despair, in the attention some search after

Topic: The leftover coat

It was always the last in line
at the inner spot on the hanger, begging for some carpet time
Not particularly ugly, nor is it fine
not glory or flashy, boring or bashing, just wasn´t one of a kind
it had been place there since the day they made last seam
together with the rest of the group, that all lived the textile dream
beeing sold, then sold again, making attics fabolous before turning retro
going from posh and worn at posters at the metro
to and echo of the past, then turned to the ghetto
reborn as something gays wear, then back to the hetero
While this poor coat is locked in the corner
one the border of beeing sold, every day it gets older
once just a centimeter away from beeing in a folder
but its best friends got its sleeve out, so then he was folded
so there he hangs, lost the last train to fashion
now he just wishes someone would design a pair of gloves that could match him

Topic: Amare Stoudemire

Jump around in his flyest kicks
His paid to hit the hoops for the New York Knicks
Opted out from the Sun, to play at the Garden
Picking apples in the big league with his feet as his jargon
It is kind of cliché to say he is in love with the letter A
But in fact, his wifes name is Alexis, then the childrens names are Amata, Aré
and last but not least Amare Jr, I guess they ran out of names
But I guess you can do whatever you want when you are opting for fame
after a rough start in his life he played his first organised game
at the age of 14, and thats when opportunities came
Rookie of the year ,Took him to through the sphere
And finally he is at home at the madison square
A 65 million prize tag, at the front cover of Life mags
A star in flesh and blood, carrying jerseys with the American flag
He has a busy life when his not playing ball,
Autohor, actor, philantrophist, he is doing them all
There is no chance I could see that this star would fall
He would just easily crawl over if he was hitting a wall

Topic: Fond memories and old feelings.

the lost memories, that reappear in dreams
so fond and glorious that you just wanna sleep
to dive in too deep, and relive your past so that you can meet
all the memories of a lost hopes, those feelings of grief
that sieve through your spine cause of the goals that you decieved
you relive those memories, to supress the things that you never achieved
those warm old feelings
no thoughts of worrying, focus on just being
it is so appealing for your eyes, this is what you wanna believe in
screaming, revealing, every aspect you are sealing in
healing for the soul, but dreams they have an ending
know you lie there in bed with eyes towards the ceiling
wanting to dive in again
just another hit of the memories of older friends
and all the friends that you attained
and all the love that you once gained
for being in that circle of life
all the fond memories and old feelings you lived before you died

Topic: Beauty Ideals

She had the face of an angel, but haunted by devils
that natural twist, that only comes from heaven
but everywhere she twist and turned
her mind was churned by posters earned
for making girls take of their halos
then their clothes to get observed
The barbie dolls, that just unfolds
and let not a story stay untold
a woman trapped inside the cold
body of a 12 year old
ribs and thighs they stay alligned
with no hips between on either side
So there this beauty goes around
infected by the the pictures found
she starts to glare her mirrored self
and bends her head in bitterness

Topic: Self Deception

I blame it on the world that i suffer now
there has been a lot of ruckus, and that got me down
been to many people that have pushed around
I believe they´re here, just to steal the crown
No matter what I do, I can see the crowd
try to pin a tail on me, get me out
I think it is because I´m so damn proud
don´t recognize heads sticking in the clouds
If they only saw the quality I bring up front
they maybe wouldn´t stand there and act so blunt
But it is all their fault they can´t see that
I blame it on the people that are getting bad
I blame it on those who ignore me
I blame my misery upon their greed
There can´t be another reason why they won´t speak
When confornted with the flawless version of a human being

Topic: The Weekday warrior

She was the modern day warrior, an everyday worrier
weekday stories, fought the weekday barrier
carrier of so many thoughts and mirrors
in her system, floating like rivers
glims of errors while running with scissors
cut open a wound that was all flesh and blistors
didn´t not know when she could be dead and burried
in fact she felt she could be dead already
the few morns, she was ready
she was steady on a heavy thought, the rest was empty
easily intimidated by the lost and crazy
the givers and the drop dead lazy
fighting every morning just to find a way to get up
but she will brush up, just to have that much
so in a weird way she accepts her existence
watching her self in the mirrors from a distance

Topic: Forbidden fruit

I cheated the tree of life, then seduced the witnesses
Sang the serpent a serenade, by whispering the synthesis
I searched for the bitter truth, that lied inside forbidden fruit
The inner youth and love I used
was ready to explode inside my already ignited fuse
Ransacked my inner soul, in order to find my views
but they where banned at the gates of lust and abuse
challenging my chanting muse with appleseeds and longing roots
Adam and Eve could never break me
The serpent that guarded the garden ordered me to break free
I listened to my inner voice that screamed out loudly
You can never touch the forbidden fruit, but you can always shake the tree
In the cause of it all I found myself shaking it
Adam and Eve was playing with
the forbidden fruit and decided to call it quits
Then i ordered the serpent to give them both a final kiss

Topic: Cough mints

served to heal, but he was dressed to kill
lost the last mint in the box to an imbecile
his friends that kept him company
was all just muffled in a saliva filled cemetry
there is no thoughts towards the words ment to be
this was strictly out of line, a mass murder imfamy
each mint in this box was taught the ways of those
that claimed the purpose of a mint was composed
to serve the delight and soothing emotions of the reciever
and the way they shall retrieve it is from the constant giver
of a fresh breaher or a warm healer
that makes the throat go from in stitches to a believer
wich will cause and affect of a happy mate
but in this case, fate led it to different ways
the murders of the cough mint
no apparent reason, he just chugged them in
with no emtions connected he just went for the win

Topic: The deluded Sheperd

He was so lost, with no probable cause
just blinded by the sheep hurd and the noise that they caused
He had paid the cost of beeing the boss
now the hurd dislikes him, and the sheep dog has run across
roumors said that it has fleed abroad
there was no need of staying next to a guy who treated himself as god
who had a style that craved to be awed
and left with appraisal for the easiest jobs, and demanded applause
for it, he was deluded by these illutions, merely a facade
and he refused to see that his style was flawed
Now he walked around in circles, trying to find his way
he had not seen his sheep heard for a couple of days
he still goes around and gives Alan the blame
thats the name of his only black sheep, the rest looks the same
Alan refused to be tamed and guided like the others
and could not bother to walk in the line with his brothers
So now here we are, all lost, from individuals to the huge flocks
seeking towards the impossible blocks
so they all stayed deluded inside their own box

Topic: Hibernating trees

The many trees that sleep
the leafs that fall and bake its seed
the naked dreams of a naked tree
the only living thing that actually undress indeed
to mangage the blistering cold winter breeze
I find myself sitting in one of these
only a few weeks ago I could here them speak
änd if I was really quiet I could here this tree breathe
and sneeze and quirk and creek
I could hear it work indeed, only getting ready for the future
to lay down here to sleep, with in all this rapture
capturing the essence of a cold night with laughter
cause the warmth that lies beneath these factors
just make it ready for an even deeper departure
and what he search after, could not come any faster
he lives and breaths, for the day when the warm breeze
is hitting him once more, so he can once again breath
but without this naked sleep
he could never appriciate, the needs of these deeds

Topic: Back against the wall

His kneecaps tells the recap of a story
no feedback has been fed towards his glory
the inventory of his body is swept clear
only a fistful of shame and eyes wept with tears
have not slept a good night in years
never been able to fight back to his peers
or even look in the mirror to see what might be there
or really looked deep into his own eyes, like really stare
to view the image of his fears, and the pressence of his sphere
the essence of his being and the message that he bears
the empty stare of no hope as he goes through his prayer
its been a ritual the last 7 or 8 years
he sworn to himself that he would try not care
but fight for whats right and share every feeling he could spare
The glimps of light as he sits there and compare
the neglection of his own death, and what he actually can bare

Topic: Stereotypes

You find one in the corners, one in the streets
you find others in the club, and some you just meet
different quirk and Identities
like a perfect symphony
are mashed up together as a stereotypic industry
It is massively hypocritical to call someone stereotypical
cause difference is obvious and so much more than physical
the core of simplifying something is merely cynical
but we adore to use the old cliches and be predictable
when we share our views about a certain group of people
Cause there is no greater joy than to explore the stereotypes
and endure the mythical and mystical beliefs, and claim that its right
to make something pure and meticulous
into something hideous and ridiculous
shaping the image of one man into actual images
and then we mimic it, withouth realising that the ridicule is limitless

Topic: Metomorphosis

The form and shape changes
from the birth or hatch, it goes through the stages
been around for ages,
beautiful to watch change in the making
if we could see our selves like this
all of the magic tricks that happen all so quick
and change our face before we can even blink
or even evolve over the things we think
like a butterfly we are shaped into beautiful
in the beginning we eat and sleep and do whats suitable
then we build a shelter thats usable
around ourselves a become less and less moveable
until some knocks on the door, and we start releasing ourselves
and the beauty are presented and things make more an more sense
then we blossom and breath, and fulfilling our needs
and people say: boy he has changed, and you reply, yes indeed, yes indeed

Topic: Wealth in a poor world

Almost like the ages of the empires
money beeing dragged to war, with the emphasis on inspired
Gold plattered paths and patterns
to hail the old emperor, who graciously gave to the matters
we find ourselves back into the days of Rome
where people roamed, and equals where shown
the secrets to the domes and heathens where left alone
inside their homes, in streets and corners while the riders marched on
to die in the pools of their own misery
then all the images are hitting me
starving women and children in a 3rd world country
whats the difference in this scenery
that the high horse Ceasar once rode in on is now pure imagery
but the course of it all is still happening , we just react to it differently
we speak in this poor world about our dignity and wealth
while 80 percent of this world struggle with mockery and bad health
and all while we sit on the sideline watching this enigma
treathing the problem like another late night cinema

Topic: Candlelight

The peace of a burning flame
calmly brushing the air that it claims
no shame as it enters the comfort zone
it takes its throne with pride on top of its frame
Beautifully constructed to share warmth and joy
it gives and gives and turns smaller for you to enjoy
gives its life for you, a volunteer joan of arc
in order for you to ignite, when you are left with the spark
let the energy fill your limbs, from your toes to your head
breath and whispers through your spine and neck
Feel and feed the tension before it is releaved
and freed from the attention that it seeks
You scream out, while the candlelight, still burns in peace
getting smaller for you in order to fulfilling your needs
in any situation, it can hear your pleads
think about how many times
has a candlelight burned down while people where on their knees

Topic: Toil

Pen and paper is waiting, ink dried in the center
been on hold for the last month, trying to vent it
to much pressure from the outside world
to much aggressive shoulders on my intiutive words
my heavy breath is held up while I gasp for air
while a blood clot is blocking the thoughts I wanna share
Been overworked and stressed for days
the toil is making me depressed and full of rage
I could only fill a page with words that rhymed with hate
struck down, creatively deprived of a face
and mouth and eyes, no taste of beauty, or sight for life
I have signed for life with the things I write
but I also signed a contract with fire and light
darkness and fights with the struggling rites
and rituals off a working mans agenda
the toil is boiling up my mind, and colour it magenta

Topic: Breathe

Inhale, then exhale
exchange the fresh air, with the carbonised breath trail
it is almost like a sex game
exchanging everything that close to a breath take
pacing, slowly, rythmic, solely
bold and beautiful, with breath like poetry
but also, cold and lonely
sound a sleep with nothing flowing
unite the breath with a familiar fusion
when I walk fast towards a sharp conclusion
there is no confusion over lounges and my toungue
doing there best to keep my breath up strong
Hi-struck with melody and dreams of a run
that left me breathless in a closing game that just begun
stunned by the efforts that I´ve just done
my breath to me further than just close to none

Topic: Celestial bodies

Watching art on the sky tonight
popping the parts to get by the light
past the top of atmospheric rites
the celestial bodies shines alight
this is stratosphere and milky way battles
i let it rattle away as I take in more than my eyes can handle
colours in the sky, objects in dusguise
as heaven switch outfit and the moon starts to rise
I watch as it cries, the fire from the sides
are falling from the body and none of them alligns
Its a crime we don’t acknowledge these signs
like the old and wise, knew that this life started to arise
all around the areas I am waitching in these lights
Planets formed all around us
asteroid crash but avoids the stardust
And all I can think of when the sun comes back up
is that The universe is the artist that struggle the hardest

Topic: Writings in frost smoke

Faded every second, the words are aching
to come out before they dissapear again, shaking
you have to be alert to witness beauty in the making
like a starving soul, waiting to be nutured like a baby
maybe, just maybe, if you wait long enough
you can see diamonds in the rough
with sentences formed as you stand there and scuff
can´t believe the beauty that are beeing discussed
in the fading sentences that saw life created
then dead again, not even related
to the death that debated the existence of all men
and all of them who believed that words come alive again
that the potent fractions of a letter form deadly sentences
and when it is presented in frost smoke , you pray for the present tense
cause it is much easier to move back in time
and divide each frost smoke into different lines
and decypher them so they make sense inside your mind

Topic: Sound of Silence

Hello Darkness my old friend
I am making love with you again
seek inside the sound thats breaking
the making of a ground thats shaking
in total silence, while we are both faking
the funk we shared over the undertaking
of total nothingness
blessed with the shaking of the tree in reminisce
I always hesitate over the french kiss
and the bliss sorounded by the lips that splits
but still no sound, I even try to listen when it hits
Call for the lady’s name, I like to call here quits
in total silence i pray for the guidance
Give me just one little sound so I can see whats happening
But at the same time it rolls through my head like a symphony
I seek this darkness with sympathy, over the ruins of whats left of me

Topic: Beautiful Suprise

wrapped in silk paper, carefully handled
so fragile it almost breaks when we entangle
You jumped out the scene, to serve me a new angle
I was suprised by the result from the thoughts I could mangle
It was beautiful as the daylight, when the sun kissed your skin
I ran in between, the different layers of your dreams
and showed myself in the parts where I knew you wanted me in
a perfect lay up for speaking to you within
ever since the first day, you have surprised me with your presence
I will always be adressing, the focal point of your essence
when it divides and diverges into pure greatness
I was always so suprised you made me feel weightless
as I flew over the cuckoo’s nest in order stay next to the greatest
beauty that i knew, shone right through me even when the lights faded
You have gotten me through all thes faces
It was a beautiful suprise the day you stated, I’ll be yours forever

Topic: Here we go

Here we go , kickstart the future
nuture you soul and leave out the vultures
eat of the bones of nutritious cultures
and relax yourself to the music and sculptures
Here we go, just remember to breathe a lot
and take care of all the gifts you got
don´t play hide and seek with your talent
to keep the artist inside you is such a challenge
It is all about ballance
and the fact that you stand strong if you got knowledge
Here we go, let the past live its own life
release yourself from all the strife
from old fights and cold nights
and say, despite all evil, I still want to breathe the light
Here we go, with a bucket full of rites
that will keep you forever close to the man that left light
and came back heavy and brighter than the stars that shines

Topic: Ms. fat booty

Right curved proportions, served in small portions
moves through the streets, with all eyes open
you know that natural shake while she walks
If she couldn’t walk that walk
then the men wouldn’t talk the talk
but she moves it with perfection, seducing the hawks
flocks of em lining up on the corner, stare and gawk
while trying to invent a key to unlock
the secrets to her heart, but can’t get anything on their writing block
all they can do is just stand on the outside and knock
rocked their world so many times
been the number one reason for collecting dimes
and committing crimes in order to impress her
undressed her with their eyes instead of actually adress her
The perfection is left alone on the pedestal
a lonely desired girl that don’t accept that she’s exeptional

Topic: Hard Sun

From the watch tower of Ivory I built for your pressence
and let the sun shine through the real essence
of my worship of you, not beeing present
I presented a case of love to your own evanescence
I let the sunbeams that struck fill my energy
to light up the darkness and the memories
for the early grave I dug in the past
like a blast from it I still gave you a chance
But I did not find the land I searched
the only thing that merged from it, was the message of my curse
Reimbursed myself into the rivers that emerged
But I always found the thought pattern to concern you first
When I look back on thos 40 days and 40 nights
of tiring prayers and forging fights
I wished the sun would fade out
And it would still be all down to me

Topic: Zero Dark thirthy

One zero fight for the life of thirty
one day overdue so i pull rights of a wormfood dirty
on a curfew to leave life at my serving
curving the life at a mandrake move that was flirting
i kissed that zero and married the princess
only with a couple of inches i left her in stitches
one dark thought that left the brightness of a love story
one gory thought that kept life away from boring
stated that life ended
but i bent it over a life filled with something relentless
got careless and slipped up, so I got stuck on the benches
the wrench is my friend so i drenged
my life in soaked tears over thirity dreams
dirty cream that got zero respones over the realm of fortune
I am immortal, with mad distortion over the zero kicks
so i Reach the innocence that dirty gave me, when my hero flicked

Topic: The ruler´s Back

The return of the king is put on hold
No kissing of the pinky ring, the truth is untold
Stories and revelations about to unfold
So sit back and listen while the story is told
No more proof about the champion of truth
Ruled out to abuse the words that he used
Accused everyone around that they attacked the fuse
The ruler was back, we didn´t want that, we wanted the news
The new school and old fools that claimed they where old school
Was ruled out the game as the veteran boy tools
A moderen day male concubine
Prosed to shine, but the talent was left behind
So they hid it innside some drumrolls and melodyline
Just to commit a felony to a classic, just one more time
We don´t want the Ruler back
we want Individuals that back the throne and attack

Topic: The life cycle in 12 months

I was born a cold january night
but the warmth provided shone a bright light
by February I stood up right
Not afraid to pick a fight
and started to put reasons behind
the feelings and emotions that I had in my spine
Was beaten up the first time on valentines
I digested those emotions and by March I hid a poet inside
I loved life like an April fool
to bad April never loved me back, So I started to act a fool
The warmth of May, saved those days
Got Married and ready for the rest of these days
I was halfway through life soon with a bunch of tapes
June and July dissapeared before they even shaped
August came, and so did my life return
I loved the days of sitting outside waiting for my turn
September and October was a sign that It was close to be over
so I treasured all the past months so I could reach the borders
November left me on my deathbed
until December came and grasped me back to the coldness of the Death train

Topic: Fake food

Just digested some meatless burgers
bloody bloody murder of something that wasn´t murdered
interesting to see what they actually serve us
in order to make profit on the white mans burden
How much meat is in the food we eat
fish stick with no fish, sallads with extra treats
consisting of artificially made grease,
flavoured with aroma and sugar to make it sweet
wich is not real sugar, and made so they can reach
the given expiration date, so they don´t need
to throw away this precious food that are serving our needs
cancerous and visioious
infected victims, that feast from this ridicolous system
women and children get sick from this new fake kitchen
Can´t sit on the sideline to witness them beeing imprisoned
share the word of real food to the rest of the world with knowledge and Wisdom

Topic: Bipolar

The day started with a smile
the good times that carried Alex around the tide
uplifted and gifted, but still kind of a misfit
ripped up and shifted through the perception of mystic
kept quiet when the mood took a different turn
the purple pills helped him to obtain the firm
and calm reasoning, when the flame burned
the covers that he drew containing the return
of the insides of his testament of help
blood dripped and safety sealed the letter to himself
Deep depression
under an obsession of experimenting wildly with his own expression
his ressurection came in tantrums from a different dimension
and he responded to it by experiencing the tension
The different sides of a bipolar mind
tiring and exhausting at any point in life

Topic: Almost uncounscious

The light from the television
seducing the individuals to just sit and listen
easy entertainment, tainting the nourishment
the flourishing of a great mind are tainted in comparisin
braincells numbed by the faded lights
emptied eyes projected towards a box of lies
too tired to take upon deeper challenges
so the excitement lies in brain dead adequates
Too many settle with no more than average
and accept that a tv show can can teach you to be passionate
by showing you the face of things but hiding more than half of it
so please emancipate and get out of this entaglement
you slept for to long,
the warning sign should be when your favorite song
was the one playing on the commercial that was just on
Wake up, dive in, stay strong and live for the moments
stop wasting your time on living life as they show it

Topic: Crossroads

Please just guide me to the castle
tired of this travel to the towers of babel
wanna make the right choice from the light of my candle
and follow through the forrest and hope that I can handle
the rope that i have carried
and the smoke that I have burried
in the last lesson of life before i started to hurry
and now I am at the crossroads
speaking in codes with my inner souls
playing on their strings like they where keys on my rhodes
But they refuse to respond or even resonance
all the elements are held back, challenge my intelligence
for the hell of it, all the evidence are quoted with eloquence
A persopolis centre of an empire, fighting with the heaven sent
venemous and tenious the roads are circling with ellegance
in order to create another genesis of irrellavance
just to confuse the third eye of my seventh sense

Topic: Long distance

James plays the saxophone, tones of regret
the melodies that scream and cry the ballad of neglect
every section of his heart is perfectly placed on the fret
so the strings attached to it shakes the feeling of death
the distance between his heart and hers are obvious
but the melodies are consistent, in hope of an audience
replying back to the chambers of 32 doors
that refuse to unlock the secrets of these floors
the drawers in each chamber keeps his sorrow hidden
in the middle of an empty room, he keeps playing his fiddle
but there are no roof tops close enough to charm her
the distance of the lost heart is really close to harm her
So far away that the echo of his heart beat is fading
so far away the she can´t here his blood when its raging
so far away that feelings are lost one the way
and carried to the grave by a bitter man one day

Topic: Clause

Wishing for a clause that could save him
using the only one he knows but can´t seem to put the verb in
the right position, in a disposition of words
the clause is the only plausible reason he would serve
but here he is in an undeserved position
an exhibition of law meeting real life decisions
the conditions where put out there, but not the mission
a clinch between man and mistress
where the interests divide family and children
anger are building up the tension in the kitchen
He reapeats his words of One clause
He repeats his words of one fault
he reapeats his words of choosing the false
when the truth was set free by the neighbours boss
Only ONE clause, is what it takes
but it wont take away the mistakes they make

Topic: Safe House

a breath of safety brush through the windows
dimmed lights, that undergoes a surgery on the pillow
a faithful willow pulling out the last nails of your watered down lingo
If only counted to three, opression of a syndrome
the last day of the domes, still flow through the air
clinch to the hope of beeing protected by the care
painted on the walls, the reflection of a stare
sound and silent prayers, enough to keep the tears
inside the canals, calmness of a pinkyswear
these walls don´t lie though, this is the devils affairs
precision of coldness projected to the vanity fair
banality and profanity caught in the calaminty
of these modern aminityville apathy
sealing all the doors and windows, protecting the family
activly trying to prevent a tragedy
but this safe house is overun by total depravity

Topic: A bucket of Piss

He was so unworthy, not worth the commotion
went through the campaign on a financial promotion
promoting recession as a necessery precaution
dividing the causes and classes for the notion
he was focusing on instead of focusing on the real causes
that would save an empire from loosing their devotion
power and the rights as they are floating around with caution
An entire world are watching, hoping to end the depression
that are adressing the nation with his question
holding sessions that are acessing the raw emotion in a blessing
This should not be a campaign of spreading the message
this should be the place where one man takes the stand with his confession
his words are not worth a bucket of warm piss,
His words should only be refused and dismissed
We should look passed the words that he spits
and remove the power from the fist so it wont hit

Topic: The edge

twirled around a sharp object
the ledge beneath it are firmly placed around it
giant peaks when it burst from the surface
the edge of this mountain is based beaneath the uncertain
reached from the bottom up, hidden by the sea of curtains
breached through the velvet heaven, forbidden through the plea of burdens
It speaks with its razored tongue
Hanging there in the horizon graced by the songs unsung
Dancing with the wind itself, rituals of the young
restless and distressed as perfection came undone
Find my feet planted in these frames I paint
Feels so great to finally reach the roles I´ve played
floating on the top of the world, knowing one wrong step means death
but one fresh breath is more than this mind takes
So this mind fakes his own death in order to respect the edge
tricked to read the surface like an open book, to reveal the secrects of its pledge

Topic: Forgetting You

Memories of a black cloud
the black sheeps name that infected my mouth
talks of something brilliant and fresh taht aroused
me in a way that cant be explained without screaming out loud
but now I fight to forget that memory, and there is no doubt
that I will have trouble fluffing my pillow at night
endless system of thoughts that wanna see the daylight
this is prime time for the doubtful mind
Rhyme after rhyme are popping up but i am refusing to write
them down afraid that all the same cliches will pop ut at the same time
Insanity are knocing on the door after a while,
breathing messages that infiltrates my ear canals
I am aware of what i shall do, but reasoning fights with my morale
Use the kick snare from the snaps of my finger to releave the stress
hums to a melody to digress from all the mess
created by this blessed situation that I eventually forget
I just need underestimate myself for a while in order to progress past it

Topic: Work in Progress

The ink hasn´t even dried yet ,I have drenched
the paper with words, nothing seem to sound fresh
ammending the sentence to build the flesh
of a meaning that just aint refreshed
enough to impress the listeners, I am cuffed
in between the meaning of a sentence
My mind is represented, but my soul ain´t quite presented
in the way I wanna present it
The letter P is dented in between A and G in apology
so I can´t get teh rest of the letters to follow me
when I raise the statement that I´m sorry
I worry too much that it comes of poorly
surely I overreact, but in the progress of making art
The start of every sentence seem smart
the second I see them, but when I read them in context
I get complex and start re-writing my consept
And I am back to square one in this breathtaking process

Topic: The power of evil

focused and upset, the emotions running blood red
cuffed by the angel haunted by his own death
had a set of wings to fly, but never seemed to get em spread
one wing dipped in blood, the other one dipped in hate
Even though it was never to late to try
the power of the darkside forced the evil to stay inside
mission of killing, was a part of the God sent legions
fighting the battle between their own inner demons
intertwining the thread to make a rope of allegiance
loyal to their recent ruler and regent
So obidient even the evil went for grievance
Faced their fear but never faced their destinies
never faced the mirror of their long lost remedies
their own worst enemy, was the reflection of their imagery
now their penalties where paid in the revelation of amenities
amendable enough to let their identidy face entady

Topic: Typically Norwegian to be best

Out from the shades he came
with no shame in his mind he proclaimed
that Norway was the best at every game
inside every frame of gold thats ever made
at least that is what his paper claims
You see he is Norwegian with an ability;
that means he can hide his ego behind nationality
So Afraid to claim his greatness
and the shades that will rage on him in nationall debates
in commentary fields on an online newspaper page
that he puts all the claims into every sporting events
or everytime a foreign celebrity speaks highly of his country he is blessed
Meaning answering the question Do you like Norway? with the word YES!
The news anchors then rub their palms together with greed for sucess
knowing that will sell the news at least the next
5 or 6 weeks depnding on the names that they will get
to comment on this recent greatness

Topic: Her Rock

She finds it soothing and pleasing, so eager to meet him
Rubs on her rock as she is trying to reach in
So deep that even the poets on the corner stays clear
you will find the madrigal himself hiding his shadows of despair
needed something solid, bold and safe
Begged her resistance just to stay in place
begged for forgiveness when she found that space
as she chased after the rock that mastered her own rage
The sonnets that he force fed her every night
was her light, and his fright composed as a ritual of old knights
she still tries to defend the walls of his soul
while he just grows old, with no self control
she rubs that rock until she feels the warmth in her palms
she is ready and calm, and let the settlements fall
Just a moment of cold, leaves her back on the throne
her rock will stay by her side until she´s over thrown

Topic: Burned Out

Too much weight on his shoulders
gaps of a boulder, shoulder caps are swollen
his ego´s egosentric, but his mind is getting older
all the aces in his hand, but he still consider folding
has been called in to the devils office to often, wondering
if the role and part his playing would be worth selling his soul for
While he reach for the self destruction button in his left palm
enslaved by his stress factor, encouraged to stay calm
last two sentences of his death psalm is chanting like a ticking bomb
embarrased just to labour on without even facing it
has looked at the exit sign to often to call it quits
Now he is nailed to his bed posts, lying crusified bewteen them
but the ressurection never seems to come, only dreaming of redeeming
every dark thought that ever entered his own legions
the guilt that he is feeling, the haunted ghost of his demons
is only banging in the nail, the extra inches to his freedom

Topic : The One

No matter how you rephrase it
limit yourself to a ONE is really not that amazing
think about it for a second, chasing for a limited dream
will not help you achieve one single thing
as long as you keep on chasing
a hologram image of something you never seen
I know that it has been the goal from the beginning
to find either someone or something, that can give you that fulfilling
emotion or glow or just in general a meaning
but when you look back from that scenery of your being
you see all the the empty spots slowly and brutally fading
a goal is good, and even needed
but at what cause do you need to fight in order to achieve it
If you found the answer, but has nothing to back it up with
your have most likely just searched for it in the script
until you found it,
and now you find yourself lacking the experience of life that comes with living it

Topic Anticipation

spoken of for decades, a minor event in the big picture
but with all the pieces glued in, It is certain to cause friction
in my emtional layers,keep on saying if just a fraction
of these prayers are happening, I´ll be chanting
out the songs of the free bird, flying over skylines
making sure it be mentioned in the bylines
of every agency, so the bystanders buy in on the guide lines
guided and rephrased over time
written on the last beats on the heartmonitor
just to preserve the message and make it popular
had the crowd waiting for a new culture
saved from the vultures, in one day, one second it would amaze the astronomer
the astrologer, geographer and even the philospher
I then would make a biographer dance with the choreographer
to make the scene set with heartfelt motions
followed by a story told centuries from now about the devotion
we shared for this mission to seek closure

Topic; The man who ate mahogony

urge of a wooden splinter, to chew the solidity
a real life spiller of quality, thrilled over treated mahogony
he sits there in his chair, taking in the moment
baking some covenant dreams in an ocean of components
dry but so juicy, just nibble on it loosely
while he admire all the details of the craftmanship beauty
lusting so truly it ran so smoothly
down the the throath with some honey, felt just like in the movies
if anything could move me, he thought about it for a second
I would reckon it was raw mahogony served with some bacon
while i dressed it with some cheddar on top
Would prefer velveeta, but I take what I got
The wooden dreams just now how to hit my spot
He looked over his shoulder to find this well wrought
shaped form of mahogoney and cannot
refuse the shot for double wooden love in the dark

Topic: Music of my heart

Two heavy thumps followed by a light one
the drums and beating of my heartmuscle plays on
It is so strong that I can feel it in my brainstem
and it makes the spine go wild in a moment of REM
The melodies are catching the obsession of progress
so I progress everytime I hear a confession that coress
the guitar that licks the very beeing of my neck
so I step up to the speakers and let the lyrics do the rest
I will not rest until I´m pleasured towards success
and dispossess the emotion that is carrying the cross by itself
This is not a cry for help, more an issue of how i can express
the utter emotion that lies inside my chest
everytime a melody that catch it are adressed
I refuse to supress the natural beauty that are crawling in my nest
so I am at peace with the destiny of beeing on a quest
to try to find the melody that plays with me the best

Topic: Friends become strangers

Slowly drifting, apart, without lifting
the fingers to try to close the gap that is glitching
both problem solvers but this was not up for fixing
a friendship based on love was rapidly shifting
no phone calls or notes passed or switching hands
the once longing stare is now cold, but the best they have
if not the only conversations left between them
condemned to a state of nothing, will never speak again
went from unseperable, to casual
greets in the hallway to a relationshp that´s irrational
It is funny how one line can be enough sometimes
and how the reaction can cause so much damage over time
Now they struggle even remembering the great days
they rise over the praise that they once gave
now they stayed away for so long they don´t notice when their path cross
the friendship that they lost and beeing strangers was the cost

Topic: The city

I am standing on the fingertips of the city
these tingeling movements breaths the illusion of life with me
On days like these I could get the city on his knees
and kiss the back of his kneecaps just to plea
for the sake of whats lying supressed underneath
the soil that once was naked, now dressed to his teeth
with buildings and concrete in a jungle of streets
and the mouth of the city will eat you alive if you stick to your dreams
And you don´t wanna see the inside of its belly
boiling hot fluids that would gradually tear you apart like hot jelly
So you race towards the neck and kiss the back of his head
reaching for the brain to try to work with him instead
Whisper the winds that coress the trees around his ears
drive away the fear of people polluting the puddle of his tears
Then you enter in his deepest parts and slide right down his spine
and reveal the truth about a lonely place that once was yours and mine

Topic: The voices of good and evil

It is basicly the same guy, based with the same eyes
to view the world, but his third one making me doubt mine
he is inside always looking out through the thin lines
while I am looking inwards as i search for the divine
answers, my ancestors left through the grapevine
so I am throwing out my peace sign
just to make it stop. the voice rocks my head
stating all the life events and the choices that i´ve made
In the darkest days he is screaming out the name of king alcohol
letting me dream about the moist lexir on my lips beein told
by the wicked witch that if I sold my soul i could have it all
But if I pick myself up and redeem myself from the evil whole
the focus of his voice shifts to my self control
I could use his words in a rhymepattern and create life in a water hole
read rights from his spine as I dive down
to my creations of new and freshly made sounds

Topic; Empty Horizon

I erased the image of a clear sunset
tricked the sunrise to oversleep, to free up the mindsets
overview over an empty horizon
nothing to embrace the surface, dirty sounds over a mizen
when I took the sun away together with it cycles
I recycled all the flowers and made them my disciples
resurfaced with some rifles,
they are trife while they walk around reciting the bible
the lack the sunlight, but also the night time
it is light out, but just barely, like during an apocalyptic wipeout
The trees that what were in great need of nutrition
went on a mission to search beyond the emptiness that glissened
The ocean still gleamed, but had no shadow cast upon it
So the trees and the diciples lacked the ability to transmit
their streength and powers that they usually submit
back to nature to let the cycle commit to the puzzle bit by bit

Topic: The unfamiliar places

Nervous on the edgy spot, shivers in the gelly legs
fumes in the tummy, getting shakes when the belly aches
stripped from the courage that hurried off to hell again
dipped in the pool of fear, buried in the well of pain
seldomly I get to the surface just to breath the rain
inhale the few drops of sane just to stay the same
an inner journey where the left turn went wrong
the ledge beneath the edge was the latest bed I slept on
tried to stay strong to the voice that sings my last song
to help me find a familiar place to belong
But I keep on walking in this unfamiliar forrest
the voices are just getting stronger, and I can´t handle it much longer
I dream of an outlet, shivelry and gauntlets
that will fight for my greater good and destiny thats haunted
Then I grasp on the gadgets, and put my mask on backwards
so I can hide from the sorroundings and the following chapters

Topic: Numbers vs Letters

I will fall in love with the letter A over number 1 any day
Actually I thought A was my number one as well
but the unlimited posibilities that lies in a number
the emotions sorrounding the sum that lies under
the dotted line, you could derive so much from an amount
while the amount of letters would still just be a sum, no doubt
it is almost like religion versus science
The letters are all there, ready and vibrant
Just find your system, then match them up
know you got a definite story told and thats that
While with number you got so many combinations,
they work together, united, but you have to calculate their variations
and one small atom can make all the difference
if you add in a differ in a consant, you wil get something totally different
So when it comes to this battle between the two
I would choose the journey of a numberif I should follow through

Topic: Collective intelligence

It can start just in seconds
the building of a collective intelligence
one click or one share and we are all professors of relevance
Together we build a case so strong and evident
filled with all the evidence for a good case, its time to rebuild the elements
The thesis where thrown out in the timeline, in great benevolence
but with the eye of something malevolent if someone throws the negligence
ready with the pen, meaning fingers, so venemous
the poison tip is eager just to share the premisses
the comentary fields is growing stronger
like a digital database the book of knowledge´s getting longer
they feed on eachothers stories, make ammends to the outline
and just in minutes the first thesis is already outshined
There is with no doubt in mine they could start another thesis
some newborn genuises building all the new pieces
this is how we work collectively to mold minds
and we do it one timeline at the time

Topic: I did not know the victim!

