365 daily challenge summary week 39


Here we go with another week, It has been an interesting one, my daughter has started recognizing and acknowledging me, and started making faces, so I have a bundle of fun with that. I have also been interviewed by national television because of the  365 daily challenge and they are visiting again next week, even though it will be in Norwegian I will share it with you when it comes up. I have also been on radio the last week, did an hour long interview and played some songs live and taped it, so that will be available in a couple of days:) so a lot to look forward to. But in bthe meantime

Here are the verses of the week


Day 273 1st of August 2012

Topic: The space between us

We claim that its to much
But say that its not enough
as long as we stay in touch
but not enough to actually touch
the space is not invaded, if we stay divided
but join together when the darkness makes us hide it
intercity kids been gasping after fresh air
while the rest of the population, embrace the urban glare
been dreaming for the years to come a part of the cents
when urbanising in small appartments
learning to love the corners of our hearts and
and embrace the fact that all we got
left for it all is our own privacy
Staring down the main street it is almost like rivalry
of getting the perfect spot to drink your cofee
but every vacation week that comes off it
We all gasp for the fresh air to breath

Day 272 31th of July 2012

Topic: Cavemen

Meet the modern day caveman
that are pacing and wasting
space by blamin problems on a race thats caged in
made the modern day symphony by boose and women
placing abuse and children
in the same sentece as future building
as they us the innocent, accusing the heaven sent
help that where given and lit the fuse for the reverand
have moved the basic needs to the basement
basing the fundament on product placement
any visits outside the acient box and they are left in amazement
almost like their box is sacred
how they guard it at fence it with perfect arrangements
It took years of patience,
to divide the numbers right, so the world was wasted
Now they don´t even know where they placed it
so they hired so agent to resolve the deal of where the world caved in

Day 271 30th of July

Topic: Money and Hoes

He was a classic rapper, artificial character
his goals in life was living green in a non organic matter
Has fought bullets ever since a day old
first verbally, then from the cold
steal, before he was hit from his own thoughts and dreams
He bought time in the streets from the limelight
metaforic lines about hoes from the night stand
Meaning that his mom didn’t cross her legs for the right man
angelic images of money, revelation for the mic stand
so his daughter would have the choice to meet a kind man
coming off as a mighty man who couldn’t stand
standing in the food line getting served for a food stamp
Shed no tears on stage, but wept when the curtains closed
blead from the heart, and stepped up the wordchains in the pressence of
his homies, who also cried, when the pressure was off them
The truth about a gangster rapper, and his own cause
He rhymes to survive and use the guidelines of money and hoes
to save those in his life he he wants to grow old with

Day 270 29th of July 2012

Topic: Scary kind of Love

Sleeping with one eye open in the bedroom
the obsessive, manic depressed loved one is coming home soon
has bravely kept her tears in for years in front of her children
now they have all left the house and the sergant is back in the building
Has left her alone for  days in a row only to return to accuse her blind
the abuse always start when her shoulders meets her spine
the second she thinks not tonight, he will reply back
why are you urging me to pick this fight
all the pleads of please stop is speaking for deaf ears
the need of a pause from the wild beast isn´t anywhere near
to be seen or felt in the nearest future, so she guards her womb
While she prays for some fresh air and him leaving the room
Her mind all goes towards the child tha rests in her belly
that is here ticket out off this hell hole, then he cant get me
I will have another 18 years of free pass
I just have to make sure she lives past
this night and the one tomorrow, so I can please him with this story
the scary love of my life has taken it away from me
so I fight back the best way I can

Day 269 28th of July 2012

Topic: Between the grains of sand

Between these grains of sand I saw a small universe
from all the worst to all the best in a milli second, the true curse
between these grains of sand I saw life emerge
the forrest green and deep blue see, I saw the hunger and urge
to create something greater, than what already created
an alternative dream world, or dimension has waited
for so long to come along to be what it do best
to explode between the grains of sand and put all life to rest
Between these grains of sand, I saw a girl so strong and tall
I saw animals and plants not fearing the man at all
and vice versa, in this universe fear was not even a day old
But it was also cold in this empire
the desire to find warmth, could tempt the desires
it was not flawless in this universe either
but between this grains of sand,
I searched for sodom and Gomorrah, but could not find neither
So I left my tears inside the space between both these grains
and the natural disaster came and left me here in vain

Day 268 27th of July 2012

Topic:Tomorows wishes

If i could dream for a new tomorrow
I would put the emphasis on things to follow
to switch up the views with something new
and refresh them with my acient sorrow
clarify the subjects of reflection
light up all the intersections i have taken
to detour from my own reflections in the making
shake of the past and bake something fresh
release all the stress and relieve all the depressed
thought i cried over spilled shoulders
I would embrace the much colder
neighbour next door and make sure he grows warmer
from experiences I can change him with
and look back and actually care about the time I spilt
on doing the nothingness, that made me into this
carachter who noe looks forward to
every day, only with a change or to
and then tomorrow would be perfect

Day 267 26th of July 2012

Topic: Jazz Moves

The saxofon sweeps the feet right under me
how it screams as I dream about the living scenery
that emerge from the low keys on the staff of the instrument
these intricate, yet appealing voices sing so Innocent
like an heavent sent melody it seduces my bone marrow
I swallow twice to the bass as it enters in the interlude and carry on
with its heavy, thumping passionate love making
it is aching in every limb, I can almost feel the ground shaking
something is baking up in the hell’s kitchen
almost wishing it would never stop, and the devil would be my new vixxen
It is sick that we still haven’t arrived to the guitar lick
and now it kicks in and almost spit
on the dirty tones that switched up and slipped
through the fingerstips of the musicians
They all gleam and glissen
on the stage, ehile they all wishing
they could move like this every night without
missing the drumset that made em complete




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2 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 39

  1. mikeslayen says:

    Congrats on your daughter recognizing you its awesome! Mine just started singing We Will Rock You….over n over n over but it is ALL good!

  2. oldsunbird says:

    You are so talented! I love what you do. Very powerful.

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