MesAyah – Painted Perfect Live at XOHIPHOP Video

Closing in at 30,000 views

It is Friday, my daughter is asleep and I can sit down all alone and write again. It has been hectic days ever since the challenge ended and I can finally catch a little breath again, it´s been Book releases, signings, and off course music related businesses and interviews as well. So I have not been able to write a single word or do anything creative at all, except being able to record the children of war trac, but the real creative part of that one was already finished. It is always tough to turn off again after such an hectic year, and I can feel that it is grinding in my soul, and that the pen wants to move again and create. My mind is bubbling, not just with lyrics, it also have that irritting cloud of frequency noise that makes it impossible to actually sit down and write something, so I write it to you guys instead. A life with no creativity will absolutely kill me, and I believe a lot of you feel the same way. The urge of words, and finding the perfect balance will always be the struggle in my life, especially when you have to find the balance financially as well.

But enough about the wining, a month later I sit here with my book sold out and waiting for another shipment, and a video that all of the sudden turned crazy on the internet and has reached almost 30,000 vies, 25 of those just the last couple of weeks. So I though t I should share this video with you since it was a bit forgotten in all of the challenges and book releases. So here is the live video from my visit to XOHIPHOP radio

Hope you enjoy this, and I promise to create again soon!



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4 Responses to MesAyah – Painted Perfect Live at XOHIPHOP Video

  1. Awesome!!! 30,000 is a lot of views!

  2. Suzicue says:

    Thank you for visiting my site. I really like the music. Inspired.

  3. monkeyfacekim says:

    Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! I like the music, thanks again!

  4. jackie says:

    I too go crazy if I can’t write at least a little each day so my sympathies to you! Hopefully writing about where you are at helped you get into the groove–sometimes all it takes to get through the dam is a little crack. Thanks for the follow and good luck at it!

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