365 daily challenge summary week 48

New week, New room for my studio


Hi this week it has been much easier again to sit and write, and I have also moved into a new room with my studio, so now it looks like this














Here are the verses for this week:

Day 336 3rd of October 2012

Topic: The Weekday warrior

She was the modern day warrior, an everyday worrier
weekday stories, fought the weekday barrier
carrier of so many thoughts and mirrors
in her system, floating like rivers
glims of errors while running with scissors
cut open a wound that was all flesh and blistors
didn´t not know when she could be dead and burried
in fact she felt she could be dead already
the few morns, she was ready
she was steady on a heavy thought, the rest was empty
easily intimidated by the lost and crazy
the givers and the drop dead lazy
fighting every morning just to find a way to get up
but she will brush up, just to have that much
so in a weird way she accepts her existence
watching her self in the mirrors from a distance

Day 335 2nd of October 2012

Topic: Forbidden fruit

I cheated the tree of life, then seduced the witnesses
Sang the serpent a serenade, by whispering the synthesis
I searched for the bitter truth, that lied inside forbidden fruit
The inner youth and love I used
was ready to explode inside my already ignited fuse
Ransacked my inner soul, in order to find my views
but they where banned at the gates of lust and abuse
challenging my chanting muse with appleseeds and longing roots
Adam and Eve could never break me
The serpent that guarded the garden ordered me to break free
I listened to my inner voice that screamed out  loudly
You can never touch the forbidden fruit, but you can always shake the tree
In the cause of it all I found myself shaking it
Adam and Eve was playing with
the forbidden fruit and decided to call it quits
Then i ordered the serpent to give them both a final kiss

Day 334 1st of October 2012

Topic: Cough mints

served to heal, but he was dressed to kill
lost the last mint in the box to an imbecile
his friends that kept him company
was all just muffled in a saliva filled cemetry
there is no thoughts towards the words ment to be
this was strictly out of line, a mass murder imfamy
each mint in this box was taught the ways of those
that claimed the purpose of a mint was composed
to serve the delight and soothing emotions of the reciever
and the way they shall retrieve it is from the constant giver
of a fresh breaher or a warm healer
that makes the throat go from in stitches to a believer
wich will cause and affect of a happy mate
but in this case, fate led it to different ways
the murders of the cough mint
no apparent reason, he just chugged them in
with no emtions connected he just went for the win

Day 333 30th of September 2012

Topic: The deluded Sheperd

He was so lost, with no probable cause
just blinded by the sheep hurd and the noise that they caused
He had paid the cost of beeing the boss
now the hurd dislikes him, and the sheep dog has run across
roumors said that it has fleed abroad
there was no need of staying next to a guy who treated himself as god
who had a style that craved to be awed
and left with appraisal for the easiest jobs, and demanded applause
for it, he was deluded by these illutions, merely a facade
and he refused to see that his style was flawed
Now he walked around in circles, trying to find his way
he had not seen his sheep heard for a couple of days
he still goes around and gives Alan the blame
thats the name of his only black sheep, the rest looks the same
Alan refused to be tamed and guided like the others
and could not bother to walk in the line with his brothers
So now here we are, all lost, from individuals to the huge flocks
seeking  towards the impossible blocks
so they all stayed deluded inside their own box

Day 332 29th of September

Topic: Hibernating trees

The many trees that sleep
the leafs that fall and bake its seed
the naked dreams of a naked tree
the only living thing that actually undress indeed
to mangage the blistering cold winter breeze
I find myself sitting in one of these
only a few weeks ago I could here them speak
änd if I was really quiet I could here this tree breathe
and sneeze and quirk and creek
I could hear it work indeed, only getting ready for the future
to lay down here to sleep, with in all this rapture
capturing the essence of a cold night with laughter
cause the warmth that lies beneath these factors
just make it ready for an even deeper departure
and what he search after, could not come any faster
he lives and breaths, for the day when the warm breeze
is hitting him once more, so he can once again breath
but without this naked sleep
he could never appriciate, the needs of these deeds

Day 331 28th of September 2012

Topic: Back against the wall

His kneecaps tells the recap of a story
no feedback has been fed towards his glory
the inventory of his body is swept clear
only a fistful of shame and eyes wept with tears
have not slept a good night in years
never been able to fight back to his peers
or even look in the mirror to see what might be there
or really looked deep into his own eyes, like really stare
to view the image of his fears, and the pressence of his sphere
the essence of his being and the message that he bears
the empty stare of no hope as he goes through his prayer
its been a ritual the last 7 or 8 years
he sworn to himself that he would try not care
but fight for whats right and share every feeling he could spare
The glimps of light as he sits there and compare
the neglection of his own death, and what he actually can bare

Day 330 27th of September 2012

Topic: Stereotypes

You find one in the corners, one in the streets
you find others in the club, and some you just meet
different quirk and Identities
like a perfect symphony
are mashed up together as a stereotypic industry
It is massively hypocritical to call someone stereotypical
cause difference is obvious and so much more than physical
the core of simplifying something is merely cynical
but we adore to use the old cliches and be predictable
when we share our views about a certain group of people
Cause there is no greater joy than to explore the stereotypes
and endure the mythical and mystical beliefs, and claim that its right
to make something pure and meticulous
into something hideous and ridiculous
shaping the image of one man into actual images
and then we mimic it, withouth realising that the ridicule is limitless




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3 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 48

  1. Just Jewel says:

    As always very well done MesAyah. I like the 1st 2 and last 2. “Forbidden Fruit” reminds me of one of my poems called “Trapped in the Garden”. Keep up the good work!

  2. simon7banks says:

    I wonder if “Weekday Warrior” is about an actual individual? It sounds like it. It also reminded me that I used to call myself “the urban worrier”. “Forbidden fruit” is just brilliant.

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