Marginalizing, try to downtalk the morbidity
horryfying images are rationalized significantly
differences are battling, I question the validity
just beacause The intension of a murder wasn´t intended for me
Using the shield and armour to hide from the bigotry
The big ego lifted the dismissal in the murder industry
how big of me, to think less over a victim
cause the murder was so sick that it must have been a good reason
so I´m safe, I commit treason to my brain just for stating that
And now I know I just joined that statistics of a percented match
presented as, people who feel safe just beacause the victim was unknown
I had no relation to any of the people that he knows
That must mean in my selfish reasoning
that the reson of murdering him, had nothing to with my equal sins
The sequencing of thought patterns
leaves me shattered in the root of my most battered matters
For just thinking less of a dead man cause he wasn´t in my pattern

Topic: Society is my friend

I am jumping ropes with my best friend
Rolling in the fast lane as we do what we can
to solve all the worlds problem together
to change ourselves to something better
so we team up and reach out to those who need encouragement
the stories went, lived happily ever after, pure nourishment
to those who engouraged them to belive in themselves
Society stood by my side just to help
ever since I cried out for change
recklessness was spilled out on the table and wiped off with peace
hope was left in the last era of pleads
Please keep your dark thoughts on hold and fight it with needs
come out into the streets and just scream out your dreams
cause that is the only response we would speak
Society is my friend, It would never leave me
As I produce another garden of Eden just to make em belive it

Topic: Nutshell

Covering itself, the essence of a sheltered home
skin so hard you can pin it with full strenght without hurting the dome
the secrets are kept in the center
no vented air are slipped in to preserve the paper
Closed off the world
in case an armageddon is about to occur
as much as it would prefer
to open up, he refuse to become a saboteur
All thoughts are based on upon security
Life in a nutshell, based on purity, with no prosperities
obscuritys are crushed into the shell
welded thoughts are pattern of it as well
and the claimed freedom of beeing closed in
are really revelaed in the story you can reed from its skin
Touched by so many hands trying to find theirs
but they won´t find it cause they hide it underneath just as many layers

Topic: Postcard

He does not know how to phrase those words
so he bends the pencil around to see if something will emerge
it is all there, but he just can´t think
so he starts by writing her name in invisible ink
tries to get that postcard to sound hard
but her name scares him, rips open those scars
If he could only raise those bar
and chase those stars,
it would be so much easier to erase those marks
He feels the sparks running through that pencil
he has spent weeks on just carving out the stencils
the message that has carved his heart out
so he starts to write and blood comes out and no doubt
the pain is visible, the wrists on the arms paint the picture
the borders are inprinted with her initials at the top
and he finally dots her name over the pulsating vein until she screams STOP!

Topic: Filth in the beauty

the beautiful fasade was tainted by a sour grape
got this sour taste in her mouth whenever she released the drapes
revealed herself, vulnerable and out of shape
she had a taste of dirt and filth, and desires she could not escape
beat herself downwards, supressing the flower she was carrying
buried in the flesh and blood of her opressed desired dreams
searching for that evil, to express her disbeliefs
in a system that systematicly chased her with her needs
she would rather bleed for days, than embrace the fake pleasing
so many reasons not to, but she could not help those feelings
dealing with this every day she had learned to carry on
but the beauty of her being, died so long ago
tired of running, a stunning beauty quickly fading
from the dark filthy venom injected daily cause she made it
Can´t look in the mirror, cause she can´t face the killer
that murdered her inner most valuable image

Topic: Crimes of the heart

30 years of crime fighting
pushed love into writing and oppressed the beating
of my heart as I stood on the verge of breaking
apart and It actually broke in half and bled over my body parts
Have jump started the ignition to a false start
just to be first to the goal line, when love was looking for a partner
dearly departed, we are gathered here to day to claim the father
reveal all your armor, and we will promise that you can never harm her
Used the copied key to her heart to break it open
and revealed pandoras box when it screamed out the hopelessness
was scared to death before i found my face revealed in the center
the evil mentor that fought crime but reinvented the dissentor
of everything it stood for, and let the bleading heart bleed to death
I Killed my own heartbeat twice, just to feel the pain at its last breath
The crimerate of everything I ever accomplished
are found in every heartbeat, and painted on the wall and on my arm wrists

Topic: So far to go

On so many levels, so many stages
we have walked through the ages
aimless, but never stainless,
we left some stains that have change the pressence
and the past of it all, seen the rise an fall
of something beautiful, but we haven´t seen it all
we have so far to go, to show our real faces
but not a single minute is ever wasted
I reuse every minute that I have loved for days in
and out through the faces of longing after something amazing
always amezed with the ability we have to adapt to the changes
and longing for it as well, presidential campaigns should copy and paste this
and build upon it, instead of tearing it down
carry the crown with pride, love to see the downside of a frown
cause we need a smile to reach where we are going now
or else we will be stuck here forever without even reaching
and be the first generation that didn´t evolve past its teachings

Topic: Aladdin sane

Genie in a bottle, three wishes for our sane hero
hopes on a battlefield, crushed them in pain close to zero
millions weep a fountain, just in case of sunrise
a million sons cry, inside, just before the sun rise
lying there in hiding, this might be the last night
don´t even remember the reason for this last fight
all he wish for is to get back safe
to fly over the bullets from tommorows strafe
struck by the fear, bot rubbing his bottle gently
just as long as he got faith, no one can catch him
He had a lifetime ahead of him, smashed to pieces
the ruins of his beating heart, crashed when it releases
the bloodstream through the veins, the fear of the people
when the chances of survival drasticly decreases
he had searched for all the courage needed
to face this war, but he could not chase the evil
that grew inside of him, he could never win
cause this would chase him to the grave, and the genie could not erase the sins

Topic: A cup of Coffee in the afterlife

I´ve returned back to the center of the earth,
afterlife and rebirth, sipping on some heaven its a damn curse
ever since I woke up in limbo I´ve been dying for the taste
of dark roasted beans grinded for my taste
wasted no time when I was carried further
floating around with some lavazzo murder
grinding those beans and churned them to perfection
let them boil over a kettle from my ressurection
no hessitation when the cup was poured
tasted like a heavenly ballad of the overlord
I explored the sents and tastes strictly overjoyed
I adored every little second of this cup, through my spinal chord
All I ever wanted was a little cup of coffee
inspiration of a death sentence that was thrown straight at me
Sitting at the borderline, sippin on this coffee grind
Afterlife was to good, so they sent me back to live my life

Topic: Living a poetic life

The view on life can change in a second
it could take one direction but in the next section
a new word speaks to you, and boom, revelation
temptation of the mind is a goal, everything else is elevation
the equation that I follow:
temptation and elevation equals goals and patience
cause a goal is a constant chase and patience is how you face it
Life would then seem amazing
but on days when this equation doesn´t match up, I face the aggravation
I open doors to chambers where I fight the condemnation
of my mind, a combination that I just cant seem to be erasing
I meet with both God and satan, the strongest confirmation
for and image of good and evil, but I always come out of this combination as myself
with a stronger belief in the self and what it stand for by itself
I don´t put anything on a pedestale, I quietly just place it back into the shelves
before I let some of these stain face the world that I just staged

Topic: When you lift a stone

when you lift a stone, you see the possibilities
beneath and in between the leaves
you search and find the soil of opportunities
this beautiful view, eye candy for the creativity
it´s a bugs life in the middle of a little imagery
mimicry of us in the layers of equanimity
but so far ahead when it comes to productivity
as the dirt falls from the ceiling
the wrath of the sky rains over this earths being
You witness a bee try to resque his queen in
a dangerous manouver, you will never see this bee fleeing
from the scene, he was kneeling for a reason
when he put his words down to protect and serve his queenie
they use a falling leaf as their shield
but he is to late there is no protection, so they must yield
for death this time, as the hand of God touched the sky and shook it

Topic: The secret

Sweathy earcanals, whispers spilled the secret
you could see it in his eyes, that he have troubles just to keep it
the juice of the hidden truth, is an abuse to his conscience
and know he wishes that he didn’t posess this knowledge
try to spill it bit by bit, by giving hints without spelling it
and when people try guessing, he replies: I ain’t telling shit
with an urge of giving just one more clue, just for the hell of it
quelled by hand of wrath
that will crush him like a maggot if he told the right path
the blood is bubbling when his friends are getting closer
he works as a poser of the trust given as he paints it on a poster
the frameworks are laid out perfectly like a musical composer
then the instruments of the secret are run over
fighting like a soldier at the gate
just to delay the spilling of his true faith
he turns, then screams wait. The secret stays in this chamber
I just cant give you the truth on the paper

Topic: Strobelights

Inner city dancing in the strobelights
rythmless they hold tight, with few flickers from the moonlight
they all try to catch the rythm
that kick their eyeballs while they crash into the building
the white flash that gives light and a bit of hope
hypnotising to the brain grabbing on to the tight end of the rope
manage to cope with their problems even though
their heartbeats has been unsyncronized since day one
cant follow the rythm of the flashes
their eyelashes are so in love that they have turned to ashes
evolved by selling fake ones to the masses
everything natural died with the difference of the classes
been so many clashes with the truth spoken
the roses that rose was sold beyond their soul for a token
just to keep the lies behind the strobelights hidden
so the rythm of the marked beast stays in the middle

Topic: Young at heart

Have the lifestyle of a champion
Creator of that champion sound in his head, night life baron
crossing the barriers of acceptance, too old to actually be carrying
the punches he suckers in with the amount of alchohol he´s consuming
Carrying so much on his shoulders, but just brush it off
he paid those costs to be the boss
so now he embrace it like a trail of gold, at all cost
his faux pas is sky high, needless to say
at the darkest of days
he wish he could end it all with a needle in his veins
But he fights on, kept his young mind on hold
ever since the day he felt that he grew old
his lies are dead cold when he talks boldly to the man in the mirror
the image and the face doesn´t match the image of this dreamer
there has been a lot of rage thrown towards that image
so he hides it in the closet when he keeps at his business

Topic: Angel of Death

I´m in a dispute with the angel of death
still negotiate over the days I have left
been bargin for the respect of the lifetime spent
so far, and I reject the offer he just sent
have had yearly visits from the spirit of an angel
one wing dipped in the devils blood, the other one still able
just the spirit of death have haunted me
left me on paths in life I thought I´d never see
thoughts of something wrong I have ridden away
like a spiritual exocism of something that wasn´t safe
so here I stand having conversations with an illusion
or actually a disillision, a powerful fusion
between the alledged truth and the actual conclution
The angel of death lives in my head
I have made him a bed right next to mine
Hopefully I have conquered him this time
So I sing the songs of redemption to my reflection in the mirror

Topic: The space between us

We claim that its to much
But say that its not enough
as long as we stay in touch
but not enough to actually touch
the space is not invaded, if we stay divided
but join together when the darkness makes us hide it
intercity kids been gasping after fresh air
while the rest of the population, embrace the urban glare
been dreaming for the years to come a part of the cents
when urbanising in small appartments
learning to love the corners of our hearts and
and embrace the fact that all we got
left for it all is our own privacy
Staring down the main street it is almost like rivalry
of getting the perfect spot to drink your cofee
but every vacation week that comes off it
We all gasp for the fresh air to breath

Topic: Cavemen

Meet the modern day caveman
that are pacing and wasting
space by blamin problems on a race thats caged in
made the modern day symphony by boose and women
placing abuse and children
in the same sentece as future building
as they us the innocent, accusing the heaven sent
help that where given and lit the fuse for the reverand
have moved the basic needs to the basement
basing the fundament on product placement
any visits outside the acient box and they are left in amazement
almost like their box is sacred
how they guard it at fence it with perfect arrangements
It took years of patience,
to divide the numbers right, so the world was wasted
Now they don´t even know where they placed it
so they hired so agent to resolve the deal of where the world caved in

Topic: Money and Hoes

He was a classic rapper, artificial character
his goals in life was living green in a non organic matter
Has fought bullets ever since a day old
first verbally, then from the cold
steal, before he was hit from his own thoughts and dreams
He bought time in the streets from the limelight
metaforic lines about hoes from the night stand
Meaning that his mom didn’t cross her legs for the right man
angelic images of money, revelation for the mic stand
so his daughter would have the choice to meet a kind man
coming off as a mighty man who couldn’t stand
standing in the food line getting served for a food stamp
Shed no tears on stage, but wept when the curtains closed
blead from the heart, and stepped up the wordchains in the pressence of
his homies, who also cried, when the pressure was off them
The truth about a gangster rapper, and his own cause
He rhymes to survive and use the guidelines of money and hoes
to save those in his life he he wants to grow old with

Topic: Scary kind of Love

Sleeping with one eye open in the bedroom
the obsessive, manic depressed loved one is coming home soon
has bravely kept her tears in for years in front of her children
now they have all left the house and the sergant is back in the building
Has left her alone for days in a row only to return to accuse her blind
the abuse always start when her shoulders meets her spine
the second she thinks not tonight, he will reply back
why are you urging me to pick this fight
all the pleads of please stop is speaking for deaf ears
the need of a pause from the wild beast isn´t anywhere near
to be seen or felt in the nearest future, so she guards her womb
While she prays for some fresh air and him leaving the room
Her mind all goes towards the child tha rests in her belly
that is here ticket out off this hell hole, then he cant get me
I will have another 18 years of free pass
I just have to make sure she lives past
this night and the one tomorrow, so I can please him with this story
the scary love of my life has taken it away from me
so I fight back the best way I can

Topic: Between the grains of sand

Between these grains of sand I saw a small universe
from all the worst to all the best in a milli second, the true curse
between these grains of sand I saw life emerge
the forrest green and deep blue see, I saw the hunger and urge
to create something greater, than what already created
an alternative dream world, or dimension has waited
for so long to come along to be what it do best
to explode between the grains of sand and put all life to rest
Between these grains of sand, I saw a girl so strong and tall
I saw animals and plants not fearing the man at all
and vice versa, in this universe fear was not even a day old
But it was also cold in this empire
the desire to find warmth, could tempt the desires
it was not flawless in this universe either
but between this grains of sand,
I searched for sodom and Gomorrah, but could not find neither
So I left my tears inside the space between both these grains
and the natural disaster came and left me here in vain

Topic:Tomorows wishes

If i could dream for a new tomorrow
I would put the emphasis on things to follow
to switch up the views with something new
and refresh them with my acient sorrow
clarify the subjects of reflection
light up all the intersections i have taken
to detour from my own reflections in the making
shake of the past and bake something fresh
release all the stress and relieve all the depressed
thought i cried over spilled shoulders
I would embrace the much colder
neighbour next door and make sure he grows warmer
from experiences I can change him with
and look back and actually care about the time I spilt
on doing the nothingness, that made me into this
carachter who noe looks forward to
every day, only with a change or to
and then tomorrow would be perfect

Topic: Jazz Moves

The saxofon sweeps the feet right under me
how it screams as I dream about the living scenery
that emerge from the low keys on the staff of the instrument
these intricate, yet appealing voices sing so Innocent
like an heavent sent melody it seduces my bone marrow
I swallow twice to the bass as it enters in the interlude and carry on
with its heavy, thumping passionate love making
it is aching in every limb, I can almost feel the ground shaking
something is baking up in the hell’s kitchen
almost wishing it would never stop, and the devil would be my new vixxen
It is sick that we still haven’t arrived to the guitar lick
and now it kicks in and almost spit
on the dirty tones that switched up and slipped
through the fingerstips of the musicians
They all gleam and glissen
on the stage, ehile they all wishing
they could move like this every night without
missing the drumset that made em complete

Topic: Materialism

All that excist is what I touch with my bare hands
what I can smell, breath and hear is reality for man
The subject thinking and Ideas are merely the objective reflections
of how we view the world , with absolutely no exceptions
Consiousness and thoughts excist only in our brain
with no connection, to sane or insane fabricated thoughts and waves
of conciousness, so the spirit lives in the matter
and we now seem to build the matter in to something mor solid than ever
we have taken marx, engels and Plato to a different level
Society rules the way we think, and society excist of levels
of owning matter at home, and the brickwall of our souls
protect us from whats going on outside our front doors
And that has taken our core values way of the meters
Let me quote Demeter
in an Image, when I say We have harvested from the wrong crops
for too long we have stopped thinking about our self
but only on ourselves
And the materialistic mind of the greeks lives on

Topic: Fighting til the end

I cried a thousand rivers and flooded my heart
I have tangled up my bodyparts
In pain, just to get a sense of tearing apart
I have created abstract art with the pain so far
that I would depart easily to re-join the stars
But if I did that, I would never forgive my self
in a sense I feel like its building up my senses
and the tension that I feel, rebuild my body at work
and I can see the aura that glow in the dark , and how its hurt
There is an end, but it doesn´t end here
If the end was near, I wouldn´t even be thinking clear
but here I am with my reasoning and stamina
dividing reasons into the unknown, real life algebra
and e stil equals MC squared
So I put the mass into life with the energy I clear
And I will fight till the end with the true emotion
and fight all the evil with my mass devotion

Topic: Between Jobs

have been living in a cycle
up every morning, home at night, then reptition and standstill
now It feels like i´m in limbo
just waiting, for a revelation, or a flash through my window
I´m going back to the cycle in a week though
but right now it feels like my life is just lethal
spent so many years in certain security
no the only surety that I have is that I need these walls to secure me
haven´t been confornted with my thoughts in years
now my thoughts is the only thing thats floating in the atmosphere
and it scares me, I barely once, judged how I appeared
now it is the vocal point of all of my fears
I crave for the safety in a week
where I can go back to walking in my sleep
depriving all my mental needs
and just release the potential the demand of me
instead of living up to the potential that I actually see

Topic: Unique Vegetables

I debate the common sense of a vegetable
that has a lifecycle of searching downwards to reach my table
connecting to its roots in order to grow. thats just fine
but to grow for my well beeing and not his, just doesn´t rhyme
in my ears, and put a lot of fear in me
what if the perspective of man should be
like this in the future, that we are nutured for other beeings
we would all be agreeing that its not a life worth living
but here we are doing the same thing to vegetables
these unique creatures, we ammend for our own self spectacle
we stay so flexible in this amazing eating festival
that we forget the damage we affect, and laugh at the sceptical
if we are not pleased with these unique creatures, we fill them with chemicals
so we can brag about the size of these easily forgettable
needy vegatable that serve as a metaphor for testicles
cause size do matter even when it comes to this
cause we always need to ammend what is beautiful and unique in its original well being

Topic: Born free minded

watching the birth of a free thought
a free mind, that still haven´t been caught
in the web of experiences
with all the senses still looking for pure excistence
no baggage to back and match their feelings with
not a single thought consisting of difference in
the type of love you bring
or nailing up hangers where you can leave your skin
or even judging the closet of other human beings
that might have a different colour in their closet
when they hang theirs up at night, emptying their pockets
the pure joy of watching a free mind work like this
makes me wanna kiss and embrace the cheeks
of my baby, even when she sleeps
I see her eyes move and thoughts meet
from purity and love
and we have so much to learn from this beauty

Topic: Students

The primary goal for teachers,
should be to teach and plant so many seed
thats the students exceeds past ´em
that they will overachieve on past tense
love the present
so much that the future will be past on in more than one sense
Teahers should teach life no matter the subject
Tach students to see the meaning in a small fragment
then learn how to divide it into similar pieces
and write wonderful pieces about the underlying thesis
that define both the question and reason
for how it can be connected to all our achievements
how this fragments give reason
to believe that Ceaser have a connection with Jesus
how Egypt rose and fell and Rome as well
and how Roosevelt embraced the Idea where those came from
and that would cover all the subject from what I just spoke of

Topic: Waves

They package while they role over the waterline
on the borderline of knowing where to roll in life
determined and pacy, thrusting and shaky
baking up for the next drop, thirsty and aching
have rolled over too many shores
broken the sandy beaches so often, it is starting to be a bore
search for the purpose of a water flow
waiting for a strong tide before it is time to let go
life has its ups and down, but mostly its quiet
just lying there in silence under the sun waiting to riot
but the root of it all doesn´t add up with the rest
at best it is ok, blessed with the fault of just feeling less
important when it comes to sorting out the problem
how can I solve em, when my purpose has nothing in common
with the fallen foaming waves I trust my life in
I wanna begin my life every morning, but end up with nothing

Topic: Summer rain

There is so much beauty in a raindrop
how it fills up and make a heavy cloud
each drop with its own purpose
creating oceans from its base when rejoined with the surface
I especially enjoy it during summer season
in my hometown, when those heavy rainclouds comes with a reason
when the forts on the fortress are drenched in water
and the courtyards and forests and bent down in order
no places would I rather be when it is soaking the author
knowing the fact I am close to the border
close to the waterline on any given sunday
but when it connects to the rest, the sun is driven away
It comes in second place
the sun shines good over my hometown, but the rain is in a different space
there is something about the feeling of beeing warm, then cooled down
from tiny little drops, that just kiss your forehead when it falls out

Topic: Desperate Women

You can find me in the club! Period
The sentence says it all, gold digger and not at all mysterious
Her nickname is miss Klondike
Something just doesn´t smell right
it smells like
a mixture of shopping mall, make-up, cosmopolitan and tic tacs
she whisper softly, moisturing you eardrum
Words that she have learned from any dating service program
Showing intrest, but not at all interested
she just wanna fill the emptiness with love that must be limited
so she goes way over any league that ever excisted
she needs a “real man”, one who can pay for her drinks and shit
and meals, and clothes and on special occations, Diamond rings
She is the female comparison to a vulture
Desperately waiting for the prey to fall over
she repeats this ritual every weekend
desperately trying to find someone to pay for her achievements

Topic: Life Learning lessons

A lesson saved a lesson learned
Once you saved enough, you will always get what you deserve
A life in this world, will always keep you on your toes like
stepping on the feet of those who didn´t always choose right
The value of a word, the ones you always heard, might
get you to belive that the blind man doesn´t see the light
everything is possible
If you disagree at least keep everything plausible
without knowing what caused it though
the case you carry might meet a storm of irresponsible
replies on how you lived your life
So if you pack your baggage right
you will always see through peoples lies
and use that to the best of of every situation that keeps you occupied
And always ask questions and demand the answer
don´t settle with the quickest way, and do not find a master
be one then you can master it and build your own patterns
and put the pillars down and step over the real matters

Topic: Beauty and the beast

She had the features of a beauty queen with the soul of an Ogre
A leach that sucked the juice out of every situation she came over
saw the need of redeeming herself every morning
no time to mourn over lost causes or the dresses she had worn in
he had crooked teeth but in his heart he kept 12 winters and summers
Created spring and fall with the balancing movement of a mummer
he could release them on command whenever it was needed
He portioned it out to comfort those who grieved and felt defeated
but also to those who felt the need of revealing their own reasons
that had committed a treason on themselves and got their soul improsoned
Now their path have crossed and the winterstorms where left out
He tried the best he could to release the summers with a deft move, but struck out
cause the bereft love of this young woman was so severely damaging
she was a manikin so the heartbeats she left out was hardly managing
to pump blood through her veins
so the remaining flow of warmth was clogging in rastraint
so the beauty faded slowly over to the beasty surface

Topic: Creativity

It is the fire that´s burning, the thoughts that are churning
the journey of a compressed soul and an idea that are murmuring
in the surface of a dusturbing yet pleasing result
the art of the soul, that refuse to burn cold
the constant voice that speaks and leaks out the knowledge
and resurface the words, just to make magic
with a wordchain, a picture, a key or something spoken
as a token of appreciation to a life that has awoken
The flames are licking the inside of the writers skin
the tingling feeling floating inside the body of a harlequin
re-writing a man made error into beauty
finding love inside bizzare heads is a life long duty
To part the flower from the leaves
and the leaves from the root and seed
to make others understand the the reason and sollutions
but never underline it as the truth or a conclusion
cause a creative mind always leaves room to breathe witihin

Topic: Paranoid

Imaginary puppet on the shoulder
voices getting higher and the walls are getting taller
had widen the horizon but the critical sense was folded
So the truth was then a lie and the lies was truth from those who told it
surveillance all around him
portrayed and then defined it with
the looks and stares and phonecalls he recieved and and sorrounded him
could find a clue in every book he read
then the characters inside his head
would chase him through the gates of hell
a speak and spell of manic depression, quelled to tell the thoughts he held
Felt like everything around him was on the chase for his mental health
rocking in the corner cause it was safer just to keep the faith
and praying that the voices stopped invading what was left
He just wanted one second of silence, to make his mind migrate
from the hell i held inside it, and realease him from this mind state

Topic: Homeless

In the most painful state of hopelessness
The hopeless feeling of beeing overlooked in public places
where you feel boxed in and invisible to others greed
when you wanna be seen as a human being
and all you need is that box with windows to crawl into and feed
from your own well being
Every night you dream of that feeling
and hope that once you open your eyes this was just a dream
you just dont wanna be in
But all you see is the light of no tommorrow
or the darkness that have haunted you in a personal sodom and gommorah
story, no end to the sorrow
lost in a world you feel that you just borrow
Can not make up your mind of what kind of coldness that hurt the most
the shoulder and the ignorance or blister from the snow
crawl into the hole again, to try to be alone
from the state of lonelyness and hope of beeing loved

Topic: The Man who sold the world

With a million dollar grin, he sold the soul of us all
He shook hands with the ministers that thaught they took the fall
he lured in messages of greed and redeemed his dream for their ears
discouraged by the visions the bowed down for their peer
He encouraged the men in position to sit and listen through the fear
that he spread amongst the crowd with a message of a revelation in the clear
He told them he had a prize to save em
and little did they know how much he betrayed them
To build a shield off mass defence to prevent mass destruction
he sent the field of offences to prevent the massive reduction
in numbers from the revealed truth to help the master of seduction
commit a crime that would send us all to a tragic corrotion
a decompression of all matter, but we sold our rights to excist
to this man who promised us a life long kiss
with the earth that we love
but he sold the world as we know it for a price of his own

Topic: Pieces of You

I stole one piece of your heart, then you gave me ther rest of it
Then you punctured my lungue with your beauty, now You breathe in the air I breathe
I see life through your eyes
we undertsand our disguises
Even if we misplace our shadows, we always now where our life is
joint together piece by piece
you make it easy to breath and beeing the person that you need
I wrote the lyrics in your spine
the day I told you you where mine
and returned the favour, once we opened that shrine
If I had a dime for every time the pieces of Love was for
I would be a millionare, but The Words is what I am breathing for
My core of emotions, strapped on a chain
like a chord of relations strapped to my brain
our kneecaps are kissable, cause we bend around corners
to meet eachother halfway there inside every border
our bodyparts match perfect
the way I painted it at the beginning when It pictured a person
and that person was you

Topic: Patience

So many decades and milleniums
past from the descendents of man by millions
if you only take a milligram
of that knowledge and serve it to our children
we will have a groundbase to build towards a world led by brilliance
Men and women erasing the word civilians
cause the suffering kept knowledge away from the idea of beeing brilliant
be cartain every one around is ready and resiliant
We just need to trust our instincts and build patience
a cadence of instruments are arranged to fight for the innocence
we all share and carry inside us, and we can breath in its fragrence
we are no longer patients of mother earth, but the actual faces
the smell of glory for mankind, not a teritorial demand
that burns inside their nostrals, for the victory in hand
We been following the spoken words, now its time to write past it
and patiencly build the wisdom, just like our men in the past did

