365 daily challenge summary week 49

One of the topics needed coverage


You will probably be suprised bu the title for day 342, but I felt that I needed to write on it, there was arranged a titty tueasday on twitter yesterday, and I just saw the stupidity bulge online, I mean, it was like no boundaries what so ever in a public room, so it needed to be covered. so here you have the verses of the week

343 10th of October 2012

Topic: Social Media

I am too afraid to talk with my face on
my palms all sweaty when the social game´s drawn
my fingers much sharper than my split toungue
razorblades on keys as my words just tag along
a viral vagabon with no strings to latch upon
my babylon consists of world peace e-books on amazon
I usually hide behind an alias, but reveal my privacy on facebook
but on twitter or aol my display name is space crook
my rage is hooked on caps lock and my opinions are all shooked
I took the personality of a villain the moment I turned on my mac book
I always seems to conversate better when im texting
it gets more interesting and the awkward silence is not existing
I am suddenly all rich in words and can use em for my own twist in
the debates where i´m enlisting and chat rooms that are consisting
om fellow members with my views, with no need for any insisting
or anyone resisting the thins being said, we are that convincing
Social media invited my darkest views to be looked at
and ever since I found you I have never looked back

Day 342 9th of October 2012

Topic: Titty Tuesday

Its titty tuesday for the twitter users
adnormal usage of the privacy of other viewers
hundreds of thousands use the day to increase their followers
hounds barking at the break of dawn, shallow and just swallow it
a sin city for the titty lickers
the city slickers debate over which tit is bigger
With armed triggers, they charge twitter
with comments of loaded ego´s and foul litter
The world is tormented by famine, war and death
and there we have millions of people, at home, watching breasts
Why are we so stupid that we follow with that much interest
on Adam and especially Eve´s dress
And not even the fig leaf is sacred any longer
How can any woman go that public with their private launder
And what about their future daughter
finding their mom online in a position where dogs usually are stronger
It is with a huge sigh, but also with laughter
That I shake my head in great despair, in the attention some search after

Day 341 8th of October 2012

Topic: The leftover coat

It was always the last in line
at the inner spot on the hanger, begging for some carpet time
Not particularly ugly, nor is it fine
not glory or flashy, boring or bashing, just wasn´t one of a kind
it had been place there since the day they made last seam
together with the rest of the group, that all lived the textile dream
beeing sold, then sold again, making attics fabolous before turning retro
going from posh and worn at posters at the metro
to and echo of the past, then turned to the ghetto
reborn as something gays wear, then back to the hetero
While this poor coat is locked in the corner
one the border of beeing sold, every day it gets older
once just a centimeter away from beeing in a folder
but its best friends got its sleeve out, so then he was folded
so there he hangs, lost the last train to fashion
now he just wishes someone would design a pair of gloves that could match him

Day 340 7th of October 2012

Topic: Amare Stoudemire

Jump around in his flyest kicks
His paid to hit the hoops for the New York Knicks
Opted out from the Sun, to play at the Garden
Picking apples in the big league with his feet as his jargon
It is kind of cliché to say he is in love with the letter A
But in fact, his wifes name is Alexis, then the childrens names are Amata, Aré
and last but not least Amare Jr, I guess they ran out of names
But I guess you can do whatever you want when you are opting for fame
after a rough start in his life he played his first organised game
at the age of 14, and thats when opportunities came
Rookie of the year ,Took him to through the sphere
And finally he is at home at the madison square
A 65 million prize tag, at the front cover of Life mags
A star in flesh and blood, carrying jerseys with the American flag
He has a busy life when his not playing ball,
Autohor, actor, philantrophist, he is doing them all
There is no chance I could see that this star would fall
He would just easily crawl over if he was hitting a wall

Day 339 6th of October 2012

Topic: Fond memories and old feelings.

the lost memories, that reappear in dreams
so fond and glorious that you just wanna sleep
to dive in too deep, and relive your past so that you can meet
all the memories of a lost hopes, those feelings of grief
that sieve through your spine cause of the goals that you decieved
you relive those memories, to supress the things that you never achieved
those warm old feelings
no thoughts of worrying, focus on just being
it is so appealing for your eyes, this is what you wanna believe in
screaming, revealing, every aspect you are sealing in
healing for the soul, but dreams they have an ending
know you lie there in bed with eyes towards the ceiling
wanting to dive in again
just another hit of the memories of older friends
and all the friends  that you attained
and all the love that you once gained
for being in that circle of life
all the fond memories and old feelings you lived before you died

Day 338 5th of October 2012

Topic: Beauty Ideals

She had the face of an angel, but haunted by devils
that natural twist, that only comes from heaven
but everywhere she twist and turned
her mind was churned by posters earned
for making girls take of their halos
then their clothes to get observed
The barbie dolls,  that just unfolds
and let not a story stay untold
a woman trapped inside the cold
body of a 12 year old
ribs and thighs they stay alligned
with no hips between on either side
So there this beauty goes around
infected by the the pictures found
she starts to glare her mirrored self
and bends her head in bitterness

Day 337 4th of October 2012

Topic: Self Deception

I blame it on the world that i suffer now
there has been a lot of ruckus, and that got me down
been to many people that have pushed around
I believe they´re here, just to steal the crown
No matter what I do, I can see the crowd
try to pin a tail on me, get me out
I think it is because I´m so damn proud
don´t recognize heads sticking in the clouds
If they only saw the quality I bring up front
they maybe wouldn´t stand there and act so blunt
But it is all their fault they can´t see that
I blame it on the people that are getting bad
I blame it on those who ignore me
I blame my misery upon their greed
There can´t be another reason why they won´t speak
When confornted with the flawless version of a human being



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