Diary of a poet – A 365 daily challenge Discount codes

Been a lot of music lately, time for some poetry again


Diary_of_a_poet_-_A__Cover_for_KindleThere has been so many readers joining lately who does not know about my challenge last year, that I wanted to post the result, more precisely the book that came out  of last years Challenge,

“The 365 daily Challenge”

I wrote one poem/verse every day for a year, and my followers that have been with me the longest, like the likings of Ivon Prefontain, Simon Banks Readinpleasure and Lindy Lee could follow all my verses online on a weekly update, wich is still present here on the blog. I got all the topics from bloggers, friends, family, listeners and fans, and the rule was that once a topic was suggested I had to write to the topic, so the book has a huge variety from the topic Peter the pagan pig to an ode to the sound hmpfff to topics of life excistence, for the mere reason of developing my writing skills and to write on topics I was far from comfortable with.

This resulted in this book Diary of a poet – A 365 daily challenge where I collected all the verses and published it in late november 2012. It has sold over a 100 copies already so therefore I will as a gift to you hand over some discount codes, wich will give you between 20 and 30 percent discount on the book. so here they are:



In order to use the discount codes you have to use the link you find in the post here. they will direct you to my personal book store

If you want to use Amazon instead and the opportunity to look through the book before you read it, here is the link: Amazon



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4 Responses to Diary of a poet – A 365 daily challenge Discount codes

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Just had sent to my Kindle E-reader your “Diary of a Poet”. Have enjoyed very much your 365 challenge of poetry and wish for you every success. Happy to be part of your talented contribution to the writing world. I remain a loyal follower to your blog here on WordPress…

  2. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Congrats your book. What a wonderful idea to combine all your energies, hard work into a book of poetry. I admire people who organize and follow through. Thanks so much for following my blog. It is a humble attempt to stand up for mental health and other topics. Blessings, Cheryl-Lynn

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