Topic: Wildflowers

She ran away where the wilflowers grew
thought she would find the emotions that she knew
she belonged to someone bright and new
Someone she believed could say: I belong to you!
But the wildflowers rose no more, the lover didn´t catch her
the branches that grew larger,
intertwining with the flower
was pulled down by the rain instead of getting harder
But even though her lover ran
she stay commited to the wildflowers and their command
cause even though she was left alone, she was far away from worry
it encouraged her to fade away and let the wildflowers set her free
Cause even though the love she lost left her bitter for the cause
She was where the wildflowers grew and free was what she was
So her journey turned to something good even though her affection wasn´t returned
The wildflowers stayed faithfull to her sympathy when her desires burned

Topic: Knife Party

Was the victim of flowered flesh lust bearers
floating around my sphere to let their weapon carress
their thighs waiting for a moment of peace to adress
the blade to a chest
or the best way to bless the blade with agression
seemed obsessed by the reflection
when the blade shone in the light of their suggestions
Act in the role as a magician
when the blade dissapears and leave pulls out a red flower
Rode by the suggestion of their power
the act in abbrution to their sole role to empower
themselves as ruler of good and evil by pulling the lever
And we could float in here forever
in this state we are all anaemic, completely severed
from the chase that we endeavored
from the state of beeing whole again

Topic: Fields of gold

harvested through the moon cycle,
gold was left in a crop circle
images of mayans, slaught by the hand of men
that left messages of higher intelligence through them
lured ignorance to believe it as truth
let a white picked fence decide the meaning of the news
but know it is blowing in the wind
the fields of gold that just brush through your limbs
and put a dollar sign on knowledge
but the lack of science in these fields narrows the plot
when a crop circle experience can´t be buried as facts
but every artifact of it are beeing sould to the first bidder
that rid the world of the real thinker
sunk into a matter of something realer
the dark grimey one that creates power to the people
and leave a blank spot over the fields that got gold written in the sequal

Topic: The four of us are dying

it was the circle of his friends that, pull out the circuit quick
standing in a circle with guilt ridden from the limbs
he was the first of the four ,the first to let go,
from the sentence they called for a time ago
it started as a dare, but led up to something bigger
fingers on the trigger as their consequence grew vigor
vigerous minds pulled through the challenges
but he was the first one who fell through and couldn´t manage it
as their stood there on his death bed
they knew what this lead to, the death sentence that haunted their inner self
that at the end would lead to their stinging death
probably pinpointed out from the images they get
But they couldn´t pull out of it, it had gone to far
they used to joke about if they died, they would be a create a funny images of stars
on heavens skyline, so the bypassed the fear and got ready, no way to deny it
They just looked at eachother and agreed: The four of us are dying

Topic: Inner beauty

She shared a heart so big her body was bursting
she was cursed with the the burning
desire to to help those that where hurting
spent her entire life searching with a thirsty desire
she would admire
most especially those with a special inner fire
despised no one, helped her enemies, except her self, the solo in the choir
Her voice was spoken for others, her inneer voice was silenced by the tiger
got no love left to share prior to the one others would require
a modern day friar Tuck, Robin Hood character
but without a Marion to carry her over the worst barriers
her entire heart was carrying and crying for the souls in the barricades
her loved was paraphrased as genuin care while her emotions tore open hearts like a hurricane
The inner beauty of this girl, overcomed the surface
her purpose was greater than her person and inner soul service
searched for the needy to help that was her purpose
a complete circle of love versus the feeling of beeing worthless
so she fulfilled her life sentence with a beauty so big

Topic: Indian Summer

The summer heat waves put at rest
so I adress the downfall with a blessing of no regrets
and better yet,
couldn´t care about the weather prognoses
posess the dream of a day itself, not its portraits
if I should wish for something regardless
it would be that fall could caress me without its darkness
an Indian summer that kiss my body
an easy breeze, re-heating me calmly
then its not the hunger for the sun, but the urge for it
the need of having vitamins to reach through the winter mist
I can reach deep ithin, if i need to
But then I need the extra strength to keep away from see-through
I can see who dreams of licking the sun
and who is actually in a need of rest from the darkness from
winter cold nights
and that is what the Indian summer would help em to keep it right

Topic: Whining

Pain in the backbone, voice left in High pitch
Want even accept, that the left side of my leg itch
so much problems, so few sollutions
People getting mad at me, calling them illutions
I call them a fusion
of inner city movement and a critical confusion
When I am slowly moving
from point a to point b, I struggle with my movement
cant even manouver, my legs to bring me forward
So I stop and whine, cause my legs wont cross me over
Tired and exhausted
Try to work a pause in
but they keep on pushing me, while I move with caution
My sound gets protracted, I tell em bout the options
I cry out for help, but they don´t seem to soften
This is the last time, I voluntarily crossing
the cross walk from my home over to my office

Topic: Childhood

Memories from a childhood dream
when life was just what it seemed
all the ideas was growing from start
and everything created was the beginning a different part
combined them together, then we called them memories
and ev everything that happened in between, felt like a century
we had all the time in the world for our own search for the remedy
every experiment and experience was always complimentary
fun was something you had, not something you bought
time was something you embraced, not something you fought
Visions and dreams was something you expanded not narrowed down
Being childish and creative happened automaticly and all around
not something that was seen as amazing and profound
just something that grow in all of us from the moment we make a sound
but we seem to forget that when we grow old, I kept my inner child alive
and always base my poetry on the memories I have

Topic: Snoring microphone

with a crazed Distortion, the snoring calls out, out of proportions
this microphone sounds like a peaking portion
of a snare drum crashing with a barriton person
mangling the bass , crashing and burning with clarinets emerging
and searching its way through the bursting waves of a guitar lick
at the same time as the drum kicks
while someone picks up a trombone that can´t be fixed
and peaks out sounds of a crying wolf, howling at the same time
in the same recording line
Doubled up with multiple tracks combined
thats how this snoring microphone sounds
Then it exhales
and the new sound waves of a hollow howl derails
and sends off the peakmeter to another scale
my eardrums are pealed off and sets sail towards a new trail
of thought,
While the microphone keeps on sleeping and telling new tales

Topic : Hypochondria

For every newsflash that flash in front his eyesight
about diseases and hundred ways to die by
he touches his body with a feeling he could catch that
any muscle aching could be where a lump start
or the couch he got could be the birth of a longue collapse
he starts fantasising, creating stories of how he lived his life wrong
He plays the song of regret with his fret, sat ringside for so long
with every image created of him on the death bed
he silently regress that this time it could be his last breath and end up dead
the same breath is getting shorter, he starts to feel a numbness in his legs
the fear interfer with the sanity in his head and his mind begs
him to stop this instant, but his brain refuses to let go
So this is what we live for
could I pray for an encore
cause this was too short, I have so much more to dream of
He falls asleep exhausted by these thought patterns
knocked to the floor for all the wrong matters

Topic: Wounded knee

The method of the war was divide and destroy
the conquer part was already accomplished and deployed
The landmarks and the peace
the rested in these bad lands and Black Hills
was tried tricked out the sleeves of the Lakotas
but they refused to obey orders
Too much pride inside their hearts to be placed inside a border
Thats when the U.S Cavalry decided to fight for their medal of honour
when they entered the camp to dissarm the Native “Soldiers”
The bloodiest battle startet when the deaf Black Coyote
refused to give his gun up
Wich really upset Major Withsyde and Colonel Forsyth
They started firing, men, women and children was gunned down
150 of them where killed at that time
the eastimate rose to the double
A slaughter of Women and children, where none caused any trouble
At least twenty of those soldiers that fired, recieved the medal of Honour
but there is only dishonour in those acts

Topic: Virtue

If justice was the name of the lord
I would pray the name of them all
the virtue of a fallen angel fighting for his laws
fighting for his cause, and draws his sword
slicing open the flesh of his own core values
You are all born with this inside you
Its crying to get out and find respect in the half moon
meeting you halfway there with courage in its eyes
trying to fill you up with the gifts it got inside
The fight battled is a matter of ethics
fought in the words I write and my aestetics
Good an evil, a fevil fighter or a beheaval
a legacy reciever fighting to be an achiever
The right and wrongs done doesnt make a single right for me
My rights to live
lie in the achievement of moral and skills
It is immoral to believe something different
So I will sit here and listen to my virtues as they speak and wisper in the darkness

Topic: Binge

A feasting frenzy, french kiss with a bratwurst
chocking on hot dogs, to see whom reach the numbers first
an incredible thirst rise with the need of a night nurse
the binging at the meeting has turned to the worst
the eating habits have been reversed
with a bursted appendix and a stomach thats cursed
they´ve been feasting for years now
all you can eat buffets are beeing named after their hometowns
they´ve grown large, a missuse of food , just to take the crown
no thoughts beeing shared for the starving childeren while they drown
themselves in burgers, acting like clowns
this is considered Live entertainment now
I am not the least proud of these accomplishments
it is astonoshing to see how abysmal men can get
when there is no connection to their reality check
and how cruel the realty actually gets
we need to open our eyes and see what kind of image we actually represent

Topic: Redemption

The flock of lies, just lied above the town that night
With an utter disguise, the men arrived back home to fight
The old and wise, shrived the pleas from an aching fright
The men of steal stayed true to the light
and was ready to change history
to redeem their people and scream the images of beeing free
freedom was just a distant memory
the men had fougt it for the remedy
but the melody hadn’t changed for years, a township destiny
The crown that wore the pinky ring had blessed himself with blasphemy
and taken down the right for men, that wasn’t born to carry out his legacy
But now the men had collected all the best of these
craving hungry freedom seekers
to take back the throne and claim whats theirs, and free their own people
through trust and hope and love and caring
They where giving, and they where sharing
their own life, for the future of the rest
and they would not rest until they had reached their point of Interest

Topic: Fox Hunting

Who let the dogs out
rigid runs across the forrest, the red fox locked in by the dog scout
switch routes, zig zag to lure off the sniffer spouse
ditch the hounds and run without thinking of the lurking doubt
The only thought that occurs throughout
is to get through this day without
being chased down by the hunter
get the chance to wonder, I is Survive I´ll take advantage of this plunder
Trying to steal my life, by showing up in large numbers
tomorrow I will take precautions before I start to wander
But now I have to focus on the route and not their hunger
I have to put the focus down on survival of the stronger
I need to outsmart the sniff skills of jumping flashing thunder
before I find myself left to pieces and torn asunder
I have to keep running towards this light, thats my only escape
that is the only way to get away from this escapade

Topic: Mosquitos

The fantasy of bloodsuckers, all around your face
suckers for the product, leaving marks around your waist
every remark and comment is a totally discrace
and emotionally replaced by the dollar that it pays
small hums performs attacks on your eardrums
infiltrating your harmony, like a misplaced snare drum
left their souls numb, for the results of a sum
and kept their dumb phrases spinning to the ground
they deserve a suckerpunch
for sucking off the sugarbuns
of billion dollar companies that use them for the credit crunch
but this is how the market runs
the remake of a barreled gun
that never knew wher the bullets that it fired came from
but chose to shoot from the hips no matter how absurd it is
leaving a bloodtrail they can suck on, and as much as they can get
cause they just cant get enough of it

Topic: The meeting

The secret handshake left the palm of Peter
the obvious difference between the servant and the leader
Tommy was the sheperd, but the sheep was not needed
thats why Peter was brought in to remove the hand that fed the feeded
Tommy felt defeated
but Peter reassured that Tommy would be respectfully greeted
in Peters terms that meant his file would be totally deleted
so Tommy could start with clean sheets, wich was much needed
since Tommy caused internal issues with the management and suffered
and he was cuffed by the accuastions, and his dreams completely smothered
Tommy discovered the chance and took it, left his sheep hurd in the rough to recover
on their own, left there on a path that laid uncovered
Tommy used the meeting to get back up on the horse
left his workers in remorse
and fed upon the lifeline of his boss
to stake out his new course
This is just one example of a meeting that scratch the wounds of a labor force
before rippin it open again just to lick the salt

Topic: The magic of Music, emotional meaning and rescue

The beauty of a tone, humming in the morning rain
the magical errors of something that never sounds the same
something that just stays, and states the true frame
of a thin red line floating through the insane
when a guitar or a bass, plays hungry for the love of it
an emotional journey from a saxophone screaming out its spirits
from evil to the good ones, vibration of a non exitsting limit
strecth it between the barriers where music can take your breath away if only for a minute
Solo´s that shakes the soul out of your naked skin
drumlines that just break your heart and take you from within
it is no make or break about it, no chasing for a win
it is just a rescue call from this world, believing something else is just a sin
music means emotional journey
the vocal chords that really rocks, have a soul thats really burning
an yearning for the feeling of release their emotional hurting
blessed and cursed with the ability to write life
and by longing for the right words, they often seems to fight right

Topic: Serendipity

I was looking for the needle in a haystack
didn´t get the farmers daughter, but I got my payback
underneath the surface was a perfect fitted straw hat
with a million dollar pay check and the contract
for an inner city top flat
Sometimes the luck just hides behind the corner
and sometimes that luck can turn around and send you to the coroner
So don´t hang your luck to dry out in the corridor
don´t chase it either, it will come when you at least expect to find her
I prefer to chase whatever feels right
Never end up with that dream, but the serendipity keeps my dreams tight
I do fight for what I believe to be the right cause
And always end up with more than the applause
I always try to get back to the moment where I was
The moment around that pause
that led me to the place I searched, but I have never found my Oz

Topic: Small talk

the conversation breaker
the pityful creators
of oneliners and small talk, can someone come help us
the weather forecast, is a friend in need
the neighbours behavoir could be a topic indeed
or the 25th time you tell the story about that dream
you had in highschool, 20 years ago, that made you pea in your sleep
is such a crowd pleaser, when the tension is at its highest peak
the uhms and yes´es are fairly dressed in a nerveous message
followed by the so´s and what about´s in a closed up pressence
let me present, the world as its best efforts
when you enter a room, and you think someone passed away
and you carefully ask, is everything okay?
and the person looks at you and say
No, don´t you see that it rains today!
that makes me think about the importance of our beeing
if that is the specter that we are seeing
Life must really not be worth living

Topic: Parenting

I´m gonna talk of the importance of the role as a parent
to stay coherent and don´t fade away to something transparent
the reasons why should stand out so apparent
give love so there is no chance of creating a child that is aberrant
or even errant in this world without a goal
you have created a new soul,
and you have the chance to mold it to something beautiful and unfold
all the layers in its mind to the perfection of pure gold
The goal must not be to have a child that do as its told to
but creating a mind that expands beyond you
the most inspired student grows through
the teachings from their teacher, and the teacher wants them to
the day your child comes home with and argument and a reason why
should be the day you go to bed at night with a great big smile
cause that means you learned your kid to question the existing
If so, go in to the bedroom, kiss his or her forehead goodnight saying:
This is where it gets interesting, sleep tight and hold on for the ride

Topic: Battery

It is fully charged up
the meter rose above the alkaline spot
it feels a bit dirty, knowing it has just been bought
for the service of a human beeing that would put it in the slot
for his own entertainment, tainted by the thought
troubles it a lot
that the men use the power that he has fought
for so long
It doesn´t think its ignorance, just think that they forgot
mass consuming , the friends for a lifetime just float
Its father was drained in front of its eyes to power up a remote
with the final words ringing in the ears, there is still hope
don´t let em take your powers, your so much more than a robot
but they used that quote as a slogan and wrote it on its troath
Branded with a new name, now its friends where leaving fast
the family it had was already members of the past
So the suicide mission, was ready for ignition
took a fully sized radio to the grave, spilling lead from its veins releasing total demolition

Topic: Yesterdays Heroes

The heroes of the past, that took charge when their land was taken
there was no time to be mistaken,
they fought for the forsaken
women and children, and the peace that they where chasing
They where raised up as heroes
given the golden arrow
and the war cross, worn across their chest through the marrow
the heroes of Telemark, carried tehir names on a banner
while the afghan or the partisan was not treathed in that manner
it seems that the deeds carried out during our own occupation
carries a different explanation
than when citizens with the same target seek the same confrontation
when their homeland beeing occupied for a more valid declaratian
“we need to fight down these evil deeds
and the people supporting them must be savaging beasts”
What ever happened to supporting heroes that just wanted to be free?

Topic: Neverending Story

Its the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning
swimming in the ocean and pretending theres a limit
gimmick of a false pretense
prayer of a breathing consequence
layers of steap and gleaming mountains, leading to the fence
but as we all know its nonexsistent
our exsistence is buildt on a distant image of beeing life-resistant
But exsistence doesn´t end with our own terminated fiction
It is a never ending story
where we live our life, bathing in our own glory
on the verge of beeing gory
but some common sense was left in us, memento mori
We recented this story before
but we have learned to follow of it, what life was for
We see our life as a the core someone elses storyboard
remembered for our efforts at least until the next war

Topic: Finding light without the sun

The inner light just glimmers bright
the sinners fight the images of grimmer sight
darkness in disguise,
flickers with its frightened eyes, blinking in the dimmer night
searching for the shining knight
lightning strikes the sword as he search for life in all the sites
a crack in the mirror reflects that light and he recites
the words of God as hope and belief change colours into black and white
the memories he writes down on the back of his palm, feels like
the truth and light
so he follows them blindly cause the guidance of the sun, is not in his line of sight
He is the limelight on his own stage as he fight against his stage fright
he performs his doctrined lines
with clinical precision and an open mind
in front of an absent audience, Finding himself on stage applauding them
while the crackling sounds from the lights turns his mind into the state of rem

Topic: Long black veil

My mama was a proud soul
she could fold my clothes, and love it so
beacause her baby gonna wear em, and mama just loved that show
I loved seeing the joy in her eyes
but her eyes also functioned as her disguise
she would hide all the pain she wore inside her iris
the cancer ridden insides just brushed off her eyelids
the bride in a black veil, just smiled to her child
cause her sons smile took away the pain in her own life
through the dense cloth
her eyes fought a batlle with her dark thoughts
the sight off her child playing football in his white shorts
would just loosen up the intense fire in her lounges cause
those moments would give her the force to keep on
and she knew that her son would gain the force when she was gone
and from that day on, I have always remember the place where a smile comes from

Topic: Stairway to heaven

I am only one step closer
for each step I take I get one step bolder
stopped looking over my shoulder
cause nothing from my past can overthrow the things i rule over
I look over to my kingdom, let it come
while I kiss heaven from above
no fear intact, no fiber in me will doubt this
I have taken the scenic route and shouted
death in the white eye, even though I gave it many chances
to dance with me, but the devil refused to let go, and I enhanced it
and infiltrated the devils head with words of magic
No tricks allowed though so I just fantasised the real world, real quick
and he belived in it
I was reckless with my words as I spoke the stairway upwards
With obscure and endured phrases, I injured the dusted ruptures
in the staircase, so my road leading downwards changed
and took me to a safer place

Topic: Windows are rolled down

I have sung the final curtain
hung out to dry, the melodies rungs over the uncertain
the windows are rolled down now, but not hurten
the outlook of an urban world scared by the social murder
Safe inside these four walls
sorrounded by the safety of these four chords
that plays the melodies of affordable records
performed by the overlords moving towards the great rewards
playing the ballad of the dead
balance it from the top of my head
challenges that advances over the pages left unread
Felt mislead by the voices that hid underneath my bed
instead of facing them I rolled down the windows of my dread
A judge in my life, caught with the fear of the undead
wont face it, the pace is up race through a million stages
but I just sit inside my own head and let the world pass pacy

Topic: Between the minds

There´s the battle of the braincells
dedication in between the sheets of the shells
they ask and quell over the frail or noble
over the derailed thoughts I posses and rule over
A teachers heart, trapped inside a narcissistic mind
I am partially designed
to give nutrition to other flowers to shine
But the uprise of a poet and the self centered I
that want´s to paint the picture of a beatiful uprise
want to cause riots in their minds, and take the shine for it
while the voices of an angel plays the violin to seduce me with
A center stage performance
with orbits of a third eye developing because of this
Leave the world amazed, a wordsmith and legandary myth
while the teachers heart
make children start spelling absolutely beautiful
until they know it by heart

Topic: Somebody that I used to know

History of break ups, faces slightly fading
aching of the brain, but the heart is still managing
puppetry master, in the life of a manikin
words hurt in wrong places, head pain savaging
swords slice thoughts with their own hard cavallary
Paid a huge amount of feelings from my lost love salary
a hierarchy of changes, on showreel at the gallary
produced and squeezed through a mangler at the factory
But I put it in perspective, you didn´t get the chance to see the best of me
you where selective in your mind, but didn´t see my mastery
you could have been my Mallory, but ended up as a Valerie
You didn´t have to cut me off, life time quackery
No one will remember you, like the movie reference I just planted
The love you never granted
the songs we never planted
I am glad our seed never turned into a flower
The face I wake up next to every day, makes you fade in that matter

Topic: King of sorrow

Crowned at the throne of sadness
the madness took charge, and he couldn’t manage
a savage of the thought pattern burning inside
He is stearing the ride towards the flaring light
Lust, passion crush and passing,
collision course, crashing in the good old fashion
cuts, bloodstrips, moodswings, fresh wrists action
twisted in a way that sorrow call passion
Stacking the mindsets on top of eachother
Matching each pattern towards one another
Blocking out the tears though
no fear coming through, mental state has a no show
A one lane on red light manic show solo
With the grim reaper as both the sponsor and loge
the promopackage was filled with dead eyes
Underlined with conveks letters in bold size

Topic: Killing me softly

Whispers in the distance
the killer moves slowly, whispering moments of circumstance
Beating you down with his words
on the edge of the absurd
hitting you back into the squared curfew
the curves and angles rises as the knife slides through
penetrating your skin, twist and turns burning
but non lethal, featured rips hurting
the stabs are slow but repeated
blood is heated, rushing, but not defeated
Find myself seated on a throne, king’s men retreated
for a second, before the voices returned
Stabwounds that I have forcefully learned
from, I come to short in the debate know, the tides never turned
stopped beeing concerned
the meating was adjourned
I was killed slowly off as an artist by the voices that i heard

Topic: Norway in a nutshell

Railtracks trail back to the acient trade tracks
hillside, curv slides searching for bigger pay checks
through the fjords and townships
from viking graveyards to churches and grain farms
all the beauty of Norway in a couple of days
from trains to bustrips with no time to waste
climing, diving, rib boats and Kayaking
eating, walking creeks and waterfall imagery
From Stalheim to the beautiful Hardanger Travellers
With a pit stop in Uban bergen with challenges
all the best of Norway
Trolls Knocking on your doorway
Mixed intensions, a Norwegian proposal , a daring foreplay
So I pray for a safe journey, yearning for some more
experiencing beauty, In the backyard of my home
I invite you all here to tresspass through the dome
let this kingdom come

Topic: Bad mothers

Self sentered, bad tempered
too important for her baby, wasn’t her intention
only making love to the wrong man, craved attention
but when the baby came along, ha had lost his patience
her bitterness is implemented in her poor child
an almost motherless baby, with no father by her side
her mother looks away, when her eyes wide
craving for the love from a heartless mind
Blame her so called injustice on the innocent
try to make amends to the devil by fighting of the heaven sent
gift she can not love anymore its a tragic revenge
a cold blooded event, from the manic depressed wench
Drove her own child off the cliff
won’t give her the love that she needs
her own needs are more important, want to live out her dream
so she leaves her in her room crying
praying to a God she doesn’t know of her baby child dying

Topic: Rings in the water

Circkles from the center, rise of a problem
the start of a rock falling, no one can solve em
But you can break the cycle
by throwing your own thoughts back at em
Production from the brainstem
thirty rocks thrown
no sollution shown
Just rings of thirty different sullotions, all hope is gone
No justification won
No king on the throne
thirty different princes screaming their kingdom will come
So the water rings hides a lot of stories
but underneath the surface lies the true deep diaries
written in the streams
dragging you between,
the true stream of life and the images in dreams
you cant stop a view with your own
but you can always sit and dream about your hopes

Topic: Bad Metaphors

I´ve always dreamt of days like these
when I could find peace and just release
all the bad methaphors, that are sourrounded in my dreams
So this poem is gonna exist around bad wordplay
and extremely forced intentions and badly planned foreplay
so here it goes, I´m gonna show the best of the worst
I am gonna go through emotios, and starting with the baddest one first
my inner self was dancing at the foot of the mountain
the world screamed at me and challenge my frozen fountain
my icy veins complained about the cold shoulders it gave me
on rainy days, the water just peels right off, misbeaving
Can someone please save me! I can hear the spinal fluid make sense
but my spinal tap is incoherrent, and my spine is so tense
it bends and pleads, please, but can not connect to the ignorant shoulder caps
tends to pop, when it bends a lot, wanna have sex with a yoga mat
and with that awful metaphor, I call it a rap

Topic: Wilting Rose

The leafs of her rose was about to fall off
she had enough of life running down her door
you could see the scratch marks ripped out from her center
no ventilation of thoughts, they just stripped her naked
piece by piece, the life just sieved out
trying to eavesdrop to catch the sense of her flower shot
nothing to relate to, no one to explain the truth
her head bent down to reveal the veins of her naked youth
aching for the hissing from the flaming fuse
about blow the shelter off this under age abuse
The hope of exposure battling the shame
a knock on the door from those who never came
the flower will never be the same
even though the rose folds out, the roots with carry the blame
So the surface stays undisturbed
while inside the spine, a story aches to be heard

Topic: Alexander Briger

Born with the name of a king
from the acient realms of greece to this Australian master of strings
played the violins and produced every tone it brings
a master conducter, conducting sonnets of spring
Alexander was an inspired soul, as much as he could afford
saw his uncle conduct the chords
while he balanced the force
of every aspect of this musical source
that lead the course towards the prosperous North
He took em by storm
lead way through Europe with a controllable form
he learned the Norm of Prague and the Paris art forms
Now he has been through Maddam butterfly and the cunning little vixxen
all the small ingridients are easily mixed in
He still conducts his magic at the Australian Opera house
and still manage to keep the audience roused

Topic: The short end of a matchstick

Red light, angry, ready to light
the pores filled with so much fire inside
you can smell the phosphorus, ready to ignite
the patterns that it carry into the night
was carved into its skin in the factory
aged inside a box, no one matches this magic dream
fire in a sky, revelation for this matchbox king
sissle is the theme that these tips sing
a working man spirit to hail the crown thats burning
yearning to face its purpose
craving that its urgent
the mercenary steps aside
to let burning ring of fire rise
the images of fireflies,
lighting up the summer sky
there is no armageddon for this matchbox
just a fullfilled purpose of a lifecycle

Topic: Dead man´s Ballet

The arias won´t play any more
the overfilled veins that carried him over the floor
that made him fly into the skies with nothing else to ask for
nothing left to adore
the pressure put on his soul
from the family that carried him into this hell hole
a human heroin
seduced by its vixens
his addiction drove him on the ledge of his sixth sense
with no control over his commonsense
his knees bent from preachers, twisted in a need ,so dense
but always with a wrecked smile to give of the false pretense
one of the devils rejects
he was dead before he even stepped into these regions
where he danced with the legions
the dark and vicious creatures
that infected this individual with the words of beeing perfect

Topic : In your eyes

Love, the reflections of a true one
you sparkle of it in the battles that us won
While you and I are long gone
carried with the silence of the sun,
I feel complete, in your eyes, i need none
but you, dance inside the barrell of a gun
i spark the bullet that will rescue me from
the truth in your eyes, and the life that we have begun
I would never run away from you, but i get lost on these roads
Your eyes are showing me the true course
that i would follow until the last kiss is sought for
I have fought for your heart since it was caught
for the first time, It beats in my hand wrought
to fit inside, brought it back into your eyes
The iris have removed the lies
that lied inside and I only see the reflections of true love

Topic: Sense of Directions

With my eyes closed I follow the roads that speaks softly
I sense myself to the direction, knowing the price could be costly
awfully aware, insightful but impared
knowing that the rightful heir to my throne, is mentally unprepared
trying to lead towards the right path with the knowledge that we´ve shared
the spoken truth from my heart should show him that I´ve cared
the moments of despair
to go against the the stares
now I am moving towards the light befre the message is declared
Before I could even admit that I am scared
So I keep on these roads with my eyes closed
With just a sense of direction left before my sentences are exposed
expiration date is real close, While I lie here in these clothes
aching in my body for my orders to be imposed
The light spark on the face of my eyelids
I take the hand of self as I open the lid to my mind grid
and seek for the direction of my own kids

Topic: Rhiannon

Rhiannon used to ring like a bell through the night
but the energy of the bell stopped, and thoughts started to fight
men used to love her,
craving to be her lover
Now she is spending late nights on the corners
craving for the attention that used to haunt her
the beauty is still hidden in her eye sockets
its not like she´s carrying any stones in her pockets
but gravity has played its years and she is just standing there
used to take em by the wind, blowing through her angel hair
but the heaven that she promised, is no longer present
and the stars finally sparkle clearer than her pressence
so the starless nights are shining brightly
they won over her best words, she turned into a night beast
Will she ever win, Will she ever win
Rhiannon fought her self image, threw away her manikin
Dreams on rewind, dreams on rewind
Love used to be a state of mind

Topic: The scientist

I be cooking up something in hells kitchen
mixing visions with ambitions
and in addition to a clinical percision
I spark the ignition in a star collision
Waiting for the lightning to strike my igniter
added all the personalities I love in a woman to like her
both personal and physical from all the thoughts that ive transfered
refer to all the good thing i would prefer
added the wit and boldness of a free spirit
let her inherit the kindness and warmth that i merit
an inner urge to be married
but not to quick
I wanna play around with the feeling of lust for a bit
I let her eyes sparkle of life
So when I eventually propuse with the line, Do you wanna be my wife
I Could now the answer before it comes out her mouth
I have created a masterpiece of a woman
now the only trick i need, is to act like a true man
the moment I wake her up with the spark from my hand

Topic: “Moondance”

I flirt with the sun in a beautiful moondance
move rythmic behind it and cover myself with a quick glance
the earth is covered with a glear light
while I with romance blow a kiss to the sunbeams, all night
moved towards the light even though it went to bed ages ago
move so slow as i try to let go of my golden glow
the energylevel in my quick steps
I can feel the gamma light brush my surface as i rep
my moves, the groove and the emotions intersepts
my legs just melt when It shows its brightness and intelect
we move together like kinetic pantomime
a modern expression between the moon and the sun
Tuch eachother in the sky, fire in our eyes
could die with this emotion that I feel inside
the atmosphere stops excisting around us
sorrounded by stardust
we melt together on heaven tonight

Topic: “Ring of Fire”

I was in a dark spot, flames around my limbs
moving up around me, licking on my skin
penetrate the shells of a mind that´s paper thin
I would never dare to win, Some saw this as a sin
my role as an harlequin was played out even before i could begin
tried to fight my way out of it, but the circle moved closer
Not much room to move within, suffocated by closure
sorrounded by posers
a modern day moses
people pretended to be followers
I´ve divided rivers in their mind for all the good causes
but when I turned my back, they started worshipping flying horses
mad fables of lies and torture
crossing fingers for good fortune
that crush every hope I have inside
as minister of the mind and a good life

Topic: Beeing quiet

Systematicly placed in the back corner
eyes moving rapidly back and forward
always in control of the situation around him
so he could sit in silence and just try to blend in
with no commotion, a chameleon in every situation
afraid of any environmental changes
His slogan is: only speak if you are spoken to
speak the truth, cause the lies will always get back at you
and sit thight, eyes towards the ground when they speak
it will sound right and feel good when they leave
so you can be left with your daydreaming
solving mysteries in your head, while the others are mainstreaming
He will try to find the meaning of us
while the others will be leaning over girls, that conveniently blush
he has never had a crush, that doesn´t follow his theme
but he has just imaginately solved the plank constant in a dream

