365 daily challenge summary week 50

The last Remake of a songtitle for now

With only two weeks left and only october left this week was the last remake of a songtitle week in the challenge, thank you for all your inputs and suggestions, and hope you all are happy with my additional verses on your favorite songs. Here are this weeks verses

350 17th of October 2012

Topic: Rembrandt´s eyes

Self portraits, the self observant master with eyes coughin
cries often, with the smiles hidden in a sealed coffin
with nail slammed trough the hardboard
a cardboard boxed dream brushed off
by the wind as it sealed through the visions of greatness
like rembrandts europe and his mission and statements
we can all see the reflections in his iris
its like a sad environment
but through his eyes they are the finest
all the crisis are covered with thick layers of blinding diamonds
Through his eyes I understood the acts of Judith and Cyrus
It is like watching beauty while infected by a virus
You have to witness pure evil to appreciate the good samaritan
I mirrored myself in rembrandts eyes to to realise I was helpin em
The world through a painter always differ from your own
but if you look deep enough you will always see home

Day 349 16th of October 2012

Topic: Prisoner of this road

Handcuffed to the scenery, still no one´s looking out for me
a war child in between enemy lines, modern day misery
the sidewalk´s been my only friend after the thievery
of my freedom and the killing of my innocent family
Chained to the ground is the ground shaking truth
a humanity dispute between the famine of a youth
and the sun that left my shadow when I cried for home
the trees that sorrounded me was bombed away ages ago
so there is no longer any wind passing through this lion
the dried up land heated by the faded horizon
the only sound I hear is from the uprising war sirens
that is the only real sound that can give me any guidance
Cuffed to the ground I just pray for the silence
and one day getting off this island
the road to nowhere has rid my thoughts of returning
the fire that is burning is just my hunger crying as my stomache´s turning

Day 348 15th of October 2012

Topic: Dead hearts

Stone cold, with just the bone marrow to flow through it
every heart beat on the monitor play sonnets of a rusty kid
must we witness another busted life
as the madness strikes
or trust the thrust of killers knife
latched through the art of war, dead center
with arteries and bloodveins vented where the knife entered
stabbed by an artificial angel, the self proclaimed God sender
then censored by the presenter in a pretensed grief letter
telling the story of a lost love and dead veins
that had a vision of life an death just being the same
that their son had left because he could not take the blame
and carry the shame of a sinner in the heat of the game
On the last beat he wrote his will on his iris
his eyelids recorded a beautiful sighting
when the parents arrived, they could still read it is his eyes
there are no dead hearts or dead thoughts hidden inside

Day 347 14th of October 2012

Topic: As you turn

My cheek is still faded from your last kiss
The last hit and miss that we did was tragic
a mystery gone bad as I miss the tings we had
I hard fist couldn´t wake me from the deep sleep of madness
With great sadness I see the red paint left on the matress
and the red paint on my face is a sign of taking chances
In a few stanzas, I had painted the canvas
covering the entire sidewalk with the heart of an artist
following the path of a left turn
as a sign of the flames you left to burn
inside an already burning heart as you kissed me goodbye
with the things that I, already knew happened, but couldn´t put on standby
At first I did not know wich feelings to apply to, so I decided by
a coin toss, so the turns you made would not affect my
decisions of poor judgement as I was clueless
No matter how I flipped that coin, the outcomes wass still ruthless

Day 346 13th of October 2012

Topic: Smooth Criminal

Pick pockets, dollars in my pants as I Steam up your sockets
fill em up, the realest Criminal, a smooth talker, talking with rockets
As I reach for the sky with my mirrored reflections
a neglection of my faults as I steal your impressions
In sections, the bank vault is filled up  with my vocal injections
Stealing the words from the immortal elections
of a true mind, work smoothly of the true lies
I am the true kind
that work together with the cruel intention of a waterline
that rise daily, Time wasted, waist high in criminal relations
A simple case of smooth talker walking on water
as my corelation with life, talk slowly with caution
The cause is always better than the relations
A smooth sensation, criminalized by cruel intentions
I work smoothly lubed in between the sheets of experience
Battling the bars tha fought the battle of commonm sense

Day 345 12th of October 2012

Topic: Dare to live

A bubble of fear are sorrounded on the surface
hiding inside the safety walls and can´t forget he´s nerveous
Afraid to join the circus, afraid of closed circuits
afraid to find out that his life may not have a purpose
so he hides, instead of facing his serpent
serving wormfood to the battle between catharsisis versus courage
interpreted the signals towards a cold war
so what is the reason to fight for a life he would not die for
he is in quite poor shape as he latch for the soul he wore
almost like a holy force in a holy war is blinding the cause
and the pathway that he rode since the day he was formed
Never dared to take the step to live the life that he bore
No core values in the spine that he drained of
the life fluids he had, and traded it in for pained love
Doves painted on the back of his eyelids
so he could see signs peace at least when he sleeps in silence

Day 344 11th of October 2012

Topic: If this is it

If this is it, I would be left on your doorstep
If this is it, I would  regret that we never met
the doorbell that parted us from beeing related
there could be nothing greater
than the fate that broughts us together
But if this is it, then this verse is my last words
I would only appear in your life as a free bird
dotting every line with a full stop to be heard
I would prefer to be reffered to as a dreamer
If this is it, you will never state my name out
when you come out to meet me and leave no doubt
there will be no screaming or shouting
no disbelief or no trace of doubting
no scouting out for any easy outings
if this is is, I will never be the one counting
the days since we met for the first time



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4 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 50

  1. Helen says:

    Nice! I especially like your Rembrandt’s Eyes verse.

  2. pdlyons says:

    almost there – 365! cheers

  3. irisoniris says:

    350: Anne Rice talked about Rembrandt, I believe, in one of her vampire books in the 90s, and the prevailing tone in your writings here made me wonder if you have ever chanced upon that book. (The sealed coffin bit does not even have anything to do with this. 🙂 )Painters in his era have a depth that in my opinion still has to be paralleled by any movement. And I love that you have paid homage to that, in a sense.

    349: This had all the heaviness and grayness of a war movie scene. But the rhythm and rhyme gave a regal vibe to it that is rare.

    348: So many brilliant lines, interspersed with phrases that I must have met before, through quotes-from-great-men-turned-life-axioms, and great book titles, and moved me. Because of the label I was expecting something cheesy, ranting-about-someone’s-ex type, but I underestimated you and I apologize. 🙂 This was cut deep, and cut in multiple directions. I would say this was one of the best in the pile.

    347: I was recovering from being proven wrong at the last one, and here this was. Half a love poem, and half a holding-a-bleeding-limb-up-to-the-mirror kind of questioning, unraveling. Full of flavor and character. A little on the heavy side; it perhaps could use a little more delicate elements, but that’s just me because I’m a woman and I ride that end of the spectrum every mile it’s worth, so don’t mind me. 🙂

    I’ll read the rest in a little bit then come back to the comments again. 🙂

    • MesAyah says:

      Wow. thank you for these deep and excellent feedback’s. I seldom get my poetry/verses ripped open like this, but when I do, there is this warm pleasant feeling running through me. so thank you so much. looking forward to hear more:)

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