MesAyah opens the new year by opening his music and arts forum

A Place for true artists to share their work

Hello my wonderful friends and readers, and a happy new year to you all. Things have finally calmed down a bit again after a hectic 2012 and a really hectic end of the year. There is only a certain amount of time you can spend looking backwards and appreciate what has happened, before those fingers starts to tickle again and your vocal chord screams for attention, even though time does not allow it to do so all the time. I am now ready with a new year, and new opportunities and the first thing I want to present this year is my newly re-opened forum on my website. The Idea behind it is to build a strong platform full of artists of all genres and art forms for the purpose of evolving as artists and learn from each other. that the force we have on the website is so strong that every time a new poem or a song or a picture is posted online, you will get feedback that really matters and that helps you to get even better at what you do.

Enter Here : The Art forum 

The forum copyI have spent the last Year writing the365 daily challenge and without your help, commitment and feedback it would not have been such a pleasure as it was. My other goal with adding you and following you guys was with the thought of a forum like this in the future, And now with almost 4000 people in my following circle and almost just poets, spoken word artists and musicians following me, I feel we are ready to start something like this, even though all of us have WordPress, we kind of drown in e-mails of posts posted and I had missed a lot of beautiful work from you guys because of that, and You have probably missed a lot of mine as well, I get around 12,000 new e-mail everyday, so I want to collect all the beautiful poetry and art in one place, in one forum so we can all enjoy each others work, Imagine posting something in the forum, and by a week almost 4,000 people have read it and given feedback to it. I know how the feeling is, cause you have given me that opportunity so many times by checking out what I do, and now it is time for me to give you the same opportunity back.

Just go into the website: The Art forum 

The forum copy

You will find all the different rooms here, Or you can just right click on them underneath here and they wil lead you to the room.



MesAyah Forum

Forum Home
Board Topics Posts Last Post
General Board
You can talk about anything here
3 5 Jun 10, 2012
Music Recomendation
Here you can share your favorite music
4 9 Nov 15, 2012
Any links you wanna share , share them here
2 3 Mar 4, 2012
If you have any pictures from Mesayahs conserts, please share them here
0 0 None
Album Review
here you can give reviews on MesAyah’s Releases
3 3 Today at 2:25 PM
Fan Pictures
Pictures of Fans and things I got sent from fans
1 3 Yesterday at 7:46 PM
Creator´s studio
All beatmakers share your tunes and get feedback
1 2 Today at 7:13 PM
Art Hall
For all painters and writers out there, post your work in here
0 0 None
Writer´s Lounge
Here all poets can post there poetry for feedback and general sharing
0 0 None
Speakers Corner
Poets share your spoken words and recorded word
0 0 None
Emcee´s Square
Rappers share your tunes
0 0 None
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15 Responses to MesAyah opens the new year by opening his music and arts forum

  1. Such positive, supportive energy. A beautiful way to begin the new year.

    • MesAyah says:

      I feel like giving back, and hope you will participate as well. The importance of sharing and giving feedback is so important, we can see it as our own little study group:)

  2. Soapmouth says:

    Great idea MesAyah! Looking forward to exchanging with like-minded artists!

  3. Cheri L. says:

    This is a great idea and I wish you well in your endeavor! Thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag. Come back and see us again soon!

  4. Runoffwriter says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy!! The forum looks fantastic- I’ll have to look around!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the follow- and all the best with your new venture!

  5. Tru Earth says:

    Reblogged this on Tru Earth's Heart… and commented:
    This is what I want my blog to be like when I grow up… So inspired

  6. lostinmist says:

    I think your server is getting overloaded, although it’s possible it just doesn’t like Linux/Firefox. Time to grow! Also consider requiring registration to reduce the plague of spam you may or may not be in for.

  7. anantha says:

    Excellent service to the world of arts – God bless !

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