Topic: Flake

Alone, cold enhanced by a million
everyone keeps telling it: “You are all different
No one looks the way like you do” snow flake civilian
make it feel more like a reptilian
with no familiarities to grasp upon, one amongst a trillion
If we are all special, it also means we are all worth nothing
cause every aspect has an oposite, like hating and loving
without knowing both of them, they are just brushing
the surface of a true cause, crushing truth to the ground with its huge paws
so live by your own laws, the flake outlaws
fighting for a new purpose for the true false
retrospective visions catch him wishing for a new suit
out on the lookout for a new recruit
make his debut as a raindrop,
infiltrate the scene and make em all stop
Believing the same idioitic thoughts
freeing all heavenly dropdowns from its cubical box

Topic: Down at the deep

In the water a face looks up
With the kingdom perfectly placed in the back
Could see her deep eyes gleam as they met mine
It is amazing how a thought moves in time
behind the stories you can find in a well hidden shrine
her beautiful face, just shines through the surface
almost perfect
but the person looking up, ain´t the same that I was searching
Found myself nursing behind the wrong curtains
the wrecked home, that I was placed in with a purpose
all of the sudden lost its sense and turned in to a circus
But the sun never shined through it
The dark matter had her sorrounded, but she wouldn´t admit it
I comitted to that deep dark bottomless pit
put could split the patterns, she was dealing with
But i could just leave these matters omit
so I still struggle with her problems, down at the deep

Topic: War of the Words

Riot from brigades
serenade of sirens
renegade of thoughts, hope and admire
aspire of good, migrant of evil
self thought ripped raw, eyes of an upheavel
appealing to the eye
revealing in the sky
wires beeing drawn, connecting to the mind
Calling all stations, reflections through time
every section of it screams out, thoughts are not a crime
Could´ve been admitted to a sick ward
If I didn´t call the station every second with my bricked words
I´m not denying it though
I´m not gonna be hiding this so
stay on the ride, then let go
before letting it show
Building every aspect of an empire, Overlord
Hold the course
No remorse, win it through my vocal chord
I am caught in a crossfire
so my thoughts fire
the last bullets I have in silence

Topic: Sneakers women and flowers

A pair of sneakers can be worth a thousand kisses
Just for saying that those kisses must be won back with roses
While women and sneakers kind of tickle the same urges
one that you purchase, when it suddenly emerges
where the shape and weight of it colours the surface when all of them merges
and lead you to believe the path is right, when the two roads diverges
and off course I am talking about sneakers at this point
If you thought this was about women you are doing something wrong
Women are something that you invest your time in
let the lust bring to mind that you must conversate lightly to be interesting
The time consumed and invested in this, may lead to, you investigating
the shape and the weight while you holde her in your arms
and that will colour the life that you have, the surface painted so far
From time to time, you will balance the sneakers and women different
then the roses come along and make up for all the indifference
and win back the interest
remember roses are a sign of intelligence
as long as you use it good and try to be considerate
Both the women and sneakers will be in your life for ever

Topic: Dictators and Freeloaders

Let the knife slice through,
a piece of melon while the crowd hums to
the national anthem, played by a brass crew
all hail the leader, Master Wang Chu
all with the freeloaders praise,
Letting genocide happen, cause they benefit on the free trade
bathing in velvet, silk, and suede
As they persuade another poor soul, to dignify himself Rulers of the parade
Everything for their master
A human disaster
People praying for a change, While pastors pray it goes faster
In the shadows of their leader, they dictate orders
so they can apper stronger and they can supress them longer
Just beacause of one man
they can impose more power than they actually can
So get those fists of your knees
and kiss both of those cheeks
the dignity fades from the lips of a dying man

Topic: Wrinkles

Saw the surface switch
glitches in a perfect picture
mismatch, dispatched from real life fixtures
the features aren´t suppose to be like this
The perfect kiss aren´t performed by perfect lips
dents and ditches gives character to a lifetime
vented over burning bridges painted with a lifeline
adds emotions to the face of an object
the commtion that race over a subject
days of acceptance while trying to adept
A surface adds curiousity, when you don´t know what to expect
so much experience in a wrinkle, live life
be curious and explore, balance on the edge of a knife
the most glorious, grandious memories are self absorbed
and all of the stories can be traced back to the beginning of a newborn
live long and prosperous, but most of all, live it and be strong

Topic: Disease

Sane ridden, brain toxen by the infection
rode in on a death horse, stimulated injections
pains off, but the bacterias still here
writing dna morse code in my bloodveins, clear
try to touch my heartbeat, but the beat his hard to follow
some weak punches fading to a suckerpunch as I swallow
hallow in my eyesockets, bonemarrow of dust
try to, clinch to, the life support i lust
must not, dose off if I only could adjust
my seating in this bed i bet the energy would go up
Just no light at the end of the tunnel
Life long eyesight seen through a funnel
I can breath through it barely
Nearly alive, dead inside, my peers seem to fear me
The care I share with them seem to frighten them extremely
I think it is their instincts that pray for me to go cleanly

Topic: Painkillers

savoiuors in a box
the sneaky fox,
painted with a black shade, resemblance of an ox
relieve the devil in a shock, leave heaven on the rocks
critical for survival, but perfect bate for the hawks
gargoyle in the scenery, fight against the clock
charcoal from the fire, but the fire never stopped
garboil over the cause
its hard to be the boss,
when the voice whisper ruthless messages across
drew lines inside a timeframe, resurrection of the cross
erasing connectors in my braincells, its like moving your body through the moss
So I take four, the peer pressure is too strong
the pain win over reason, Every second feels too long
every bed I ever slept on
was made perfectly for me before the pain was even dreamt of

Topic: Library

Keep the secrets hidden between both covers
on isles of thought just waiting to be discovered
a shower of bliss another risk of beeing recovered
if you only bother to take the time to uncover them
Spend hours breathing in the air of a paperback
letters printed in shapes, that takes you beyond where every sentence crack
the joy of watching where the sentence match
inside a letter stack, where different writers face the same attack
while you attach to it and manage to connect the dots
It´s sad to see that era fade
Now the internet persuade you in the same way,
but just for seconds, The depth is still hidden,
wiki aint the same as knowledge, that view is just sickened
It gives you brief info, but nothing to grasp upon
You can copy and paste a view, but got nothing to base it on
Let the library live on
and be the cave of knowledge that you dive into

Topic: Wet

It was the most disguisting kiss, lips moist that drip
of compasion as they let the tongue slip through the glitch
slobber on my cheeks as I try getting her to quit
but she is already heading for my lips
she moves them circular like its suppose to mean something
all I can think of is the spit she leaves as my tonsils go swimming
trying to escape, cause i am getting wet
and the sounds that se make will keep me awake
on dark an evil nights how much longer will this take
now she let her tounge out, a crossover of a commodo and a snake
then she leaves it with a shake and I am about to break
God, please let this end now, My face is soaked and my lips starting to ache
It is almost like my message is opaque
I feel that my entire future is at stake
if she sticks around any longer i will drown on her face
So please just come in a save me from the disgrace

topic: Pain

A life full of prospects, not much to complain about
Brian was never the object of life acting out
he would just go about his day, call it life around the scenic route
no screams or shouts, not even a sad memory that left him in any doubt
but when it first struck, he was crushed like a spider
life was a symbol of mistrust and divided
his mind into to parts, one with disgust ans the other was misguided
he didn´t have any knowledge of how to rid these thoughts, was to nearsighted
so he turned to angeldust to escape the pain, but the pain just grew wider
and the suffering just kept on entering his mind and turned him narrow minded
At night he prayed for a better life
that he could have made his mind prepared for this by keeping it open
so he could have seen what happened around himself, instead of ignoring what was spoken
then he would have felt so broken
could have challenged himself as a token of selfrespect
now he flies away at night, with no hope for what is left

Topic: The Ocean

At the bottom of the mountains, millions of dreams lie
kept under sea level, we wanna keep our feet dry
soak em in the waterline, knee height
a nihilist drowning in the reply
of what he has rejected since the day he started swimming
in the ocean, his ears ringing with the voice of no beginning
start to dive deeper down
just to have look around
expanding what he knows just by examening the crown
wants to go further, but he can´t understand the message sent
he has refused the faith in anything, and now he face it with resent
the puzzle doen´t fit this piece, so he goes back up just to vent
thinking about all the years that he spent
denying himself, putting faith with religion, and nothing else
the tidal waves brush in over his head
and release him from thoughts that made him misread the message in the first place

Topic: Fame

Spotlight to the head, flash lights gleam to the star
headshakes on questions, won´t take you very far
an injected emotion , bent beyond mars
assimilated image of a life behind bars
don´t let it infect you,
keep the message clean, from where you started off to
a similar dream shared between soulmates
often, the dents of a lifetime are solved on the golden gate
try to polish your surface, but never scratch over your face
no wax should be needed on the mirror that you face
and share that message good, before it eats up your entire grace
before your fans will start beliving what your saying as faith
Cause followers can do that, and if you inject them with a bad apple
the wicked witch will haunt you down and make you pay back in battle
So don´t let it go to you head
remember where you make you bed, and make it proper

Topic: Chaos

The instant beep sound that plays hide and seek with my eardrums
mirrored in a room, kept down on the floor by the images of redrum
have fled from, so much, for so long, my entire body feels numb
the sum of a million impressions gone wrong, and hopes that never come
the noise level of a hum, that refuse to go away
the intense heartbeat, and stream of thought that just wanna stay
I try to breath, While I whese after air that smells fresh enough
but every molecule feel chewed up and spat out, graspy and rough
try to think clear thoughts, but it stops in the noise filter
the blood rushes through the veins to the brain, a blood spiller
the chaos that sorrounds the single ground pillar
makes me wobble between the choices in my life, are Gods iller
than my own actions, when the freed mind and freed will recieves no satisfaction
that should really be the question to ask a chaotic mind
Breath deep and live free should be tattoed in my spine
but everything is clogged up beacause of the lack of time
life is now just and illusion left behind the metaphors for tomorrows sunshine

Topic: Mouse trap

It is all a big human mouse trap
tempted to have a sneakpeak of the cheese before the chord snaps
tricked into dreaming of an affordable lifestyle
like all the values are hidden inside
a perfected image and fashionable hairstyle
sorrounded by the moneycraving gurgoyles
examples and romours on posters and billboards
the ones who managed to squeese the cheese out of what they could kill for
the utterless pain of not quite getting there
drives so many people to the wreckage of their atmosphere
with no balance at all, beeing called out as an amateur
that is how the mose trap works, people crave of just getting there
Men and women are beeing beheaded daily by this wet dream
a sexual stream of selfishness, victims of a hexed theme
All we should want as humans is to survive to live the truth with
our own experience and usage of our own good

Topic: Dancing

Two variations of a step
long lost passion found while they rep
could´ve hidden two windmills in a threshold, get
emotions that will leave your body like a wreck
it´s an easy two step program, directed through a foxtrot
dance hall swipe floors like a dance move freeze shot
rythms in the room makes you eavesdrop
let the secrets force moves, flowing like a beatbox
on to the rythm, we go on to the rythm over to a party rock move
it´s easy like one two
gone through the groove
correct the spine through each move, almost like you compute
the essence of a step to hit the drum on its squareroot
If we leave it with a helicopter
chopper through the crowd
electric boogie as a transistion like moving on clouds
leave it all proud, self esteem hit the roof top
body stop moving, but the groove will never do that

Topic: Rainy days

Look over the horizon
water drips down, drops over my face and I kind a like em
sounds over a mizen, torn cloth, ripped raw, new day arisen
water from a cloud, ordered me out loud
clinched in a downfall, followed by a crowd
left me drenched in the center, spoke sentences avowed
dark thoughts rinsed out, open messages allowed
no premise for the demolition of a mind, no time for solace
left in aweless for the throne, rearrange the image of a flawless role
more or less, ordered by the stress that hit your window
no windshield wipers to clean of the watered down lingo
aftermath is left out, you are left in limbo
dreaming that the rain would solo on your cymbal
The baggage that you pack and carry on days like these
picked up and sent through the mindsets overseas
kept the keys to unlock the ravelled stories of its needs
rain will always pentrate the surface of a plea

Topic: Being smart

Being smart is something that you learn to master
Being smart is something you should crave after
no matter what form it appers in
as long as you are smart from within
the knowledge will grow as long as its happening
You can be street smart, or book smart, logical or practical
the actual sense of it all,
you can see the bigger picture from a cornerstone that is very small
either it is how to survive under huge pressure
or the length and weight of an object and how its measured
It can be that you see entire human beeings when you greet them
or you can understand and reason why they act in certain ways when you meet them
Being smart is not something definite
you can expand beyound every barrier and continue towards indefinite
learn anything you put your mind to, and the more you gather, the more it gets relevant
and the voice that speaks to your mind with sound more and more eloquent

Topic: Twilight zone

I cast a shadow on the lights and let the truth reveal itself
layers of a rite, that is hidden in the dimension of the self
time and space, bent backwards, then thrown forward in an attempt to help
the understanding of a ourselves
examine the spaces between the sheets and the space inside yourself
the link between science and superstition, a fifth element hidden
some call that religion, I would call it natures precision
from a neutral position, the laws of psysics, meets the untold, and unfold the collision
of dark matter, anti matter, creation of life, more to life, in between the scenes of what you can´t envision
a grey zone of knowledge fills up the black and white
what a magical sight, when someone understands that they can´t be right
cause the right and wrong don´t excist in the matters put under these lights
its a delight to examine these unfolded secrets
where science fails, and beliefs just leaves you sleepless
you just wanna dive in and reach for the answers
but you have to crawl on your knees, and reach between the sheets, in order to recieve them

Topic: Theatre

Dionysos spills some fertility in my bloodveins
performing rituals inside my brain
while I perform them on stage and let the stains dry
I fight my pathos by projecting far, letting parts of myself
through the filter as I scream I wanna bleed love
I wanna hold my beating heart in my hand and feed lust and let it show
then shove all my problems into the caracters i know
I want to live for the feeling
of beeing, all alone when the curtain calls revealing the scenery
entering the stage with the sound of the audiience breathing
waiting for that first line performed from my lips
I can hear the needles and pins fall thats how silent and anticipated this is
I have prepared all my limbs, releaved myself around the hips
Ready to pick
the words from my stomache and deliver them convincingly
It is funny how these caracters can bring out the best in me

Topic: Transistions

Found myself on this mad mission
re-arranged and added weight on my shoulder pads, Bad religion
like a magician I disapeared in a flare and delivered my submission
granted myself three wishes and started this major transition
pictures of an exhibition
lectures of mass destruction, and a search for recognition
but one piece of the puzzle was always missing
so I moved the pieces around, trying to find a definition
searching at all the wrong places like a theoretician in a lotus position
or a musician actiing in the role of a statistician
The end result is all wrong
when you try to force the meaning of a picture that is all gone
or search deeper when the answer has been there all along
just to see if you can improve the meaning of a song
something needs to stay in its original state
then you build on the plates,
that you place your mind in, before you sit and wait
for the next time to feed your mind change

Topic: Different Lifestyles

Pete was the tidy and neat one
while Barry was the definition where men got he word pig from
They lived seperate lives, but their paths crossed on occations
same occupations, met at meetings and at christmas celebrations
While Pete would enjoy a nice glass of wine with some cheese to top it off
Barry would use friday nights with dark stouts, porkchops
and fried mozzarella sticks with butter on top
Pete would often feel the need to move around, use his mind and be creative
while Barry just loved lying around. reduce his mind by drinking to much and beeing lazy
Barry didn´t see the point of think things over and that that all artists was a bit crazy
except for Van Halen and ACDC, those groups where amazing
He just missed the days in his basement and often think about the days he was wasted
Pete on the other hand was more of a progressive man
mixed with some classical tunes, and lyrics got his upper hand
ELO, Bach, Zimmerman and Pink Floyd
He use his time to question Freud and try to master life as self emplyed
But even though their lifestyle crash
at every meeting or party, they seem to match and rid of their differences
barriers get invisible
and they just enjoy spending time together, that makes human kind beautiful

Topic: Dome

The top of it all, the beautiful dome
flies over the skyline, like a masterful throne
its a mask of its own,
disguising the facts where the masters has roamed
the shape of a cone, hidden inside a rectangular zone
Inside of this building, you glance at the ceiling
paintings of a masterpiece, revealing truthful feelings
of servants kneeling for the message, powerful meanings
I´ve been dreaming of the healing of my soul, so appealing
the dome fought the barriers of love and reflection
coded the message and pointed the direction
for the role I was holding in my hand, my own confession
spoke it in an upward angle, call it an ejection of a perfected mind
ejaculated the words, and projected the words inside
the ceiling reacted from its inner eye
and created a beautiful light, transending through a minute of silence

Topic: Phelix the rapping tortilla

Felix was dyslexic from the start.
and on top of that not exactly smart
spelled his name with a ph
lonely child of a burrito DA
that divorced his tortilla dad on the relapse, so his life was on delay
his girl Shaniqua was a home schooled fillet
so his affiliates was never very behaved
but it started long before that
when Felix was left with a letter from his dad
“Never loose focus and track,
the meaning of life for a tortilla is to wrap”
So Felix pulled out his dad´s collection of Old School on 8 tracks
before he moved on to the next, West Coast gangsta rap
Half of that collection was devouvered over blunts in the parking loit
He started busting moves, writing lines and acting cool
starting hanging out with dangerous fillets, Shaniqua and her crew
I mean what else could he do
this was the dream his father told him to persue
Felix just released album number two
“Stret dreems from a phycotic killers point of vue”

Topic: Floating

Barely over the surface
the body searches
for oxygen, and start to get nerveous
the “you can never hurt us”
agreement between body and mind get impious
the bridges are about to be burned out, rigorous
the water swallow the flames, tainted by the angel dust
try to keep his head up
the waves rock him with a Lullaby, eyes wide shut
the rest follows as it penetrate the spinal cap
bubbles in his spinal tap
the final clap
can be heard from hell and back
that is when his lungs collapse
the final gasps
detached from the life he had
see it in flash
close his eyes as he floats in the waterline

Topic: infinite loops

curly, winding, intertwininig with the end result that is far behind it
connected with the intricate confinement
the infinite loops that we move our minds with
ongoing journey and we kind og like it, as long as it stay in perfect alignment
the assignment is not to chase the infinite answer
the loops doesn´t consist of freedom or the cure of cancer
they twirl around a subject of praise, like an enhancer
that makes the journey more pleasent, a ride for the human advancer
we hop on and hope for the best
let ourselves be carried away and move along with the rest
every corner can not be a test
so we feast upon our own achievements and leave it to rest
we rest upon the sake that it is infinite
and we rest upon the fact that we are merely an instrument
to make the cycle go around, and we caress that single insident
and in that simple manner we have found our enquivalent
and we move towards the light until it fades out

Topic: Topics

I attack em from every angle, mangle them down
grind them through a meatgrinder, before I spit em out
every thought produced is a 100 percent fat
The meat is placed in between the scenes agian, and colour the facts
I can attack
and solve the everyday problem
Make the story of a cucumber, something to stumble over
and fall in love with the emotions that he stole and brought forward
I will try to catch your eye, with some cathcher in the rye
with topics published for the adults
but catching interest from the adolescent mind
While I write poetry inside the frames of a struggling rappers lines
Try to move sides all the time
so I can get the angle right, to handle all kinds
A self spoken, self taken role as a mind mover
my muse is on my shoulder, but I am done trying to persue her
so instead I persuade
with my suede words, on every topic that are known to man

Topic: Baby Boom

The growth of a nation
a league of extraordinary babies, lead the invasion
their facing a massive obstacle, cruel intension
the baby diary chronicles, mutual evasion
I am leaving in a spaceship
cant race against what humanity are facing
the baby boom, from mamas womb
make evil meet its final doom
the message of Love, should be engraved into my primal tomb
We build a strike-force of love, and start with the babies
seduction of the ladies, persuation of Hades
brother of Zeus, Dionysis take charge and spread love across Euphrates
The black thick blood that sorrounds it
is removed by the purity of a babies mind, beauty is all around it
The baby boom of hope
its a long long road
but the profound silence while we wait, shows that we are home
and it all starts with a beginning

Topic: The unworthy surface of a servant

His neck is bent but not from heavy lifting
more of the weight thats passes through his head, and the thoughts that are drifting
away from the real world, used to be a real man, no a tag shows him where to stand
went to the land of the free, the self made man
but the self righteous hand slapped him back to the flocks of the damned
Damn, the spine in his back shortens down one by one just as he stands there
the grand life, the life with no excuses
is now filled with daily excuses to explain to his family what a true excuse is
Please, he says
just give me this chance to prove there is fruit in these baskets
I picket them from the tree of hope, we gonna work our way passed this
the face of an angel can be so beautiful and magic
but even the angels face will fade away, if the magic is painted past it
He falls further back, he kisses the back of his knecaps
cause his back is so far bent, with no spine left, that his shouldercaps
rest merely on his chest
He has begged for mercy for too long
and this song of mercy will just keep on playing, until the last tone

Topic: Todays Heroes

The heroes of today lies inside the mind of us all
they represent so much more than just a picture on the wall
the integrate their thoughts in all of our actions
the satisfaction of a lost cause that cause the attraction
provoke a reaction
from a massive mass of distractions
and there they are, in the center of events
venting out the sane patterns when the rest is ready to resent
both the case and the sake of what the people represent
and use the time that we spent, to find a sollution to prevent
more damage
todays heroes seems to prevent the savage
of innocent lives and manage to manipulate minds
to believe the same path
to breath in the peaceful and exhale their wrath
todays heroes seems to prevent the world to crash
by keeping all the burned memories left in the ash

Topic: Fasade of a perfect face

Always on top, not a spot is misplaced here
saying all the right things, so the obvious can dissapear
the despear on the inside, can´t ever appear on the surface
It remains floating in the atmosphere, a puppeteer versus catharsis
a mouth filled with a white string of perfection, straight and resurfaced
Only a trained eye, can see the nerveous
look that he is covering up
he´s been bottling the problems, and refuses to let em out
It will take the faith away for so many, that can´t face the doubt
He really wanna scream and shout, loudly but the situation doesn´t allow that
He goes all in, with his mind left all out
His life sorrounds the high hopes
the backside of the medal is the suffication of his throat by a thight rope
strangled by the risk of letting go of the right choice
fearing the consequence for the life hoax
he put a spell on with the narrow roads followed by steap slopes
where he could control the outcome of his lost folks
so with a firm grip he lets go of the ghosts
that he hides in the closet

Topic: Back on my feet

I’ve seen the bottom of the lake twice
made the roll of the dice while I balanced on a knife blade
the edges cut the side of my feet, so I managed to see life from shaven angles
saw the shape of the angels, with blood dripping from their wings
dipped it in the barrell of hope, where I got my survival skills
sent chills down my spine, while I tried to cope with my issues
it was a missuse of my mind, and the truth had a dispute
with my common sense, I let it believe I was heaven sent
battling the little men, that chatted in my troubled head
Went from hell and back
made my troops ready for the final attack
found myself virtually attached
to my past, and didn’t manage to make the last leap of faith
I have ressurected twice over this sake
without, bending my mental health over the edge to a mental case
and master the dismantled waste
The victory always taste better when its self fought
so I ought to teach the rest of my survival skills to my last thoughts

Topic: The Subconsciousness

Layers filled with secrets
parts of a mental path, with truth hidden beneath it
There is no such thing as just leave it
It picks up everything it sees that we don´t even notice
The touch of familiar face, ridng on the unknown
you try to put the picture straight, but got nothing to hang it on
emotions that are left alone
barely breathing above the surface, try to drink its nourishments
from the experience that comes along, poking you with constant encouragement
begging you to take a deep dive towards the centre
enter the state of mind that allows you to converse with your mentor
the presentor of your thoughts, the truth about your soul, your own personal venter
the one true inventor in your life
the one who created the mind and what moves around inside
built up over time
for your own satisfaction if you are ready to dive in
there is nothing as pretty as the subconscious mind

Topic: Through the mind of a movie director

He see the frame and it is beautiful
narcissist on the stage and his thought patterns are full
So he pulls the string that keep his mind attached to the brainstem
meditate in a deep state to arrange the conciousness inside the next slate
rated one of the best to spot images in a frame, he takes the image to the next stage
got a dream and a vision for the mid section
want to redeem himself in the movie create kathatrsis for the dream chasers
and then suddenly stop and rewind to debate on it later
ain´t satisfied with himself before the lights are beeing faded
down, and the audience are dead silent
sitting there with the crowd, is almost to violent
for the creator, but then he hear the violins he left in the introduction
and the beauty of a moved mind touches the emotions and create a reaction
and he believes it can be related to and old friend, satisfaction
a fraction and joy, then on to the next one
more images in the head that needs a name and an action
so He finds himself back to create magic once again

Topic: The Issue of Downloading

I have a product that I wanna share, so I hand it out freely
to feed those needy souls that enjoy the food that i´m feeding
you can not put a price on those feelings
but when you try to live of what your doing, then you see who is becoming greedy
the bleeding heart of a musician, handed on a tray
for scrap money and pocket change
but even then they refuse to pay
the money game moves in mysterious way
with the angle, who do you think you are, by making money from the music you make
I shake my head, and look the other way, maybe it is time to listen to what they say
I throw that thought out of my head
as quickly as it entered
brush the dust of my vented thoughts and the mindsets i´ve invented
to create both the action and the cause resulting in a reaction
Try to imagine, just the fraction of the emotion one singer gave you when he served his first abstraction
you would pay millions for that
but the path was painted from the start, and that million started from scratch
and by not paying scrap for the music you like, you will eventually erase that factor

Topic: The beauty of the mind

I always search for the sparkle in the eyes
the mirror that reflects and build a safespot for the rise
when I can swith the look, with one small hook
feed them the bug in a word, that connect and keep them shooked
and the truth always starts where i can see them
meet one of their looks when I greet ´em
then I feed them a line, and I can see them change right in front of my eyes
like a flower that blossom, or a parachute that opens wide
the beauty of a mind, is the most beautiful kind
of them all, I can witness the rise and fall, and then see them rise again in one rhyme
and the beauty shines through, and I can see that they don´t mind
this journey, cause they where connected with it all the way through since their first time
I have witnessed eyes change to the better, from facing downwards
worshipping the ground they walk on, with out looking forward
to see the change take place when their eyes creates and angle with the forehead
and realise the sky and the beauty of a fresh face
Give me a taste of life and what it can state

Topic: Body Hair

You can see it everywhere, even on a shaved soul
There is always one misbehaved, string in a shaved bowl
Now they debate over, no hair or to let it grow
Is a mustache ok, but Chesthair, shows that you are old
and a mustcahe should only appear on men, cause thats what we are told
A woman should be as clean as possible
Thats the dream for most men, its a really a weird thing, since it stops naturally at age 12
We should have a look behind trends, before we demands such a thing from ourselves
and our self image often reflects the true one, confidence
The debate should be defined by: Do you feel confident?
when you shave, or choose not to, or just trim a little of the edges
is it an invite to let men in and oppsite, is it kind of a sexual statement
The other side of it all has to do with keeping yourself clean
and if that is the reason, then by all means
please continue, you have a purpose and a reason behind these
actions you perform, either you want or may not want it to be seen
It should be your own choice no matter how it seems

Topic: Isolation

It can be the beauty of it all, or a dangerous place
you can be on the verge of a breakdown by entering the race
the rage that you built up, kept your emotions piled up
and you isolated them instead of facing the facts
You dropped to conclutions that life wasn´t like that
If you only stayed hidden, behind the barriers of disbelief
and charish the stress relief, released in you conquered dreams
you have a hope to abolish the nest you breath
but by isolating those emotions, you only expand the nest you weave
and it clogs up your chest and your breathing keep delaying all the rest that you need,
you scream out for sleep, but you locking it in, so you dare not to sleep
or speak out about it, and you can´t feel, and you can´t need without it
and the drems are getting intrusive, and your layers of displease, bleeds without it
please, you plea, but no one seems to care about this
the muted soul, mutilated by the people around, cause they didn´t knew what was wrong
cause you never spoke, you just choked up your emotions, until you couldn´t take it no longer
but then no one was there to deal with your dispear,
cause you isolated them away, so now you´re no longer here
But we all cared

Topic: Grass is greener on the other side

Let me just burst the bubble
I know you want to tackle the trouble with hope, and avoid any rumble
so you tell yourself this incredible lie
that the grass must be greener on the other side
Who created such a false hope
that would give enough stamina to cope with the life you live,
so you build a nest in your mind to get into the strike and kill
mode that might just involve goals that you wont achieve
cause what you have to give, is mangled through the paper mill
and the ink of the last page was still fresh, but you threw it away
you believed it didn´t represent you in the best way
possible, that the pen that wrote your life line, was just interested in the display
now you live your life in delay
cause if you have the possibility to move back and forth in real time, you erase the dismay
you might feel towards yourself, and you might force out some green fields
that represent your outmost true deeds
and you will have a false hope of beeing freed

Topic: Ressurection

I saw the ressurection of a real man
images so grand,
they flew over the sky and made shadows for the clouds
inner circle thoughts, made from raw emotions
transformed into a hummingbird filled with devotion
drummin the heartbeat of a fallen angel, make the snare out of blood drops in the ocean
lotion for his soul, he sees his life pass in the reflection
He open his eyes towards his most sacred place, his past dies in a second
he left his hate and anger back with the rest of his weapons
of self destruction, as he wakes up and smells the fresh air
he feels blessed right here
on this particular spot, the throne of his lair
with no extra lives to spare
so he is sure to live it
his mind is so vivid, that the wide span of it is critical for the livid bruising of his mind
and he knows that in time, everything is gonna be alright

Topic: Multi Culturalism

I´ve noticed a sudden change lately,
the hope and change that people wanted, doesn´t seem likely
to happen, cause the fear of a change against what people are used to
make em fear the unknown, instead of embracing it as unusual
to many closed borders and closed cultures, must take the blame this
I am not talking about a certain group, but the ones we as human beeings breath
not what we believe in, but what we think we believe
then it doesn´t help much to open borders in between countries,
when the understandment isn´t up for the challenges
People seem to care for their beliefs to much and can´t balance it
with what others believe so hard, so the scales are overweight with dark matter
tipped towards the most sufficient part of these matters
with the once who think they matter the most, that believe you can put a price on human values
then you don´t how much thrust in your own personal values
Multi Culturalism, is a huge step towards understanding the unknown
saying, John, why do we think and act this way, and ask why they don´t
butr instead of judging, take a step back, is it something we are doing wrong?
maybe we can explore this universe, create a unified song
and maybe we can play a long
rid of all the shells that you put on daily
free yourself from the masses, and investigate it, intelligently
naivity is just as stupid as beeing close minded, thats the reality
Understand all your neighbours, good and bad, and you will see that this is meant to be

Topic: Onomatopoeia

I have a dream, or a wish if you prefer it
I wanna replace all my words,into sounds that represent my feelings
can you imagine instead of asking through a profound sentence
I could just lay down the premiss with a rumble or a roar to catch the essence
Instead of writing about my state of mind, or my present mood
i could exhange it with a loud HA HA or a hiss, maybe a purr or even a hoot
a rip rap followed by a large boom
would set the tone for my next move
as I roll over to my text mood
and ressurect with a swish groove
the root of it all would melt down to an emotion
i could sense the commotion over a burp a pom pom a slap or a slam, just as a notion
for closure i would use a huge blast
to emphasize the wild struck story of my past
I would be second to last, passed with a fast
movement borrowed from the questions you ask
and I with leave the next box open with a rumbling clap

