365 Daily Challenge summary week 45


¨Keeping it short today since I am celebrating.

Here are the verses

Day 315 12th of september 2012

Topic: The life cycle in 12 months

I was born a cold january night
but the warmth provided shone a bright light
by February I stood up right
Not afraid to pick a fight
and started to put reasons behind
the feelings and emotions that I had in my spine
Was beaten up the first time on valentines
I digested those emotions and by March I hid a poet inside
I loved life like an April fool
to bad April never loved me back, So I started to act a fool
The warmth of May, saved those days
Got Married and ready for the rest of these days
I was halfway through life soon with a bunch of tapes
June and July dissapeared before they even shaped
August came, and so did my life return
I loved the days of sitting outside waiting for my turn
September and October was a sign that It was close to be over
so I treasured all the past months so I could reach the borders
November left me on my deathbed
until December came and grasped me back to the coldness of the Death train

Day 314 11th of september 2012

Topic: Fake food

Just digested some meatless burgers
bloody bloody murder of something that wasn´t murdered
interesting to see what they actually serve us
in order to make profit on the white mans burden
How much meat is in the food we eat
fish stick with no fish, sallads with extra treats
consisting of artificially made grease,
flavoured with aroma and sugar to make it sweet
wich is not real sugar, and made so they can reach
the given expiration date, so they don´t need
to throw away this precious food that are serving our needs
cancerous and visioious
infected victims, that feast from this ridicolous system
women and children get sick from this new fake kitchen
Can´t sit on the sideline to witness them beeing imprisoned
share the word of real food to the rest of the world with knowledge and Wisdom

Day 313 10th september 2012

Topic: Bipolar

The day started with a smile
the  good times that carried Alex around the tide
uplifted and gifted, but still kind of a misfit
ripped up and shifted through the perception of mystic
kept quiet when the mood took a different turn
the purple pills helped him to obtain the firm
and calm reasoning, when the flame burned
the covers that he drew containing the return
of the insides of his testament of help
blood dripped and safety sealed the letter to himself
Deep depression
under an obsession of experimenting wildly with his own expression
his ressurection came in  tantrums from a different dimension
and he responded to it by experiencing the tension
The different sides of a bipolar mind
tiring and exhausting at any point in life

Day 312 9th of september 2012

Topic: Almost  uncounscious

The light from the television
seducing the individuals to just sit and listen
easy entertainment, tainting the nourishment
the flourishing of a great mind are tainted in comparisin
braincells numbed by the faded lights
emptied eyes projected towards a box of lies
too tired to take upon deeper challenges
so the excitement lies in brain dead adequates
Too many settle with no more than average
and accept that a tv show can can teach you to be passionate
by  showing you the face of things but hiding more than half of it
so please emancipate and get out of this entaglement
you slept for to long,
the warning sign should be when your favorite song
was the one playing on the commercial that was just on
Wake up, dive in, stay strong and live for the moments
stop wasting your time on living life as they show it

Day 311 8th of September 2012

Topic: Crossroads

Please just guide me to the castle
tired of this travel to the towers of babel
wanna make the right choice from the light of my candle
and follow through the forrest and hope that I can handle
the rope that i have carried
and the smoke that I have burried
in the last lesson of life before i started to hurry
and now I am at the crossroads
speaking in codes with my inner souls
playing on their strings like they where keys on my rhodes
But they refuse to respond or even resonance
all the elements are held back, challenge my intelligence
for the hell of it, all the evidence are quoted with eloquence
A persopolis centre of an empire, fighting with the heaven sent
venemous and tenious the roads are circling with ellegance
in order to create another genesis of irrellavance
just to confuse the third eye of my seventh sense

Day 310 7th of September 2012

Topic: Long distance

James plays the saxophone, tones of regret
the melodies that scream and cry the ballad of neglect
every section of his heart is perfectly placed on the fret
so the strings attached to it shakes the feeling of death
the distance between his heart and hers are obvious
but the melodies are consistent, in hope of an audience
replying back to the chambers of 32 doors
that refuse to unlock the secrets of these floors
the drawers in each chamber keeps his sorrow hidden
in the middle of an empty room, he keeps playing his fiddle
but there are no roof tops close enough to charm her
the distance of the lost heart is really close to harm her
So far away that the echo of his heart beat is fading
so far away the she can´t here his blood when its raging
so far away that feelings are lost one the way
and carried to the grave by a bitter man one day

Day 309 6th of September 2012

Topic: Clause

Wishing for a clause that could save him
using the only one he knows but can´t seem to put the verb in
the right position, in a disposition of words
the clause is the only plausible reason he would serve
but here he is in an undeserved position
an exhibition of law meeting real life decisions
the conditions where put out there, but not the mission
a clinch between man and mistress
where the interests divide family and children
anger are building up the tension in the kitchen
He reapeats his words of One clause
He repeats his words of one fault
he reapeats his words of choosing the false
when the truth was set free by the neighbours boss
Only ONE clause, is what it takes
but it wont take away the mistakes they make




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3 Responses to 365 Daily Challenge summary week 45

  1. simon7banks says:

    Love the ending of “almost unconscious”.

  2. dakota85 says:

    I love the lyrics from Day 310/Sep. 7th- whether you had in mind a long-distance relationship or not, it spoke to me of love met and lost on the road…P.S., Because I never said it before, thanks so much for staying a loyal follower of my blog. Your support means so much!

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