365 daily challenge summary week 46

A week back in music

Hello, once again I was ready for a remake of a songtitle week, and I got to write on some of my old genre classics, I found a new favorite with India Arie and I am pretty much content with all my verses this week. to think it is only 6 weeks left of the challenge scares me a bit. And I find myself thinking the weirdest things, what if someone tries to kidnap me two days before the challenge ends, what if I fall down a hill and break my leg, etc etc. But I am sure everything will go fine, unless I have a mad stalker out there refusing to share my victory with the world . LOL

here are the verses this week:

Day 322 19th of September 2012

Topic: Sound of Silence

Hello Darkness my old friend
I am making love with you again
seek inside the sound thats breaking
the making of a ground thats shaking
in total silence, while we are both faking
the funk we shared over the undertaking
of total nothingness
blessed with the shaking of the tree in reminisce
I always hesitate over the french kiss
and the bliss sorounded by the lips that splits
but still no sound, I even try to listen when it hits
Call for the lady’s name, I like to call here quits
in total silence i pray for the guidance
Give me just one little sound so I can see whats happening
But at the same time it rolls through my head like a symphony
I seek this darkness with sympathy, over the ruins of whats left of me

Day 321 18th of September 2012

Topic: Beautiful Suprise

wrapped in silk paper, carefully handled
so fragile it almost breaks when we entangle
You jumped out the scene, to serve me a new angle
I was suprised by the result from the thoughts I could mangle
It was beautiful as the daylight, when the sun kissed your skin
I ran in between, the different layers of your dreams
and showed myself in the parts where I knew you wanted me in
a perfect lay up for speaking to you within
ever since the first day, you have surprised me with your presence
I will always be adressing, the focal point of your essence
when it divides and diverges into pure greatness
I was always so suprised you made me feel weightless
as I flew over the cuckoo’s nest in order stay next to the greatest
beauty that i knew, shone right through me even when the lights faded
You have gotten me through all thes faces
It was a beautiful suprise the day you stated, I’ll be yours forever

Day 320 17th of November 2012

Topic: Here we go

Here we go , kickstart the future
nuture you soul and leave out the vultures
eat of the bones of nutritious cultures
and relax yourself to the music and sculptures
Here we go, just remember to breathe a lot
and take care of all the gifts you got
don´t play hide and seek with your talent
to keep the artist inside you is such a challenge
It is all about ballance
and the fact that you stand strong if you got knowledge
Here we go, let the past live its own life
release yourself from all the strife
from old fights and cold nights
and say, despite all evil, I still want to breathe the light
Here we go, with a bucket full of rites
that will keep you forever close to the man that left light
and came back heavy and brighter than the stars that shines

Day 319 16th of November 2012

Topic: Ms. fat booty

Right curved proportions, served in small portions
moves through the streets, with all eyes  open
you know that natural shake while she walks
If she couldn’t walk that walk
then the men wouldn’t talk the talk
but she moves it with perfection, seducing the hawks
flocks of em lining up on the corner, stare and gawk
while trying to invent a key to unlock
the secrets to her heart, but can’t get anything on their writing block
all they can do is just stand on the outside and knock
rocked their world so many times
been the number one reason for collecting dimes
and committing crimes in order to impress her
undressed her with their eyes instead of actually adress her
The perfection is left alone on the pedestal
a lonely desired girl that don’t accept that she’s exeptional

318 15th of November 2012

Topic: Hard Sun

From the watch tower of Ivory I built for your pressence
and let the sun shine through the real essence
of my worship of you, not beeing present
I presented a case of love to your own evanescence
I let the sunbeams that struck fill my energy
to light up the darkness and the memories
for the early grave I dug in the past
like a blast from it I still gave you a chance
But I did not find the land I searched
the only thing that merged from it, was the message of my curse
Reimbursed myself into the rivers that emerged
But I always found the thought pattern to concern you first
When I look back on thos 40 days and 40 nights
of tiring prayers and forging fights
I wished the sun would fade out
And it would still be all down to me

Day 317 14th of November 2012

Topic: Zero Dark thirthy

One zero fight for the life of thirty
one day overdue so i pull rights of a wormfood dirty
on a curfew to leave life at my serving
curving the life at a mandrake move that was flirting
i kissed that zero and married the princess
only with a couple of inches i left her in stitches
one dark thought that left the brightness of a love story
one gory thought that kept life away from boring
stated that life ended
but i bent it over a life filled with something relentless
got careless and slipped up, so I got stuck on the benches
the wrench is my friend so i drenged
my life in soaked tears over thirity dreams
dirty cream that got zero respones over the realm of fortune
I am immortal, with mad distortion over the zero kicks
so i Reach the innocence that dirty gave me, when my hero flicked

Day 316 13th of November

Topic: The ruler´s Back

The return of the king is put on hold
No kissing of the pinky ring, the truth is untold
Stories and revelations about to unfold
So sit back and listen while the story is told
No more proof about the champion of truth
Ruled out to abuse the words that he used
Accused everyone around that they attacked the fuse
The ruler was back, we didn´t want that, we wanted the news
The new school and old fools that claimed they where old school
Was ruled out the game as the veteran boy tools
A moderen day male concubine
Prosed to shine, but the talent was left behind
So they hid it innside some drumrolls and melodyline
Just to commit a felony to a classic, just one more time
We don´t want the Ruler back
we want Individuals that back the throne and attack




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3 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 46

  1. Sue Judd says:

    Love ‘Sound of Silence’ and ‘Here we go’ ….some great verses! All the best for completing the challenge, sure you’ll do it in style.

  2. wendystrohm says:

    Keep going! It’s an amazing feat
    And each new verse is such a treat
    Your talent shines through, this is true
    The weeks now are few and you know you can do
    Keep going!
    🙂 Wendy

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