Topic: Hmpfff

Wasn´t even intrested in listening to him
just words in a line that didn´t make any sense to me
I was going to make him pay for even mentioning these evil deeds
so a cold shoulder in his face and a sound slapped in his face, so he knew what he recieved
then I played him off with a moment of grief
started crying, so his silence should be playing in the air tonight, Just for me
And no But´s thrown in my direction, please
I will eat it up raw, just so you will no that I´m displeased
And would you belive, this started with a simple hmpfff
but he couldn´t keep his mouth shut, and had to follow up, with a what´s up
Like he didn´t now already, this is no way to treat a lady
And now I can see his lips move rapidly, but his voice is slowly fading
And no baby, baby talk either
and don´t wanna be called names when there is war bubbling in the ether
that is what you get when you wake up an eternal sleeper
from her sleeping beauty dreams
please just leave me be, or else the hmpff i threw your way is the last thing you will feel from me

Topic: Hallucination

Experience of the greatest hallucinations without hallucinogenics
a transmeditative state of flowing images that are authentic
to the once you experienced intoxicated, but with much pressence in it
and without the risk of paranoia or schizofrenic
outcomes, or any need for paramedics
you just sit in a relaxed state, and let the mind build the premiss
I’ve seen my body move dimensions
I felt the fall of a decade lifted off my shoulder, with transending ascensions
and felt the tension just release itself like it was lifted by angels
i have lifted my gifts up afterwards, never used it to become the greatest
but dreams and ideas are created the seconds after, cause my mind is refreshed
So you might call this controlled hallucinations, images compressed
that sourrounds around my interests
and build it in correlations to my common sense
to evolve and develop the common self
and evoke and provoke the dominant thoughts on the oblivious shelf

Topic: Integration

Imitation of a perfect world when it comes to this issue
the missuse of power, combined with the power of its own use
as long as the truth is not told, they can keep on writing lies on a tissue
and hand it out in portions, as long as it can please you
Integration is so important to understand eachother
but please don’t use it as a reason to turn it into laws towards others
don’t let the power of a spreadsheet take hold of your own thoughts and matter
and please don’t be bothered to even throw a race card
as soon as the situation alledge you to belive its suitable, that is just retarded
there is no situation that calls for those kind of action, it will only keep you parted
from your own point of view according to your so called opponent
you will never understand unless you manage to release from this
if you have thoughts of recent towards it,
or even a little sense of doubt in your mind, you will never see the end of the discussion
permission of a point of view is worth millions
please accept the law is not one of them
please accept our difference, is at least on its way to take a closer step
to integrate eachother outside a system, and inside the human game
in more humane ways

Topic: Food Issues

We transformed Food issues into problems
and no one seems to solve em
eating to survive is just a myth now, for most of the modern
society, eating is a systematic habit, either controlled in portions with no variety
or as a forced fed ritual from birth, for breakfest, lunch and dinner, no charity
Eat your peas or the devil will haunt you in your sleep!
You will learn to like this, i know i did, after hating it for decades, come on please
and this goes on an on until food is an issue related to bad habits
so you either start to eat a lot of junk just to please yourself as a master of your status
or you hardly eat a thing, to prove your mother wrong, you can manage just fine
so you vandalize your own body, the lack of nutricion grinds your body down
getting fixatewd on giving your body the daily fix
food can control you just like a drug can, and it happens real quick
it lies in the pattern of your childhood, you want what you once had, and what you don´t know you wont miss
the end of the line is: Food is good for you, no matter what way you put it
but the sideeffects of it, can vary a bit
eat a lot of fat, and you be fat as a pig
stick to just vegetables, and your body will be aching and shit
beacause you loos out a lot of vitamins you would normally get
and there is no pill in the world to replace it with
Variety is the key, variety is my plea
by eating balanced meals between, fat, carbs, sugar and greens
your body will probably respond just right and accordingly

Topic: Women with Strollers at weird places

Found myself at the turkish market
just started to shop, when I heard this rattle at the back
In the middle of the isle to women has bumped strollers
they have no space to pass, and now the have picked up some followers
its like watching a duell at dawn
people are drawn to the attention, and the tension that´s going on
they both ask the other one to move
but they both refuse the offer, so now it is time for the next move
if you have been inside a turkish market, you now the sense of space in those places
and if you have a stroller, you are most certain to bump into some of the shelves that you are facing
A line has started to form behind both competators
the lines fly towards eachothers faces, to the excitement of the spectators
in retrospect, I think we could stay here for ages
with food suppliers coming in to feed the ones that are stuck in here, just to get the basics
cause now the crowd has grown so large, it seems impossible to back out
a lot of screams and shouts, as the tiring match are on the verge into the dark night
and if they haven´t started backing out yet
I bet they are still fighting over who was there first and who should have turned left

Topic: Empty Shadows

A reflection of his life in a vision
he saw the image of himself on a wall, but nothing was within him
the houses that sorrounds him, cast shadows of the damned
but the mirror of himself wasnt reflected in the sand
he tries to touch it with the wrath of his hand
but the density escapes like his universe is banned
like his nursery crime is fading and his true lies will expand
His life is played back and forth, he sees himself become a man
but the journey has been greedy, he has taken to much land
more than he can handle
he has mangled down his life, and now he has lit the last candle
that will ever cast a shadow, and even that one is forsaken
he has awaken to late, and now its time to meet his maker
with a soul that is seethrough and without a single right move taken
he is shaken by what he sees
eaten alive by the streets
so he falls down on his knees and starts to plea, starts to plea
All he ever wanted was to follow his needs
but got lost inside his deeds
and the seeds of his soul stopped growing

Topic: Moon Babies

We are the children of the moon cycle, 28 days
flesh and soul inprinted into each and everyone of these veins
following the earth in balance with the natural night and day
demolition of a sun God and the life that it pays
We meditate on holy ground, that means untouched soil
reaching mother earth and her untouched soul
share our thoughts with her long lost love
and unite it with the strongest bond
create relations on vibrational stages, rid of evil, all the darkness gone
but we are far from one
we have waited far to long
of bringing feminin thoughts into our fatherly love
we use our knowledge to build relations
our wisdoms to form creations
dependent of them both, to create human elevation
realization of a man lies in the connection
to both the inner and outer world, and how it interfer with his intensions
and not to mention his way of leading his own revelation

Topic: The Faded grey

The paradigm is over us,
the changes have been made, and faded away over some angeldust
No longer a narrow road to take, every road is laid out for us to cross
a forced entrywound in our mind, have erased all the pain that we can cause
the greyscales of a fleshwound is either dead or alive
at best its pale, but most of the time its faded out to white
or contrasted up to match the black if its willing to take the fight
there is no explanation in sight
its either done by the good guys, or it has crossed to the other side
the days of moving between these terms are over
the science of life has been over runned by loud screaming vultures
the times where you could have a sight, then spice it from different angles
and make it into science, or you own life sentenced alliance
with yourself, is now killed of, cause we seem to want the easiest path to the oppsite
tell us how it is, in the shortest amount of time as possible
Who is the enemy, who is our friend, give us straight facts, nothing plausible
A black and white society is no longer worth fighting for
its the grey scales that paints the walls and the direction to the door
that give me hope to stay on in this world we claim as ours
so please help me get the scene in place, before i can scream ACTION once more

Topic: Syntax

If I didn´t know this game, would write I this sentence wrong
I would put the adverb in front of the noun and describe it with the verb, all day long
madly men do more jumping than a singing song
and people would just laugh at me cause I didnt get the syntax on
I see a lot of weird stuff when I google on the internet
people just throwing their words into sentences
that ends up in a terrible mess
without any consensus with the sentences they write
and not to mention the senseless images the make when they are updating their site
“I am who you not think I am”
I am man a yet, but not by stolen the hand!”
Man, What are you trying to say?
I pray for the days when people can produce words in a line perfectly, without saying
this may been, the weirdest verse i wrote so far
and by far, the wrongest of them most, but you will understand the message of it by far
and thats the weirdest part, your perception of the language feeds the message
and make you understand even the most complicated incomepetent refference,
as long as you read it in its context

Topic: Undecided

She had heard both of their voices, seen them debate eachother
one spreading the word a little bit better than the other
she was really keen on the words of freedom, but couldn’t bother
to read behind the sentences that spoke the true matter
instead she rather chose to digest the fear and words of the big brother
a typical description of an undecided voter
lost her brother in war, and a single hard working mother
got her own dreams smothered
years ago, and still haven’t bothered to chase another
Now she lives the alternative lifestyle
but so close minded that the herbs are the only answer in her life right now
She has screamed change for ages, but nothing seems worthwhile
A picket fence writer, a selective fighter
if someone says something she like, she will follow him blindly, right there
Will never find her peace at heart
a fresh start for her would be enough money to fill her shopping cart
with no struggle
And to get there she will vote for the one who doesn’t bug her to much
no matter what he stand for, as long as he can give her a better life with a small touch up

Topic: Enthusiasm

Max was a one of a kind
as a matter of fact, he was one with the time
had been waiting for a decade, to the sounds of the chimes
Wind made them play his tune as soon as he stepped in to find
the answers that laid their for hundreds of years
he acknowledged the excitement, and threw off his fears
tear open a specter of new answers of the atmosphere
a connection between the stratosphere, that the connection was near
and hopefully the final piece was just around the corner
he could wait any longer
he was bubbling of excitement, from the results bubbling over the benzen burner
picked up the cup and turned her
He knew he´d taken his research a little bit further
just wait until the world know about the discovery
finally I can prove the connection of our galaxy
And with great excitement he shared the message with the world
a tirade of words, mesmerized the crowd, and their minds burst
into tears beacause of the beautiful connection back to where we once where
the frash start was finally here

Topic: Crime Noir

“It was a dark and windy night, I spotted him from a distance, i´ve seen him before
I gently open the door and ask: “Do you know the way to the dorm?”
He looked at me suspiciously, he knew that I knew him
with a constant look over his shoulder, he resentingly lets me in
he constantly scratch behind his ear, and rubs his right ear lobe
like he was nerveous about something, hiding the truth about the business of his job
He turns rapidly: Sir, I am sure we met somewhere, please enlighten me?
I turned my head sideways, looking straight into his sweaty face, he smiled to a certain degree
I knew this move, he tried to get the upper hand, but I saw through his little scheem
I new the next move would be dangerous, like picking fruits of a poisiouness tree
Stayed in eyecontact with him before I said: “That is right Tommy, You seen right through me”
It is me, Frank, from Belle Vue, I have been waiting thirty years for this day to come
It was you who killed my family, and my revenge will come upon
You, and everything you stand for, please step away from the closet, and show me both your thumbs
He hesitated for a seceond, before he raised them in the air
it was as clear as daylight, the thumb on his left hand was no longer there
He lost it in the fight with my baby brother, and the proof I needed was right here
I could finally erase him from my memory, my salvation was near
He looked at me, with sorrow in his eyes he said: “I never meant to do it see”
I countered his look and said: “Well that won´t bring back my family”
And without thinking, I shot him dead, a moment of regret turned into peace a second later
I could finally walk as a freed soul again, without the weight on my shoulders

Topic: Mental Breakdown

my minds grinding and churning
thougts flipping and turning
can´t face the truth that lies ahead, so I leave the bridges burning
filled up with all these disturbing images, the inside of me is hurting
just give me one second of peace,
or at least one second where I feel, I can revert things
a living proof of a diverting story, gone bad, none of it is awarding
regardless of the situation, I have tried to keep my life to the according
Manuals I read on it,
but I am done with sorting out these bits
I´ve painted this jigsaw again and again, but now none the pieces seem to fit
even though I control the brush, I can´t match the images I assosiate this with
taking blows to the head now, crumbled on the ground, I man up for the last hits
at the breaking point
I have this conjoint feeling of coexisting with the focal point of my existence
I read my own lips as the image of myself is saying
I am done, let me just sleep

Topic: Hidden Meanings

There must be something hidden here, there is nothing as simple as this
I read the lyrics loud, we have the miss that rhymes with kiss
the boy and the girl that argue over an angry riff
just to make up over rolling strings and end up in eternal bliss
I tear my head open. I am going to crack this code
maybe the writer is pulling strings around the hope
of chasing that one goal
and achieve self absorbing grattitude towards your floating soul
or maybe the kiss represents the meaning of all good
it should be easily understood, that it actually could
and most likely would
kill of the evil, and reincarnate it as Robin Hood
Maybe the riff represent an inner scream
from the boy, maybe the relationship aint what it seem
underneath, the emotions, you can see a torn open dream
that left him crushed to the ground, and this girl is the only one that makes him feel
I try to persuade the sentences to show me the hidden meaning
before it strikes me, Maybe the writer is just boring
and plain stupid, and didn´t choose to give it any more thought than that
Damn, I just lost 3 hours of my life exploring this universe, now give it back!

Topic: Drug addicts and dandy lions

he thought he smelled the war of the roses
the blue one on his shoulder
his lovely herion, suddenly turned colder
mark of the beast, he just wanted to hold her
a firm grip around the belt, thightened, all his best cards are folded
the manic addiction, infiltrated and pentrated by his lengthly followed vixxen
slowly developed a sick sense of a sixth sense
he escapes reality, while his presence presents it as non fiction
and the needle speaks his common sense
thats when
the dandy lions comes to life
like a ray of sunshine, it glows up what hides inside
the empty shell filled with a poisonous mind
the addicted version of dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
it is almost like salvation, or even a revelation
to see these flowers bloom, they´re beautiful, a constant admiration
he just sits their listening in on his inner conversation
but the images they fade away, in balanced and rythmic formations
he finds himself alone again, shaking and shivering
he wants to get back on again, chase the dandy lions, and what they are picturing
so he chase it once again, with the needle that deliver it

Topic: The Socially accepted reality

A wet dream for the white picket fence movement
only daylight exists, night time is something they have heard about in romours
Dreams are something that you experience in this time span
in a deep sleep, you create magic, and let the mind expand
then you forget it when you wake up, let the day come
and move on with your overly rated life form
also called dayjob
cause as long as that paycheck is in your hand
you are socially accepted no matter how foolish you are
or act
as a matter of fact
behind your back
people probably say: Well at least he got a job, we can like him for that
The socially accepted reality happens between 9 and 5
after that in moves to the livingrom and is: “BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE!”
the television are buzzing like a bee hive
until you dose of from the boredom and buzz like a bee……hive
If you manage to make this the cycle of life
you probably end up with a suburban, dog, kids and a wife
you probably don´t like
with a trip abroad, as the focal point you look back on
and then it just go on and on and on and on……..

Topic: Bureaucracy

He takes a quick glance at the paper
then put it in the already overfilled: Take a look at later
together with already outdated sheets
about the state of emergency regarding, birdflu, antrax mailbombs and orders of retreet
dated back to 2003
but at least, those sheets where just fear spreading make belive
or a raise of hope for a new type of democracy
He moves his outbox to the table right across the hall
one the way back he stops and dust the frame of his “employee of the year” picture on the wall
dated back to 2004
eight years later he still as proud as before
even though he had a lot more hair, and a lot more to live for
he still appreciate the papermill that is lying on his desk
but it would relieve some stress from his chest
if people just could use the internet
for these tasks
so he could relax
and maybe just make it, two rounds around the office to fax
his boss, the numbers of todays costs
So he could be much more polite in the two phone calls
he will make today
or maybe he should just take em later, its not like someone is waiting
“hmm cofee sounds good”

Topic: Mindfulness

I work present in the here and now
mindfull to the exact point of return, but keep it on the down low
working hard on showing no signs of returning to the state of
letting the flow of occations rule my life cycle
Raising awareness, without raising the bar, or riding on the tidals
this aint a chase for any title
This aint celebrety chase, or the chase of beeing an idol
This is all about staying true to how life works i practice
that no matter how malice it may treath you, stone cold and callous
have an open mind and stay true your throne in the palace
be aware, stop and feel, enjoy the moments
live life with no regrets, but still keep the stupidness in a distance
there is a difference
between carpe diem and beeing plain stupid about what you choose to fill your life with
If it feels right, it probably is
If there is a slight doubt, follow the gut feelings
And that is beeing mindful

Topic: The Andes Mountains

Like a spine it crawls around the land, sorrounding it with beauty
the minded man will tell his lamb, to be frightened of it´s duty
So many lives are lost, when nature calls upon the raging frost
that the chain has stopped to count men that passed away racing to the top
The range of it all, can fear the most daring of the crop
Everytime you think the chain will stop
it continues with another block
of stones
in a distance, if you are silent, you can hear the mountains roam
and whisper
even chant the song, of fallen soldiers, like guardians of its dome
Not a single man has ever dared to call these mountains home
From North to south its borders go
inside flows its volcanic souls
that flows over with eruptic cause
bulging out from its rythmic jaws
the magma floats and waiting for
another chance to destroy what we think is ours
The Andes is a great example of Nature fighting for its cause

Topic: Lobotomy

There is a new desease that spreads around rapidly
The socialized lobotomy, driven by status as celebrities
the everlasting childhood dream
make teenagers act stupid while they´re chasing their airbubble streams
They are on some daredevil themes
crossing between something barely legal, and uncivil means
while their brain shrivel softly to a nutshell
I try to quell these activities , to keep em outta hell
no good and evil stuff, just a place where the human state ain´t so well
so I play the poetry card to try to build some brain cells
The influences fight me, it is a long fought battle
of ignorance, culture, and lack of substance and matter
To force em take another step on the elevated ladder
lyricly re-arrange the patterns of their blood spatter
Mentally I tear down posters in my sleep
Try to build speach bubbles that preach out what I see
Place em in the sky so they manage to see
the message of a brain, words and lyrical peace

Topic: Professional intimacy

The limits they were so clear
We have to get the product done, the emotions must be left here
our senses were in top gear
but the fasade was painted clearly, and it wasn´t room for what we share
The result was more important than beeing selfish
envious, feels like 100 degrees celcius
just standing close to you, but our faces
are so focused on the progress of this project
can´t let the fear of failing, force out the unecessary
when the groundbreaking results are on the break of failing barely
But i got lost in it so bad
I got lost in it so bad
with the boundaries that we had
I wished that it was me who pushed the break pads
But I am glad that we both did
the result in the end, was both georgeous and vivid
just like our life long relationship, the best there is
Pure friendship

Topic: Kony

It started as a farse on the internet
a result of when the the human mind intercept
with the message sent, related to the feelings it may represent
I saw a wast majority scream change in my timeline
I saw others scream of rage while they tried to throw out their life line
But also a few with a retrospective aspect
that yelled: Wait, take a step back, read behind the lines, then gather your aspects
Where were you when this awful events started to happen
Why was Uganda on your lips all of the sudden
the power of the mind and emotions, led you to open up and pushed on your buttons
I agree that the story is horriffic
but the message of it all aint exactly prolific
and the cheap shots they use, and their narrow angle
shouldn´t be enough to get your thoughts to mangle
what it should do, is to enforce yourself to go deeper to untangle
the story behind the story, and find out more about the actions that are handled
then you are at a point to take action

Topic: Chocolate

A little piece of delight
flavored, milky and brown, I know i will like
I might laugh at people who just swallow these bits
its a piece of art, each flavour is made with the intention to hit
the tastebuds, your emotions, waking up from your dream state
just don’t take it as far as making chocolate your dream date
then you have eaten to many
and it is no longer healthy
you should learn to appreciate all good, but only taste it
when you are ready
to be driven out on a journey
filled with hunger and devotion, to recreate the same taste
that sent you back here in the first place
or else its just a waste of time, and respect the uniqueness
the mystique lies in bewteen the sheets of sweetness
and it is here the consumer will reveal its weakness
while the personality of an enjoyed soul shows his true self
The chocolate is more than just candy, it is the ressurection of its self

Topic: Beeing Drunk

an intoxicating feeling of forgetting
letting your mind go, in that true sense, just to catch your breath with
its a feeling I often fled to
wich led to, social events, friends, and a brain with no creative virtue
a twenty twenty tunnel vision, eyepads in the size of a unicorns horseshoe
And an inner voice that screams: What more can i do for you?
The inner dialogue is escalating with some pace
I embrace the fact, that this state has taken me to this place
without feeling displaced
And it is at this stage i wished that i went home and replaced
this last beer, with water and escape the dry mouth tommorrow
I am glad I´m on a break now, there is no sorrow
left in me of taking a year long break from alcohol
and it is fun to experience your friends, socialize on alcohol
My body feels like a temple, and my mind is on a pedestale
feel like i am a horse head in front of where I was, a year ago
And the result is right in front of me, I couldnt have written this a year ago
and read my life since i stopped 77 days ago, a creation of
pure inner thoughts with no hidden influences to show for

Topic: Key hole

Reveling of a secret, you can see it if you peep in
let your eyes roll through the room, until you find what you are seeking
If you only had the key
you could have revealed all off its mysteries
but you are stuck on the outside, wondering about the inquires
that hides inside, what type of histroy hides in this room
the object in the center, kind of takes the attention and grooms
your mind, it wanders around, you wonder, you assume
that the fumes you smell will enlighten the gloom
of your mind, and you pressume that its a deeper meaning
behind this door, it will reveal the picture within it
if you only had the key, if only you had seen it
in close contact with the object, your inner voice wouldnt be screaming
If only you had the key, you could have answered all your dreams
you could have edited all the scenes
and finally found the key to your inner urge and screams
if only You had the key, that fit the key hole

Topic: Bicycle wheel

The metal sticks, are connected with the rim
the wheel of fortune, recolection of a dream
Rolling forward, pass intersections, swinging in its gleam
the light that strikes the bike it rides, is leaning to the screams
the golden glitter, thickness of its body weight
shapeshifting exterior, the tension that it recreates
equiped with an armored plate
in case someone wants its gold in weight
or better yet, wants the key to be the head of state
never underestimate the powers of this wheeling creation
it can overcome and deal with the most incriminating abominations
but after days of standing in front of standing ovations
its getting pretty sick and tired of the mass maipulation
of its name and reputation
So It silently retreats back to escape this public solemnization
makes a few modifications before turning in
Another day have passed with the sucession of the rim

Topic: Earthquake

Rumblin sounds, vocal chords of the earthmovers
inserted all their strength into pushing opposites towards eachother
the floating magma of ther souls
are boiling over its boiling point, while their opposition tries to make it cold
attacking with no intention to fold
their redemption song is played in d-minor, they refuse to be overthrown
their cause wont get sold, thats when two worlds collide
thats when the two sides meet, just to divide
further apart, creation of a new tide
The richterschale breaks records, the aftershakes make marks worldwide
seismic waves makes an impact on the way we experience life
we need the global plates to stay awake , to feel alive
This human earthquake didn´t just shake us on the outside
it even took a bite off, and shook our minds
grabbed us by our spinal chord and got injected in our spine
But it wouldn´t be a revolution if one global mind had nothing else to fight against
you need a rumbling crowd to be able to even scream change
so please join hands and fight you battles

Topic: Injustice

She looked over her shoulder, had nothing else to hope for
the fading past has taken over, in this circle she feels so small
bound to be a victim
feels sickened by the system,
the eviction notice was a closed call even before she was told she got evicted
this selection of destinies
roll of a dice, inception of a bad dream
injected in a collection of mad mens greed
the recollection of a happy life died while her man still plead
on his knees
to be relieved from the painful grief, of leaving his wife and kids in a dying need
of a home, but now they are left on the cold and lonely streets
The pain from this unjust story crawls into the bonemarrow
like a pointed arrow, shot through the heart of our everyday hero
carrying on with her painful sorrow
while the hawks are flying over her head, waiting for tomorrow
so they can feast upon her losses
to please their own bosses
and take advantage of the situation no matter what the cause is

Topic: safehouse

Hide between these four walls
No safety net to be praying for
wont dare to open up the door
the construction material is all that he’srelying on
afraid to face the danger, so much safer in this sacred place
hide away hissinful rage, and race against the human race
embrace the evil like it was his friend, he even finds himself to sing its grace
disgraceful behaviour, but he can’t face the destiny, he cant face his end of days
hw’s speaking with his inner voice, show emotions through his outer shell
leaning towards heavens gate, dance with the devil through the gates of hell
the voices drive him closer, Hope that this will end well
but the safehouse isn’t safe no more, someone rings the door bell
this is the final curtain call, Now its time to share and tell
the sacrifice he made, and the obstacles he tried to quell
Used the protection of his own life, on behalf of others
no he has to pay the prize, it couldn’t go around unbothered
the slayered souls are back again
the reverend throws his hands, this is the end of his game
there is no other soul to blame, so he bows his head in shame
And the darkness strikes quick, and the fire blows out the flames

Topic: Photographer under fire

In the center of the firing line
his camera stays objective, while the firing squad takes its time
he is usually on the other side
of the lense, but now he is caught dead center, its flashing while
he tries to walk out the backdoor
but he is caught up by the brigade again, and they make sure
to let go of the button, as soon as he steps forward or
turns around,
the scandal that he wore
around his neck, was to preacious for the others to let go
they just had to ensure, that they had secured
the true story about the colleague that stored
information of homeland security, devestating for the government
better yet, prime time for the journalist and the cameras their superiors sent
they couldn´t just let this go, they had to feast upon it
get every juicy detail, so the world could dream about it
revealed under the plea for knowledge
released under the need for disadvantages
so the people could get a scapegoat, and so they did
but this time it was their own kind, that gave them their bid
for justice

Topic: Starbucks

Just when I thought we had enough
Chains from abroad, corporations, that import the thought of convinience
It was just convinient that Starbucks thought, Norway seems like a nice region
to start a new franchise, they love brands they only see outside their own region
Please, I plea to all of you Norwegians
that think its great that we can finally pose on facebook with a starbucks cup between our fingers
Have a sip, have a real good taste, and realise, it tastes like shit
It is limits for what a brandname can take away from the taste, thats why they flavour it
But not even buttercream, syrup, or chocolate can hide behind the fact, that the cofee taste like rotten piss
I am a coffee lover, I love coffee beyond the word coffee
And if its something that americans can´t teach me, it would be, how to make coffee
or sallads
There is just something wrong with the picture,
if we take the flavour away, and add some sugar, I´m sure that it will taste better
Thats why american black cofee tastes and looks like almost clean sewered water
Espressos looks like oil rafined tap water
so I plea to you Norwegians out there
We are top 5 barrista country world Wide
Why do you go out and buy
Merchandised, branded coffee, when the real deal is either inside,
your own home or at a coffee shop nearby
Please explain to me why!

Topic : Family

There is so much you can talk about with family
one of the most frequent words i use, is destiny
destined to be related to these people, if nothing else, genetically
It can be delightful, like a bed of roses, or dreadful
if that bed is filled with bloody roses and a dark infected history
a family relation can be a life long dependency
it can also be filled with jealousy, rivalry and a fight for identity
and secondly a penalty for fighting fights mentally
instead of using words orally and fight differences with empathy
A family can be the best institution in the world, for your own safety
if you are treathed equally, respectfully and with heartfelt ectasy
and potentially be brought up with love as your specialty
but you can also be in an environment, where the ectacy is produced chemically
and lies and deceit is an every day tendency
where love is an addiction, and they only care for it desperately
and use any means necessary, to catch the dragon with the recipe
and there is no place on earth closer to hell in these circumstances
so I hope you got your mind flowing through these stanzas
and rise up to fight for yourself and all the families around us

Topic: Beauty

Beauty can mean so many things
It can be the first fresh breath of air during spring
or the moon during frost nights, surrounded by a ring
so bright, it could make the most painful soul sing
beautiful tones, melodies of regret, with positive strings
that floats through the emotions
that works like lotion for the soul and plays the sequence in slow motion
as you move towards the commotion, opening up to the ocean
of gleeming lights
Beauty can be the first sight
or the last look, or the lost love someone else took
from you, and the pain that in the end creates hope, gives you so much to look
forward to
So I am calling you
Beautiful for no reason, and it would be the truth
Beauty can also be as easy as the way you choose
to keep your hair that day, that you let it loose
so my view of you all of the sudden changed to something new
and your apperance grew on me,
not beacause of the way you looked, but the way your carried yourself around
Like your face got a different sound
and the tones attach too a deeper ground
or beauty can also be everything thats sorrounding me,
and it is the way your orchestrate it, that open up the master key
And that meldoy will open doors for the true beauty

Topic: Paw prints

Grafitti of the animal planet
a paw print marks the territory, natures own canvas
from small kittens to big lions
the tag sign is the mark of a beast, and its not the size that matters
Impressional art, the scentist call these patterns
I call it expression of the heart, another step up the ladder
carved into the ground, with exactly the right precision
made by an animal with clinical night vision
collision of a lifeline made life signed with surgical incision
what those three paw prints represent
the story of a posture, with bent knees or time spent
on a thight edge, survival of the fittest, with a bad dent
but with so much comapssion sent
through the imagery, so you can read what this pawprint meant
when it was made
it changed how the other animals portraited their mate
they saw him in a different way
and couldn´t wait to see his progression through the next stage

Topic: Cannibalism

I´m not gonna approach this as a cannibal holocaust
or build and nest a story that will reveal a massive hoax
I wanna go natural, reveal the flesh and blood
a flash flood of images, that grows beyond and above
the true desire of this topic, lies in the creatures that show
an interest for eating their own flesh and blood
If I were a cannibal, I would eat poets
or eat portraits in neat portions
and drink it down with the bloody tones of a stolen
drumpattern and a sampled piano roll, but would never be able to digest B.Dolan
This inner urge seem to get people on the verge
and the forces of hunger merge
and get this thirst and hunger emerging from the surface
with this need that they are cursed with
I have one plea in all of this, and mean no harm
but could you few rappers and poets stop chewing on my arms
and start feasting on your own flesh
find your own rhymes

Topic: Syriah

It is a sad fate that plays out on an open stage
for weeks now, I have seen images of a childs face
filled with terror, hunted by a mad rage
from a soldier, following the words, that a mad man say
And all I can do is sitting on the sideline and wait
If I was religious, I could sit silent and pray
All i can do now is sit and fight out the violence from my head and wait for a better day
My only response from this chair, that can help, is writing about this topic every day
not create awareness, but obtain it, when the camera shuts off
the aftermath of the arabian spring, happens when the voices stop singing
the worst geneside since Balkan wars is already happening
hundreds of men are beeing executed weekly, why are we waiting
as a world society that are suppose to be helping
cause the camera light is only the beginning
We have nothing if they shut it off, It doesnt make an end to the killings
it only gives us the rest of not knowing
we need to get off our knees, and give back to these people
we need actions not words, we need respect for our equal

Topic. Hunger

This Hollow feeling that i carry
I bury my beliefs and needs as results starts to vary
but I don´t wanna pay the ferryman yet, cause I am not ready
to take the last ferry out
I wanna feast on those two penny´s, that is all that I can dream about
I scream and shout
I wanna be more than my destiny, and I want it now, I´m on the route
but cant seem to eat my way out of the pathway, that causes this drought
If I could just reach to those who hope, with my hunger
Fill my lunges, with some fresh air, and breath it on others
then the hole inside , would fill the whole number
of younger people seeing a future from my struggle
That would make me full again
that would ease up all the pain
the feeling of giving others the strenght
to feel, and feeling a need to extend the lenght of their veins
and rid of the vain needs that they´ve been fighting aginst
then my purpose and hunger are fulfilled to
Then the ferryman have earned his pennies and I can pay my way through
sleeping in peace with all the destinies i knew
and all the new destinies i grew

Topic: Norways Terror Activity

I don´t know how I should put this in a nice way, or even state it correctly
But I am given the topic on this so I write this to you quite directly
you got to be kidding me
look the word up, terror attacks, act that spreads terror through the society
I have no clue on how you put Norway in this category
So i am gonna brake it down thoroughly
too se if I can understand it better
Are you talking about participating in attacks in Syria, Afgahnistan, Iraq?
We can debate if we should be there, yes, but those are military attacks
on millitary strategic positions, not civilians, not an assumption, but actual facts
But I am more than willing to say that we need to get our troops back
Or are you talking about the “terror” in the system
on how the goverment, spread fear, by not following the system
but exploit the resources, needs, and the safety of our people
by giving certain goods to some, and not treathing us as equal
Financially, medically or even on our human rights
This is still not terror, it is ignorance towards democracy, and also indifference when it comes to witholding their rights
hiding behind: We didn´t know, when the fact is, if you really cared, it is publicly known from the start
in a place where people vote, it is actually your duty as a civilian, to check what type of laws are beeing passed
and then you can revoke it, and do your part to fight against it
So no, there is nothing terrorising about this
I don´t know if I covered it all but, please feel free to write back at me
so I can see if I missed some of the history
of this aspect, please enlighten me,
and I take it into consideration

