365 daily challenge summary week 42

I still cant believe I have gotten this far in the challenge, I remember the proud face I had when I reached the first 10 weeks, now those are followed with another 32 and I am starting to feel that it is ending soon, my muse is screaming out her last words, the finish line is right in front of me. That feeling empties me at the same time as it fills me with joy of a finished product, what to do on the 4th of November, it seems impossible to just go back to something close to normal days again, even though that I don´t think there will be another “normal” day again after this.

I hope you have had a nice week this last one, I have just gotten my students back after the summer break so we are enjoying school together again.

here is the verses of this week:

Day 294 22nd of August 2012

Topic: The city

I am standing on the fingertips of the city
these tingeling movements breaths the illusion of life with me
On days like these I could get the city on his knees
and kiss the back of his kneecaps just to plea
for the sake of whats lying supressed underneath
the soil that once was naked, now dressed to his teeth
with buildings and concrete in a jungle of streets
and the mouth of the city will eat you alive if you stick to your dreams
And you don´t wanna see the inside of its belly
boiling hot fluids that would gradually tear you apart like hot jelly
So you race towards the neck and kiss the back of his head
reaching for the brain to try to work with him instead
Whisper the winds that coress the trees around his ears
drive away the fear of people polluting the puddle of his tears
Then you enter in his deepest parts and slide right down his spine
and reveal the truth about a lonely place that once was yours and mine

Day 293 21st of August 2012

Topic: The voices of good and evil

It is basicly the same guy, based with the same eyes
to view the world, but his third one making me doubt mine
he is inside always looking out through the thin lines
while I am looking inwards as i search for the divine
answers, my ancestors left through the grapevine
so I am throwing out my peace sign
just to make it stop. the voice rocks my head
stating all the life events and the choices that i´ve made
In the darkest days he is screaming out the name of king alcohol
letting me dream about the moist lexir on my lips beein told
by the wicked witch that if I sold my soul i could have it all
But if I pick myself up and redeem myself from the evil whole
the focus of his voice shifts to my self control
I could use his words in a rhymepattern and create life in a water hole
read rights from his spine as I dive down
to my creations of new and freshly made sounds

Day 292 20th of August 2012

Topic; Empty Horizon

I erased the image of a clear sunset
tricked the sunrise to oversleep, to free up the mindsets
overview over an empty horizon
nothing to embrace the surface, dirty sounds over a mizen
when I took the sun away together with it cycles
I recycled all the flowers and made them my disciples
resurfaced with some rifles,
they are trife while they walk around reciting the bible
the lack the sunlight, but also the night time
it is light out, but just barely, like during an apocalyptic wipeout
The trees that what were in great need of nutrition
went on a mission to search beyond the emptiness that glissened
The ocean still gleamed, but had no shadow cast upon it
So the trees and the diciples lacked the ability to transmit
their streength and powers that they usually submit
back to nature to let the cycle commit to the puzzle bit by bit

Day 291 19th of August 2012

Topic: The unfamiliar places

Nervous on the edgy spot, shivers in the gelly legs
fumes in the tummy, getting shakes when the belly aches
stripped from the courage that hurried off to hell again
dipped in the pool of fear, buried in the well of pain
seldomly I get to the surface just to breath the rain
inhale the few drops of sane just to stay the same
an inner journey where the left turn went wrong
the ledge beneath the edge was the latest bed I slept on
tried to stay strong to the voice that sings my last song
to help me  find a familiar place to belong
But I keep on walking in this unfamiliar forrest
the voices are just getting stronger, and I can´t handle it much longer
I dream of an outlet, shivelry and gauntlets
that will fight for my greater good and destiny thats haunted
Then I grasp on the gadgets, and put my mask on backwards
so I can hide from the sorroundings and the following chapters

Day 290 18th of August 2012

Topic: Numbers vs Letters

I will fall in love with the letter A over number 1 any day
Actually I thought A was my number one as well
but the unlimited posibilities that lies in a number
the emotions sorrounding the sum that lies under
the dotted line, you could derive so much from an amount
while the amount of letters would still just be a sum, no doubt
it is almost like religion versus science
The letters are all there, ready and vibrant
Just find your system, then match them up
know you got a definite story told and thats that
While with number you got so many combinations,
they work together, united, but you have to calculate their variations
and one small atom can make all the difference
if you add in a differ in a consant, you wil get something totally different
So when it comes to this battle between the two
I would choose the journey of a numberif I should follow through

Day 289 17th of August 2012

Topic: Collective intelligence

It can start just in seconds
the building of a collective intelligence
one click or one share and we are all professors of relevance
Together we build a case so strong and evident
filled with all the evidence for a good case, its time to rebuild the elements
The thesis where thrown out in the timeline, in great benevolence
but with the eye of something malevolent if someone throws the negligence
ready with the pen, meaning fingers, so venemous
the poison tip is eager just to share the premisses
the comentary fields is growing stronger
like a digital database the book of knowledge´s getting longer
they feed on eachothers stories, make ammends to the outline
and just in minutes the first thesis is already outshined
There is with no doubt in mine they could start another thesis
some newborn genuises building all the new pieces
this is how we work collectively to mold minds
and we do it one timeline at the time

Day 288 16th of August 2012

Topic: I did not know the victim!

Marginalizing, try to downtalk the morbidity
horryfying images are rationalized significantly
differences are battling, I question the validity
just beacause The intension of a murder wasn´t intended for me
Using the shield and armour to hide from the bigotry
The big ego lifted the dismissal in the murder industry
how big of me, to think less over a victim
cause the murder was so sick that it must have been a good reason
so I´m safe, I commit treason to my brain just for stating that
And now I know I just joined that statistics of a percented match
presented as, people who feel safe just beacause the victim was unknown
I had no relation to any of the people that he knows
That must mean in my selfish reasoning
that the reson of murdering him, had nothing to with my equal sins
The sequencing of thought patterns
leaves me shattered in the root of my most battered matters
For just thinking less of a dead man cause he wasn´t in my pattern




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3 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 42

  1. ISing4God.Com says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    This phrase, “the ledge beneath the edge” from “The unfamiliar places” &
    the whole of “I did not know the victim” really hit hard with this reader.
    All are terrific, last one the favorite; excellent rap-style rhythm & rhyme…

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