Paul Bernard – Sånne dager (Those days)

Paul Bernard out with new Album (finally)

It has been a long and anticipated wait, the album has been planned to drop the last 3 years and finally it is out on the market.

Former label mate Paul Bernard left the family in Bonsaiety Records and started his own Valiant Sounds this year in order to focus his music career into his new sounds and genre.

All the music on this album is produced by Paul Bernard, something he does majestically, If you heard My album Paradise of Paradigms you will recognize some of that sound in these productions, it is melodic, it is dynamic, and it is sometimes beautifully dirty. No matter what it makes you feel and it strikes your emotions.

The press release quotes:

Sånne dager – the album

After years of producing, collaborations and several free album releases, Paul Bernard is finally ready with his first official full length album, named «Sånne dager».

The album is pushing the limits of the hip hop genre, taking the energy and elements of rock and cross it with melodic themes and rap.

With a few exceptions, the music and the lyrics are written and performed by the artist.

“Sånne dager” is the very first release on the Valiant Sounds label, an indie label and collective mainly focusing on indie pop. Despite the Norwegian title the album is in English.

For now the album is available as a digital release only.


Enjoy the listen you can get it here:  Paul Bernard – Sånne dager


Check out Paul Bernard here:





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4 Responses to Paul Bernard – Sånne dager (Those days)

  1. brudberg says:

    Thanks for advice… I’m listening to the record as I write this.

  2. That is a nice album cover photo!

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