A day for new music: Daniel Rønning Stokkan – Anymore Me

Multi-talented producer Daniel Rønning Stokkan brings emotions into everything

Good morning everybody

As you already now, I am a lover of music and not genre, so it is time to share some new music with you again, because this person right here deserves every attention he can get. Being so talented as he is, doing so many different things, bot in his music and in his art, Daniel Rønning Stokkan keeps on surprising me. From his hip-hop to his ambience sound to his house influenced music, he brings pure talent and emotions into his music. Whenever I put a track on I can spot its him, his trademark, cause he manages to convey his message brilliantly no matter what.


Copyright Daniel Rønning Stokkan

In this track I am sharing with you today he lets the music play around this one line: Do you ever think about, the places we used to go, do you ever think about, do you think about me anymore. And the way the melodies speak and makes you just think until it reappears, it takes you out on a musical journey of variations, breaks and bridges that speaks well with the lyrics. So please check this wonderful and talented musician out

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7 Responses to A day for new music: Daniel Rønning Stokkan – Anymore Me

  1. Soapmouth says:

    Pretty cool track, reminds me of Daft Punk. And I dig his album artwork as well!

  2. Kat says:

    Wow, never heard of this guy, but I love this track a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for you love and for Espen`s blessings. Let there be light! 😀

  4. jayjay3883 says:

    Interesting track! (:

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