Spontaneous Friday gives the world a spontaneous track

New track called Children of war
For you guys who has been with me since day 1 on this blog will probably not remember this either:P but my very first verse in the 365 daily challenge was called warchild. Today I decided on the spot that I was gonna do something with this track, and one hour later I sit here writing this blog with a brand new free track ready for you guys. After the past years´events with the war in Libya, Syria and now Gaza I have seen all the suffering children on the television, being murdered and also being left alone because entire families are being murdered and massacred every day. And here we sit on our high horse seeing all these horrific images on the news every single day and not even reacting because it has become so normal. And at the same time, there is always a new day tomorrow, the silence that comes with the night always has the prosperity of staying through the next day.  This song is my reaction to these. So I have made this from the prospect of a new tommorrow, the world viewed from the war zone, and then digested through the eyes of a child in the western world.

Hope you enjoy this track called Children of war

Best regards


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10 Responses to Spontaneous Friday gives the world a spontaneous track

  1. Tammy says:

    I really liked the track.

  2. The beginning of the track really caught my attention. I was not disappointed after listening to the whole track.

  3. MesAyah,

    Hi! john from the Book of Pain blog (http://bookofpain.wordpress.com). Just got a message that you decided to follow it and I wanted to say a sincere thank you.

    And thank you for Children of War! It is a beautiful work, sincere and forceful. You obviously have a lot of talent. Keep it up!

    I am amazed at your 365 day poetry challenge. I would be fascinated in hearing about how the process was for you. Was it ever tiresome? Hard to come up with an idea? Did writer’s block ever settle in? I am glad if I can get a poem out a month, let alone a week or a day!

    Thank you again!


    • MesAyah says:

      Hi John

      first of all thank you for a wonderful post, I am glad you liked my new song and that it struck the nerve of your emotions.
      When it comes to the 365 daily challenge, I must say, yes at times it was tiresome, especially the last 30 days, beacuse I could see the finish line up and that even though thirty is a pretty low number, a month is a long time. When it came to topics, I had already covered that by letting my friends, fans, listeners and readers give me the topics, that way the writer´s block was prevented, even though some days where very very heard, with no inspiration what so ever. but thats was what the challenge was all about, how much could you produce when you forced it, and would it still be good. So I have learned a lot form this experience. but would not go through it again i think, but we will see, maybe next year I have changed my mind again:)

  4. Noble Sophie says:

    I cannot get my player to work but I will be back to listen. This subject is so heavy on my heart right now. I pray peace prevails in a miraculous way and now. I like your heart, sir 🙂

  5. jennmaemoore says:

    Thank you for adding my new blog to your reader list! This track has a lot of heart and is very thoughtfully produced. I especially like the intermittent piano trails and harp/chime glisses. Excited to hear more from you, sir!

  6. Thanks for deciding to follow my poetry blog. Amazing track! Keep singing!

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  8. besoil says:

    I love your flow. Awesome.

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