365 daily challenge summary week 51

The last topic is written

Today I finsihed the last topic of the challenge given by you guys, I have completed almost the entire challenge, all that needs to be done now is to write the last 8 tribute verses to my inspirations. A wonderful Journey is close to an end and what a beautiful Journey it has been. To you who have followed me through this tha last 51 week to the ones just joining me, thank you for giving me the feedback and the love needed to go on, and the chance to evolve in front of your eyes.

If you are thinking, hmmm, what now? I have a quick answer to that: In december I am releasing the book: Diary of a poet – 365 daily challenge. If you are interested in purchasing it, please just contact me.  It will be available for kindle, e-book and paperback.

Here are the verses of the week:

Day 357 24th of October 2012

Topic: Recap

Its been a hella of a year, standing on the borderline
looking at the images that forced through my sorted mind
with this lyrical sword of mine I have fought off the giants
I am at the castle of my mania fighting the last riot
the flame of the fire, is still burning quiet
ain´t done quite yet, but the voices turn silent
been on topic all year, challenges thrown in my direction
answered them gladly, with the pen and pad residing in affection
I conquered galaxies, created characters
Given families a greater role in the concequences
Battle with my common senses
in order to find common sense in the darkest places
I have tasted the forbidden fruit
made love with all my hidden roots
I have paid my dues, and played deuce
with all the variatons of my funeral suit

Day 356 23rd of October 2012

Topic: Secrecy

Whispers in the hallway, star signs in the moonlight
coded for the listeners, that refuse to take the fight
information hidden for the sake of our rights
dehumanised in order to hide the upheaval and strikes
its the evil that speaks when the wisperer sleeps
and the messenger of reason speak in your dreams
the secrecy behind the war of machines
is only spoken by these that has no other means
than to hide behind the cruelty of other regimes
as evil that it seems, you have to read behind the story on screens
One man can not save the world from its secrets
one man can not save the world from its weakness
one man can not sit and puzzle the pieces
and believe that his visions would kill the devils rejects
cause the whispers will never fade and wear out
it is the secrecy that made the world go round in circles

Day 355 22nd of October 2012

Topic: To make a howler

He had the best intentions
but the invention of a faux pas was not his best friend
he only tried to ask and raise questions
but all he raised was eyebrows and the crowds attention
It was drawn out of propotions to another dimenson
the sentence that was hanging in the air was filled with tension
he tried to redeem himself, and twist and turn it
but the more bridges he tried to build,
the more wood was tossed on the fire to burn em with
He got thrown off his course and got nervous
He knew the topic was perplex and that he got a purpose
the wording was all wrong, and it was getting dangerous
in utter embarrasment, he tried to leave the scene, but the crowd was murderous
They yelled out: Haven´t you heard of us!
He shivered through his bone marrow, he had fired the burning arrow
And all he did was try to explain that mankind had a vision that was too narrow

Day 354 21st of October 2012

Topic: The butterflys view on cause and effect

I flipped my wings in the sinners bin
With the flick of his fingers he sinned within
the frame of time, a changed the path of his evil twin
the course and cause started to spin
and it was clear that the path´s we store will begin
again and again, as soon as we change what could have been
If he didn´t flick me, the effect of his next move would be crucial
but his search for approval, turned the trace cold and not useful
Brutal will always be payed back with brutal
maybe not in the near future,
but prepare for it, and there is no time to be rueful
you have to accept it, cause the feeling is always mutual
The cause that follow the effect will always apply
Any opportunity wasted can never be denied
How this even would come as a suprise
even shock the reflection in the eyes of this dead butterfly

Day 353 20th of october 2012

Topic: Instincts

I wore my sixth sense on the outside
in a sick pretense i pretended to be an allie
walk with small steps as I saw death
in the white eye but he can never fool my breath
I am to schooled I guess
or maybe all my memories are too opressed
or maybe im just too obsessed
with the thought of my insticts are dressed, to impress
I have taken every gut feeling and carried it
followed every path and burned the bridges i´ll be buried with
it is always a great encouragement
that the nourisments I gain from following the voice I vent
is so much stronger than my own comparisons
cause I would never let myself be turned to someone arrogant
I am born with em, so I am a natural follower
I know we here on borrowed time, ,
thats why my instincts refuse to let me move like a lawn mower

Day 352 19th of October 2012

Topic: Reversed words

The diverse meaning of a wordchain
the frame of the words stains
the paper as i retrace the letters original surface
And shows itself in its true purpose
I sit and breath through evil now
the main focal point that grows, on me
as it reattach to the paper and breaths life
live it, feel it, live through reversed fights
and if you read it closely you might see the devil or heaven
hidden in the scenery and believe in the code of number seven
The reversed words that throws a spell on you
so you sit and spell, its the truth
over and over again, so you will soon belive nothing will despute
the truth itself, even though its hidden as the biggest lies
you will deny that fact until you die

351 18th of October 2012

Topic: Insight

in dead center of the limelight outroduction
A reduction of one specter in order to get eruption
of a sleeping giant, jumpstart the heart to get the brain to function
Reconstruction of insight and production
live the chapters of a novel,
breathe the words of Aristotle
take only lights sips from the bottle
cause too much can knock the sense out of you´re throttle
toogle between your tought patterns and prior knowledge
the word has it, that the worst habit is to scream acknowledge
that would be a pure savage, live light and think challenge
embrace average, cause thats the only way to spark conscience
and hail consiousness, without it you you will never rebuild the branches
never leave your ghosts in your closet or under the blankets
then the chances of you taking the advantages
of having an insightful mind advances past your own management

Peace Love and so much more than that


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  1. aestueve says:

    Boom. I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out my blog and see what it means!

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