A video collection from My indie label Bonsaiety Records

Good evening
I was sitting on YouTube the other day, just to clean it up a little bit and look over my channel. But also to upload some new videos and add all the videos my label Bonsaiety Records have released the last couple of years. It consist of artists like Delario, Conurbia, Evig Poesi, Chosen Fume, Fabe and off course myself MesAyah. So here you have a collection of Live performances, Official music videos and Promotracks, over 1 hour and 20 minutes with good tunes and vibes, hope you enjoy it

It starts with my Painted Perfect video, then it will continue with 25 other videos

Hope you will enjoy this



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1 Response to A video collection from My indie label Bonsaiety Records

  1. Cool videos. Nice one!

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