Join MesAyah´s Exclusive Fan club and get all his music for free

I am in the mood of Giving things away tonight
Hi everyone, I woke up today feeling in the mood for giving away something today. So on my website you will see a nice little thing called exclusive members, it is only 2 dollars a month and you will get free videos, exclusive readings, and 20 percent discount on a lot of my clothes and music. But today and this entire week, If you join today, I am going to send you all my official music that I have released so far for free straight to your computer. so imagine that for 2 dollars, you will get music at the value of 20. So Join now and spread the word.

Push the word Fanclub


Just push subscribe and you will be taken to a secure pay pal payment


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1 Response to Join MesAyah´s Exclusive Fan club and get all his music for free

  1. armyveteran says:

    Sorry I do not even have 2 pence to rub together. 😦 Sounds like a great deal though. I would need more space on my LT; nonetheless, someone is going to get a great deal!

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