New superduo: MesAyah + Decknical = Messnical

Happy to announce the creation of a new group

479896_133005346872849_1650753324_nIt is with great pleasure I now can announce to you that I have officially joined forces with Decknical and Created the new Superduo : MESSNICAL . As you may now we have worked together on several occations, but never as a group,  so it was so good to finally decide that we had something that needed to reach out to the world. Our first official release will be available the 15th of April and is a 6 track EP wich will be available in stores all around for you to listen to, it will be a mix of what we have done already and what we will sound like together as a group. We will put a large emphasis on the genre we feel we both breath the best in: “Electronic spoken word poetry” and that will be the focus for us for all future releases, so that you will be served something different thatn just Decknical, or something different than just MesAyah, there will be that spesific Messnical sound Shining through.

I will come back with more details about the release and some videos and such at a later point: for now you can enjoy the sounds of what we have done together and on our own up until now.

MesAyah – One step forward (prod Decknical)

Decknical – Anymore Me

MesAyah – Footsteps (prod Decknical)

Decknical – Bestanddeler


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3 Responses to New superduo: MesAyah + Decknical = Messnical

  1. Very catchy tunes! I love the way you incorporate your poetry with music. This was why I learned to play the guitar. Awesome!

  2. paradoc-x says:

    I’m really liking the vibe this (one step forward) gives off. Great job man! Well done!

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