2012 – A Recap of the year

Music, movie, books and verses

Greetings my wonderful readers, you are the core reason why I am where I am today, your feedback, your criticism, your love, your wonderful writings, everything has been factors for me growing and expanding limits all through 2012.

I am writing you today because I wanted to collect all the music from 2012, all the events and also some pictures and such to just sum up and recap the year that for me has finishged already, I am tired, exhausted and need to re-charge for 2013. So here we go.



February 2012

Painted Perfect (Prod Cj Beats)

June 2012

Running Away

September 2012


November 2012

Children of War


MesAyah Live @ XOHIPHOP exclusively on spotify


The XOHIPHOP show led to two videos

Painted Perfect

Big Fish

I made a couple of recorded videos of my personal favorites in 365 daily challenge as well

Hope you enjoy these as well.

At the end of the year I released and published my first book Diary of a Poet – A 365 daily challenge:


And the last thing I did was releasing my first short movie that I directed back in April. The concept of it was to create a movie from scratch improvising the characters up until a finished product on just 24 hours of work including the filming of it, and here is the result:

And last but not least a little picture gallery to recap the year in pictures as well:

As you see a lot of shit happened, and Hope you enjoy iy all

Peace and Love MesAyah

See you all in 2013

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1 Response to 2012 – A Recap of the year

  1. 별이 says:

    I love your songs.. : ).
    Good luck and “hwiting” in Korean!

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