I litterally Love you guys. 77 comments and 170 likes. warms my heart to have readers like you guys. WOW. I am performing this for the first time live on Thursday during World Poetry day. Hope Norway is ready for it

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

I haven´t touched a pen since the 365 daily challenge

Hello, I finally got around half an hour of peace around here, I have not written or done anything in 3 months, so I went with stream of conscious when I wrote my first verse in 2013. so here it is, no title or anything:



Almost overdosin

Out of breath,


With the boredom i´m enrolled with

Poetry in motion is at standstill, force it

Waiting for another day that moves ,in orbit

Breathe  with the hill sides

The mill mold the minds,

or at times

Forcing mine to draw the lines

And call the strike to brawl with rhymes

And cause the rise of riots, over  nusery chrymes

Im both cursed

and blessed

From birth til death

But my poker face will scream check mate

When you question all the breaths I take

Or question all the…

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