365 daily challenge summary week 47

A rough week to write



It has been one of those weeks in the challenge where it has been hard to find motivation and the words, Every verse this week feels forced because of the lack of motivation and creativity, but thats why I started this to begin with, so I could write even if I had days and weeks like these. so here are my verses


Day 329 26th of September 2012

Topic: Metomorphosis

The form and shape changes
from the birth or hatch, it goes through the stages
been around for ages,
beautiful to watch change in the making
if we could see our selves like this
all of the magic tricks that happen all so quick
and change our face before we can even blink
or even evolve over the things we think
like a butterfly we are shaped into beautiful
in the beginning we eat and sleep and do whats suitable
then we build a shelter thats usable
around ourselves a become less and less moveable
until some knocks on the door, and we start releasing ourselves
and the beauty are presented and things make more an more sense
then we blossom and breath, and fulfilling our needs
and people say: boy he has changed, and you reply, yes indeed, yes indeed

Day 328 25th of September 2012

Topic: Wealth in a poor world

Almost like the ages of the empires
money beeing dragged to war, with the emphasis on inspired
Gold plattered paths and patterns
to hail the old emperor, who graciously gave to the matters
we find ourselves back into the days of Rome
where people roamed, and equals where shown
the secrets to the domes and heathens where left alone
inside their homes, in streets and corners while the riders marched on
to die in the pools of their own misery
then all the images are hitting me
starving women and children in a 3rd world country
whats the difference in this scenery
that the high horse Ceasar once rode in on is now pure imagery
but the course of it all is still happening , we just react to it differently
we speak in this poor world about our dignity and wealth
while 80 percent of this world struggle with mockery and bad health
and all while we sit on the sideline watching this enigma
treathing the problem like another late night cinema

Day 327 24th of September 2012

Topic: Candlelight

The peace of a burning flame
calmly brushing the air that it claims
no shame as it enters the comfort zone
it takes its throne with pride on top of its frame
Beautifully constructed to share warmth and joy
it gives and gives and turns smaller for you to enjoy
gives its life for you, a volunteer joan of arc
in order for you to ignite, when you are left with the spark
let the energy fill your limbs, from your toes to your head
breath and whispers through your spine and neck
Feel and feed the tension before it is releaved
and freed from the attention that it seeks
You scream out, while the candlelight, still burns in peace
getting smaller for you in order to fulfilling your needs
in any situation, it can hear your pleads
think about how many times
has a candlelight burned down while people where on their knees

Day 326 23rd of September 2012

Topic: Toil

Pen and paper is waiting, ink dried in the center
been on hold for the last month, trying to vent it
to much pressure from the outside world
to much aggressive shoulders on my intiutive words
my heavy breath is held up while I gasp for air
while a blood clot is blocking the thoughts I wanna share
Been overworked and stressed for days
the toil is making me depressed and full of rage
I could only fill a page with words that rhymed with hate
struck down, creatively deprived of a face
and mouth and eyes, no taste of beauty, or sight for life
I have signed for life with the things I write
but I also signed a contract with fire and light
darkness and fights with the struggling rites
and rituals off a working mans agenda
the toil is boiling up my mind, and colour it magenta

Day 325 22nd of September 2012

Topic: Breathe

Inhale, then exhale
exchange the fresh air, with the carbonised breath trail
it is almost like a sex game
exchanging everything that close to a breath take
pacing, slowly, rythmic, solely
bold and beautiful, with breath like poetry
but also,  cold and lonely
sound a sleep with nothing flowing
unite the breath with a familiar fusion
when I walk fast towards a sharp conclusion
there is no confusion over lounges and my toungue
doing there best to keep my breath up strong
Hi-struck with melody and dreams of a run
that left me breathless in a closing game that just begun
stunned by the efforts that I´ve just done
my breath to me further than just close to none

day 324 21st of September 2012

Topic: Celestial bodies

Watching art on the sky tonight
popping the parts to get by the light
past the top of atmospheric rites
the celestial bodies shines alight
this is stratosphere and milky way battles
i let it rattle away as I take in more than my eyes can handle
colours in the sky, objects in dusguise
as heaven switch outfit and the moon starts to rise
I watch as it cries, the fire from the sides
are falling from the body and none of them alligns
Its a crime we don’t acknowledge these signs
like the old and wise, knew that this life started to arise
all around the areas I am waitching in these lights
Planets formed all around us
asteroid crash but avoids the stardust
And all I can think of when the sun comes back up
is that The universe is the artist that struggle the hardest

Day 323 20th of September 2012

Topic: Writings in frost smoke

Faded every second, the words are aching
to come out before they dissapear again, shaking
you have to be alert to witness beauty in the making
like a starving soul, waiting to be nutured like a baby
maybe,   just maybe, if you wait long enough
you can see  diamonds in the rough
with sentences formed as you stand there and scuff
can´t believe the beauty that are beeing discussed
in the fading sentences that saw life created
then dead again, not even related
to the death that debated the existence of all men
and all of them who believed that words come alive again
that the potent fractions of a letter form deadly sentences
and when it is presented in frost smoke , you pray for the present tense
cause it is much easier to move back in time
and divide each frost smoke into different lines
and decypher them so they make sense inside your mind




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5 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 47

  1. Jane says:

    But hey you still did it and it’s being committed and consistent that counts.

  2. When the words get tough and the inspiration seems dry, the plodding of another step forward creates the perseverance that makes the the phrases later shine forth.

  3. annotating60 says:

    A day or two, a week is dry, try 35 years. I you write to practice for the poem that comes next and perhaps that one will flow like water poured onto shale bedrock where the water seldom reaches. KB

  4. niaaeryn says:

    I liked both the celestial bodies for what it us worth.

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