365 daily challenge summary week 40


Another week is over, as you´ve seen a lot has happened, and hope you have enjoyed the videos and the verses so far. This week I have used a lot of you suggestions that you gave me, and you gave me some real good ones to that I have enjoyed so much to write on. so thank you. Next week we are back to remake of a songtitle week again, so if you have any favorite tracks at the moment, please share them.

Here are the verses:

Day 280 8th of July 2012

Topic: A cup of Coffee in the afterlife

I´ve returned back to the center of the earth,
afterlife and rebirth, sipping on some heaven its a damn curse
ever since I woke up in limbo I´ve been dying for the taste
of dark roasted beans grinded for my taste
wasted no time when I was carried further
floating around with some lavazzo murder
grinding those beans and churned them to perfection
let them boil over a kettle from my ressurection
no hessitation when the cup was poured
tasted like a heavenly ballad of the overlord
I explored the sents and tastes strictly overjoyed
I adored every little second of this cup, through my spinal chord
All I ever wanted was a little cup of coffee
inspiration of a death sentence that was thrown straight at me
Sitting at the borderline, sippin on this coffee grind
Afterlife was to good, so they sent me back to live my life

Day 279 7th of July 2012

Topic: Living a poetic life

The view on life can change in a second
it could take one direction but in the next section
a new word speaks to you, and boom, revelation
temptation of the mind is a goal, everything else is elevation
the equation that I follow:
temptation and elevation equals goals and patience
cause a goal is a constant chase and patience is how you face it
Life would then seem amazing
but on days when this equation doesn´t match up, I face the aggravation
I open doors to chambers where I fight the condemnation
of my mind, a combination that I just cant seem to be erasing
I meet with both God and satan, the strongest confirmation
for and image of good and evil, but I always come out of this combination as myself
with a stronger belief in the self and what it stand for by itself
I don´t put anything on a pedestale, I quietly just place it back into the shelves
before I let some of these stain face the world that I just staged

Day 278 6th of July 2012

Topic: When you lift a stone

when you lift a stone, you see the possibilities
beneath and in between the leaves
you search and find the soil of opportunities
this beautiful view, eye candy for the creativity
it´s a bugs life in the middle of a little imagery
mimicry of us in the layers of equanimity
but so far ahead when it comes to productivity
as the dirt falls from the ceiling
the wrath of the sky rains over this earths being
You witness a bee try to resque his queen in
a dangerous manouver, you will never see this bee fleeing
from the scene, he was kneeling for a reason
when he put his words down to protect and serve his queenie
they use a falling leaf as their shield
but he is to late there is no protection, so they must yield
for death this time, as the hand of God touched the sky and shook it

Day 277 5th of July 2012

Topic: The secret

Sweathy earcanals, whispers spilled the secret
you could see it in his eyes, that he have troubles just to keep it
the juice of the hidden truth, is an abuse to his conscience
and know he wishes that he didn’t posess this knowledge
try to spill it bit by bit, by giving hints without spelling it
and when people try guessing, he replies: I ain’t telling shit
with an urge of giving just one more clue, just for the hell of it
quelled by hand of wrath
that will crush him like a maggot if he told the right path
the blood is bubbling when his friends are getting closer
he works as a poser of the trust given as he paints it on a poster
the frameworks are laid out perfectly like a musical composer
then the instruments of the secret are run over
fighting like a soldier at the gate
just to delay the spilling of his true faith
he turns, then screams wait. The secret stays in this chamber
I just cant give you the truth on the paper

Day 276 4th of August 2012

Topic: Strobelights

Inner city dancing in the strobelights
rythmless they hold tight, with few flickers from the moonlight
they all try to catch the rythm
that kick their eyeballs while they crash into the building
the white flash that gives light and a bit of hope
hypnotising to the brain grabbing on to the tight end of the rope
manage to cope with their problems even though
their heartbeats has been unsyncronized since day one
cant follow the rythm of the flashes
their eyelashes are so in love that they have turned to ashes
evolved by selling fake ones to the masses
everything natural died with the difference of the classes
been so many clashes with the truth spoken
the roses that rose was sold beyond their soul for a token
just to keep the lies behind the strobelights hidden
so the rythm of the marked beast stays in the middle

Day 275 3rd of August 2012

Topic: Young at heart

Have the lifestyle of a champion
Creator of that champion sound in his head, night life baron
crossing the barriers of acceptance, too old to actually be carrying
the punches he suckers in with the amount of alchohol he´s consuming
Carrying so much on his shoulders, but just brush it off
he paid those costs to be the boss
so now he embrace it like a trail of gold, at all cost
his faux pas is sky high, needless to say
at the darkest of days
he wish he could end it all with a needle in his veins
But he fights on, kept his young mind on hold
ever since the day he felt that he grew old
his lies are dead cold when he talks boldly to the man in the mirror
the image and the face doesn´t match the image of this dreamer
there has been a lot of rage thrown towards that image
so he hides it in the closet when he keeps at his business

Day 274 2nd of August 2012

Topic: Angel of Death

I´m in a dispute with the angel of death
still negotiate over the days I have left
been bargin for the respect of the lifetime spent
so far, and I reject the offer he just sent
have had yearly visits from the spirit of an angel
one wing dipped in the devils blood, the other one still able
just the spirit of death have haunted me
left me on paths in life I thought I´d never see
thoughts of something wrong I have ridden away
like a spiritual exocism of something that wasn´t safe
so here I stand having conversations with an illusion
or actually a disillision, a powerful fusion
between the alledged truth and the actual conclution
The angel of death lives in my head
I have made him a bed right next to mine
Hopefully I have conquered him this time
So I sing the songs of redemption to my reflection in the mirror


hope you like em



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4 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 40

  1. Anish Nair says:

    Hey! I’ve got something for you on my blog! Good Day!

  2. Living a Poetic Life is a great poem/song. A single idea or word can certainly change our day and life.

    Thank you,


  3. evea192 says:

    This was good, really good. We always have a battle between good and evil.

  4. expressionistaura says:

    Nominated your for the Versatile Bloggers Award 🙂

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