365 Daily Challenge Summary Week 41

We have reached yet anhother week, only eleven weeks left of the challenge, and it still feels kind of surreal knowing this is ending soon. I still rember the first 50 days, and so much have happened since then. It has been a remake of a songtitle week and here is the tracks Used


Kurt Vile – Society is my friend

Alice in Chains – Nutshell

Steve Wilson – Postcard

Gazette – Filth in the beauty

immortal technique – Crimes of the heart

J Dilla feat common- So far to go

David Bowie – Aladdin Sane


Here they are:

Day 287 15th of August 2012

Topic: Society is my friend

I am jumping ropes with my best friend
Rolling in the fast lane as we do what we can
to solve all the worlds problem together
to change ourselves to something better
so we team up and reach out to those who need encouragement
the stories went, lived happily ever after, pure nourishment
to those who engouraged them to belive in themselves
Society stood by my side just to help
ever since I cried out for change
recklessness was spilled out on the table and wiped off with peace
hope was left in the last era of pleads
Please keep your dark thoughts on hold and fight it with needs
come out into the streets and just scream out your dreams
cause that is the only response we would speak
Society is my friend, It would never leave me
As I produce another garden of Eden just to make em belive it

Day 286 14th of August 2012

Topic: Nutshell

Covering itself, the essence of a sheltered home
skin so hard you can pin it with full strenght  without hurting the dome
the secrets are kept in the center
no vented air are slipped in to preserve the paper
Closed off the world
in case an armageddon is about to occur
as much as it would prefer
to open up, he refuse to become a saboteur
All thoughts are based on upon security
Life in a nutshell, based on purity, with no prosperities
obscuritys are crushed into the shell
welded thoughts are pattern of it as well
and the claimed freedom of beeing closed in
are really revelaed in the story you can reed from its skin
Touched by so many hands trying to find theirs
but they won´t find it cause they hide it underneath just as many layers

Day 285 13th of August 2012

Topic: Postcard

He does not know how to phrase those words
so he bends the pencil around to see if something will emerge
it is all there, but he just can´t think
so he starts by writing her name in invisible ink
tries to get that postcard to sound hard
but her name scares him, rips open those scars
If he could only raise those bar
and chase those stars,
it would be so much easier to erase those marks
He feels the sparks running through that pencil
he has spent weeks on just carving out the stencils
the message that has carved his heart out
so he starts to write and blood comes out and no doubt
the pain is visible, the wrists on the arms paint the picture
the borders are inprinted with her initials at the top
and he finally dots her name over the pulsating vein until she screams STOP!

Day 284 12th of August 2012

Topic: Filth in the beauty

the beautiful fasade was tainted by a sour grape
got this sour taste in her mouth whenever she released the drapes
revealed herself, vulnerable and out of shape
she had a taste of dirt and filth, and desires she could not escape
beat herself downwards, supressing the flower she was carrying
buried in the flesh and blood of her opressed desired dreams
searching for that evil, to express her disbeliefs
in a system that systematicly chased her with her needs
she would rather bleed for days, than embrace the fake pleasing
so many reasons not to, but she could not help those feelings
dealing with this every day she had learned to carry on
but the beauty of her being, died so long ago
tired of running, a stunning beauty quickly fading
from the dark filthy venom injected daily cause she made it
Can´t look in the mirror, cause she can´t face the killer
that murdered her inner most valuable image

Day 283 11th of August 2012

Topic: Crimes of the heart

30 years of crime fighting
pushed love into writing and oppressed the beating
of my heart as I stood on the verge of breaking
apart and It actually broke in half and bled over my body parts
Have jump started the ignition to a false start
just to be first to the goal line, when love was looking for a partner
dearly departed, we are gathered here to day to claim the father
reveal all your armor, and we will promise that you can never harm her
Used the copied key to her heart to break it open
and revealed pandoras box when it screamed out the hopelessness
was scared to death before i found my face revealed in the center
the evil mentor that fought crime but reinvented the dissentor
of everything it stood for, and let the bleading heart bleed to death
I Killed my own heartbeat twice, just to feel the pain at its last breath
The crimerate of everything I ever accomplished
are found in every heartbeat, and painted on the wall and on my arm wrists

Day 282 10th of August 2012

Topic: So far to go

On so many levels, so many stages
we have walked through the ages
aimless, but never stainless,
we left some stains that have change the pressence
and the past of it all, seen the rise an fall
of something beautiful, but we haven´t seen it all
we have so far to go, to show our real faces
but not a single minute is ever wasted
I reuse every minute that I have loved for days in
and out through the faces of longing after something amazing
always amezed with the ability we have to adapt to the changes
and longing for it as well, presidential campaigns should copy and paste this
and build upon it, instead of tearing it down
carry the crown with pride, love to see the downside of a frown
cause we need a smile to reach where we are going now
or else we will be stuck here forever without even reaching
and be the first generation that didn´t evolve past its teachings

Day 281 9th of August 2012

Topic: Aladdin sane

Genie in a bottle, three wishes for our sane hero
hopes on a battlefield, crushed them in pain close to zero
millions weep a fountain, just in case of sunrise
a million sons cry, inside, just before the sun rise
lying there in hiding, this might be the last night
don´t even remember the reason for this last fight
all he wish for is to get back safe
to fly over the bullets from tommorows strafe
struck by the fear, bot rubbing his bottle gently
just as long as he got faith, no one can catch him
He had a lifetime ahead of him, smashed to pieces
the ruins of his beating heart, crashed when it releases
the bloodstream through the veins, the fear of the people
when the chances of survival drasticly decreases
he had searched for all the courage needed
to face this war, but he could not chase the evil
that grew inside of him, he could never win
cause this would chase him to the grave, and the genie could not erase the sins




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1 Response to 365 Daily Challenge Summary Week 41

  1. simon7banks says:

    I like these very much – especially “Postcard”, “Crimes of the Heart” and “Aladdin Sane”. Painful truth.

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