365 daily challenge summary week 43

Another week in the Challenge
Another week has passed and I have reached the 300th verse this week and is currently at 301, I am very pleased with both topics and verses this week, had a good muse calling me.

Tomorrow is a great day, I will release an EP of my Live performances and trqacks played at XO HIPHOP, and I will do that just on Spotify, so it is exclusively released there, and hopefully we will hav a streamfest out of this world, one of the tracks that will be present on this EP is this one:
here are this weeks verses:

Day 301 29th of August 2012

Topic: Her Rock

She finds it soothing and pleasing, so eager to meet him
Rubs on her rock as she is trying to reach in
So deep that even the poets on the corner stays clear
you will find the madrigal himself hiding his shadows of despair
needed something solid, bold and safe
Begged her resistance just to stay in place
begged for forgiveness when she found that space
as she chased after the rock that mastered her own rage
The sonnets that he force fed her every night
was her light, and his fright composed as a ritual of old knights
she still tries to defend the walls of his soul
while he just grows old, with no self control
she rubs that rock until she feels the warmth in her palms
she is ready and calm, and let the settlements fall
Just a moment of cold, leaves her back on the throne
her rock will stay by her side until she´s over thrown

Day 300 28th of August 2012

Topic: Burned Out

Too much weight on his shoulders
gaps of a boulder, shoulder caps are swollen
his ego´s egosentric, but his mind is getting older
all the aces in his hand, but he still consider folding
has been called in to the devils office to often, wondering
if the role and part his playing would be worth selling his soul for
While he reach for the self destruction button in his left palm
enslaved by his stress factor, encouraged to stay calm
last two sentences of his death psalm is chanting like a ticking bomb
embarrased just to labour on without even facing it
has looked at the exit sign to often to call it quits
Now he is nailed to his bed posts, lying crusified bewteen them
but the ressurection never seems to come, only dreaming of redeeming
every dark thought that ever entered his own legions
the guilt that he is feeling, the haunted ghost of his demons
is only banging in the nail, the extra inches to his freedom

Day 299 27th of August 2012

Topic : The One

No matter how you rephrase it
limit yourself to a ONE is really not that amazing
think about it for a second, chasing for a limited dream
will not help you achieve one single thing
as long as you keep on chasing
a hologram image of something you never seen
I know that it has been the goal from the beginning
to find either someone or something, that can give you that fulfilling
emotion or glow or just in general a meaning
but when you look back from that scenery of your being
you see all the the empty spots slowly and brutally fading
a goal is good, and even needed
but at what cause do you need to fight in order to achieve it
If you found the answer, but has nothing to back it up with
your have most likely just searched for it in the script
until you found it,
and now you find yourself lacking the experience of life that comes with living it

Day 298 26th of August 2012

Topic Anticipation

spoken of for decades, a minor event in the big picture
but with all the pieces glued in, It is certain to cause friction
in my emtional layers,keep on saying if just a fraction
of these prayers are happening, I´ll be chanting
out the songs of the free bird, flying over skylines
making sure it be mentioned in the bylines
of every agency, so the bystanders buy in on the guide lines
guided and rephrased over time
written on the last beats on the heartmonitor
just to preserve the message and make it popular
had the crowd waiting for a new culture
saved from the vultures, in one day, one second it would amaze the astronomer
the astrologer, geographer and even the philospher
I then would make a biographer dance with the choreographer
to make the scene set with heartfelt motions
followed by a story told centuries from now about the devotion
we shared for this mission to seek closure

Day 297 25th of August 2012

Topic; The man who ate mahogony

urge of a wooden splinter, to chew the solidity
a real life spiller of quality, thrilled over treated mahogony
he sits there in his chair, taking in the moment
baking some covenant dreams in an ocean of components
dry but so juicy, just nibble on it loosely
while he admire all the details of the craftmanship beauty
lusting so truly it ran so smoothly
down the the throath with some honey, felt just like in the movies
if anything could move me, he thought about it for a second
I would reckon it was raw mahogony served with some bacon
while i dressed it with some cheddar on top
Would prefer velveeta, but I take what I got
The wooden dreams just now how to hit my spot
He looked over his shoulder to find this well wrought
shaped form of mahogoney and cannot
refuse the shot for double wooden love in the dark

Day 296 24th of August 2012

Topic: Music of my heart

Two heavy thumps followed by a light one
the drums and beating of my heartmuscle plays on
It is so strong that I can feel it in my brainstem
and it makes the spine go wild in a moment of REM
The  melodies are catching the obsession of progress
so I progress everytime I hear a confession that coress
the guitar that licks the very beeing of my neck
so I step up to the speakers and let the lyrics do the rest
I will not rest until I´m pleasured  towards success
and dispossess the emotion that is carrying the cross by itself
This is not a cry for help, more an issue of how i can express
the utter emotion that lies inside my chest
everytime a melody that catch it are adressed
I refuse to supress the natural beauty  that are crawling in my nest
so I am at peace with the destiny of beeing on a quest
to try to find the melody that plays with me the best

Day 295 23rd of August 2012

Topic: Friends become strangers

Slowly drifting, apart, without lifting
the fingers to try to close the gap that is glitching
both problem solvers but this was not up for fixing
a friendship based on love was rapidly shifting
no phone calls or notes passed or switching hands
the once longing stare is now cold, but the best they have
if not the only conversations left between them
condemned to a state of nothing, will never speak again
went from unseperable, to casual
greets in the hallway to a relationshp that´s irrational
It is funny how one line can be enough sometimes
and how the reaction can cause so much damage over time
Now they struggle even remembering the great days
they rise over the praise that they once gave
now they stayed away for so long they don´t notice when their path cross
the friendship that they lost and beeing strangers was the cost




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5 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 43

  1. Amanda Norcross says:

    For a long while now, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I enjoy the soulfulness of your lyrics and the topics you choose to write about. And I’m inspired by your commitment and persistence. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    Favorite, among the jewels? “Friends become strangers”. All really meaningful expressions…

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