365 daily challenge summary week 52

The challenge is over and completed, now we just have to wait for the book

A wonderful journey is over, the amount of people I have gotten to know over this past year, all the poetry you have introduced to me and all the fabulous feedback I have gotten from you has made this year absolutely fabulous. now it is time to celebrate, and to make the book ready for print. So from me to all of you: Thank you, and bless you all.

Day 365 1st of November 2012

Topic: Life

Divided into cycles, smaller, larger, then united
with a life lived and ignited with the mass provided
getting stronger, harder then divided
as you’re guided you get smarter and excited
if you stand still you depart from the matter and get shortsighted
and see life through a funnel and think its enlightment
that’s what life is, you pay the prize from how it’s lived
if you try to give life, life will thrive to give answer to the questions you die with
if you try to make a difference, life will appear different
and differ from the ignorance that lies in being ignorant
that’s common sense
but the defense system we put up, seems to win on our expense
So every cycle you seem to fight with
will always change to the better if you just fight it
The beauty of a lost soul finding the way back
by retracing his steps and fill it with what he lacked
and that’s what life is all about

Day 364 31st of October 2012

Topic: People

The beauty of a person, the way that he´s urging
patterns in a certain way, often behind curtains
with the curtesy of the culture hidden behind those patterns
add some tradition and life really matters
watching from a distance, I see the glitches
and it inspire me in ways, and force me to think different
A park bench warmer of utter importance
so important to view the world in order to get the point of refference
To build those events into a story
Have seen so much glory on a monday morning
the beauty of a persons face made aware of memento mori
None of those mornings are close to being boring
I am exploring the fragmenst that i experience
the write them up and try to find the brilliance
with my spotlight on wisdom mixed with curious
something notorious comes out, then it turns glorious

Day 363 30th of October 2012

Topic: Aesop Rock

The perfect struggle of a bar
multiplied by four as you picking it apart
Sticking the tip of your hand into a jar
and wiggle it around to find the meaning in the stars
hidden in the start of the  imagery and art
found it by far, but didn’t got far
The metaphors are hitting you hard
that’s when an Aesop track Rocks you in the heart
and when you think his done, he’s extending his bars
perfectly matched to a drum line from Mars
He can build a brick wall and paint it red
then tear it down lyrically with the words that he spreads
shed so much knowledge that the fundament is sticking
Forcing the fiction of his facts to go rythmic
There is no hidden truth that some fractions are nonsense
but its overshadowed by fantastic rhyme schemes and the flow to match em

Day 362 29th of October 2012

Topic: Drama and Theatre

When the curtain calls,
you can hear a needle fall
the tension through the theatre hall,
pin forced through the actors soul,
knowing that every move he makes
is followed close as he raise the stakes
on every little step he takes
the most naked form of art is now taking place inside this little space
The focus shift, images appear through the actors limbs
words float through the accoustics, in a beautiful hymn
the natural re-cap of a tear drop
like it was lifted from his chest and shouted to the roof top
before its detached from the sealing with all the history intact
and lands on his face as he perform the monologue of impact
followed by an abstract expression that attract
the full attention through the first act

Day 361 28th of October 2012

Topic: David Lynch

Images and scenery, characters and mystery
the hidden messages, the freedom and liberty
to create what the mind tells you to commence
a dreamsequence perfectly balanced through the lense
vibrant sounds and characters so intense
that the audience are kept in suspense
from lost higway, to blue velvet or eraserhead
the cleverness that lies in following you mind istead,
of what may seem as common sense, with foootages spread
over the sheet so we actually have to seek and not be lead
towards a meaning that isn´t showed in the first place
I love the erasing of the space between reality and dream states
I never thought I would embrace Frank Booth
but the brilliance of a psycotic killer, and an abused youth
makes me wanna breathe through an oxygen mask too
and that is the kind of emotions brilliance force through

Day 360 27th of October 2012

Topic: Sage Francis

Angry, bitter but wise to the tip of his tounge
So when he speaks with it, the heavy is hung
irreverent to the point where it gets clever
always grasps around the topic, like a personal letter
only better
a natural voice that force the drums to follow him wherever
an advocate of words, when he speak you listen
when he preach you feel he´s on a mission
but not in the position of a preaching a gospel
more of a street preacher, needing to get through to his people
And he takes that role and feed them with the intricate wordchains
so difficult that everyone understands the ambivalent word play
It is emotions packed into  pictures
so real that you can smell the fresh paint from the speakers
words from a creature, made for leaders
Sage Francis makes music for the dreamers and the bleeders
and he reach us with it

Day 359 26th of October 2012

Topic: Peter Gabriel

A musical box on display
A lyrical master with the words that he spray
the images he creates, when he´s played
would leave me stumped for days
with his tracks on replay, to try to grasp the delay
of my freed brain, so I can understand the wordplay
He would make a unicorn change into a unifaun
and with his uniform on stage create the beauty of
a master of ceremony with all the images where beauty´s born
that would make old king cole hardly seem to matter anymore
He always just needed that one sentence
to make the proper entrace into the eardrums of the presented
he thaught me so much about creating the attention
with a first impression, so the listener would stick to whatever I presented
but most of all he taught me imagery
there ain´t a single fiber in me that doesn´t breathe it lyrically

Day 358 25th of October 2012

Topic: Mother muse and baby goose

The inspirational source of a lost sorrow
The hope of a new born day tomorrow
written, sieving through my bone marrow
the emotional patterns of my lost cause is so hollow
but the old emotional patterns where replaced by a new shadow
a new arrow, that attached and gave insight of a new Fallow
soil that I hadn´t touched before
the open wounds that I once bore
and treated with words I swore to my overlord
where now eliminated by the smile of innocence that could not be ignored
Opened chambers in me,
a new channel of a smiling baby
vocabularies of a deluted darkness
that polluted the arches of my bones and grew larger
was spewed out to free up this new master
and my mother muse was reunited with the true answer

Peace MesAyah

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7 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 52

  1. El Cantador says:

    ¡Congratulations! It is always good to complete our goals…..

  2. niaaeryn says:


  3. spongebob says:

    interesting & impressive challenge. i like the last lines of your last poem. the one about the lost soul tracing it back by filling in what he lacked. i get that. makes sense to me. 🙂 keep it up!

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