The last day of 30: A recap and a thank you to my supporters!

The best year a man could have!
I am writing you today because it is my last day of being 30, tomorrow I am 31 and I woke up this morning thinking: I want to share the last year with my readers and fans. Because this has by far been the best year of my life so far, I became a father, I have written a verse daily for a year, I have release two singles and an EP, I have been interviewed by national radio, television and newspapers, Gotten world wide coverage for my verses,  I have directed and released my first short movie ever (being released tomorrow) , been working as a theatre instructor at several occasions and I am currently writing a book up for release as well. I would have been happy if only one of them came through, but having all of them happening shows that hard work pays of in the end, and a lot of these things I can thank you for!

First of all I want to state a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have became to know me this last year and letting me in to your viral world of poetry , music, films and food. You have no Idea how much it means to me, to put it in perspective, when I turned 30, I had 3 readers of my blog that followed me on a regular basis, today that number has reached 3696 people.                                      How this happened I don´t know, but you people have been so supportive and excellent to me all through the year and especially in supporting my 365 daily challenge wich I started November 3rd 2011 and have only 51 days left of. So thank you so much once again, without your suggestions, your feedback and positive attitude it would not have been as easy to do this every day.


But all the positive things started a couple of weeks after I turned 30, my wife woke me up and told me that I was going to be a father, and in July this year beautiful little baby girl Ea was born, the feeling of being a father and the responsibilities you have are overwhelming, but at the same time everything just seem so right, I would love to share a picture, but I don´t want pictures of my girl go viral on the internet, so you have to wait until she turns thirteen and wants to share them herself.

A couple of weeks later it was time to release a new single for the first time in  almost a year, and as I told you, I ahd almost no followers to share them with so that release didn´t get any notice before long after it dropped, but I know a lot of you enjoy this track which was called Bridge over beloved waters, my first collaberation with Allis Meta was a fact:

The week after the release I started the 365 daily challenge, where I have written one verse daily for almost a year now you find it on my website here:

While I was doing all this I had started on developing my theater courses for actors and people wanting to learn  about the techniques, but as I mentioned earlier, it takes time to build things up, and when we hit December I started to get really frustrated, no one listened to my music, a few people read my verses and no one wanted to join my courses, I started doubting if I was doing the right thing, but kept at it, kept on developing and building, and in January it was almost like a splash was happening, by end of January, I had started a course, the steaming numbers went up on my music, and the visits of this site in January struck 10,000 and all of the sudden I got so much  recognition for my work, and the word started spreading all around, newspapers called, radio did the same thing and all of the sudden I had to much work. But I knew that I needed to be in it to win it, so instead of saying no, I said yes to everything up until June, so I had 5 instructor courses in that time, and one for television where a cameracrew folloed my course and ended it with the direction of my short movie. So to recap: A LOT OF WORK AND OPPORTIÙNITIES!


After a long year, Summer started, I felt that it was about time to releax, release some music and just try to finish up with everything before the baby was born. But that would seem impossible in the beginning, People wanted studio time, mixes and distribution of music and tv and radio called again in order to get some interviews. Since I had summer break I divided it out and managed but it was much harder to focus now, but first things first I though, so I started with the release of my new single Running Away, another Allis Meta production, and maybe the  one I enjoy the most:

The numbers went through the roof on this release and I could relax a bit. One month later I was a father:)

In this hectic period I got a phone call from Christian Teisnes at XOHIPHOP and he asked me, do you want to come down to my station and do an hour long show, my first response was: Can we film it? he said yes without even thinking, and all of the sudden I had new videos and a new EP out by the end of August: MesAyah Live at XOHIPHOP became a success and is the last one in the line of releases:

Painted Perfect

The Big Fish

I hope you have enjoyed this nice little recap, there are probably other events I have forgotten to, but this is the big picture, and keep in mind: WITHOUT YOU ANDYOUR SUPPORT THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE!

So let as all unite together for the future and keep on sharing the love

Peace Love and Unity





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11 Responses to The last day of 30: A recap and a thank you to my supporters!

  1. Clanmother says:

    Congratulations!!! What a wonderful year and there are many more adventures waiting for you as you move on….thank you for sharing…

  2. Jane says:


  3. srtorris says:

    Congrats, Poppa!! You know I was feeling ya and now you’ve shared your genius with the world in the form of a brand new human being. Keep striving forward.

  4. myabsolutefragileessence says:

    Beautiful!! I love it!! Keep writing!! :))

  5. Dude, that is one helluva kick @$$ year!!! May 31 be even better!!!!

  6. I remember when I crossed over into the 30’s as well. It seemed like a big milestone for me and the nervous anxiety I felt about what the future might bring was electric. I pray that you will be blessed and your wisdom will abound all the more in the years to come. God bless.

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