MesAyah performs his track Big Fish live on XO HIPHOP


As mentioned yesterday i was guest at XO HIPHOP radio last Friday and out of Pure luck I brought my camera and a nice girl was kind enough to film the entire thing. One of the tracks I performed that evening was a track called “Big Fish” wich is my tribute to art in every form. It is a track I created back in 2008 on a different beat, but feels that it fits better on this one. Hope you enjoy the track and the video.


The Big Fish

Changing nursery rhymes to the masculin//
Paintin versataile crymes of whats happenin//
Lecturin, in the form of rappin//
Tellin tales of unstopable wordplays non stoppin//
Chantin to my own shadows
Meadows of verses, creatin curses of chaos//
makin this version outradgeous//
Like the person that made us//
I tip top two steps ahead of my failures//
Hiphop-Movements turn Creatures corrageous//
i dance through this fabels//
Placed within a thousand og labels, doin my labour//
Between this segment of layers//
stay stabile//
in this musical art hall//
Never sold my soul, to appear on a poster wall/
I rather be quoted when the natures calls//
as flowers speak evolve, and the leaves cry fall//’
and the tones of my voice make winters cold//

This Melody’s Playin

Im hooked on this feelin
Im Tryin to Catch my big fish
Wish my Thoughts never Vanish

My words paint the picture//
I stand Upon Murder//
Made the sniper rifle stencil carved from its burdens//
A reverand, oblivion to my own existence//
My sixth sense, mixed when, Sick Pens Write Fictions//
My Sixteenth Chapel of common sense//
Brick by brick, i pick my points of reference//
the evidence is evident//
im level with my sentiments//
sentences rest in frames of disobedience//
i make amends//
To outline the obvious//
My novel didn’t write itself, i signed it anonymous//
so i wont be recognized as fabulous//
let them ask themselves//
Who wrote this accomplishment//
then they see me on stage, screamin towards my presence//
The artwork presented, represented my message//
Married to the mic i will stay here for ages//
bringin you the change to the musical heritage//

This Melody’s Playin Im hooked on this feelin
Im Tryin to Catch my big fish
Wish my Thoughts never Vanish

I made Mona Lisa smile//
and shrieked Madonnas Pleasure//
Aggressive Corrosive Brushes Against the Pressure//
An Oedipus Rex, destined for my lecture//
I caused this plague by expressin my specter//
a vocal Dionysos,//
Obey me as rhe nicest, my eyes lies inside the finest//
rhymeschemes that rises, raise mics for ya kaiser//
My voice rules this empire//
I muster my listeners//
must be why they cluster like prisoners//
put dust in their images//
and claim that im limitless//
im the limited edition of every song made//
as the light fade away//
you can see my night shade and pray,//
the delivery is juz like they proclaimed//
i stand on stage and deliver my name//
and paint them with my poetry Stains //

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8 Responses to MesAyah performs his track Big Fish live on XO HIPHOP

  1. brookevecchi says:

    I love the lyrics! You are very talented 🙂

  2. Ian Moone says:

    Nicely done diggin’ the beat

  3. John Matar says:

    This melody keeps playin and playin and playin. Thanks Mes, keep them coming!

    • MesAyah says:

      Thanks. This is once more an example of needing a like button for comments:) I am planning yo release this on spotify so you can have it in a playlist 🙂

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