3000 facebook likes = New track: One step forward

The only track I will release in 2013 will be released at 3000 facebook likes

Good evening ladies and gentlemen

I am writing you tonight to inform you that beacause of time issues in 2013 with way too much to do I have to limit my studio time, I will still write and share poetry with you, but when it comes to music this might be the only track released this year. I am hoping that it will change off course, but if it is so, I want to make it a little bit special. I am at the moment 104 likes away from 3000, so What I am asking you is to push the like button and share/re-blog this one to your friends so we can raise the numbers by a hundred. Then I will get into the studio and record, mix and master the track.


MesAyah @ XOOne Step Forward

I will continue my co-operation with Decknical on this track as well, you ight be familiar with his work if you have heard, Bridge over beloved waters, Running away and also Footsteps before, I love his electronic touch in the beats he produce and he makes me free to do so much on his tracks, and this track is no different. It is much more up-tempo and dancable this track, so if you would like to hear me perform this, you know what to do. just push that like button on my page and off we go.

Hope you will help me out here, and I always pay back my dues as well




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5 Responses to 3000 facebook likes = New track: One step forward

  1. Life Serum says:

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  2. MesAyah says:

    Reblogged this on MesAyah – Life through the mic and commented:

    The goal is reached, I am hitting the studio!

  3. I see you have already reached your goal! I liked your facebook page anyway!
    Congrats, and thanks for following my blog!

  4. gooseyanne says:

    Thanks for following my blog.

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