365 daily challenge summary week 37


It is still hectic around me so I will keep it short this time, I still manage to do the writings with the baby around, but I see  that I am getting very efficient in my writings these days, but It is absolutely an amazing feeling to be a dad, Tiring, but Amazing.

So here are the verses this week:


Day 259 18th of July 2012

Topic: Summer rain

There is so much beauty in a raindrop
how it fills up and make a heavy cloud
each drop with its own purpose
creating oceans from its base when rejoined with the surface
I especially enjoy it during summer season
in my hometown, when those heavy rainclouds comes with a reason
when the forts on the fortress are drenched in water
and the courtyards and forests and bent down in order
no places would I rather be when it is soaking the author
knowing the fact I am close to the border
close to the waterline on any given sunday
but when it connects to the rest, the sun is driven away
It comes in second place
the sun shines good over my hometown, but the rain is in a different space
there is something about the feeling of beeing warm, then cooled down
from tiny little drops, that just kiss your forehead when it falls out

Day 258 17th of July 2012

Topic: Desperate Women

You can find me in the club! Period
The sentence says it all, gold digger and not at all mysterious
Her nickname is miss Klondike
Something just doesn´t smell right
it smells like
a mixture of shopping mall, make-up, cosmopolitan and tic tacs
she whisper softly, moisturing you eardrum
Words that she have learned from any dating service program
Showing intrest, but not at all interested
she just wanna fill the emptiness with love that must be limited
so she goes way over any league that ever excisted
she needs a “real man”, one who can pay for her drinks and shit
and meals, and clothes and on special occations, Diamond rings
She is the female comparison to a vulture
Desperately waiting for the prey to fall over
she repeats this ritual every weekend
desperately trying to find someone to pay for her achievements

Day 257 16th of July 2012

Topic: Life Learning lessons

A lesson saved a lesson learned
Once you saved enough, you will always get what you deserve
A life in this world, will always keep you on your toes like
stepping on the feet of those who didn´t always choose right
The value of a word, the ones you always heard, might
get you to belive that the blind man doesn´t see the light
everything is possible
If you disagree at least keep everything plausible
without knowing what caused it though
the case you carry might meet a storm of irresponsible
replies on how you lived your life
So if you pack your baggage right
you will always see through peoples lies
and use that to the best of of every situation that keeps you occupied
And always ask questions and demand the answer
don´t settle with the quickest way, and do not find a master
be one then you can master it and build your own patterns
and put the pillars down and step over the real matters

Day 256 15th of July 2012

Topic: Beauty and the beast

She had the features of a beauty queen with the soul of an Ogre
A leach that sucked the juice out of every situation she came over
saw the need of redeeming herself every morning
no time to mourn over lost causes or the dresses she had worn in
he had crooked teeth but in his heart he kept 12 winters and summers
Created spring and fall with the balancing movement of a mummer
he could release them on command whenever it was needed
He portioned it out to comfort those who grieved and felt defeated
but also to those who felt the need of revealing their own reasons
that had committed a treason on themselves and got their soul improsoned
Now their path have crossed and the winterstorms where left out
He tried the best he could to release the summers with a deft move, but struck out
cause the bereft love of this young woman was so severely damaging
she was a manikin so the heartbeats she left out was hardly managing
to pump blood through her veins
so the remaining flow of warmth was clogging in rastraint
so the beauty faded slowly over to the beasty surface

Day 255 14th of July 2012

Topic: Creativity

It is the fire that´s burning, the thoughts that are churning
the journey of a compressed soul and an idea that are murmuring
in the surface of a dusturbing yet pleasing result
the art of the soul, that refuse to burn cold
the constant voice that speaks and leaks out the knowledge
and resurface the words, just to make magic
with a wordchain, a picture, a key or something spoken
as a token of appreciation to a life that has awoken
The flames are licking the inside of the writers skin
the tingling feeling floating inside the body of a harlequin
re-writing a man made error into beauty
finding love inside bizzare heads is a life long duty
To part the flower from the leaves
and the leaves from the root and seed
to make others understand the the reason and sollutions
but never underline it as the truth or a conclusion
cause a creative mind always leaves room to breathe witihin

Day 254 13th of July

Topic: Paranoid

Imaginary puppet on the shoulder
voices getting higher and the walls are getting taller
had widen the horizon but the critical sense was folded
So the truth was then a lie and the lies was truth from those who told it
surveillance all around him
portrayed and then defined it with
the looks and stares and phonecalls he recieved and and sorrounded him
could find a clue in every book he read
then the characters inside his head
would chase him through the gates of hell
a speak and spell of manic depression, quelled to tell the thoughts he held
Felt like everything around him was on the chase for his mental health
rocking in the corner cause it was safer just to keep the faith
and praying that the voices stopped invading what was left
He just wanted one second of silence, to make his mind migrate
from the hell i held inside it, and realease him from this mind state

Day 253 12th of July

Topic: Homeless

In the most  painful  state of hopelessness
The hopeless feeling of beeing overlooked in public places
where you feel boxed in and invisible to others greed
when you wanna be seen as a human being
and all you need is that box with windows to crawl into and feed
from your own well being
Every night you dream of that feeling
and hope that once you open your eyes this was just a dream
you just dont wanna be in
But all you see is the light of no tommorrow
or the darkness that have haunted you in a personal sodom and gommorah
story, no end to the sorrow
lost in a world you feel that you just borrow
Can not make up your mind of what kind of coldness that hurt the most
the shoulder and the ignorance or blister from the snow
crawl into the hole again, to try to be alone
from the state of lonelyness and hope of beeing loved


hope you like it




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16 Responses to 365 daily challenge summary week 37

  1. Babies will bring amazing and hectic into your life. Keep up the great work as a dad and writer.

  2. The desperate woman piece is hot bro, I’m excited to see how your newborn will inspire your writing keep it up

  3. twistnpout says:

    Congrats on your new little bundle! I’m sure being a dad will give you soooooo many things to write about – hopefully you will just be able to find the time and energy to do so. 🙂

  4. twistnpout says:

    also, really was touched by the homeless piece. I often think about what must go through a homeless persons mind and find I am so thankful for the mundane chores I have in my life, like washing clothes, vacuuming, weeding the garden – the things we complain about but yet really just means we are lucky.

  5. evea192 says:

    ” Homeless” was my favorite, keep up the good work and may the joys of being a Dad never end.

  6. niaaeryn says:

    “Homeless” was very touching, and I found the “Desparate Woman” true from what I have seen in clubs. Still has me thinking actually, thanks 🙂

  7. Tandi says:

    Congratulations New Dad! The pieces “Homeless” & Desparate Women” spoke an unfortunate truth…keep up your insightful writing! 🙂

  8. simon7banks says:

    The last two were vivid pictures of a desperate state and “Creativity” was brilliant.

  9. Lindy Lee says:

    “Creativity” is the best while in second place fall all the rest; thoughtful & rhythmic, as always…

  10. i like what you’ve done

  11. mixedupmeme says:

    Without a doubt I am definitely taking my cup of coffee with me to the after life.
    And where folks say I am going………I won’t have to reheat it. 😦 🙂

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