Topic: Paddle

It sounds so simple, just stick the wooden stick in water and you move forward
after several attemps, rage takes over, and you start to wobble
in the waterline, you try to remember what was underlined
in the instruction manual when you first started to paddle down
the river, of the stream of life
the cuts and turns you made since then, was an amazing sight
went from absolutely certain, to more unsecure and hurten
then you rose around a waterfall, and fought back through the burdens
many hurdles must you pass on your road towards freedom
and by freedom i mean, the open landscape that close up upportinities when you need em
you used to be able to see clear under water
not the mudstains, clog your eyes, and your inner vision ain´t any better
when you believed in vibrations in the waterline, you thought you found your pathway
but ended up on the same path you took every day, and blamed it on society
you paddled your verse through harmony
and you paddled your worst through destiny
Who would have thought that paddling in between could bring out the worst and best of me

Topic: Thoughts

planted a seed in the ground
now its growing around
rooting on thoughts flowing on lips in double sorround
flower the sounds thats sorrounding us now
Can see it bloom from a distance
a thought was born as a misfit, now it grows like a difference
brought up on ignorance, harvested on its influence
now its confident in its deliverence
the thought has flown over the horizon to often
but mankind has stepped in with their precaution
and barried their beliefs in a coffin
and threw the key away, really started to soften
up towards new ways of thinking
the possibilities narrows down, but the views on life aint shrinking
its rising
cause life ain´t about compromising
its all about revising
and finding comfort in you life events
and while writing this I lead your thoughts in this direction like i ment
in the first place

Topic; Going Abroad

There is something strange happening, when I´m Crossing borders
my posture, my attiude, my visions stretch a little longer
I adress people in a much more appropriate way
I wish I could be an alien in Oslo, just for a day
I suddenly enjoy when people adress me when I pass them
Beeing called love, dear, sir, signore or gentleman
embrace me more, cause the politeness is there cultural code
and my chin rises more and more
as I walk on the main road, and listen to small symphonies beeing roared
Ode to love
I would call it, its like the sounds are vanishing around you, and all you here is magic
The lovely sonnet of Rome, The theatre of Prague
The poetry of London, I can list the beauty of them all
But when I get back home, the same tones are turning off key
the melodies of the city, ain´t balanced with the rest of me
I often tell myself, in Europe even the statues have started moving
while we are on a standstill, culturally, on a human level, we have stopped improving
but when we are reminded we play music that is soothing , so Im refusing
to give up hope, we can once more be proving
that our symphonies can be in tune as long we all choose it
but intil then
i need my yearly refreshment of a cultural vacation to a much more melodic place

Topic: Restraint

It´s coming more an more restrictions
from the outside, we are close to eviction
from our own cities, at least to an extent
cause the laws of free trade are invading our business
lets call it voluntary restraint
A topic not up for debate
new laws are beeing sent by fax from brussel to our head of state
and beacause of our placement of the EEA
Between the constitution and the laws of our state
we are forced to ammend our laws from whatever Brussel would state
If we should choos to refuse what they send, the can choose to refuse our freedom to trade
with states of the union, so who is the hero now for working through this agreement
I guess that person, we don´t need to mention by name, didn´t see through the agreement
of beeing able to trade with countries in the union, without beeing part of it
But then again, she didn´t think that Norwegians would vote against and stay out of it.
So we got no saying in the decisions, but please don´t take this as wanting to be a part of making those decisions
we just have to see if we can find a sollution, where we are less needy, and more needed
so they can´t afford to cancel our EEA agreement
but the most scary part is that we now have a law system that is forever tainted and infected
by the laws outside of Norway, and it would take decades to untangle it
but we need it to work

Topic: Happiness vs Sorrow

two contasting feelings, that needs to co-exist
you can´t experience sorrow if you don´t know what hapiness is
You can be the happiest kid
without even knowing this
cause the emptyness that strikes you down, hasn´t really ever hit
so you can walk on sunshine, be dancing on clouds
but reality hasn´t appeared yet, So you are bouncing like a clown
on how you see life, but cant face it, when the frown is turned upside down
on the other hand
you can walk around, boiling with emotions, of the dark kind
you call yourself a marked mind
that you left life behind
cause the excitement of life is a stage you forgot and left inside
the mind of your past beeing
you can´t see the life, cause its not excisting
not a single time during childhood, you heard any kind words
the frase, I love you, is as distant as I know you, but it doesnt hurt
You feel empty, cause the events hasn´t happened yet
I wonder how you get, when you first get the words i love you thrown in your face
Both ways, you will probably feel great,
cause the aspect of your life and emotions, contains a wider range

Topic: Cucumber

it took its watery body, dragged it forwards
bragged to his friends, i could strike a pose for hours
easily bent backwards, slightly bent like a flower
“I could get a 100 likes on the mall, just for posing under an hourly shower”
But the machine and need has caught up with me
in the past the majority grew my future
now they are fed up, the wanna profit, and people wanna feast on me
I used to star on markets
now everywhere i go, I nearly depart, cause they all want to part this
beautiful slim, slightly bent body of mine
but instead of paying to see me, they pay to have me inside
of them
But I wish I could go around earning an honest dollar again
istead of beeing sold cheap to pleasure all the women and men
who is out for an easy fix on vegetables
instead of threathing all vegetables with the respect within them
I´ve seen friends tossed around in sallads
I´ve seen friends beeing garnished as a side dish, with garlic, dancing to ballads
for a fried chicken, to please the sins of a proud villain
who felt bad for not using all the veggies in the kicthen
so he killed every soul left within them
just to believe he extended his own life times a million
If you gonna eat me have some decency and make proper meal from me

Topic: Pain

For a second there time stopped
my jaw dropped, first I though it was my sock
but the noise I heard, was the noise of my skin pop
Pulled it off, No blood yet, thats a good sign i thought
the moment after, it started dripping on the floor
but not a lot though, just enough for it to come out again, after I wiped it off
Went in the batrhoom door, my wife went from beeing carpnting assistent, to a nurse on the bathroom floor
Damn damn damn you Ikea
Im not a fan fan fan of you bolts and screw from Korea
but most of all I am not a fan off my own stupidity
to step on a cuttler side i already prepared, so it is with great humility
i write this verse, with a slight drop in confidence, and a huge drop in mobility
make me question my abilities off building the easiest of facilities
that the plausability of stepping on exactly that bolt,
made me rethink the option of buyin a closet in the first place. no joke
So leave me alone with my pain, provoked

Topic: Framework

importance of a pretty frame
make images burn notice over an open flame
the framwork proclaim its greatness, abstained and renamed
the beauty of the artwork, no one noticed it was the same
he framed in december, he just switched its place and its name
to fit the message for its statements
the importance of proper placement,
is the basic of the framework
that makes something go from basic, to great, onwards to amazement
you will find a lot of ugly frames, stuffed in a lot basements
cause the artist seems to forget that even a pavement, can be painted perfect
or different, just disconnect from the serpents
that tell you that the uncertain, probably isn´t what your searching
so you purchase the idea of special effects
and create images that neglect the real message it represents
infected by too many effects that affects the frame of the object.
So please keep the framework beautiful, and by beautiful
i mean truthful
to the picture you are presenting, in its most naked way, it is the most useful tool

Topic: unmotivated violence

They meet up at the local bar again
Tim and his friends, are playing mental games
with the guests, trying to throw stares at em
Tim is in the background, on the look out
if someone looks in their direction or straight back
He will tell his friends that
They wait for the perfect victim, the one who had a couple to much
even better if his girl just broke up, and he is aggrivated, sat off by a light touch
they are a thight bunch, that walks over to the victim of the night
speaking loudly next to him, build up for a fist fight
small comments, small bumps, not looking to bright
give him the set off confidence, to think he can do this right
he takes on the role as the dark night
this well planned fight club, turns in to a rough sight
one of Tims friends, takes a big bite
of his chin, while he lies on his back, beeing held down thight
When the police arrived, they say that he attacked first
when the sad side of the story is , that he reacted first
to the action of a hurd
that planned this motivated bar fight, ever since the last one occured
It is so absurd, to even think they exist in this world

Topic: I never learned to write properly

I never learned to write properly
I learned it through imagery
To use my emotions, to imagine the inner circle, and breath it out as poetry
no certain patterns in the stanzas I write
No certain schemes in my wordflow, more emphasis on the underlined
A picture says a 1000 words, so imagine what my imagery can describe
Not a lot of influence from other writers, I haven´t spent hours reading what other poets write
No common knowledge on them either
If you ask me deeper about Cocteau, Poe or any other
I probably look at you as a huge question mark
But when you read my verse afterwards, you will se where I put my marks
You probably find the connectors, you probably see the messages
that can relate it to other poets,
but I am telling you now, these are my lines, my rhymes, my essence
The negative factor, is that I am never certain, if I created something good or bad
Cause I don´t have the knowledge that i should´ve had
but then the feedback arrives
and I see that I may have created something fresh, just by using the image in my mind,
in the right way
when i write

Topic: Image and gimmick of a rapper

Theres not a scene in the music biz
that has the same emphasis
on image as for rappers and the gimmick they are dancing with
either, you are gangster or street, west or east
alternative, crunk, old school or breakable beats
you have to live and breath this image to the extreme
at least in pictures, in videoes, and covers of magazines
You claim for bitches and hoes, but got none of those
you are bradley adams, still married to your high school rose
You are a weed smoker, preach your lyrics as your seventh sense
alternative to the bone, diving into different sents
Shouting out different,
and freedom, but cant deal with the indifference
of your actual life, you are Adam Kent,
handing out brochures for the local real estate agents
but your manager told you, that image will never sell
so write about the moon cycles, sun strikes and 2012
and call your first album, “I will see you all in hell, 2.0 heaven sells”
I got a couple of words to your image seeking figures
it is the soul of the music, and sadly agents, that sell records
so make music that your heart will listen to
that will always be the number 1 marketing tool
it will be a longer run, but you will see it to
that your listeners will love you, for just beeing you

Topic: Agenda of a politician

If you are under the illution, that this grinning well suited caracter
is a caracter who fight for you, and your barrier
ÿou have to carry to much of hope inside, to even be able to carry it
No wonder you scream change, cause the strength of your arms are vanishing
as well as the length of em axpands, by the hour, it feels embarrasing
to think a president will represent you
to think an elective is the soul of the youth
that elections are speaking the truth
instead it seems like they are bending it, he is just in it for the pleasure of amending the views
that can buy em four more years, in the pressence of few
If you have no recoginition of this, I need to teach you a lesson or two
If you live to worship the president stool, you are just a depressing old fool
beeing used as the presidents tool, to promote that the represantitives rule
every rule and law for you,
that there is no need to think, or worry, we have politicians to choose from
up on a pedistale, populistic, with a premise and perspective as far away from freedom
you can come
but you cannot hide, but you can play a part in the re-run
or shall I say the re-make cause they switch the actors, every fourth year, for a sweet sum
of money, they tour the country and one lucky winner, can rule the future of our history
without looking backwards

Topic: The human mind

The myth of its mysteries
the mind can show you paths beyond your own abillities
make images so real, you believe in them
create voices, that speak a truth so beautiful it feels like a heaven sent
melody, and you just feel like a manikin
carrying a soul, your just a shell, your nothing more than a human beeing
let yourself go to those melodies, but never loose charge
the´s when the devils advocate makes his mark
the reality at heart, beeing battled at its ark
the mind plays its tricks with you, It can guide you into the dark
Your heart was only allowed to take one equal, so it took love
riding on its heartbeat, i carried on above
to give that glimps of hope,
let the violins improvise a sonnet, just to show
to keep in touch with your melody
that´s your only true reality
if it plays an off key
you only need to tune it right, to get the reality back to its sanity
People will try to interfer through life, but as long as you see
the notepad in front of you, you will expand above the trees
and your abilities will live its true colours

Topic: Humbleness

The gratitude i feel inside is bulgin
the need of showing it in public is indulging
but I choose to keep it to myself
stay humble with the prices in my room, kept safe up on the shelf
look towards yourself, I bow in your pressence
the essence of these emotions are ever so present
The person with the abilities, keep it at heart
the one searching, starts at the finishline to break it apart
just to claim he was the first over the line, to show that he´s smart
and filled with a talent, calling all stations, to tell he´s on top of the charts
but in the bigger picture he will alwyas fall short
he judged himself even before he stepped inside his own court
and at the end of the day his trophy room will always feel empty
he strives for the price, not what´s in it, its the status that´s tempting
his pride is non excistent, its just business, he needs plenty
the humble talent appreciate every trophy in it
he knows where, why and how he got it
he put his emotions in the win
he knows where his been
he begins every day with a thank you

Topic: Running away

No more time that matter
Broken down and shattered
Walk on broken glass
The stream of blood, the golden passage
The human salvage, open up to the damages
sacrilege of the soul
I know that I can´t handle this
So please
Let me just run away in peace
The pieces of my shattered soul,
are puzzled in the bigger scenes
can´t handle living on this way
I am an open prey
For predators, so I am running away
Can´t look back in time
Im at the prime of my
Inner revolution
but the answers are not inside
Brush through the surface
Rush to a certain
Destination with covering curtains
So i can cover my traces while i run

Topic: Panda´s with no sexlife

There´s an issue with the black and white
the option of no choice, gives no excitement
and the grey-zone is more of a mental placement
than actual captions of life events
the sexual aspects are non-existent
the reproduction organs are as extinct as their own existence
wanna add something extra, but their spices are to blend
and their pick up lines are overused, and their libidos are lent away
On the jungle telegraph, you might here them say
things like: I would like to Pan Dat prey
or, you know what they say about Panda´s with big black spots
If not, I will tell you a couple of facts
and then they actually tell those facts
And as a man I don´t want a female telling me what to do
I much rather lay here in the grass and chew on my bambo0
I don´t have the time to waste the next 30 seconds with you
or even worse, a couple of minutes, so please let me enjoy my non nutritious food
Cause lets face facts here, you don´t like me and I don´t like you

Topic: Fading Voices

You meet them at every event
they sneak around, looking for someone who represents
someone close to someone close to the ones who can present
their music to someone utterly important
They go through the crowd, stop in front of you put on their friendly face
“yo, I don´t know if you know us, but let us just state
that we love your music, we need to connect,
We are on some mad lyrical shit , have your heard it yet?”
then they go on and go on, whisper rhymes through your ear canal
some mad aggressive shit too, spit shall hit you before the rhymes do and its not even lyrical
I can´t believe they called themselves avant garde
when their rhymeschemes are straight up AABB, with some forced multies hidden inside
that make em loose track of the accapella beat they thought the had
when they leave you there hanging
they finish the conversation, with, We´ll send you some beats in the morning
but you know they wont be calling
the last you will here of their voices is when they are fading
in the next room, we are on some mad lyrical shit, have you heard it yet, before the door is closing
Please stop!

Topic: Moon

It always sneaks up, with the stars
give that extra shine to the sky, so we can see them better from a far
from a distance, it looks so peaceful
if we look at it through skywatchers, that image seems decietful
cause the movement on the surface
the romours of a perfect
apperance, merged from reporters and journals
but if we look behind what the moon writes in its journal
we see that even the perfect image has its flaws and is far from normal
These skywatchers that lights up the stars,
seem to direct the lights so far away from what they actually are
that what goes on at earth is underneath par
so we are always on the run, to reach upwards and be a part of the bizzare
filled with so much vanity
that it would be fair, to call it´s existence for insanity
with this control, the moon got its control over humanity
when the cavalry march on and deliver us the fantasy

Topic: My valentine

it is easy to get moshy on topics like these
that you talk to much in images and cliches with ease
instead of actually talking about how you actually feel
and what kind of needs your loved one fullfills
So I´m gonna leave it straight to the point. strickly towards emotion
talk about how you make me feel, you are my love and devotion
you are my brick and support, a life without you is out of the question
A massive explotion of lust and commotion hit towards me, when I first felt your emotions
you struck my heart, the archbow of amor, seemed to struck it real hard
cause the arrow has escaladed all since the start
and I love you more for each day that pass, my love will probably go off the charts
the day we grow old together and we supposedly part
My mission is to love you, up until we met, the mission was to actually meet you
the first time i greeted you, I didn´t quite reach too you
but after almost five years I can say, I grew on you
so please take this words in the nicest of ways
i know I sometimes use words that doesn´t state what I actully say
please accept these lines now on valentines day
forever my valentine, wife, mother of my child, I will love you forever, till the end of time

Topic: Spring struck

I can hear the birds calling
singing in the horizon, humming for a new season
the white carpet is still sleeping on the ground beneath me
but the sun comes up a little bit earlier, and stays until early in the evening
meaning, that we are leaving the darkness sleeping
in a distance, in addition to this, I can barely hear people speaking
whispering softly, trying to remeber how it was to be meeting
others, and conversate, been sleeping away their social life
alcohol has been the subsitute for most of the time
and feasting to keep an open mind, and pleasure themselves over an open fire
but all of that is over now, we look towards the warmer side
and everytime it arrives, it fills us up with lust inside
There is no end to the possibilities
we have all the abbilities
to achieve what we seek for, when spring hands out her utilities
and arm us with warmt, joy, laughter and capabilities
there is no way stopping us now
the wqarm front is backing us up
and we rise towards summer in no time

Topic: Footsteps

Another cycle round the timetable
moon stars and the sun switch places
we call it life
Ät least on paper
I’ll never be a paperchaser
I’ll be hunting down the messenger
¨not for answers, but to tell him to keep his secrets better
underneath the symbolism, messages are so clever
I’m Forever
Grateful that I never
ran away on a train to catch heaven
or the rainbow
You need to open your eyes
there is no treasure at the end of the line
I think I’ll end this real quick right now
with an oedipus refference, followed by a Drake punchline
You can’\ outrun fate, destiny
When one peace of the puzzle fits, find the rest of me
puzzle it together, lifeline meets basic story
But at the end, the picture is the same story, HIS

Topic: Coldness

This phenomenon comes in so many different characters
sometimes dressed as winter, or as stormful barriers
most of the time its dressed as man, and occationly as corridors
the fact is, that it affects us, and we step away from it and treath it like a foreigner
you can see it in stale looks
fading from pale to hide the shades of a false crook
that took away the love from its closed book
to tell the story of a frozen heart hanging on a cold hook
This is how we treath coldness
and how coldness treaths us back, its ruthless
when the truth is, we should make it feel useful instead of useless
we should use our knowledge to embrase the cold
we should acknowledge that its bold
enough to seek us everytime it snows
or anytime a man turns his back, afraid awayfrom a lonely soul
to afraid to show his empathy towards this old
equal man, who sits there every day and night
seeking for some warmth in life, but no one seems to serve him right
this knight in shiny armour, just turns away, he is freezin, cause a storm arrives
so he thinks about himself first, survival of the stereotypes
We need to leap towards the light, to embrace this greater sight
to help and heal the coldness, with a global warming that might work one night
for a greater purpose for this earth
a new birth of the firth
of fifth, a new beginning on the verge of paradise

Topic: Homophobic Housewifes

With a glance through the kitchen window
She looks through the glitch to peep at the people
that she don´t see as equal
or else God would have mentioned that in the Bible 2. the sequel
her sunday mass of church goers has convinced her about the veiws
on how to threath these sinners, and she choose to follow these confused
beliefs and avoid any inner journey, to try to accept to see the truth
Cause nothing is stronger than the words, from others
nothing shall interfer with what i heard, from others
We are suppose to love eachother
or the opposite sex, that is God´s words, no others
So if the milkman or the postman act a bit different
you will see the doors closed in every picket fence house or appartment
but you know somethings wrong, cause the curtains are not properly parted
and If you look close enogh, you will see a startled
middle aged woman, take short glimps towards the doorstep
to avoid any contact with these men, or women, are utterly important
and remember to clean the door knob, and throw away the wash cloth after you have used ´em
These words goes out to all men and women that share this opinion
We are all created equal, who are you to believe anything different
and preach these ludacris words and claim its the truth
and make other people belive it too
you are the ruiner of all good
and the evil force is so much closer to you
for sharing those views

Topic: Bewildered Love stories

It´s the same every time, you wanna find a hand to hold
but everytime it warms your soul, the hand is turning icy cold
the more you try to heat it up, it moves towards the heart section
you want her to feel the blood rush, but her veins are frozen, no affection
then she might fall out and say things like, there is no connection
left between us, you are on the windy narrow road, while I am on the intersection
waiting for my next direction
I am waiting for my next injection, waiting for a new obsession
that can teach me how to fly again and reimburse my ressurection
that I lost by taking risk and fall into the wrong direction
so now its time to say goodbye and let me have a life where i can worship my perfection
The words sting and demolish every respect you might have had left
and everybody knows, this is where you take the last step
and walk away and prep and weave your own web
to protect yourself from everything elsk but yourself
but you don´t, you just couldn´t stope
you saw hope when its not
you saw love in the most peculiar of places
you where just so bewildered, that the best for you was in none of those places
so I hopw you one day will find peace and evolve from the ashes
of burnt love

Topic: Musical box

I can´t keep away from the temptation
of quoting one of the greatest
when i deal with these sentences
on this topic, it brush through my soul
“Play me Old King Cole
That I may join with you,
All your hearts now seem so far from me
It hardly seems to matter now.”
I play around with it, try to expand my musical experiences
this musical box is used to flirt with all of my seven senses
and I use it to flirt with all the temptations
so we play a huge part in producing peoples changes
together we can be something huge, him and I
eye to eye, with a musical gemini
armed to our teeth we make the lyrics emphasized
with a rythm and a beat from a box i turn the weel on, mechanized
movement of my arms, the charming tones expands
and this mucal box warms up the man

Topic: Creative Process

Commanded by the voices, conversations with my novices
the unfinished visions, turned to dreams, then to sentences
my pen is burning, learning from the experiences
the tension between the pen and paper, builds up as I write my verses
The curse and joy of beeing in a process
the love I feel, and lack to share it, at least until the verse is processed
under this spell, almost posessed by the Idea of creating lines compressed
into messages, in each of the sentences on paper as i carress them gently
the entry of another idea, another view on life enters friendly
Sometimes the wordflow doesn´t reach up to its standards
then I have to rethink its structure, and maybe let the Muse be angered
My brain doesn´t need to be pampered, It needs the truth and that shall never be tampered
Towards the end I excerpt a sample
Say it loudly to my self, to see if my emotions are being tangled
If it is too easy to untagle them, I sit myself down again
to reconstruct emotions and play a part in every one of them
I´m not happy until every letter plays together to contain
the message that I bled out through the vains of my mental stains

Topic: Bikini

Laying in the top drawer, has a dream it wanna pursue
but everytime it touch skin, it feels trapped without a curfew
If only she knew
the tension she drew out, everytime she dressed up for and blew
kisses towards the mirror
the skin she revelead as she drew it nearer
I think she scared it a bit, then it saw things clearer
she stepped into its bottom part, no longer close to even fear her
It felt like a wearer of a crown, or at least like glittering jewelry
it was nothing in this world that was even close to be called cruelty
it felt the top parts beeing lifted, felt like a modern day foolery
when she struggled to button up the top by fingering with its promiscuity
she spoke its language fluently, embrassed it with a soft touch
it could sense her bloodrush from her skin, and liked it very much
wished to stay forever as she dipped into the salty water, brushed
clean by the tidal waves
The night just fades away
as she slips into something more confortable, it could lie and watch her for days
as it dries up on the bed,
ready to be tucked into the drawers again, it will be left there in a daze

Topic: Restless

Tingeling movement in my entire body
wanna do something, the silence is killing me softly
The internal scream is building up, but I don´t wanna bother nobody
I see in the timeline that its plenty happening, but nothing that satisfy me
Don´t wanna move from the couch
but GOD do I wanna move away from this couch
It builds up my grouch as the movement in my crouch
starts jiggeling, cause I can´t Face that I´m a Slouch
when it comes to going out, when there is nothing to do, Really
Ideally I would live on the floor of each floornight, daily
Mainly because i don´t have to move around so much, and still do things freely
and satisfy every need I got, and not feel silly
I just want to be fed with opportunities
Not feel like I am taking act in a mutiny
everytime I try to face reality, brutally
and truthfully, i don´t believe it will satify my needs of unity
but I do think it will kill of this restlessness pretty usefully

Topic: Silence

Its like an empty box of nothingness
helplessly in love with the emotional distress
caused by this commotion sorrounding the utter silence
I somehow find myself in the center of a silent nest
where i groom my thoughts and test my sorrow
with hardfought rest i bless tomorrow
some call it sleep, i call it dreamstates I borrow
that takes me flying to the top of kilimanjaro
and back again, find myself in the image of a sparrow
that sings a song of survival from the tip of an arrow
but I can´t here the melodies
an entry to the ectacy
I felt when the the tendancy of complexity
was fighting with my solemnity
Here I am in the center of the crater
Rising on the silent waves, A creater and debater
of what we really feel when the silence hit you in the center
And in this condition, there is nothing greater

Topic: Roam until the day is gone

The morning sunshine rise above the surface
nursed by a soul, that hurts me, but doesn´t no what hurt is
Building a bridge over sea level to breath, but only seem to burn it
A roaming beast of burden, but the burdens never buried
No cure for the emotions that I feel now
It burns inside my ligaments, i kneel down
my heels touch the spanish steps, trying to heal myself inside my own town
while the clock is ticking towards a revelation that will frown
upon the next day
but i refuse to stay, here in Rome on my knees until the end of days
I let my music just fade away, and let the memories stay integrated
In debate with, the mental state of human kind that stood still and never went places
I hope they hear my screams, when I start to vent my cases
And rent the the space between your eardrums, No Copy Paste it
more like, produce, create, erase it
then re-produce a better ending towards better placement
When the next generation,
Roam until the day is gone

Topic: the open door

There is something exciting about this picture
Picture yourself a half open door with lights poppin from its glitches.
The glimmering light gleams a beam of hope
Redeemed inside the dreams at the end of the road
The pathway leads towards an open soul
Hidden behind the only shield he holds
Thinking about the piece he sold
to get to this seductive role
He plays to lure the bitter cold
Citzens, both young and old
To see a bit of what the future hold
If you sneak upon it, and look inside
The stories told gets changed in time
There are nothing like the story told inside your mind
Almost like It’s painted blind
So you still wonder if there is something hiding in the shadows
That we don’t understand or recognize, cause we are hiding inside the frames of what we know
So we just let go
And let the lights fade and die out
Cause we much rather doubt, than dream and imagine the things about the unkown

day 91 topic: acta law

like a sneaky serpent,
this version got its greedy servants,
play the SOPA chararade like it was really urgent,
people all over the world screamed for better service
while this Acta threaty was signed in complete silence.
the countries of the union signed this
completely mindless,
this act make sopa seem like a good assignment.
it is pretty much like dealing with a bully in class
he seems so bad
until another kid comes in playing that part
so much harder,
and leaves the bully look like an Angel in comparison
and all this went on in front of our faces, but we were to busy screaming, that ruined our chances
and now it seems like EU countries need to deal with the consequenes
a life sentence of more control from the mind centers

Topic: minus 30 degrees

Mustache covered with icestickles
Frostbytes on the fingers
inner burns needs to be threated
by staying inside, cuz you need it
Three layers of whool, fleece then a jacket
mittens and a whool hat, but still you can’t jack it
If you are lacking these skills
you get more than chilled
and in worst case scenarios, it might get you killed
Keep in motion
Drink all the the warm potions
and its like lotion for your soul
that fought against the cold
from day one after the creation from the black hole
created from zero point energy
Not even and Ice age could stop this progression
Real life symmetry

Topic: pacman

Try to chew over too big of a challenge.
Two challengers chasing me back around the corners, I can’t manage
To shake em off, cause their determined to shut me down They can’t accept a pacman showing
This kind of knowledge on surviving the codes of freedom
But he is constantly on the run though
Someday he hopes he would know what real freedom
is all about and show it to the world of needy people
It’s like his driven by a higher force Literally in the hands of God
Playing with this game he love Lord of the Arcadia,
80’S version of Lawrence of Arabia Playing with his purpose
Leveling and elevate, but only behind glass and never hidden from the surface
He leads this pacman towards the revelation
But the reoccurring genesis never seem to end

Topic: Norwegian Winter Wonderland

Wandering slowly on the white carpet
wonder if this icy surface has slopes with a mighty circuit
up here in the mighty mountains, my life seems circular
I just have to re live a certain amount of events in order to be a worthy worshiper
of the Mountain king
Listen how his dauther sing
it lures me in, seduced by the melodic sin
she harmonicly use in order for her to win
me over, and to marry her and make her queen of the new order
Luckily she didn´t trick me over the border
so I re-order my thoughts and but then I here the recorder
It is either “Fanitullen” ,Google him, Or my Post traumatic stress dissorder
So many suprises hiding around every corner
I don´t wanna leave this winter wonderland
I wanna become one at this motherland
of the forfathers that build the land
we call Norway, so as a last demand
I wanna come back next year and relive this fairytale life of mine

Topic: Oompa Loompa

I´m A lyrical oompa loompa, make mindsets vanish
Move minds while i manage small disadvantages
My words represent small green characters
The golden ticket doesn´t keep you safe from the , damages
Balance on the average
No more than adequate
I activate and navigate
Your soul, graduate
If you didn´t listen to my muse and manager
You will vanish out the door with poor life management
I´m sure that you can manage it , just breed in the wordchains
Please, inject my soul in your bloodveins
Feed from the foodchain, you find in the factory
But dont take advantage of my truthful hospitality
Got the perfect puzzle, believe in your ability
You have what it takes To take over this factory
Once you proven worthy, I will hand you the golden Key
If you are wise you will listen to me

Topic: Thunderstorms

Silence sorrounds the horizon,
the sky is black, and the clouds builds up the anger of a bison
Pace of the wind is rising , make the atmosphere enliven
the life of human nature, making itself ready for some lightning
You can feel the anger brush through
rush through the first blocks, and leave marks in the fields of gold
The Hailstorm shows, the next elevation in this story told
about the thunderstorm that turns cold
towards society when it rolled
over the city center
Snowball sized penetrates the windows of the shopping centre
While the rest of the building prays that the storm center
show mercy towards the rest of its walls, but must surrender
and end up as a huge crater
one of the heaviest thuderstorms ever created
made people questions their own creator
Humans are often luminated when they are tested
And the questions always turn against their own perspective
towards what they cant understand, but can’t seem to respect it

Topic: Dreamcatcher

Like a meltingpot of hopes
I stir around my stew of thoughts
Need to be precise , when I fight to reach my goals in life
But the dreamcatcher is Icy cold, and the safety net is in a bitter strife
with everything that is mighty old, and traditions worshipped like an inner light
One small dream
that intervined with a lifetime,
the screams on the outside, can only be silenced by the dollarsign
or else the dremcatcher will state, You had it long enough, You’re here in overtime
I here to take what is mine, please return to your common life
and don’t look backwards, you are just doing your purpose on this earth of mine
The voices are getting louder
I try to tell em to stop, that I only need a couple of more hours
To fulfill the mission
as a poet, instructor and a musician
The vision is so clear, I ask for its permission
please don’t catch and throw my dreams away, I need my addiction
To follow my long fought ambitions

