Messnical – Messnical EP out 5th of April

The duo release their first album, join the stream fest

479896_133005346872849_1650753324_nBonsaiety Records MesAyah and Decknolands Decknical has worked together on several Occasions and over the years built up a sound that fits both of the musical expressions. So this year they joined forces and created the new supergroup Messnical.
On this 4 track EP you will get a summary of the sound picture so far and the first step towards the pure electronic spoken word poetry genre

What happens really when you mix this:

With this


So on the 5th of April we will arrange a listening party and a stream fest on Itunes, SPotify and so forth, that way we can all share thoughts and music together

You can join the stream fest on Facebook:



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