365 daily challenge summary week 38

Hello again my lovely readers

We have concluded with yet another week, thank you for all the grear comments on last weeks verses, glad you enjoyed the read! And thank you for all the gratulations on my fatherhood:! It is still a joy and I love every second of it.

I also had a concert this week and there will be some pictures really soon I hope

Here is the verses:

Day 266 25th of July 2012

Topic: Materialism

All that excist is what I touch with my bare hands
what I can smell, breath and hear is reality for man
The subject thinking and Ideas are merely the objective reflections
of how we view the world , with absolutely no exceptions
Consiousness and thoughts excist only in our brain
with no connection, to sane or insane fabricated thoughts and waves
of conciousness, so the spirit lives in the matter
and we now seem to build the matter in to something mor solid than ever
we have taken marx, engels and Plato to a different level
Society rules the way we think, and society excist of levels
of owning matter at home, and the brickwall of our souls
protect us from whats going on outside our front doors
And that has taken our core values way of the meters
Let me quote Demeter
in an Image, when I say We have harvested from the wrong crops
for too long we have stopped thinking about our self
but only on ourselves
And the materialistic mind of the greeks lives on

Day 265 24th of July 2012

Topic: Fighting til the end

I cried a thousand rivers and flooded my heart
I have tangled up my bodyparts
In pain, just to get a sense of tearing apart
I have created abstract art with the pain so far
that I would depart easily to re-join the stars
But if I did that, I would never forgive my self
in a sense I feel like its building up my senses
and the tension that I feel, rebuild my body at work
and I can see the aura that glow in the dark , and how its hurt
There is an end, but it doesn´t end here
If the end was near, I wouldn´t even be thinking clear
but here I am with my reasoning and stamina
dividing reasons into the unknown, real life algebra
and e stil equals MC squared
So I put the mass into life with the energy I clear
And I will fight till the end with the true emotion
and fight all the evil with my mass devotion

Day 264 23rd of July 2012

Topic: Between Jobs

have been living in a cycle
up every morning, home at night, then reptition and standstill
now It feels like i´m in limbo
just waiting, for a revelation, or a flash through my window
I´m going back to the cycle in a week though
but right now it feels like my life is just lethal
spent so many years in certain security
no the only surety that I have is that I need these walls to secure me
haven´t been confornted with my thoughts in years
now my thoughts is the only thing thats floating in the atmosphere
and it scares me, I barely once, judged how I appeared
now it is the vocal point of all of my fears
I crave for the safety in a week
where I can go back to walking in my sleep
depriving all my mental needs
and just release the potential the demand of me
instead of living up to the potential that I actually see

Day 263 22nd of July 2012

Topic: Unique Vegetables

I debate the common sense of a vegetable
that has a lifecycle of searching downwards to reach my table
connecting to its roots in order to grow. thats just fine
but to grow for my well beeing and not his, just doesn´t rhyme
in my ears, and put a lot of fear in me
what if the perspective of man should be
like this in the future, that we are nutured for other beeings
we would all be agreeing that its not a life worth living
but here we are doing the same thing to vegetables
these unique creatures, we ammend for our own self spectacle
we stay so flexible in this amazing eating festival
that we forget the damage we affect, and laugh at the sceptical
if we are not pleased with these unique creatures, we fill them with chemicals
so we can brag about the size of these easily forgettable
needy vegatable that serve as a metaphor for testicles
cause size do matter even when it comes to this
cause we always need to ammend what is beautiful and unique in its original well being

Day 262 21th of July 2012

Topic: Born free minded

watching the birth of a free thought
a free mind, that still haven´t been caught
in the web of experiences
with all the senses still looking for pure excistence
no baggage to back and match their feelings with
not a single thought consisting of difference in
the type of love you bring
or nailing up hangers where you can leave your skin
or even judging the closet of other human beings
that might have a different colour in their closet
when they hang theirs up at night, emptying their pockets
the pure joy of watching a free mind work like this
makes me wanna kiss and embrace the cheeks
of my baby, even when she sleeps
I see her eyes move and thoughts meet
from purity and love
and we have so much to learn from this beauty

Day 261 20th of July 2012

Topic: Students

The primary goal for teachers,
should be to teach and plant so many seed
thats the students exceeds past ´em
that they will overachieve on past tense
love the present
so much that the future will be past on in more than one sense
Teahers should teach life no matter the subject
Tach students to see the meaning in a small fragment
then learn how to divide it into similar pieces
and write wonderful pieces about the underlying thesis
that define both the question and reason
for how it can be connected to all our achievements
how this fragments give reason
to believe that Ceaser have a connection with Jesus
how Egypt rose and fell and Rome as well
and how Roosevelt embraced the Idea where those came from
and that would cover all the subject from what I just spoke of

Day 260 19th of July 2012

Topic: Waves

They package while they role over the waterline
on the borderline of knowing where to roll in life
determined and pacy, thrusting and shaky
baking up for the next drop, thirsty and aching
have rolled over too many shores
broken the sandy beaches so often, it is starting to be a bore
search for the purpose of a water flow
waiting for a strong tide before it is time to let go
life has its ups and down, but mostly its quiet
just lying there in silence under the sun waiting to riot
but the root of it all doesn´t add up with the rest
at best it is ok, blessed with the fault of just feeling less
important when it comes to sorting out the problem
how can I solve em, when my purpose has nothing in common
with the fallen foaming waves I trust my life in
I wanna begin my life every morning, but end up with nothing



Peace love and unity


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6 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 38

  1. onecoolsoul says:

    Very nice prose indeed!

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    Unique Vegetables gets first place with me, with Materialism running a close second.
    Both your writes apply to our troubles with greed & share in this line from “vegetables”,
    “…We have harvested from the wrong crops
    for too long we have stopped thinking about our self
    but only on ourselves…”
    Excellent, thoughtful writings, as usual. Thanks for being part of today’s young human force and bringing forth another like you, one hopes, for the future…

  3. simon7banksS says:

    I like Waves particularly.

  4. roseshadows says:

    261 and 262 are my favourites, I like the way you express your view of life. Thank you.

  5. רפואה משלימה says:

    מתמחים במסיבות רווקות במרכז,רפואה אלטרנטיבית,ספא בתל אביב ולופט למסיבת רווקים

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