Topic: The Wanderer

No purpose of his footsteps, wherever his footblades step
the rest of his ligaments follows the next
The reflection of his perplex mindset
makes the complexity of his journey so perfect
He is a subject of an open mind, objective towards his project
So there is with no regrets
he takes the first steps
with open arms
the movement is repeated and he´s one step closer
but for each step he takes, he steps away from the closure
that pushed him off the ledge to find back to his composure
to fight the patterns of compulsory emotions
Discovery of a lifeline
Leap towards the light in the front line
Leaps in front of the bullets that is thrown towards his crushed mind
But they just bounce of him, it wasn´t his time, this time
so he wanders around one foot at a time,
and his ligaments follows the next one

Topic: The words need to get out

They urge me to write it down
or even sing it, chant it, deliver, Please just vent it now
drown me with the syllables, frown upon my principals
the message should be screamed out, not inprinted in images
but thats where I disagree with the left side of my brain
I wanne put the words into the frames
and paint pictures from its names
and thats why my left brain hates me, cause on days
where my frames are not visible
The words overloads my thoughts and make me miserable
But I can´t help it, I just can´t make it visual
But the words need to get out, thats when alcohol gets drinkable
and like a dreamstate, i dream my words, and on occassions act them out
The next morning, they are gone, vanished with my braincells, I smacked them out
Emptiness takes over, now I crave for the wordchains
only got a few stains left on the paper, in the right side of the brain
So I use em just to push creation of the pain
forward so the words can start forming once again

Topic: Norwegian hip hop

If you ever cross this scene
I believe its the weirdest people you ever see
I never been involved with a group of mc´s
recenting eachothers music, by such huge means
But that is also why we got a hugeiy respected battle league
You see
Its too easy to call yourself an emcee
in Norway,
But those who deserve it, should wear their name proudly
I can mention Jester, Axel, Son of light and Evig Poesi
People that will bleed their name and represent through poetry
Then take the efforts that they make and hand it back to the society
And I respect all the rappers and labelmates, Bonsaiety
And that is just a handful of my respected audiolethics
those who care about the music that they make, not a salespitch
or National demographics
If they need some graphics
they paint it on a city wall, or rap about it, and actually share their ethics
But don´t get me wrong, I am proud to be a part of this Scene
I just wish that they could be
a little bit more open minded when it comes to music, and not just towards smoking weed

Topic: Norway

We think our country is flawless, so we easily avoid the coldness
sourrounding our streets in the coldest of corners
But we can also be the warmest people, Home of the roses
wich rose so proudly when we needed it the most and we gave in large doses
Like most countries I guess we have the best and worst of both worlds
We have ignorance, everyday racism and a picture of the world as something that we worship
And then we have Care, in many different ways, support and a system that allows us to go against it
Freedom of speech has never been more free than in Norway
And off course its always some idiot politician trying to use that his or her way
to use phrases that are like the three I mentioned earlier
But at least we don´t have relgious fanatics
or, we do, Its just that, we treath them like that, Like Religious fanatics
but we let them free their mind then we wander on with our lives, and no longer think about it
Unless there is race involved,
that seem to trigger Norwegians to brush the dust of views they left on the attic
back in 1913, look it up, both mattered deeply, and I thought we worked our way past it.
But when all comes down to where i wanna spend my life
Norway is the answer, time after time after time

Topic: Ghost writer

Performing poems for a lost soul
floating in the air, he haunts me for his best role
Controls me like i was remotely left of all kind of self contrtol
My mind is self absorbed,
and this ghost is taking shots at every black hole that he stole
from my mind, and filled it up with his words, not mine
so now I write his thoughts on this sheet of paper, no pride
I am confined from my own lines
telling all lies to people, just so he can let his work shine
I am defying every sentence of it
find no sense in this senseless moments
I just wrote “Hate is sensed by worthy opponents”
I wanna paint it black, but CAn´t fight my proponent
So I have to propose for my freedom, by Performing poems
Even though i didn´t wrote them, people still applaude em
And i feel sick

Topic: Evening with the guys

No need of conversation, hanging out with easy entertainment
and just relaxing with your friends, without any backthoughts or attainments
Don’t have to train for these occasions
Just beeing is the easiest state of beeing, I need no persuasion
to join these evening situations
Its nice to zoom out, and hang with your buddies
I just realized how white I must seem
for using the phrase “hang with my buddies”
But there is something about it, that just relaxes me
For any outsiders it may look like we ain’t do shit
But underneath the silence we show the exact opposite
and on any other night, we might discuss and even save the world
with just a couple of words, all issues are beeing served
the revelation and answers it deserves,
and we are the servants in the middle that served it
But at times we just need to feel a part of something
And Just do Nothing

Topic: New line in the web

I am a lyrical spin doctor. weave webs like a mad man
its a sad sad Sam, that looks me in the eyes over my last plan
Widened the span for the regular, weaved a new line in their web
World wide, I rule it globally in my head
You never get passed me unless you can draw the line backwards
and back it up with the words, that will read the past for me, sheep herds
Follow to the center
never wait for the creator
there will always be a spider waiting, and there´s no chance that you can take her
She will have you in that spider grip, unless i do this magic trick
I make your common sense vanish half as quick
as the thought patterns your battling with
I call your speaking skills, random rabbling
Your lifestructure for fumbling in the dark, and the i am humble with you
this is savaging of your life structure
Real life accupuncture
release the stress in your head, by giving the supportline you look after
When you some day lie there on your death bed
You will always thank the man the weaved your wide web
and be pleased that his words where so widespread
that you finally find something to build your life around with

Topic: Silent before the storm hits

times of anticipation, cant wait for the changes
been saving up experience, time to harvest from its branches
My arms are stretched towards the skies with
only one thought in my mind, and I can feel how the child kicks
Determination’s what I call it
Elevation is the potion that i feed it with
A revelation of conciousness breaths fresh air
I solemnly swear that the new beginning is here
The creation of confidence in a man saw the daylight
at night time he meditates the creative process of a lifetime
make love with the body of his mic stand
so they are level in the process of creating beauty for mankind
Its been silent for a decade
And I am no longer afraid
that the storm of lyrics gonna hit hard on the blockade
of mindless music
It’s my mission to fight stupid
So please show your support and join my movement

Topic: I´m Finally here

Been waiting for ages, there´s no other way to say this
Managed to kill the narcisist in the closet, without the mind of a sadist
I have played with the Idea, and now I´ve finally made it
I am finally here, and the result is feeling like the greatest
went from representative of the stage,
to teach other about stages,
from ground control, to character, to natural greatness
only by playing with mindsets
small mindframes, that build up a small chain
of thought patterns and emotinal mindgames
I am finally here, I am finally home
the thunderdome of happiness, the lightning strikes for gold
the hope was never gone,
it just rested under the forehead of my roaming dome
Its time to rebuild Rome, Day 1 has started
I start with the roads leading to the departed
system of finding out where our heart is
so I start with a brick that represents the heart as the starter
of a mindframe, and build the roof out of pieces of emotional layers

Topic: Are we there yet?

Armpits all sweaty, the seatbelt’s grinding my neck-cage
in this wreckage of a car, with no air-condition, I’m getting reckless
Can’t believe I only been driving for a couple of seconds
With a couple of kids in the back seat, that doesn’t know what respect is
it’s in the 90’s outside, in the 100’s round the driver seat
a couple of more streets
and I’m probably soaked where my pants and belly meet
It’s one hell of an ordeal when we’re off to see the family
Especially when I look like something donated from charity
the kids are already screaming right behind me
i goes around two seconds between the line we don’t need
when we are driving towards a destination we’re we don’t want to be
How can four words bring so much pain to a driver
how can four words sting so bad that we rather die by drowning in water
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
I already regret that i woke up with a smile on my face
Knowing what this day was gonna put my patience through this test

Topic: The lonely wolf monogamist

She was born into this world with
views of a lifetime, filled with excitement and releationships
She stayed humble towards her freedom
lived to fulfill it, created creations of a manikin to feed from
the tree of life,
searching for the seed that lies
underneath the surface of every man she liked
but they always played a game of lies
that toyed with her mind, and she always had to pay the prize
by staying single for the rest of her life
cause no one seemed to answer her prayers at night
“I only want someone who sees my freedom to rise
up towards the magical skies, with a man by my side
without fearing the word freedom as a dusguise
of flirting”
She feels wiser than that, but its hurting
that the tears in her eyes, is burning
the cries aren´t heard, but she´s not converting
her monogamist views
she rather stay a free lonely wolf than confused and not truthful
in a relationship that holds no useful

Topic: Happy birthday

On my way out the door, its celebration time
gonna leave Oslo to celebrate a dear family member of mine
Like to call here Auntie, that is short for Elin, long for kindness
I am always blinded by it, but it never goes away in silence
Now today its your time to shine bright your higness
cause another turn around the sun should always be celebrated like this
As a birthday present her workplace was selected
the best office in the country, and I know she has a valued place in that selection
It just shows, how much kindness and growth
can result in achievemts and the reaching of goals
and that is something this woman is living image of
so I bow down on one knee in your pressence cause
that is the respect you deserve on this day of your own
I hope this will touch your heart and please you
So please let me be the first to greet you
Happy birthday, Can´t wait to meet you
in a couple of hours
Enjoy you day madame Inspire

Topic: Home sweet home

We are the center of the galaxy
It should be easy to see
how ridicolous that may even seem
we finally got all the proof we need
to rid the world of these “we are supperior” wet Dreamers
we have seemed to belived for centuries
In our own Galaxy
we are sorrounded by millions of planets with huge simmilarities
to what has been claimed the only living scenery
thats proven us with great superiority
over the rest of the milky way
In a couple of days now, we probably here goverments state
be very very afraid
instead of screaming the real truth: This is Great!!!!
That means that religions must expand their horizons
It means that God need a whole new dimension
It means that he created something greater than his own creation
to show humans we are part of something bigger than our own imagination
there is no right or wrong to this
if this should lead to an eternatl bliss
if we should leave to visit these
planets we´re sorrounded with
Earth is still the only place i´d call home

Topic: Got there to late

The emergency call, was sent out ages ago
the patrol was held up elsewhere, only seconds to go
what they don’t know, is that Frank keeps his “hoe”
at least that what he calls her, she goes by Annie with the rest of her folks
In a deathstrangle
she was just to much to handle
for a guy who puts his pride in straining down women and mangle
their life support, by blowing out all of their lit candles
by showing an example of how a “real” man brush over a scandal
entangled with a death wish
Frank’s blowing her the deathkiss
the redish colour on her face is slightly fading to more palish
Annies last breath exhales a life form
there is no signs of Annie left in her eyes, its like she’s transformed
The police enters the dorm
reacted to late to the alarm
but just in time to see Frank perform
the last violent storm of evil on her charm

Topic: The Old man in the corner

How did I end up here
after 80 turns, is still sit on the same spot I´ve had for the last 40 years
Been sippin on the same beer for a couple of hours now
must admit that the fizz is starting to die out
Just like my energy
I use to feel electric, now the electric is placed inside of me
and the energy died right after that surgery
right along with, empathy, sympathy
and the melody inside was silenced mentally
I don´t think anyone would realize what that melody meant to me
I use to dance to it in my dreams,
but i knew it would go away, Eventually
I see tables filled with melodies sorrounding my corner spot
I wonder how their sounds like, and If they recognize the sounds they got
They look to busy with grasping for the life they want
instead of opening their eyes inside themselves and start the golden haunt
They probably read a couple books, taken life under the magnifier
Still remember when I first saw life in the white eye and almost caught on fire
released from all the prior stages
I have flown through dying ages
Now I am on the last stage,
Where I can see that hope floating on younger faces
So all that I would change
is that the finish lined could be much greater

Topic: Fear of emotional contact

I am glued to the tarmac, i wanna attack
with open arms.
But it feels like a force is holding me back
been watching him for hours
all alone in the corner, but I don’t have the power
Its like i’m drawn back to the babylon towers
divided in half by the language i speak loudly
and the language of the voice I have inside me
Collision of the conflicts, Treat him like a convict
Vision of a mystery, but I can never solve it
I can feel my soul glitch
Programmed to ignore this
but there is something in my heart that wants to hold him
tell him that its alright, this game will not be folded
your hand will always carry aces, if you just enforce it
But most of all, I wanna say I saw you
Your pressence is applauded
But to afraid to even go over there to applaud him
what if he just gonna ignore what I am saying
or maybe he just thought the same thing
about me,
I just cant let that happen

Topic: Roots

The family sign, glimmer brightly in my family photo
try to find the origin of its roots so I go back and search for
relatives, events and the past that i know
To find the answer in the leaves that will lead to my plateau
The wind whisper answers bout my past – True lies
The ocean writing letters bout my last – true fight
the earth argue vastly bout my last chance – snake eyes
So i vision roots burning in a fire – Demise
I realize
that the life that we live is the real one
I can search years of my life just to find some
facts about another persons actions,
but none of it affects what is actually happening
My roots are nothing more than things that I do and admire
and that is why my family sign is burning with the fire
It keeps the message of my family – alive
Cause the Stenersrød´s has always been the best to – survive

Topic: Most hillarious line from Skeez-tv Battle

I don´t know how to say this in a nice way
so i won´t
I just have to lay it out straight
I´ve seen more confidence in a mole than in your face
You should be ashamed of yourself,
your a disgrace for the word disgrace
You wont let your mind go and belive a word in a sentence
unless you are handed evidence, that is 100 percent evident
If something is just a little bit clouded, You say, I have to crosscheck references
You are the picture in the dictionary under deference
as long as the stated sentences are written by your “President”
To present to my readers how uncertain you are in life when it comes to checking references
You are so uncertain about pussy you have to right-click on it to check its preferences
So please just man up, make a bold statement or two
make the mind circulate around at least one unfimilar topic for a day or two
make people hate you, then love you for what you are
and start moving up from the gutter and reach for the stars

Topic: Sacrifying everything for your image

You probably seen em around
and probably even met em
you know those guys who can´t walk around
without a certain amount of attitude in them
they need it in the clothingline,
their shirt should be folded like
a rough style, but with a hint of soft inside
A facial expression that screams of an asshole
And a vocal expression that screams of everything but bashful
has a reply ready for everything people say to him
he memorize em every day, just to fit in
that friendly superficial shit that means nothing
but pass as conversation in the social scenery his in
everyone thinks he´s a hell of a guy
but if that image vanished, he wouldn´t last a day in this life
cause he would be haunted by the man in the mirror
Image of a gimmick, a false winner
True lies are still a lie no matter how it is delivered

Topic: The four corners of a mind

I search for all of them
all four of the corners that connects my brain
the sense and sensibility, need my medulla oblungata
and every sense of it needs to feel like could rid the mind of blabber
every man needs to feel attached to
something or someone, to be able to gasp through
the obstacles of life´s truth
to create something brand new
and evolve from that point on
revoke from the fight of, or fight from
the dark passage that easily attach to the dark throne
Past on by the past of
every ghost that hid in my closet
I was close to the clashes, but managed to deposit
the truth for all of us, and came out as a prophet
I came, I saw I conquered, and return with a huge profit

Topic: Bad Communication

I left the message on the desktop
it couldn´t be much clearer than that
“Can u come and see me after dinner, I got something to discuss”
After hours of waiting, I picked the phone up
no one answered
so I thought I go over to your place and just show up
three knocks
and a doorbell rape that sounded like the killing of fifty peacocks
I was all steamed up
anger filled me to the boilingpoint of a bloodrush
In mere frustration I went for the doorknob
and to my suprise the door was open
so I found myself on the floor in the hallpath
Not a second to soon, you enter the room so suprised to see me lying there
I don´t know why, but I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere
so i yelled out: “Didn´t you get my message that i wrote”
That was you? I spent several hours finding out who it was, so what do you want?
“Well I just wondered if you where free tonight?”
And you replied: No Actually I am just about to head out
If you just signed your name or messaged me instead
I would have replied instantly

Topic: King Alcohol

The dark demons whisper seduction to my eardrums
my dark matter made a nest on my shoulder until my blood pumps
I can taste the greatness,
sliding on my tastebuds
wanna let the glass tip kiss my lips,
with the drops of gold I get excited with
I cant stop the voices
They all call it temptations
My king and master call it tasteful
I call it reperations
damnation of my soul, its like a sedation of my braincells
Its armageddon for my head, without the crying in the credits
but everytime i am suppose to create clever
the brown stuff talks to the paper
so much better,
I could never, continue my endevour
if the single malt didn´t talk to my possesor
Now its time to call out the professor
for a journey to the center of my earth so I can stay clear of this forever

Topic: Babyhands

Two small hands waving to us gently
the fingers almost twinkle while it scratch its own belly
so lively, so energetic almost spasm-like
its amazing that a couple of centimeters can seem so much like its actual size
on a monitor
cant put words on what I felt when I saw the legs crumble together
and kick and jump around, before it met the hands again i could sit there forever
on top we saw the cute little head move
Í was moved by the movement, it was almost like it felt the groove
cause all of a sudden it started moving in rythm again
up and down round and round, all the joy it must contain
I´m gonna play music for him/her every day
introducing genres layer by layer
and everytime she/he puts music on walking down our home street
I will think of this day when I first saw the lifesign and the heartbeat

Topic: Patrick the pagan pig

He is so outta context, his complexity witholds no boundaries
Patrick thought he was just a pig living in harmony
until christianity and other religious fairytales came huffin and puffing on his front door
Little pagan pig, little pagan pig, please let in the lord
or i’ll huff and puff your paganism out of this world
this stuck little pig, didn’t understand a word
so he stood there frightened behind his white sheets
While the huffs and puffs from the religious winds took beliefs
to a new level. “please don’t intervine with our divine dreams
please little pig, we mean no harm with our deeds
we just want you to narrow your beliefs
from your nine different Gods, into the one that we belive is real
well, by we i mean us that believe in the true God,
not the other five that stands around this house that try
to infiitrate your mind with more lies
Patrick just stood there more stronger in his faith
and said: You can huff and puff as much as you want, but just wait
you will see that my beliefs cannot be bent
This so called paganism, has given me all this strength
when I see these visions of your it leaves me with an answer that is obvious
a path of only one would narrow the options
I have, to understand the world that I live in
so I am glad I can have a broader image of life
So they killed him an roasted him over open fire that night
cause they could live in the fear of him beeing right
elimination was a better way out than to fight
cause actions are much stronger than words when fighting paganism

Topic: First day of the year

Its magic in the air, on this forst day of the year
a hope for soemthing better, is what we pray for when its here
we give ourselves promises for change, jsut a few can stay true too
cause when the record is set, its just another chain of the same issue
but we need that hope, we need that faith to
get the strength to put another year in our account of missuse
But I do see a brighter future coming for 2012
even though not for ourselves
but for every one thats fighting for freeing the ultimate self
a war thats not fought with guns, but with knowledge
internet gave an infinite supply if we want it
to see the world, and get your own reality checked
is what I ask for in order for you to get my respect
the time is here, we just have to savour it
without getting sold on some saviour shit
we need to find out how we should behave for this
and the find the truth in our own sacred gifts

I wish you all a happy new year

Topic: 2012

2012 its the new era
a new atmospher, what we got through with erros
i touched the issue before
like what we been through in the image of God
i see it as a new atart, not he end of an accopalypse, the wind of the world
i feel i´ts the wrath of ourn saviours
tha devours our state just to end the labour
that we push upon our own state
the human beeing of our own state
own rate
that we judge our own people towards
the lights that see our wreckage of God
please let that reckagem become and save that
we can save to become our own God on saviour our own strenght
to become whta we want
I want it, i need it, just share the trtong purpose of my own verdict
sit togehter with my own life
an recreate my own lifestyle

Topic: The story of Adam and Eve

The tree of knowledge wasn´t ready for the mortal
to rule over good and evil, was not a deed we humans could rule over
to be a God like creature, while the serpent sneaks up and whisper
if you only take a piece you will see the bigger picture
and use the knowledge to build your wisdom
to see that the universe even got the smallest particles within them
but if we fast forward for a minute, and see the world in our image
we still struggle with that same issues, we just call it politics
we the people should let the politicians handle difficulties
sorrounding issues we would probably missuse for our own good
Now who is playing the God role for no good
we see the need of sharing knowledge cause it feels good
the evil happens when they strangle all that seems good
We have to understand, we will never get all answers
but as a mankind we stand in a position to seek a knowledge that advances
and build it slowly instead of feasting from the apple
cause thats the only way we can get closer to the battle
between what we think and what we actually search after
our own reality and understandment, must be shared well crafted
between individuals, both ways instead of debated by the master
or God forbid, just close of every form of searching for the answer

Topic: Time is relative

I am caught inside a timeframe, time stand still for hours
only few minutes on my watch though, but intensity expand to hours
we are not able to understand the difference,
between actual minutes
and the specter of time we actually spend in it
time is more than just the image of a clock
ticking is the sound of our heartbeat that knocks
the doors open, Time is everything around us
we can stop it if we want to, to preserve the moments
that we care for, intensity in a box, given presents
for the pressence of beeing present
is more important than using time as a refference
of always showing up when others decide for us
why is it that boredom should preserve more time
when exitement and joy are preserving our mind
to create our own kind of a joyful life
happiness creates time, not the other way around
so I enjoy the silence of a timeframe as a create mine

Topic: The fall of communism

The last breath of the iron curtain, sweaped over the nation
the fear of the iron fist, was slowly kissed away by the perestroika generation
the effects of glasnost, images of Reagan and Gorbatsjov all over
joining hands, just to show the cold war was over
start of a new era, the fall of an empire,
no one thought would ever fall, a massive fall for an entire
nation of people, whose been lead to belive in a system they have aquired
and the rest of the world didn´t dare to belive this was the end of the “red fire”
some called it a late christmas present
others called it a gift of lessons, hidden behind myths and legends
build up with time and effort, to hide the real message
of the events that wasn´t even close in pressence
I am still not impressed with what came out of these events
it just gave more power to an elite both in control and wealth
the fall of the union is to me a result of fear reaching a boiling point
that the love message of glasnost was overlooked, when politicians where joint
together to build a future for themselves, and once again use their nations misfortune
for their own advantage, the only difference was that the gapbetween them had a bigger margin

Topic : Flu struck

Feels like the million march is stepping on my forehead
got a million thoughts buzzin around, and all of them are morbid
the fever fantasies play hide and seek with my sanity
and make me scream out, or did I dream that?, at least it was filled with profanity
Please stop!
The advil hasn´t quite reached out,
to those parts of my body that i breached out for missing sympathy for its sick spouse
Why can´t you just leave me alone
I thought we where done with this shit… years ago
I don´t have time for vomit or muscleaches,
on a mission of conquering something else than suffered pain
with my bloodveins bulging on my neck creating massive chains
of images that just symbolize the state im in
I am writing diaries and poetry on a daily basis
no time for riding diarrhea waves
in between womit sessions that illustrates
the state I´m in, instead of creating massive anticipated rhymeschemes
so excuse me this day of dying slowly instead of writing topics that intervene
with my rhyming skills

Topic: Political Campaign

The painted smile is flirting frantiqly with camera headlights
chosen slogans squirting out, from his mouth like quoted headlines
with the campaign manager pull the strings in the background
a puppet show with the puppetmaster taking control over his backline
Its all lobbying, moneytrade and keeping the polls high
whatever the public wants, we are all for that
until another side or the progress report tell em to switch sides
you don’t need a solid case to get elected, you need funding
you don’t need secure voters, you need those who are fumbling
in the darkness, looking for any answer that will keep their prospects bubbling
and keep a straight fast to make your lies seem like words they can be trusting
play the fear card more than the hope card
play any card, just no the truth card
cause that can damage your career so hard
cause it would make people demand what they can’t handle so far
that will result in a revolution the political stage is not ready for
and release the pitiful truth they kept behind closed doors
that all they ever wanted in this world was control
and lies was the only way they could achieve what they where searching for

Topic: Sports

It starts at a young age,
parents get their will and force their kids to play a game
That frantic cheering on the sideline or on stage
is a substitute for their own lost longing for fame
” I am certain that he can be a star,if I give him the support I lacked from my dad”
He could get so far, if I give him support and push him just as hard
and get him to believe that he can never adjust his guard
or leave it down, that would mean it would leave him scarred
for life, and that he would dissapoint us all
that this is his only chance to be someone all could call
a hero, a star or a someone to admire
that should be enough to aspire and inspire
him to get his goals sat higher
than the sky itself,
and thats everything that sport should be about
thats what drives all parents to drive them to sport camps
just to hear their kids name named next to Champ

Topic: Christmas Eve

Did not think it would come this quick, but now it’s here again
the day of celebration with family and friends
we start it off with some christmas brunch and television
traditional shows thats been screening for ages is my definition
of a real christmas exhibition.
after that sequence I am off to the cemetary
to comemorate and remember the family
that no longer can be here to celebrate with me
Lit a candle for them, and talk to them briefly
summing up the year so the know how I’m doing
before I go back home and get ready for the evening
it is feasting season on the table when we are dining
Meatballs, sausage, ham and some roasted pork
served with sauce, potatoes, and some cabage on my fork
for dessert, som ricecream with strawberry sauce
I always have to force the last serving in, but its for a good cause
The next hours or so, I see the anticipation in the kids eyes, waiting for claus
And when I finnaly arrive, they are a little bit cautious in their approach
when i read their name out loud.
I can’t believe that after 7 years they still don’t have a clue its me underneath that suit
but at least I keep their spirits true
At least for another year

Topic: Potato Sallad

Big chunks of potato swimmin in some fat cream
vegetables and herbs drissled over like magic seeds
the magic could seem to end long before the magic hits
the tastebuds of your mouth, never imagined it would tast like this
Explotion, tasteful, bathing under a swelling toungue
moves further down the throat, How no Idea where this flavours’s from
never been so wrong about a flavorish feast
never put my teeth in something so delicious
Turning this heavenly dish into a mission
the cream leaves a taste of long lost dream
and I turn into a beast
the instant someone try to steal my feast
move and talk like Gollum, in the corner
My precious,this is mine , this is the new world order
I turn Illuminati on this shit I sacrifise lambs to the potato god
Just to savor the flavor from this Potato sallad I just had
Can’t dare to think about the consequense of Christmas dinner
when this side dish made me ready to kill every other sinner

Topic: New School vs old roots wailing wolves edition

Never thought that I would make a track versus something new
when All I’ve ever stood for was progression from what we once knew
but when the old roots are beeing violated chopped screwed
by hipster tweeking new school fools
I feel the records must by set, and bring it back,
just to school them fools
I remember solo’s giving shivers through my bloodveins
masterminds create shit, straight outta their basements
when the e-string could be the difference in a context
and the vocals just left you in amazement
with a pressence that was amazing entertainment
Zappa, Freddy, Marvin and Gabriel
All delivered some mad technical, though probably on chemicals
songstiles, combined with a vocal that left em on a pedestal
that no lil, lady or young can dream of is achievable
yes its hip, yes its cool, but it will always be a replica of the old roots
and not even half as good
if they just chop and screw greatness in the way they do
They will never feel the roots of their music

Topical: Mystical Love Affair

Pull those curtains slowly together
last stare out the window, on some bad adventure
I´m a mystical affair avenger
connector of the dots from my life offender
thought I´d repay the details I was served
an instant replay through my head, just to make sure
I portray the moment that made me pay back to the impure actions
the satisfaction of actual satisfaction
manifactured a thought pattern of profound reactions
its a fatal attractions,
cause this mystical love affair contracts to other options
Its just the purity of emotions
an ocean of pure devotion
to the commotion caused by our conjoint motions
this one time action has turned into an erosion
of my lost love,
it´s more than mystical, its mytchical
eurytmics and rythms with spiritual
lyrical contextual content
This Supplement of revenge, turned to something constant

Topic: Fallow Soil

I leave it clean for the harvest season
no need to redeem the seeds
i left inside my largest deamons
It is hard to beat em
but I just have to leave em be
The soil I am standing on is freed
to let my thoughtpatterns exceed the greatness
What I planted last year, already exceeds the greatest
thats why I leave it like this, this year
Let it appear as blank sheets, with me as the frontier
an engineer of wordchains, with no dirt to spare
to exterminate the roots that have infiltreaded the earth we share
I am here to take over, to fight back the throne
but can’t build upon the old me,
have to create something from my own homegrown
selfabsored thoughts, to plant the seeds needed next fall
to start the fall of weeds and start growing the artform

Topic: Broke

The ligaments are twisted, caused by some friction
My addiction towards danger cought my legs in a bad eviction
captured the momemt and suffered bad inflictions
can see the bonefragments stand out with mad precision
got mad injected with the painkiller syndrom
like listening to a twig break, but can´t feel the pain within them
I can only see the images,
a disturbing sight, have no idea how to even finish this
I am on the line with, the paramedics, just hope they can deliver it
the help I need
I try to stop the bleeding with some pieces from a ripped sleave
I can see some of the blood sieve out, I relive my worst dream
Cant believe that I am left here, I am relieved when I see
that the bleeding stops
and the Coloring of my fractures drops
I wrap em up with some more clothes,
and thats the last thing I remember, before i Woke Up,
In the hospital

Topic: Hung over

the alchohol reeks out from my pores
sweat pearls tweeks out as I reach for the door
the desibel of the sounds are more than doubled
the footsteps are so loud I can´t even follow
what my two last braincells discuss over
there is something about last drop and poor covers
my time of death seems so sudden
have no interest of dragging this sudden death, just push the button
I want it to be over, crawl back into my dungeon
have thrown my last drunken monkey move, just wanna function
properly enoguh to take the last breath of something
but the last breath seems to be bluffing with my body
this can hardly be normal, hardly be healthy
I have to stop instantly
and live a life where I will see further than 50
and i will probably change my mind, next week
but until then I am gonna be resting and nesting
in the belif of beein healthy

Topic: Fundamentalism

To start it off quick, religion is not part of fundamentalism
Politics aint part of fundametalism
every ism is started cause of one mans vision
dream and selfsentered decisions
to gain followers to the divisions
that could loot and kill for his own missions
the urge of gaining control over someones soul
and make em believe what you somewhat told
to be the wholesome foretold story of the unknown
and kill for that belief is what postpones
the growth of our soul as a united whole
Yes it happens in religion, and yes it happens in politics
but that is just arenas where its allowed to perform this lunatic
way of control over etnic, ethics and gnostics
that use what people believe in to explain their cosmic
and then kill for it, cause thats the only thing thats real
in this one dimensional world we live in,
Expand the vivid vision of these people and rid the world for the evil
that lurks in the streets for their own well being
and I will leave it with that

Topic: 2nd class 2nd hand sofa

The Coach seat is flirting with my backbones
retreave messages of lust from its hormones
I can almost hear it moan,
the second I place my body in its comfort zone
something didn´t sit right, so it needs to throw pick up lines
picked up some weird scents, that fengshui vanilla kind
refuse to be trapped now, a good product doesn´t need to be advertised
I see through it, this is average disguised as classy and over prized
No need of getting this couch over-analyzed
Have a much greater urge to just get it vandalized
And man did I almost fall in that trap of buying this
got a fatal attraction towards 2nd hand I can´t dismiss
as first class,
but then on the other hand
this is 2nd class of a 2nd hand
and I am such an ass and a reckless man
So that couch will always have the upper hand
when it comes to ruling the decitions for me
but I refuse to be fooled or forfeit
but if it hadn´t fallen
for the temptation to flirt with me for it,
I would most likely have bought it

