365 daily challenge summary week 44

New week, baby is getting bigger

My babygirl Ea is growing along with the list of poems on my website
long days and nights are always an influence for writing. loving every second of it. this week has been good as well, think I wrote my best verse in a long time with “The Edge” so hope you like it as well.

Here are the verses:

Day 308 5th of September 2012

Topic: Safe House

a breath of safety brush through the windows
dimmed lights, that undergoes a surgery on the pillow
a faithful willow pulling out the last nails of your watered down lingo
If only counted to three, opression of a syndrome
the last day of the domes, still flow through the air
clinch to the hope of beeing protected by the care
painted on the walls, the reflection of a stare
sound and silent prayers, enough to keep the tears
inside the canals, calmness of a pinkyswear
these walls don´t lie though, this is the devils affairs
precision of coldness projected to the vanity fair
banality and profanity caught in the calaminty
of these modern aminityville apathy
sealing all the doors and windows, protecting the family
activly trying to prevent a tragedy
but this safe house is overun by total depravity

Day 307 4th of September 2012

Topic: A bucket of Piss

He was so unworthy, not worth the commotion
went through the campaign on a financial promotion
promoting recession as a necessery precaution
dividing the causes and classes for the notion
he was focusing on instead of focusing on the real causes
that would save an empire from loosing their devotion
power and the rights as they are floating around with caution
An entire world are watching, hoping to end the depression
that are adressing the nation with his question
holding sessions that are acessing the raw emotion in a blessing
This should not be a campaign of spreading the message
this should be the place where one man takes the stand with his confession
his words are not worth a bucket of warm piss,
His words should only be refused and dismissed
We should look passed the words that he spits
and remove the power from the fist so it wont hit

Day 306 3rd of September 2012

Topic: The edge

twirled around a sharp object
the ledge beneath it are firmly placed around it
giant peaks when it burst from the surface
the edge of this mountain is based beaneath the uncertain
reached from the bottom up, hidden by the sea of curtains
breached through the velvet heaven, forbidden through the plea of burdens
It speaks with its razored tongue
Hanging there in the horizon graced by the songs unsung
Dancing with the wind itself, rituals of the young
restless and distressed as perfection came undone
Find my feet planted in these frames I paint
Feels so great to finally reach the roles I´ve played
floating on the top of the world, knowing one wrong step means death
but one fresh breath is more than this mind takes
So this mind fakes his own death in order to respect the edge
tricked to read the surface like an open book, to reveal the secrects of its pledge

Day 305 2nd of September 2012

Topic: Forgetting You

Memories of a black cloud
the black sheeps name that infected my mouth
talks of something brilliant and fresh taht aroused
me in a way that cant be explained without screaming out loud
but now I fight to forget that memory, and there is no doubt
that I will have trouble fluffing my pillow at night
endless system of thoughts that wanna see the daylight
this is prime time for the doubtful mind
Rhyme after rhyme are popping up but i am refusing to write
them down afraid that all the same cliches will pop ut at the same time
Insanity are knocing on the door after a while,
breathing messages that infiltrates my ear canals
I am aware of what i shall do, but reasoning fights with my morale
Use the kick snare from the snaps of my finger to releave the stress
hums to a melody to digress from all the mess
created by this blessed situation that I eventually forget
I just need underestimate myself for a while in order to progress past it

Day 304 1st of September

Topic:  Work in Progress

The ink hasn´t even dried yet ,I have drenched
the paper with words, nothing seem to sound fresh
ammending the sentence to build the flesh
of a meaning that just aint refreshed
enough to impress the listeners, I am cuffed
in between the meaning of a sentence
My mind is represented, but my soul ain´t quite presented
in the way I wanna present it
The letter P is dented in between A and G in apology
so I can´t get teh rest of the letters to follow me
when I raise the statement that I´m sorry
I worry too much that it comes of poorly
surely I overreact, but in the progress of making art
The start of every sentence seem smart
the second I see them, but when I read them in context
I get complex and start re-writing my consept
And I am back to square one in this breathtaking process

Day 303 31st of August 2012

 Topic: The power of evil

focused and upset, the emotions running blood red
cuffed by the angel haunted by his own death
had a set of wings to fly, but never seemed to get em spread
one wing dipped in blood, the other one dipped in hate
Even though it was never to late to try
the power of the darkside forced the evil to stay inside
mission of killing, was a part of the God sent legions
fighting the battle between their own inner demons
intertwining the thread to make a rope of allegiance
loyal to their recent ruler and regent
So obidient even the evil went for grievance
Faced their fear but never faced their destinies
never faced the mirror of their long lost remedies
their own worst enemy, was the reflection of their imagery
now their penalties where paid in the revelation of amenities
amendable enough to let their identidy face entady

Day 302 30th of August 2012

Topic: Typically Norwegian to be best

Out from the shades he came
with no shame in his mind he proclaimed
that Norway was the best at every game
inside every frame of gold thats ever made
at least that is what his paper claims
You see he is Norwegian with an ability;
that means he can hide his ego behind nationality
So Afraid to claim his greatness
and the shades that will rage on him in nationall debates
in commentary fields on an online newspaper page
that he puts all the claims into every sporting events
or everytime a foreign celebrity speaks highly of his country he is blessed
Meaning answering the question Do you like Norway? with the word YES!
The news anchors then rub their palms together with greed for sucess
knowing that will sell the news at least the next
5 or 6 weeks depnding on the names that they will get
to comment on this recent greatness






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3 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 44

  1. simon7banks says:

    I particularly like The Edge – a brilliant poem.

    • MesAyah says:

      Thanxs Simon, that is maybe my personal favorite so far, at least top 5. So glad that particularly you enjoyed that one, since I believe we share the same taste in poetry

  2. Lindy Lee says:

      1) The edge 2) Work in Progress 3) The power of evil
    All your poetry is hard-hitting & full of wisdom…

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