Topic: Insomnia

The heaviest of eyelids, eye sockets are aching
a flying circus in my brain, try not to let it break in
flying figurines starts to conversate frantically
while the sound system penetrates the atmosphere anxiously
wobbling consonants, try to put the focus back to reality
but can´t seem to control the apathy inside of me
it is clustered by this manic street preacher
exorcising demons out of panicing creatures
Let a manikin feature as my harlequin teacher
So I can breathe relief out of a zeisure
I´ve tried to sleep for weeks now
tried several techniques out
but the voices still speak loud
and overcrowd my brain with madness
getting more heartless as the day passes
just crave that last second where light turns to blackness
and I can fall asleep again in silence and total darkness

Topic: My Mother

Its been 21 years, since I last saw you
Its been 21 years, since that ambulance came to the rescue
saw it as best to,
crawl into my safe shell for my own rescue
9 years old, I understood
drew myself away from beeing around you
Like my brain was on autopilot to deal with all the issues
now its 21 years, the autopilot is off on this date every year
But I know I have to function for my sorroundings and my peers
for 21 years I have memorized my tears,
And I let them out with the same pride as I´ve done every year
Commemorated you mum, wishing you where still here
So I could show you the type of life your son lives right here
and in some way I think you always been present
cause the past affects the present, and you are the essence of my pressence
And today its been 21 years, I turn those tears into a smile
with your face inprinted on my Iris
See you on christmas eve, with the brightness
from a candlelight, that lights up the kindness of your heart for eternity

Topic: Bonsaiety Records

Alternative for rapgenres,
Indie, car racing through sterotypes and rare dogmas
Animal farm, a fauna for the mad rappers
Bonsaiety, where original and madness crashes
most of the artists kept their original names
originated from other artforms, with original stains
on their pencils, sharper edges
a smarter edge when they hand over a message
Stop the presses
deliver everyday topics, with a wider preference
so you can still obsess over our insider reference
That will enlighten your pressence
Multi-talented, more than rappers
painters, producers, photographers and actors
No label is even close to match us
It´s just an amzing mash-up
a rooster filled with diversity, come on
check us out on

Topic: Ocean Melodies from sea shells

Play that tune right, let that muse fight
while I write music to the oceanic moonlights
melodies of big seas roaming through a tunnel
fumble in the darkness, reproduced by mussels
the seashells keep on coming
I let seashores dance on my eardrums, drumming
stumble over stories told by seahorses, hummin
MesAyah in a symphony – The forthcoming
The waves rumble through its speaker system
a serenade to my sneaker kingdom, with fading rythm
Accompanied by the ocean´s long lost wisdom
but still with so much knowledge within them
Won´t brag I found the meaning of life listening in
dreaming with a masterful mind, I found the original sin
for how to kill the musical thrill
forgetting its roots would be like crushing every sea shells´ dream
keep on listening while the sea shells sing

Topic: Sky diving

The chain is connected, we stand there like birds on a wire
ready to get some air under our bodies, I am so aspired
inspired by my lust for dangerous living, and the lust for beeing admired
the plane lift us up a little bit higher,
we are now above the skies, I look at the new parachute I have aquired
We getting ready for the massive 3000 feet free fall
we all stand up now, ready to bounce off the pedestale
it is preferable to jump first, cuz then the airtime feels extra long
The door opens, at this moment I feel all alone
tested the jumpsuit several times, its floatproof and functional
I am untouchable when I jump out, the thought patterns are multiple
Bloodrush to the brain, free as a bird , nothing is comparable
The thought of me landing soon, is nothing but unbearable
My mind is so clear right now
I saw life flash by several times in a row
Plant my feet on the ground, already feels like several years ago
It is so good to pause and just let it go

Topic: Lady Gaga

I´m here tonight to talk about a replica
just to share the truth with the rest of ya
If you ever seen madonna
and every stunt she ever pulled,
there is no need to pay respect to lady gaga
A mix of the 80´s and 90´s queen
mixed with a bit of Mercury , but never quite reach that Ivy league
The shockwaves should be silenced by the media
If you cant hear that fernando, is a rip off of La isla bonita
there is something wrong with all of ya´ll
If you don´t see the sexual drift is stolen from the later years of freddy
you should be embeded into a faded project that left earth for a century
so please leave this copycat
I aint having none of that
If you got something to add
This is my challenge shoutout, please let me hear from ya

Topic: Nymphomania

Let the load go on the sheets this time
an incredible feeling when I release my pride
somehow, I can´t get satisfied
by the feeling of beeing satisfied
so I get ready for a second time
theres only seconds since I second my decision by
looking at my cock, cause the the string attached
got closer to its breaking time
but I thought, what the hell, It will last at least one more time
I turn back to the lady I picked up for the night
whisper in hear ear with a light voice like
I want to swallow you breath and bite of you obbsession
like I was posessed by a devilish supression
she looks at me with pleasure
thats all I need to jump over her tender loins with aggression
I know I´ll give her all it takes
but she will never be able to return it in the same way
cause when the next load fades into the pillow case
I will be ready for next fase of our sexual parade
And I´m the one who has to walk the walk of shame
while she can talk about the night she spent with all her friends,
I wish that I could do the same without feeling a bit ashamed

Topic: Cartoon loving adults

Enjoy the flickers on the tele, some mad facial expressions
voices and the moral tells the story as I enter my obsession
noises of their vocal chord, make every second of this inception
By the way, You should listen to my mickey mouse impressions
I´m so glad I have this affection, that I have to to spend my seconds
on something that´s an extention of my dream state reflections
I really wish that Scrooge could´ve affected my adolecence
so my adulthood, could´ve been utterly refreshened
added a constant in my life, like arithmetic progression
I would have been a transformer, Optimus Prime with a shapeshifting transgression
I could isolate my mad aggression towards a mad impression
of a mad invention
made by this mad scientist with bad intentions
This dimension
is so much more exciting than our own existing images of life

Topic: Boredom

Can´t take it much longer, have to keep on writing
have my life filled up with objects, but nothing that´s exciting
look out the window for some answer, all I see is…..Nothing
Bored to death, while others would accuse me for bluffing
If someone threw a Love life sign , in my face right now
I´ve probably would have responded
with a Drake Punchline
the emptyness that tries to fill an empty chest
ends up in and empty chest
that once was filled with treasures
Supressed them cause I thought I needed pleasures
but Life is only measured by how much that you treasure
the experience you have, and let that be a lesson
Life can be everything, or just a black hole
It can be enlightment, or a dark soul
it can be righteous, or sparkling cold
you can be a fighter or don´t even try at all
But before I overload my mind with hatred
I have realise that life must be filled with something greater
and I have been sitting on my fence waiting
Cause life was nothing when I didn´t fill it with Accesories that I myself Created

Topic: Obsessive compulsive dissorder

My head spinning in circles, my toes stepping on big squares
my hands washed in circles,
without touching the sink I try to avoid the big stares
Climb down the stairs in a certain rythmn, If I fall out, I climb back up towards my kingdom
counting backwards from 42 , to release the zodiac thats been nesting up my freedom
I see grand openings through prism visions,
I measure peoples breath by inhaling their split seconds
before I franticly whipe their breath of my lips, that hasn´t been kissed in six weeks
cause I see the marks my girlfriend leaves,
on the tip of her glass, its the germ fest I percieved
I revieve numbers, I recieve messages
from something greater than, the measurements that we posess
I only need to divide them up in four quarters on my wall
And I am sure I can break the code, that gives meaning to it all

Topic: What is freedom?

I sit firmly while I try to ammend some thought patterns
Search for Saturn´s knowledge prior to the freedom fighters
cause these images are so arcane, Ice and dust inhaled
we fight for something so frail, that just one mindset, can make it all fail
Set our minds to selfdestruct by, deducting freedom into two lines
one that breath life, and one that preach lies
but you can´t split it apart, cause we see that free lies
in the beginning of the freed mind each time we inprint it in our spines
so please let me be the first to scream out, that no freed mind
needs to follow or to gain followers
If you put pride into your cause, but push it towards others, you need to swallow it
If you have this huge need
of getting your beliefs pushed down the throath of non-believers
you are so off course of gaining freedom,
recieving it or preaching it, that you wouldn´t even believe in it
To be free is to find peace with yourself, not your selfishness
no need to find evidence, you just listen to your inner self
that voice that yell´s innocence, this pure influence
I´m feeling is just various forms of saying
the path I´m on suits me, and there is no way I am failing

Topic: The Dark Season

I´m getting tired more often
It feels like the afternonn around 11 o´clock in the morning
my head is worn out, I can feel life on my body
like someone is draining my energy, constantly and purposly
then put darker thoughts inside of me
the only cure that I can see
as helpful is a glass of whiskey
or a couple of cold beers
I drain my sorrows with alcohol without any sorrows actually beeing there
the lack of sunlight
dries my chambers out and darken all perspectives like
a person that is left to die
without any hope left inside
I try to do the best that I
Can is these situations
fighting against the darkside without any Jedi Masters pressence
affected by it
my head writes notes on paper
so you can read my mental health as pure entertainment later

Topic: Aint no mountain high enough

Theres no limits to these visions
You can search to try and find a distance
but you must give in cause,
the infinite can´t be mesured in excistence
my grown senses, playing checkers with my resistance
never skipped double, my gameplan´s so persistent
i reach for the stars, maybe land on a windshield
seeing clearer through it, reaching the skies through a windmill
you can always think your able to see what its all about
but all and all, you cant even sense what goes around
In YOUR own life, easy philosophies like, what goes around comes around
I am the limelight to your lifeline
cause I rhyme tight and I flow through your backspine
and reach your medula ablungata in no time
There is no mountain high enough to explain how great I am to your mind
and how its elavated since your first read these line

Topic: Meat Eaters

Tender and juicy loins
the groin of this pig seems so delicious when it join
the image I have in my visionary positions
But not at all as boring as a missionary position
The blood that squirts out
make me more than cautiious around
the issue of puttin teeth around
this lucious tenderloin
that i grinded trough a meat grinder
i defeat my fear against defeated anger
towards these animals
I cant believe i just ate som pig genitals
and actually enjoyed the taste of it all
if you didnt now, pig genitals, are pig balls
I am the kid that enjoys everything he put in his mouth, No joke
and I mean everything, No choke
I am a meat lover…….Yes Homo

Topic: Nail Polish

The package said to strokes and the finish would look perfect
I´m Kinda nerveous now, after five, it looks like a finger nail reject
like my hand points finger to it, and then realize it is its finger
lingers it slowly in its palm to hide the hideous disfigure
my hand tells my brain, lets keep this finger a prisoner
cause i cant go around showing this until it undergoes a proper fixture
it looks kind of like a mixture
of the leg of a sliced chicken and a beaten beaver grinded in a meatfilter
My hand hides it, while moving my body towards a mirror
just to get a closer look, so the situation can be a little bit clearer
Scream!, my brain message me to scream out
this must be my hand sending his message so he can let his frustration out
I try to talk him out of it, but nothing seem to persuade it now
New orders are beeing sent: Pick up that meat axe
I shout back, please don´t, we could fix this pretty fast
Relax, it says, this will be over before you can say, dead hand of the past
Then my other hand reacts, slicing of the fingertips
I hope you learned your lesson, MEN NEVER WEARS NAIL POLISH

Topic: Hairless Husky

It was enourmous, kind of out of proportions
a beast of burden, hurten by distortion
this furless, creature-like beast of mine
used to be this sweet and cuddly friend that I
Took everywhere
That was back when he actually, Got hair
the sibirian blue eyes, that i used to admire
now looks like two pieces of sapphire
sowed on a fleececarpet
released on sale on a fleemarket
But hey at least its a free market
and he is the example that marks it
but what can you do when you love this creature to death
even though it would be best
to pay him the last respect, and actually show him some respect
and release him from the suffering of beeing this way
and release yourself from keeping him alive this way
just because of your own selfishness
you refuse to let him leave this place
when the time actually passed ages ago,
but you would miss him to much

Topic: The masters and the puppet

“You WIll never make it”
the voice penetrates my eardrum
I stay holsome awaiting the next perpetrating “truth” serum
I fight the seven serpents sailing the seven seas
I swim in circles while trying to save the remains of my severed dreams
“Look, this is our framework,
Now start working inside these frames, living inside these walls we put up
cause we can no longer put up with
you always trying to step out of it
there is no other life than what we offer
to often we see characters like you with hopes of
living outside the boxes
accept your destiny, grow old, then you deserve to live life
instead of your perspective, to live life like
you want to, and seek excitement, peace and quiet, whenever you like
to do so, its like pissing on the graves of those who made this life
possible For you”.
I look deep into my masters eyes, glearing from my shouldercap
“I refuse to live a life like that,
I stay true to all that I believe is right
I rather die
than settle down with something almost decent
I believe our mission is to outlive the dreams
from a previous age and make new beliefs
implemented into the brains
of those who are destined to outlive ours
The weight of these 20 bars
are now lifted from my shoulders, Reach for the stars
This aint over

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives Part 3

Take the two topics, then tamper the truth told
terminate the trust, then take tracks to the twofolded
underrated unveiled under umbrellan unity
unified under unstable unextepcted UN-secrecy
vent, vote, value validate
violence vacillitate voltures viciously vaccinate
with world wide web woven willfully
we will wait while wars wake wackos´ wastefully
Xanadu x-rays Xavier x Xanax
xerics xena x-rated xbox
younglings yawned yesterday
yet yestermorn youthfully yowled
ziolism zooms zeros
zombies zaps zen-gardens
and be careful, don´t estimate functional heritages greater inside justice,
knock messages, not prophecies, quit rambling sumptuous thoughness
undermine violence, words xericly yells zen-place

Topic: Anger

I am filled with this crushing bloodrushing emotion
It feels like someone´s pushing my temples in, it all happens in slow motion
I am filled with devotion and see no other option
than to scream out in fury, with my indoor voice of course, I don´t want to cause any commotion
I am not exactly in my zen spot
belive it or not, I am at the mall, pushing a shop cart
trapped behind, this shop-o-holic retard
that screams out every second, so hard
Look GER, they have another sale, quick give me your credit card
my eardrums wees out an airbubble
I try to get passed her, but her ass stumble
back and forward in excitement, so now my blood bubbles
Her husband looks at me then starts to cause trouble
and now I am stuck in Isle four with mr and mrs Huxtable
And all I ever wanted was buy myself some music for my own pleasure

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives part 2

Jacked justice jammed jesus joining jesters
jaculates just jokes justifying jokers
kindly killing knowledge, katabolic keepers
kept Kant´s keys , karma kicked katharsis
levetate, laborate, lift life-living legends
life lives long, lethal legions learning lessons
minute made metaphors meet man made messages
meaningful masterful mythical malevolence
nursing novices needs, none needs nihilists
nourishing nursery nihilating nonviolient nonsense
put power patterns pillared, preventing progress
process projects, perfection passing prospects
qualified queens quote quails
quantative quartets quibble questions, quantum quatation quells
random rabbling, respect responsabilties
requiems reflect, reelect reliabilities
sincerity shall succome slanderous slogans
spokesmen shouldn´t sacrificse self spoken
solid senses so swollen senators stays selected

Topic: Mindsets

your mind is a beautiful beeing
nutured on knowledge and feelings
it grows like a flower powered by truth and meaning
See life through the eyes you wanna se it with
be the way you wanna see yourself through lucid dreaming
Life is a state you all should be in
Knowledge means human beeing
The squareroot of guilt and consequense is newsreading
I call it cause and effect
cause it cause and upset
and make you cautious against the opposite side
and what they represent
put the focus back on to yourself
Don´t let anyone tell you what you can´t do
you have the ability to do anything you want to
we´re not born with abilities, we build them
Rome wasn´t built in a day or by millions
They had to place each rock, with great devotion
And each meant equally much ,and represented an emotion,

Just like you do

Topic: Alphabetic Alternatives part 1

asteroid anologies annihilate and answer
apocalyptic anecdotes as alliances advances
been brought back but banished by bureaucracy
beliefs bent backwards by banking billions behind battlefields
came crushing cause captains cooperated calmly
chemicals came closer, capturing calamity
death destroyed democracy doctrines
desperately dissolving demographic desired dreams
economy evaporated equality, economy evaporated eternity
eternally expanding evolutionary emergencies
fantasising fiction for federal fraternities
forcing friction for families fighting for fading freedom
gave glaring gifts, guns gained genocides
generated genesis,
gave gracious gentleness
Having higher hopes, hindereding helplesness
helping homies hinder hell having heavensent
important information integrated into influence
I inform informants in invented imponing instruments

Topic: The Sfinx that have lost it´s nose

I am in Kairo, Home of the Pharaohs
Travelled a long distance, to hear the acient echoes
from and era that arose from the country with the musk rose
I´m in Egypt to see the sfinx that lost his nose
sorrounded by pyramids and desert
I try to imagine the effort
mankind put down to build this precious
buildings that are so extremely famous
I feel like i tresspass, when I take the first step
I exhale before i take the next
I can see the sfinx, balancin the deck
but its face doesn´t pay respect
to the sorroundings it shall protect
they say when he lost its nose, he lost his pride and glory
went into a depression, and slowly
the earth and forrest died, while mankind continued with their story
only to be replaced by sand and dirt, and thats how sahara got its destiny
but if we can get the nose back, we can recreate the forrestry
and the land around the pyramids can once again, grow and produce instantly
And that concludes this story, now its up to you to forward it

Topic: Coffee

Grinded with beauty, pure as velvet
the smell through the cofeepot, enter my smellzone like a pellet
it is so compelling, i cant even explain it
I exhaled the cofeebeans, and now i´m gonna taste it
I laugh at those who wast their time
on bying coffemachines where the cofee comes in plastic cans
Cofee should be enjoyed, not just consumed by the innovative magic hands
take time when you make it
let the senses get eclectic
when they choose the most effective way for savouring the flavour
arabic, italian, or french roast
Java, columbian or malabar form the Coast
of India, the choices are so many, but don´t let that hinder y´all
a cup of coffee as a cup of art
first as a cofeebean, it is the start, then you grind it, then you master it
the result reveals itself through the emotions that comes after you´ve been tasting it
so please don´t just consume it,
let it be a part of something bigger
Cause that was the intention when I started this

Topic: The watercooler bandit

Slick as a whistle, sneaks up on victims
Always pick different,
stations for children
Never in patterns, he is one of those modern
bandits, that always take caution in matter
got some tricks up his sleeve
a sleeve that his mother just weaved
his hacksaw will cut through and cleave
this fenceline that fence in the benches and fields
he sieve out the proper from shiiit
and field in
on the one that he needs
sneaks in
and bend down on his knees
crawling the ground as he reaches the target
just like planned his friend has just marked it
he release it like it was a habit
carry it carefully out like a valuable casket
Another succesful strike from the watercooler bandit

Topic: Rhymesayers

A lyrical feast is beeing tossed towards me
5 concerts in a night, from the Rhymesayers army
it feels like bombing of an eardrum, when they start rhymin
Budo and Grieves was first out, my brain screamed, what the fuck jus happened
This guy has stepped up, he got the crowd all bumpin
before he release the stage for a soul position massive
Blueprint just trashed it,
it was like a mad mash up between two completely different genres
in a positive manner,
and when the final frontier hit, my mind was ready to pop in
Then came the reverand, ali, or brother,
or both ,I don´t think I have to introduce him any further
murder on the microphone, served it with soulful tones
there is no you and me, only us, then he left it for
the most evident evidence, for what we had in counter, old dilated people
now a rhymesayer prospector,
The rapper that make mic pressence aware of the presentor
and make pressence look back at him and say,
damn, you are present son
last show of the evening, i don´t know what was happening there
I think I just had to find some balance in this atmosphere
Slugish, Antish, no more bug refferences, it was a solid performence
and a good ending to this nightfeast,
glad I could be a part of it
this is the first and last time I let other rappers take the shine from me

Topic: Lost in Paradise

Total Darkness, I am Lost in this reality
My eyesight doesnt see further than my own sanity
This is vanity fair, mechanicly I handle the banality we share
This calamity we fear, dramaticly changes this paradise in here
I see you move, but I aint going nowhere
The hills are too steep
You ain´t ready to leap over the fact that you seek
Something else than me
I just wanna be free to be actually free
But now we`re in too deep
You refuse to release the grip you believe I need
To proceed with my well being
Trapped inside these walls of
Independent thoughts cuz
All i ever fought for, was to get me and my mic to arise
But in the game we got lost in PARADISE

Topic: Smiling Assasin

The grin seem so vicious
Its rediciolous, how he aim towards the victims like the business
was triggered by the trigger on his rifle
He is trife as he turnes on the silencer
He stayed covered playing hide And seek
since he landed on the premiesess,
he set the premiss by chosing to use the sniper.
He moves like a viper demon,
fast And vicious like a poisionous venom
Mouting full of sharp led. The only serum that can save em is injected in the feelings.
Its not that he is someone special
He is just proffesional, on a mission
so his,work pride gleam an glisten
through him as he prepare for the final reperatations
Its Been days of prepatations
As he finaaly find him in the final stages.
He can soon go home to his wife And kids
Just needs to finish the mission with a righteous kill

Topic: Writing Session

I took my pen up, as I came up with a topic
a toxic fume inside my veins produce the fluids from my logic
I make common sense meet knowledge
greet it welcome,
the ink dries when I get rid of my baggage
I can´t bag this word, I savage it
and reproduce the garbage
resulting in a package full of avarage words
that I´ve made into classics
I place fear, stare and clear into sentences
and with cleverness and a poetic sence
I make em greater than their preferences
The raging fear, engaging with an amazing stare
makes the change so clear,
I made a stairway to heaven, without staging any prayers
And thats how you divide rappers from the average to a master
Cuz the best can get a random word sound glamorous and mastered

Topic: Broken Button

I push it repeatedly but nothing seems to happen
no sound, no tunes, right now, nothing else matter
I stay focused on the task I have in store for this
I wish i´ll make this button lit
by fixing it with magic tricks
all I wanna hear is music, but it vanished half as quick
as I managed
to say, I look forward to meet the manager of this new exciting management
You cant even imagine, the thoughts that surround my planet
my biggest chance so far, I´m filling up with panic
I tried it all, tried calling for support
before anyone answered, the guy was moving towards the door
I begged, I plead, I was even down on my knees
but nothing helped, I had to watch him leave
I didn´t have anything left in my pocket
but the downfall didn´t stop there, cause i found out what caused it
the button was never broken,
the cord just wasn´t connected to the socket

Topic: The akward detective

He eyed me from a distance
and almost instantly he slid across the building
to slip me these questions
“I see your not wearing your pants right
and why is your sweather so tight?”
” I don´t take to light
on fellas like you, you look frighten
do you got something to hide?”
He turns to to the right
starts walking around the room I´ve rented
collecting elements to build a case from the unexpected
“a string of hair? Men have hair,
testosteron is produced by men, test…. test…., testing chairs
to sit in, where should I sit, where?
pronounced the same way as wear
wearing, I think we are dealing with a crossdresser hear!”
He gives me the Colombo stare
Do you like to dress up Sir?
I answer him, off course not
then he smiles, pats me on the back,
i got no further question
you are free to go now, then he´s out

Topic: Cat O´nine tails

I´m playing witchcraft with the instrument
while hitting up Argento
Its like a hidden arpeggio in the storyline, a mix of the memento
Dario, let the characters play with murders in the scenario
The Barrier of a blinded man,
get acceptance from this fairly young and restless
journalist on a mission to solve these cases
but as the nest up this case
its more disturbing than they could imagine
a life and death journey, where they balance on the margin
of a knifeblade, where the murderer is marching
towards the next murder, while they chase him where he started
This Italian Hitchcock, gave his audience a shock
so they censored this master, beacause his images did talk
a craftman at work, the cat o´nine tails
you should all see it if Suspiria derailed
from the track of your mind and you didn´t catch all the details

Topic: Obese Evangelist

I´m facing battles with the iron fist
like a carpet over our beliefs
it lies heavy on the mind of this lying obese evangelist
he undermines the natural search for answers
an actor, acting in the role as an answerer
of all questions, that doesn´t have an answer
he chants out: We need a healthy environment filled by our master
while his chin and cheeks dance
an environmental wardance as he preach about disaster
there is nothing healthy about this previous pastor.
In fact, he is the walking image of a natural disaster
so please don´t preach what values i should live after.
when you cant even value your own life
it would be so nice, to hear you wease out, I´lI need to live like my mind needs to feel like,
so i don´t need to fill up my body with food that cover up the lies that i feed out
to those who think they need that.
And that is why I eat like this
that is why i look obese
to cover up the lies i give to people that i wanna please
when all they really need to see,
is that we are here to live our needs
and after that it´s over

Topic: Homelessness

I´m playing checkers on my cardboardbox
the ruthless reality feels like hardwood when it lknocks
on my front door
and i open up the provisorical entrance
I made cutting halfway through this sentence
“we protect and serve all of our citizens”
This slogan from my company feels so limited
cause the effect of beeing let off seemed so imidiate
I was out on the streets
in less than a week
but it seems
like a lifetime, and right now I am stuck in the prime of my life
planting lies in to my mind
so I wont fear the hours between when the light dissapear and the darkness derives
in the horizon
I´ll try my best to fight my way back into common sense,
but the government only see the face of a homeless
but i will get my home back, no matter what it´ll cost me
when it comes to causes

Topic: Piece of bread

I serve on my plate this loaf of light tanned, delightful white bread
crust is so easy to bite over, its almost right to say
its a whidespread
romour how overexcited I am with this faisty bun of delight flavours
I smear some mustard at the bottom
i see how the bread blossom
as the grinded mustard seed with caution
enter the crumbs and moist the awsome
wheat that is the basic ingridient in this feast i am about to stick my teeth in
but first I need som meat to pay this lunch the respect needed
so I place to pieces of roastbeef
and let it sleep together with some onion and greens
and then toss over some pepper and garlic to seal the deal
Now thats a meal!!

Topic: Killer hamster

He tries to chuck me with his teeth, they are sharp as needles
my buddy Peebles, spent the weekend
chasing me down to the deep end
while i defend
myself from this beasty hairy creature
I think he descends, from something deeper
than the grim reaper himself
it´s that evil look he sends, when I see what he intends
like he understands I´m on the breacking point, of my common sense
his mission is to cause me as much pain as possible
And he finally got me cornered, I fell over the only obstacle
In the entire room
I assume, his ready to consume me , while I meet my final doom
I can already presume the writing of my tomb
“This Dude should have known, breathing creatures done by fools”

Topic: Botany

I study the seed of life, deep in the need of light
the soul cannot flourish right,
without nursing every night
You need to dig further down the dirt to find
the fertilizer for your mind
I found it in Nursery rhymes
comitted a nursery chryme
when i tried to feed my soul with herbs and wine
to force out what I left behind
The flowers sprung out, when I guarded my inner thoughts
I fought with myself, but now I garden the winner of the sins i caught
and grew them into 16 bars of deminishing fraught
I sought from the real source
and with this incredible force
I let the seed grow to something more than just a flower

Topic: drivers that doesn´t blink when they turn

It starts itching in my upper lip
I´m stuck behind a driver with
the most irritating habit.
Everytime i think,
Yes, this is it, he forgets to blink
and turns left when I am just about to pass him
Thanks to the reaction of my limbs,
I am able to climb, just barely past his rims
And he yells through his window
“Watch where your driving you fuckin imbecile”
Does it take that much of an effort
to take the step out of adolescence,
and actually face reality, and press
the lever on you leftie
Thats baby talk, for left hand I just left it in your lingo
If you have the impression that i enjoy,
To risk shit, I´d rather play bingo, or casino
Or even get in debt with a mexican amigo
Than face the bumber of the car of an irresponsible bambino

Topic: Sociopathic Waiter

My waiter had the darkest eyes
his iris played hide and seek inside his eyelids
When his eyes twinged and lips tweeked
I got suspicious, cuz all I asked for was an extra minute on my decision
He mumbled something to himself about, Idiot and only five dishes
before i got to reply, he was back into the kitchen
When I finally decided to go for chicken
He smiled weirdly and in an overly polite way he replied to me, “I´ll Have it specially delivered.”
Wich left me even more confused and bevildered
He returned with a fantastic plate of dinner
“I´m Sorry for the delay Sir, I just had to spend 10 extra minutes,
to prepare this wonderfil Filèt, hope you enjoy your dinner”
He spent the next couple of minutes, circling my table
like he was waiting for a response wich made me unable
to finish my dish, he just looked so dangerously unstable
” A thank you would be nice, a sign of yourself beeing grateful”
I didn´t know what to do so I just chocked on a mouthful
and mumbled,
“Check please”
It was a huge relief, to get out of my seat
and I left the waiter a fifty dollar tip, on a five dollar dish
cause i don´t wanna meet, this sucker on the streets
” Sir, Now you have to pay for your deeds,
I thought you cared about my cooking like i cared about your needs”
That beeing the last words I ever heared, and his wierd smile was the last thing to i´d ever see

Topic: Tainted Tofu

Meatflavour and fish stank
Soy texture, I will be serving up that dish now
Not a single animal was killed for this delicious meal
but this is my personal appeal
Nothing to personal but still
to many have sufferef through this painful Ordeal
we had som casuals, about a 100 human beeings
Cause the soy didn´t sit right
Sit thight, cause this story is a bit like
wrestling vs fist fights
One of them just doesn´t excite or look right
please let me go through
the process of making this homebrewed all new Tofu
so you, can understand that all this No good, non food
is not good
First mix soy beans with some lime jiuce, then you add water
Thats about it, just that line has tainted my aorta
This tainted Tofu business should be closed down and stopped by the border
Before more people must sacrifice their life from tainted soya

Topic: Financial Crisis in America. Letter from a rich guy.

Dear America,
I am really conserned
I thought we lived by the motto: a dollar lost a dollar earned
Why should I feel sorry for the people in the world
that hasn´t learned thier lesson, its really absurd
I know that I deserve
this position that I posess and serve
can´t believe they have the nerve
to lecture me about the wealth that I preserve
I am Sure they´ll do the same thing towards me
This is my constitutional right in the land of the free
Home of the brave
I am the hand that feeds, some of these slaves
and I pay them well
They should work much harder for that minimum wage
Just like our forefathers did, Back in the days
I don´t understand this rage
they feel towards what i stand for and desire
I built this up from scratch, from my My dad´s Empire
why should I be punished as a tax paying headliner
I feel no need to share my wealth, with mexicans, gang members and Liars
This is Eye for and Eye
Dime for a dime, and I´ll die before I share my dollar for the socialistic mind
Best regards.
Mr. John “Americas Saviour”

Topic: Pencil Sharpener

Final Touches on the make-up
just to make up,
for the last time that they met
felt they shared something special like the skin that he shed
when his body touched her thin waist
and let the razor sharp blades take a part of him
she built his self esteem, she couldn´t belive
he left the minute she was finished with ,the work she did.
all that he left her with,
was the pieces of her lost love in the bottom of her own lid.
Long lost, but never forgotten
strong hopes, but not to often
she couldn´t help herself from wanting what he offered
She knew she acted like a blockhead
but even if she tried she couldn´t block it
she was an open wound and had nothing to cover with
So she takes cover in her dreams
and dream of the returning image of the pencil

Topic: War in the world

Heavy tears from childrens eyes
Barrel of a gun whipes´em off, as they´re ordered to stay inside
Their parents are ordered to stay in line
eyes wide shut, as the gun pops, silence strikes
smell of gunpowder and geneside
another child is left behind
his lucky if the newstory will get a single facebook-like
cause the attack was considered a succesful strike
his parents didn´t choose right,
so he is just a victim on the “other” side
the right or wrong doesn´t make a single right for him
he lost the rights to live
cuz of the blood they spilled



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3 Responses to World poetry day! What is better than week 1-52 of 365 daily challenge

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed! I’m doing a 365 day challenge too and I enjoyed this so much more because of it! Well done and good for you!!!

  2. vsvevg says:

    Congrats! very well done.

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